Shares from our Color of Woman Students...

Dorene Stander, 2019 Graduate

I don't even remember anyone making art or writing as a hobby. So I gave up painting when I went to college. I am, in part, driven by the desire to encourage as many people as I can to keep creativity in their lives and not banish it as I did. I did my first Red Thread session with my daughter and granddaughter Loralai. She is holding the painting she made with me guiding her on how to paint a face - she is only 6! I will keep making art with her and telling her, as I did that day, that she is an artist, and she should make art whenever she wants and that doing art is important.  

United States, Ohio

Lexanne Leonard, 2019 Graduate

Never in my life could I imagine a place where all falls away. Where I am so whole yet I feel as if my borders, the lines of my body shimmer and flow into the universe, the canvas, the portal. This freedom is nothing I’ve ever felt before. Hearing and knowing, learning and discerning, making good beauty, even if it doesn’t seem beautiful, I become One in a way I could never have imagined. Oh, I am full of gratitude to be in this moment where I stand, with paint and brush and the cosmos whispering to me, ”Yes, this is you now. Enjoy.” 

Painting: She Who Tango's United States, Colorado 

Phyllis Taylor, 2017 Graduate

My Color of Woman training added new life to my existing creativity. I felt as if I had lost my passion for painting until I began to answer the questions posed in Legend. How did I want my children and grandchildren to respond if asked about me? That one thought propelled me towards doing the work, showing up daily, continuing to learn, getting it done, getting back in the game when I wanted to quit, to take each day, each painting as it came. Then to share the absolute joy I felt with each painting completed…..each task done. Being able to say “I did this!”

Painting: Legendary Self United States, Florida

Virginia Masson, 2018 Graduate

I spent my life searching for something I could not name. I wanted to bring more peace to myself and to the world through my art and just being more peaceful was too passive for me. I didn’t know how to move forward into active peacebuilding but I found the answers through the Color of Woman training. Shiloh Sophia provided the process, information and tools I needed to be able to share my passion for peace with my beloveds. I am now prepared to work as an artist and teacher in my community and the world while putting my own peacebuilding spin into the process. 

Painting: The Way Finder United States, Michigan

Caroline Miskenack, 2018 Graduate

Before deciding to register for the Color of Woman training, I had been living a life of seeking something that I could feel deep within in my bones, but could not name. I tried to find it in my relationships, in my career, in food, and in piles of self-help books after the aforementioned left me depleted. Although I came out wiser about how my patterns and habits had been playing out in my life, and how I could live more from the heart and soul, I was still left searching.

Then, in March 2013, my husband was diagnosed with cancer and I was flooded with an urgency to find the “thing” I had been feeling all the years before. I was lead, for 3 years, down a path of healing my relationship with God, reclaiming my feminine power, reconnecting to my calling as a healer, and then finally landing in the arms of Shiloh and Color of Woman. I knew immediately that this was it, this is what my soul had been longing for. The Color of Woman training is utterly life changing. I am no longer seeking. I am beginning to live in a truly empowered, grateful, creative, awakened, self-loving way. Now, more than ever, I know and claim my worthiness as a woman in the world. Never before was I able to say, with truthfulness, that I love myself. Never before have I been able to see the gifts my pain and heartbreak have given me, until now. This training has been both a re-birthing and a homecoming. If I were to describe it in one word, it would without a doubt be: metamorphosis! 

Painting: She Moves Softly Canada, British Columbia

Emily Grieves, 2014 Graduate

Color of Woman absolutely changed my life in 2014 and I am forever grateful to Shiloh and to this extraordinary community of sisterhood for it. While I had always made art (I even have a BFA degree in it, for whatever that's worth) and I had always done energy healing work, Color of Woman not only allowed me to merge the two into an effective methodology with which to reach more people more deeply, it also changed me to the core. 

It changed my artwork, too! It allowed me to touch the most profound places within myself in my interior, heal them, and begin to interact with the world from a changed perspective of inspiration and abundance as if the exterior manifestation of my work truly reflected the light I had discovered inside of me. I finally had not only the authentic tools for dreaming my creations into reality, but I had the support network to help me hold it - the red thread is powerful beyond belief! 

