Centering and uplifting women in the arts!

We are a revolutionary online and on-location Museum exhibiting solo and group shows
as well as housing a permanent collection at our Musea, Sonoma location

We offer dynamic forms of engagement including...

  • Monthly virtual museum shows
  • A vibrant digital magazine
  • Open calls for art submissions
  • Online creativity experiences

Our vision is to uplift artists through robust art education, activism, community connection, and art scholarships.

Musea is the collective name for our membership-based and artist-run Museum, University, and Art Community shaped and informed by the world's largest Global Art Movement - Intentional Creativity - a creative practice and philosophy of making art with mindfulness, rooted in our enduring matriarchal lineage that spans over 100 years!

The practice of Intentional Creativity is the common thread of our work.

Museum Shows and Exhibit Openings

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The Fabric of a Matriarchal Art Lineage Museum Show Opens July 21st at 4 pm PT

Kinship with Creation Virtual Show Now Open

In-Person Exhibit Tours in Sonoma, California

Into the Future Show August 18th

In-Person Opening in Sonoma On August 21st

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Color of Woman students admiring their collective artwork at Musea, Sonoma Center for Intentional Creativity


Our Musea : Intentional Creativity Museum site is where our members and followers can go to experience the incredible art, storytelling, activism, and creative engagement our emergent Museum offers.

We offer many exciting ways for you to engage and celebrate art including:
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Did you know...

Women comprise less than 2% of those featured in museums and part of our mission is to change that in our lifetime.

We are a living Museum with a virtual gallery and physical galleries that celebrate female artists. Our focus is art made with intention, contemporary symbolism, and storytelling.


MUSEA Headquarters

MUSEA is located in Sonoma, California, and has sister locations around the world. These are galleries, studios and classrooms that are owned by Intentional Creativity Teachers, a growing vision to have MUSEA Centers in many countries across the map.

Musea Headquarters is a centrally located venue ideal for classroom work, teaching, group events, private clients and gatherings. It is surrounded by 17 redwood trees, vineyards and close to downtown Sonoma. We are a museum, school and guild focused in the philosophy of Intentional Creativity. We offer both free and paid educational opportunities, as well as monthly support and creativity calls.

Photos at MUSEA : Intentional Creativity Museum Sonoma

She Carries Me Class, 2020

Color of Woman Artist Gathering, 2019

Invocation Red Thread Guide Gathering 2018

Creating Year of Pleasure Books in 2019

Amazing meal prepared by Chef Jonathan McCloud

Invocation Red Thread Guide Gathering 2019

LIVE band, 3 On A Match for Shiloh Sophia's Birthday Party, 2019

She Carries Me Class with musician, Jennifer Berezan

Muse Days Class from 2019 with women and youth

To Visit our MUSEA Centers Globally Click on the Color Wheel! 

Musea has sister locations all around the world. These are galleries, studios and classrooms that are owned by Intentional Creativity Teachers, a growing vision to have MUSEA Centers in many countries across the map.