"Creativity should not be relegated to talent. Creativity does not belong to the realm of talent. Creativity is the birthright of every single human being, without it, we are half asleep. Creativity makes the interior, move to the exterior, and that in return shapes the interior again, it is a cycle of learning one’s self. Everyone is using it all the time, but if you don’t know you are, then it doesn’t work the same. And if you know you are, you can bring intention. And if you bring intention, you change, the art changes and all of us are changed." - Shiloh Sophia


Interested in taking a class with us? You can get started right now! Perhaps you would like to teach Intentional Creativity to others in one of our Certification programs? Explore and see what lights up your Muse!

MUSEA Centers for Intentional Creativity around the world serve thousands of women per month, both through online and on-location education. Our school has something for everyone, whether you have picked up a paintbrush before or not! Shiloh Sophia has been teaching for over 27 years, developing a 'way of working' with creativity that makes it accessible to everyone.

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NEW! Create Your Own Oracle Deck
Medicine Painting Course

On-Demand Daylong Classes

You can do any of these in a weekend!

Light Your Muse Fuse!
A Healing Ritual 
Take flight within 
Paint your Bella Mama
Paint with Song
Paint your World Map

Complimentary Classes

Fun and exploratory ways to learn what we teach

Straddle the Threshold of Your Creative Self
Vision Your Year of Imagination
Explore Legends of the Red Thread
Illustrative Woman
Intuitive Drawing Class
Called to Awaken
Consciousness Class
Quantum Connection Red Thread Introduction

Immersion Courses

Take a deep dive into the work of Intentional Creativity

These courses were filmed over one year with over 100 women around the world participating on a giant canvas, over 5 feet! For Shiloh Sophia, these courses hold the keys to the heart of the movement and her most comprehensive approach to intuitive painting, abstract impressionist approaches, and philosophy. Highly experiential, healing, somatic, intuitive, storytelling, as well as intellectual with some neuroscience and geeky quantum stuff that she loves to teach.

CODEX: Curate your Consciousness 


Become Certified through one of our Intentional Creativity Trainings

For those called to study with us in a deeper way, we show you how to teach Intentional Creativity and create your own powerful experiences with individuals and groups.

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We have over 450 Teachers, Coaches, and Guides located around the world who provide Intentional Creativity education.

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Curriculum and Distinctions

We have different levels of offerings, Complimentary, Classes, Courses, and Certifications

COMPLIMENTARY: Introductory complimentary offerings, zoom calls, teachings, and the Red Thread Cafe Classroom.

CLASSES: Hourlong, daylong or weekend-long tastes of the work with introductions and process.

COURSES: In-depth immersions for those ready to make a commitment to studying Intentional Creativity. From 3 months to a yearlong.

CERTIFICATIONS: Certification enables you to teach Intentional Creativity and offer the work to your clients. Range 4 months to a year.

The Certifications have required applications to determine if the training is appropriate for you - and each one has a pre-requisite.

*For Courses, Certifications and some classes, being an active Musea Member is required.