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MUSEA Centers for Intentional Creativity around the world serve thousands of women per month, both through online and on-location education. Our school has something for everyone, whether you have picked up a paintbrush before or not! Shiloh Sophia has been teaching for over 27 years, developing a 'way of working' with creativity that makes it accessible to everyone.

Upcoming Intentional Creativity Experiences

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Join us for a new 13 Moon Intentional Creativity Course that starts in January 2021. What will your creative focus be for 2021?

Virtual Museum Invitations

Virtual Museum Show

"Artifacts of the Future"

Wednesday, December 16

10 am HT | 12 pm PT | 3 pm ET | 9 pm CET | Next day 7 am AEDT | 9 am NZDT

Gather with our community of women creatives to view the works and honor the Artists from the ARTIFACT 2020 Medicine Painting Course!

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Community Gatherings

Re-Membering Circles to Explore Racialized Trauma
MERIDIAN: Online Class to Explore Paint and Pain

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  • There are more classes available, including ones that are complementary, in our library of classes here
  • Would you like to find an Intentional Creativity teacher in your area? Go here
  • Take a class with an Intentional Creativity Teacher here

"Every bone in your body is a creative bone! Creativity has little to do with talent and everything to do with heart. Most of us desire to be self expressed, but we don't know where to begin!

Intentional Creativity is an integrative approach to making 'art'. It invites an experience of personal transformation.

Consider having a cup of tea with your Muse and see what she may have in mind for you..."

Co-Founder, Shiloh Sophia

Immersion COURSES in
Intentional Creativity® Methodology with abstract intuitive healing journeys

Designed to Awaken Consciousness, Creativity and Connection : These immersion Courses are a daring deep dive into the work of Intentional Creativity. Each one was filmed over the course of a year with over 100 women around the world participating on a giant canvas, over 5 feet! For Shiloh Sophia, these courses hold the keys to the heart of the movement and her most comprehensive approach to intuitive painting, abstract impressionist approaches and philosophy. Highly experiential, healing, somatic, intuitive, storytelling, as well as intellectual with some neuroscience and geeky quantum stuff that she loves to teach.

Curating Consciousness with Intentional Creativity 
A Journey Within to the Heart of Story 

While you are taking these courses at your own pace, we have a collaborative 'virtual studio' supported in our private iMusea app. You can post, share and ask for support from Intentional Creativity Teachers who have studied extensively with Shiloh Sophia through the Color of Woman Training. Each of these courses was filmed in 13 moons or 13 teachings. The videos are yours to keep and you can download them and work at your leisure, fast or slow.

Intentional Creativity® Trainings

For those called to study with us in a deeper way, we show you how to teach Intentional Creativity and create your own powerful experiences with individuals and groups. Consider becoming certified through one of our Intentional Creativity Trainings.

Online Classes you can do in a weekend!

Tree Woman
Connect with Nature and your Place in Creation
She Carries Me
A Sacred Song & Intuitive Painting Class
Soul Bird: A Healing Flight  
Midnight Muse
Explore core teachings of living a Muse Led Life

Complimentary Intentional Creativity Classes

Illustrative Woman
Intuitive & Metacognitive Drawing Class
Called to Awaken
Metacognitive Consciousness Class
Quantum Connection
Red Thread Intentional Creativity® Teaching
Women Between Worlds


We have different levels of offerings, Complimentary, Classes, Courses and Certifications

COMPLIMENTARY: Introductory complementary offerings, zoom calls, teachings and the Red Thread Cafe Classroom. (Illustrative Woman, Called to Awaken)

CLASSES: Hourlong, daylong or weekend-long tastes of the work with introductions and process. (Diva X, Tea with the Midnight Muse, Bella Mama, She Carries Me, Dancing Entrepreneur)

COURSES: In-depth immersions for those ready to make a commitment to studying Intentional Creativity. 3 months to a year (Legend, Anthropas, Codex, Imagine, Red Madonna, Prism, Radiance)

CERTIFICATIONS : Certifications enable you to teach Intentional Creativity and offer the work to your clients. Range 4 months to a year (Color of Woman, Motherboard, Red Thread Guide)

The Certifications have required applications to determine if the training is appropriate for you - and each one has a pre-requisite.

Creating with intention is a sacred act. A consecration. A celebration. An honoring of yourself and your life. All beings have always created. We have mixed up creativity with talent. Talent may be for the few.
Creativity is for everyone.