Awakening with Art

Discover what Curator, Shiloh Sophia teachers about how the practice of Intentional Creativity - making while being in inquiry and observing what happens - engages us in a state where healing naturally arise through unhindered self-expression.

Intentional Creativity invites access to your creative life force. When you make with embodied love and mindfulness your self-expression becomes a sacred act. When you create, you are collaborating with your consciousness and inhabiting your body and often this feels incredible!

As you express, you are changed by the experience, and what you are making becomes amplified by your intentional energy. What you 'make' is the artifact of your experience, and has crossed the veil of form, from energy into observable matter. The science of creativity affirms our practice by showing us how our entire human system responds to the flow, creating increased coherency.

Our brain, genes, cells, field and entire being become engaged and turned on when we invite all of our selves into embodied making. What we make may become a teacher for us, and through observing our art, we may learn facets of the mystery that were hidden before. In many cases, we can bring the sound wisdom and wild wisdom that is revealed to us into our day to day lives and relationships. Vitality, presence, playfulness, intuition and hope arise as we awaken to ourselves and gives us the courage to continue to become more present. From here, we can impact what we care about in the world.

While Intentional Creativity does explore some facets of quantum mysticism, it is mostly rooted in choosing the practice of making, being in inquiry and observing what happens. Healing naturally arises when we are engaged in states made possible through self-expression. Creating in this way reduces stress, increases energy, awakens awareness and a capacity to navigate our human experience. The wellness benefits are exponential, and in many cases occur for us as every day miraculous - in that we can't believe how easy it is to heal things that were hard before. While it may not cure all of what ails us, if it can cure our approach to our wellness, then we have a capacity to interact with 'what is' in a new way. As well as be informed by having access to our innate intelligence - we become the storyteller!

In many cases, we stop lying to ourselves and listening to voices of harm, both within and without. Our experience is that with practice the wisdom of the body and the voice of the soul begins to reveal more clearly. As well, old patterns and trauma begin to release spontaneously. When we feel healed enough, many of us choose to serve others in this community and in our lives. False frameworks fall way, and something much more real begins to emerge in our lives. We are a body within a soul, let’s explore who we are!

Creating opens the door to what the soul wishes to reveal to us, yet many have been seeking a ‘medium’ in matter to bring the messages through. Creating brings heightened sensations on all levels, and is pleasurable, as well as intellectual. For many of us who practice, being a creative means we approach life as ritual, bringing blessings into as many areas of our life as possible. Making food, making a garden, making love all become integral to our approach to living. Intentional Creativity is an ancient approach to making that was a natural and normal part of our ancestor experience in every continent, as art shows us clearly. With industrialization, mass production and the extraction of the earth's resources for profit, our 'intention' was no longer a central theme of our creations as a species. Losing the thread of intention, in the story of evolution has a devastating impact. So finding the thread of intention again for each soul, is in essence a call to sanity. Where we care about what we take, break and make, where respect is essential. While many of us create in our individual studios, quantum connection is a central theme for us and has been for over twenty years.

As a community, we believe the shared experience of creating together opens us to greater potential for change, and a feeling of belonging. If we belong to eachother and one another, how different will our lives and relationships be? Totally, different. Together, we are weaving a culture of consciousness and connectivity. In many instances, our community rises in compassion and sends love to all beings as part of our creative process. Anyone can practice this approach to making. All mediums work.

This is a system-less system because there is no need to adopt someone else’s idea of who you are. There are no gurus, no energetic patterns or codes to download and adhere to, and no dogma to follow. And no rules, other than what works for you and your boundaries. There are no levels or hierarchies. There are no external guides from other dimensions to wonder about, other than those you work with, but none is required. You are the guide, your own shaman and the one who has the information for you.

Yet you can use this with any facet of your spiritual path because there is no conflict. This is an approach to making that invites us to be co-creators. There are teachings yet there is no one teacher, there are many of us Muses sharing the bounty. Hence, Musea, many muses, many hands, many lands. Wherever Intentional Creativity is practiced, a Musea is. We see our sparks of light illuminating the world with increased awareness and love.

Intentional Creativity is not a style of art, but it may very well be a lifestyle! No talent required, just begin again to make what your heart calls to you. Each of us is called! Personally, I prefer my field and body free of systems, patterns and beliefs created by others. Preferring my own soul to occupy my field entirely and in this way, fly free. My relationship with Creator is central to my practice, making art is my devotional path.