Medicine Painting

An Ancient and Futuristic Tool for Summoning the Inner Healer
by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

In our methodology, Medicine Painting is painting with an intent to heal and receive insight. In this teaching, I will share some examples of painting within a healing context in the ancient world. I will review how we approach the practice today. As well as share stories of how this has informed my body of work and has sparked into a global art movement. Tens of thousands of women around the world work with this approach to embark on a healing journey through Intentional Creativity®. We have been practicing this way of working in our creative lineage since the 1930s.

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Awakening with Art

Discover how Intentional Creativity engages us in a state where healing naturally arise through the experience of self-expression.

Intentional Creativity invites access to your creative life force. When you make with embodied love and mindfulness your self-expression becomes a sacred act. When you create, you are collaborating with your consciousness and inhabiting your body and often this feels incredible!

As you express, you are changed by the experience, and what you are making becomes amplified by your intentional energy. What you 'make' is the artifact of your experience, and has crossed the veil of form, from energy into observable matter. The science of creativity affirms our practice by showing us how our entire human system responds to the flow, creating increased coherency.

A Brush with Healing

A Story of Creativity and Community 

Get a cup of tea and a journal. Light a candle. Sit with us for a spell and see and hear the story an enduring legacy of art making, passed from hand to hand.  

Traveling throughout the world, touching thousands a month, Intentional Creativity brings new consciousness to the power of art as a tool for personal and collective healing.

A Story of a Community Coming Together to Make Art and Make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. 

Fearing Fear

Storytime with the Backdoor Muse

“I wonder what toilet paper represents?” She quips with a giggle. “Sh*t hitting the fan perhaps?” I return. “Keep going,” she says “I am afraid because the world may be coming to an end as we know it.” And this is how conversations with the Backdoor Muse go...

Art As a
Healing Sacrament

Intentional Creativity Healing 

Many say we have the power to co-create. That we can heal ourselves. Yet how does one go about that, how do you begin? Is it a thought? An energy? An action? Imagination? Yes, all of those focused together for our good create the highest healing potential. The person who can hear their own internal wisdom, with practice and fortitude can begin to hear a clearer narrative from within to inform their lives. 

The Quickening

Origin Story & Kin : Beautiful Bowl

I invite you to get a cup of tea and a journal. Perhaps a shawl wants to be placed upon your shoulders. If you have it, place your red thread upon your table. Does a candle want to be lit? Is the Muse beckoning? Today I will share with you about the magic, mirth and mythos of this sacred work we call Intentional Creativity.  

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Red Thread of Belonging

A Solstice Story

"I just want to remind you we are all a detail in our galaxy. Our galaxy cannot do without each of us. The body we live in is our Cosmic Address at this time. We are transistorized versions of our true size… We are much bigger than we think – as Cosmic Cowgirls, we will come to know how huge a power we are."

~ Sue Hoya Sellers, From her journal 2007  

Healing Through Medicine Painting

An Intentional Creativity Approach

How does healing really happen? What does faith or belief in the process have to do with it? Do we have more power to move energy and heal trauma than we have ever imagined? And if so, how does it work? And how can I make myself available to it? Can I move out of the field of trauma and into the field of healing through my choice? And even if I choose, what might I be capable of? 

Quantum Connection

Red Thread Intentional Creativity® Teaching

  Discover what the founder of Intentional Creativity, Shiloh Sophia, has to share about the Red Thread and the quantum nature that is possible through this talisman.  

Architecture of our Psyche 

Abuse and Recovery

Shiloh Sophia's thoughts about this topic, drawn from 25 years of working with women and children in the domain of creativity. 

Creativity and the Brain

Interview with Musea Co-Founder, Jonathan McCloud

Watch this powerful Cafe where we talk about firing and wiring, transforming trauma, pain point or pleasure point, PTSD (with new meaning for the 'd'), the power of intention with creativity, healing from the healing field instead of the trauma field, why it matters right now for resiliency and so much more! 

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