Yes, all this has grown from Color of Woman! If you're wondering, ask your Muse and go for it! 

Painting: Treasure Yourself Teotihuacán, Mexico 

Margaret Trost, 2018 Graduate

Make time for it if you want to shake things up and change. This training is transformational! It’s expertly designed and lovingly taught by women who guide you into your depths. Prepare to be amazed, inspired, and altered in ways that expand your consciousness and unleash new forms of self-expression and service. It’s a deep dive into the soul that expanded my consciousness, awakened my inner artist, and set her voice free!

Painting: She Who is Wise and Brave United States, California

Soulscape Jassy Watson Artist

Jassy Watson, 2013 Graduate

The Color of Woman Training changed the direction of my life. I graduated in 2013 & have since taught up to 100 workshops for young girls & women in my local community, nationally & internationally with ongoing retreats in Greece & Bali. I have also plunged into my ultimate dream of pursuing a career as a professional contemporary Australian artist. Color of Woman taught me to take what lives inside, outside. Forever grateful. Say YES! 

Australia: Bundaberg

Kathy Smith, 2017 Graduate

Before Color of Woman I was lost—I felt like a soldier without a mission, with seemingly no purpose. No, I had Purpose, but I didn’t know what to do next to move it forward. Two years of waiting and I still hadn’t found clarity on my Next Move. I finally just ASKED what I was to do and got the Answer, “Sign up for Color of Woman!” Cardinal feathers floated down out of the sky at that moment! I was lost, but now I’m found. Amazing Grace.

Painting: Muse United States, Michigan

Juniper Mainelis, 2017 Graduate

Color of Woman was such a powerful catalyst for me to use and grow my creative skills! I never dreamed that I would be writing music as a soundtrack for my paintings. I never knew that every day was all about opening portals to my own creativity. I am stepping forward and not looking back! My heart is full of gratitude to Shiloh and her amazing team for reaching across the ethers to connect with me. 

Painting: The Queen United States, Ohio

Olivia Oso, 2015 Graduate

I met Shiloh in Dec. 2013 and my life has never been the same. The experience has been life changing, to say the least. I have transformed many “old stories” into the authentic truth and can now say I am an artist, teacher, mentor, sister and someone who is learning what I am here to cause and create in the world. I now have my own art paintings up in a business called Sacred Money Studio and Prosperity Pie shop (since April 2106), where I also sell prints and cards as well as my original paintings. This has brought me into contact with many people I would not have otherwise met and who tell me how the images speak to their hearts and souls. 

This body of work that Shiloh offers us does just that, connects us to something deeper within ourselves and gives us a vehicle to do transformative healing and empowerment. I have co-lead workshops with other Color of Woman teachers and assisted at their workshops as well, and continue to offer classes and one on one mentoring. I love witnessing my Beloveds discover a deeper truth and a reconnection to their own creative soul. 

I am continuing to work on my website and grow my business skills, as well as spend time in my studio being with my Muse. This work is so profound, transforming and so needed in the world right now. I know my soul assignment is serving the Divine and showing up to share my hope and Light in the world for others. I know today that I am “good enough” and the world needs what I have to offer. Thank you, thank you.

Painting: In Sisterhood We Rise United States, Oregon

JP Kim, 2016 Graduate

I’ve often likened Color of Woman to a college for women. The Intentional Creativity Teacher Training Certification one can gain from going through the training is as rigorous and thoughtful as any other advanced degree. I feel qualified to make this comparison, as I was a doctoral candidate in a PhD program for Cognitive Psychology.  

The Color of Woman course work is so thoughtfully and lovingly organized so as to lead you on a journey into understanding your soul work. I believe this to be a life long missive, but Color of Woman can serve as your launching pad, and also help you work through or out of patterns that are not serving you or your loved ones.  

I strongly believe in the work that is done here and have witnessed first hand other’s transformations as a reader for women who participated in the current class. I think I can state unanimously that we all feel called to serve, maybe in different ways, but helping you on your path to being you as you can be.  

