DESTIG Best Artists of 2019 First Place Award

Shiloh Sophia was Destig's Best Artist of the year in 2019. To view the online magazine article and much of Shiloh Sophia's highlighted art, click here: 

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In addition to our core readership of artists and galleries, we have also developed a dedicated following amongst creatives from all corners of the world who rely on us to bring a consistent and professional lens of presentation that does not curtail their creative expression but instead amplifies their message."

ASPIRE Magazine Feature

“In ordinary reality, our brain, when faced with questions, will go to the past to gather the evidence which is “safer” – ie known, or connected to a past story. In this specialized muse inquiry, we are intentionally looking for ideas that are not based on past experience. Therefore we are ‘reaching’ into the future space that hasn’t happened yet. POW!  

We are seeking while not looking at or for answers directly. Rather, using the inquiry to create a conditional environment is about the experience of what happens when we ask a question that we don’t have the answer to.  

The sacredness of “I wonder” can take you on a journey that you have never had. Becoming familiar with inquiry as a form of journeying can increase your capacity of metacognition, your ability to think about your thinking and therefore learning how to be with you as you are and as you dream yourself to be…”  

An excerpt from Shiloh’s Article “Invite Your Muse to a Cup of Inquiry” Featured in Aspire Magazine’s ‘Wisdom, Wonder, & Creativity​'​ issue.