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About being a Curate

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The Degree

CURATE in the Field of Intentional Creativity®

Program Length

Curate is a four-year degree, equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree. A final project will be required. If you have already studied with us for two years, you may only have two years to complete.

You can go at your own pace and chart your course!

Musea Only Transcripts

You will be able to apply many of the courses you have already taken for Academic Credits. We will work with you to determine your current Musea transcript in 2023.

Financial Aid

We offer in-house financing without compounding interest and payment plans.

Credits to Graduate - In Process

Approximately 120 Academic Credits are needed to graduate. Each Academic Credit is composed of approximately 42 hours of study. For example, a 3 Academic Credit Course = 126 hours of study.

Price Per Academic Credit

The price per credit is between $330-$750 depending on the course, content, and duration. For example: If a one-credit course is $330 a three-credit class could be $990, and so on.

On-site Education

In-Person, gatherings will be available as part of a hybrid education that combines on-site with virtual.

Credit Hours

Like most schools, one credit equals 42 hours of study. However, unlike other schools, the study hours that count towards your degree are equitable and include lab, practice, community, and studio time. Your time may not be included in the same way at other schools. Your time spent on your degree is weighted equally with our time.


Grades are Pass/Fail based on the completion of required assignments focused on teachings, community participation, studio time, and portfolio submissions.


The Curate portfolio or performance or project will be based on your Great Work. Yet each course you take has completion assignments that you will be marked off as you go along.


You will be able to complete Intentional Creativity® Certifications along the way. Even if you don't complete the CURATE degree you keep the certifications.

As of 2023, the certifications are as follows but more are in process. You will still apply for each training but you won't pay the fee each time.

  • Red Thread Intentional Creativity® Guide
  • Color of Woman Intentional Creativity® Trainer
  • Motherboard Intentional Creativity® Coach
  • Prisma Intentional Creativity® Practitioner
  • GLOW Intentional Creativity® Entrepreneur
  • ORIGINS Intentional Creativity® Guardian

Focus and Direction

This is a path of Self-Initiation. You get to design your path based on what makes sense for your interest, your time, and your resources. While we are planning on a four-year degree we know some will do it much sooner and others may take much longer.

Who is the CURATE degree designed for?

We are a private university open to all centering on the healing arts and visual arts. The CURATE degree is for women and those who identify as women, though aspects of the curriculum are open to all.

University Requirements

For 2023, students are required to take a foundational course in Intentional Creativity. Our staff will help guide you to the track that's right for you.

Students must also be active in the Musea Membership which provides a regular connection with the community and weekly touchpoints to know where we are as a collective. Membership starts at $10/month and scholarships are available.

We meet as a Group Cohort monthly to connect and explore the topics we are learning.

When you decide to join us you will be a part of the first graduating class for Musea University - going into the herstory books!

Completing the Application

We recommend completing the application on a desktop or laptop as you will need to easily type your answers.

Plan for 20-30 minutes to complete this application in one sitting, perhaps with a cuppa tea! You can save and return your application within 15 days as long as you use the same browser and device. You may wish to copy your responses should you lose your work for any reason. 

Note: After you complete the application, you will be directed to a page to submit a $50 Application Interview review fee.

Questions? Please contact

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