Painting: The World Between Worlds United States, California

Milagros Suriano-Rivera, 2019 Graduate

This is my Alchemist painting. 

She wears a crown of sovereignty regarding heart. 

She knows that her heart is at the center of all her choices. 

She is always seeing the symbols and images that hold the medicine that is needed.

Painting: Queen of My Own Domain United States, Texas

Patty Iammatteo, 2019 Graduate

Saying “yes!” To Color of Woman was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I knew I would learn about teaching others about Intentional Creativity and develop my painting skills. What I didn’t fully realize was the depth of the journey. This was a mind and soul expanding process that was so incredibly enriching. I feel so empowered and confident in stepping into my cosmic cowgirl boots and bringing this colorful healing process to the world. So much astonishing magic occurred for me along the way. 

I highly encourage anyone who is healed enough and hears the call to jump in with their whole heart. It’s a time consuming and challenging process, and it was worth every moment. Shiloh, the team, and your sister’s journeying along with you will transform your life and belief systems. Do it!  

Painting: She Sees United States, Maryland

Moana Whatu, 2019 Graduate

I am a Maori woman from New Zealand. The role of our spirit and life essence has permeated my view all my life. 

The Color of Woman training has been a deepening experience bringing together my knowledge and life experiences in the social justice and therapeutic worlds.

The use of Art and Intentional Creativity with Shiloh Sophia has opened up possibilities that would otherwise not be considered when working with healing or trauma. Words do not do justice to the magnitude of this sacred work.

I am eternally thankful to Shiloh and Jonathan. The support provided is second to none! I am forever changed and proudly call myself an Artist!

Painting: Hine Ahi - winnowing woman Australia, Queensland

Nona McKinney, 2019 Graduate

I hadn’t planned on joining Color of Woman, but it was such a strong call from my soul, that I just had to listen to it! If I would have started thinking about it, I would have found all kinds of excuses for not doing it!  

I gifted myself with this training for my 60th birthday. I wanted to do something special and celebrate, instead of becoming depressed about becoming a “senior” citizen ….  

This year has been the greatest adventure of my life that culminated in the “in-person” graduation gathering in Santa Cruz! I don’t have words to express how grateful I am to have followed this training and met Shiloh Sophia, the Intentional Creativity team and all the beautiful women who walked on this path with me. There is such a strong connection thanks to the Red Thread and so much loving support. It’s like if the pieces of the puzzle are now coming into the right places and the voice of the critic is more and more replaced by the voice of the Muse, thanks to the fact that I am finally prioritizing creativity in my life. So if you feel called, don’t start thinking about it, trust your inner wisdom and go for it!

Painting: Alchemist Goddess of Liberty Lasne, Belgium

Elizabeth Foley, 2019 Graduate

Doing Color of Woman was one of the best things I have ever done - best gift I ever gave myself.  

I just submitted a book to a publisher today that will be my first art and poetry book. It's mostly work I created in COW - and none of it would have been possible without the experience.  

If you are thinking about... DO IT!!!!

Painting: Elishaba-Visionary Warrior North Carolina, United States

Jane Sanguinetti, 2018 Graduate

I highly recommend this incredible program! 

You will enter a deep container of support for growth on every level. You will create art that will heal your being and activate healing in the world. You will dance with your edges around commitment to self. You will find yourself among the most amazing women in the world holding you in the power of the red thread. 

When you are complete with this journey you will be changed and have options to change others through Intentional Creativity. 

Painting: ARRIVAL by Celeste California, United States

Sherle Stevens, 2019 Graduate

No one has ever inspired me like this or comes close to showing me how to look for a loftier octave than I thought was in me. Color of Woman taught me how to reach for the broader love, the higher thought, the deeper service. To say Shiloh Sophia changed my life is not a powerful enough statement to make. I actually never intended to paint or draw again in my life after my 40-year career ended nearly 20 years ago. I have been Born, not reborn. Born as an Artist, Revived as a Teacher, and the greatest part- Born in learning how to Serve… and pay the gift forward. I have found peace within myself I have never known because of the alchemy of sharing this work. It has already transformed each Beloved I have taught, even as it was transforming me towards my Higher Calling as Teacher.

