A Legacy of Legendary Women

Would you like to be part of a legacy of women paving the way for others to heal through creativity while prospering and thriving through living their soul work?  

One of the greatest gifts of being part of Color of Woman and completing your Certification is to be invited to continue connection with fellow graduates from your class year and who have come before you through the Intentional Creativity Guild.  

Our Guild is over 360 strong with women educated in Intentional Creativity who have a common vision to serve their communities, school systems, hospitals, prisons, mental health and social services, and institutions that need our work. Our Guild has worked collaboratively to bring Intentional Creativity to workshops, classes, retreats, cruise ships, and luxury destinations as well as teaching online.  

Now, because of our Guild, the world is populated by thousands and thousands of images of the feminine that WOMEN define. Not some magazine cover or Hollywood version of women as symbols for some unmet desire. Nope. We create etheric, empowered, cosmic, rooted images of the feminine and are changing the way our children are raised in a culture that honors and celebrates women.  

Color of Woman 2018 Graduation and Guild Gathering, Maui Hawaii

Red Madonna Gathering 2019 at MUSEA in Sonoma, CA

Meet Some of Our Guild and Graduates!

If you are looking to bring an innovative, groundbreaking, transformational approach to your business, company, or life, consider hiring one of these certified Intentional Creativity teachers or coaches.

Adriana Medina is a professor of Intercultural and Interpersonal Communication and a trainer and facilitator of Intentional Creativity who has taught with Shiloh Sophia and is participating in Re-Membering Online Circles .

Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici created Woman Unleashed, largely rooted in the work, she claims the lineage of Intentional Creativity and she teaches it still to tens of thousands.

Catt Geller created Cosmic Smashbooking and is now certifying teachers herself, rocking the known world.

Elsie Chang is part of our MOTHERBOARD Faculty and also participates in Re-Membering Online Circles.

Emily Grieves just founded her own retreat center in Mexico and is teaching Intentional Creativity there!

Flora Aube is a first year student of Color of Woman and she founded the Art of Allowing Academy – and while her approach has expanded, her roots were nourished in our classroom.

Heidi S. Moondancer founded an online women’s community, serving thousands of women online and inviting Intentional Creativity teachers to share their gifts via online teaching.  

Jassy Watson Earthist created Soulscape™ Painting and just launched her first-ever Teacher Training within our Guild.

Jenafer Owen created the Jenafer Joy Approach, teaches the best collage of all time online, directs all my high-level programs, and guides our graduates to create their own online classes (and is the mother of my God-daughter Hazel!)  

Lauren Adorno-Weatherford, is part of our BIWOC team for ARTIFACT and has played a key role in the development of Re-Membering Circles for Racialized Trauma.

Mandisa Amber, another first year student, teaches within the training and is teaching at a University. She also developed the diversity based curriculum for artists that we are sharing in Color of Woman.

Milagros Suriano-Rivera, teaches as part of our Re-Membering Circles and MERIDIAN, a painting class to support Paint and Pain.

Phyllis A. Taylor, is a cherished elder in our community who wanted to be an example to her grandchildren that they can create at any age. She has taught with Shiloh Sophia as part of the Color of Woman Training.

Semerit Strachan, is part of our BIWOC team for ARTIFACT and has played a key role in the development of Re-Membering Circles for Racialized Trauma.

Suzanne Grace combined her jewelry making with her painting and has recently engaged in some of the most profound business she could ever imagine with her art and opened a gallery and workshop for her production called Rock Mama.

Guild Proud Stories

We are so proud of our Intentional Creativity Guild members for their incredible work in the world. Check out this month's highlighted feature which shows the inspiring accomplishments and powerful creativity, service and soul work of our guild member, Dina Tobbs from Centennial, CO! 

"I am proud that as a Color of Woman 2017 graduate, I was catalyzed to bringing my 17 year vision into form and opened a space for women to come together in community, self-express, and remember who they are at a soul level. My community is consistently growing and connecting more and more deeply and using Intentional Creativity® to access, listen to, trust, and act upon their Inner Wisdom."

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