Painting: THRESSA: LETTING THE SPARKS FLY!  Texas, United States

Dewi Lim, 2019 Graduate

For someone like me who likes to be original, I was pleasantly surprised and totally fulfilled with how malleable the frameworks of what we have been given with Intentional Creativity satisfied my innovative, rebel Creatrix. Being able to relax into the content as I grew in my confidence and awareness of what Intentional Creativity is for me was priceless! I want to celebrate how in alignment with my Self I now feel as an Artist. This is a direct result of my choosing to participate in the Color of Woman Training and allowing myself to sweetly surrender into the genius of Intentional Creativity.

Painting: Muse Hawaii, United States

Shares from our Legend students...

Sharon Handy

This course invited me to explore my deepest truth and to find a voice to speak it out loud. And if that were not enough, I got to witness the amazing beauty of my classmates who were willing to share their stories and paintings along the way. AND you get to dress and take all of the fun photos you wish! I don't know if it can get any better than this!  

Painting: Grandmother Moon Unconditional Love

Ellen Nagy

Legend was the catalyst that opened up how much fear I was holding in my life on so many levels. As I was taken through the process of Intentional Creativity I was shown how to break through to what possibilities were waiting on the other side... my fear was an illusion to stay small in my life. The cosmic veil is now open to access the truth of who I am or we are for all humanity. I am extremely grateful and honored to have completed Legend.

Painting: Goddess of a Thousand Suns

Katy Morse

During this Legend course of Oracle & Ally, I went on a magical journey and found surprises every step along the way. Shiloh’s encouragement to listen to my own wild wisdom helped me to access parts of myself that were buried, and reclaim what had been lost. Painting with Intentional Creativity is transformative! My battle cry today is that I am the Oracle trusting heart wisdom, and my life is a magical journey!  

Painting: Magical Journey

Johanna Ringe

What most surprised me about the Legend process was the powerful interaction between my painting and my everyday life... and the growing feeling of certainty that this is, in fact, me. Accessing different coexisting realities with such ease... glorious!  

Painting: Cosmea - She Who Knows

Liz Durdin

Legend reminded me to shut out the noise of the outside world and listen deeply to the wisdom within. There I found my true self!

Painting: All She Needs is Within

Rhiannon Kimbrel

In Legend I realized that I am not alone. I was surprised when a mighty red dragon showed up behind me and then I realized it symbolized the strength I already had within me, and it was I who was watching out for me. My Oracle allowed me to see the light I have inside and the potential that is limitless!

Painting: She who Illuminates, She who is Infinite

Julie Lynn Ridenour

What surprised me most was how this Intentional Creativity process led to deep knowing and profound healing. Thank you, Shiloh Sophia and Team. I am forever grateful for this experience!  

Painting: Cosmic Truth Seeker

Christy Cozby

This painting is one of the only projects I’ve 100% completed and completed with intention. It now serves as a record of the power I have to create in my life, and of the commitments I made to myself during the process.

Painting: Sequoia

Virginie Hentzienne

What most surprised me is how my Oracle, in all her fierceness, brought me to the most vulnerable part of myself that was in need of healing, acceptance at complete surrender to embody her Wisdom. She showed me that I was the only one responsible for the Sacred space of my heart and that setting healthy boundaries, even with the people I love the most, is necessary. I am learning now that I am required to integrate and fully own my voice and my power!

Painting: Thé Guardian

Peggy Davidoff

Legend was a journey that revealed mysteries that were at once surprising, as well as deeply familiar. It was a journey of awakening to a remembrance, to inner wisdom and guidance that is always (and has always been) with me.  

Painting: Inner Magic, Inner Light

Carol E. Fairbanks

What surprised me the most was that this Legend painting was not an isolated creative experience, but rather it was part of a series of paintings. In 2019, I did three workshops with Nadya King where I painted three images that were included in this Legend journey. The Harvest Queen, the Cat Woman, and Vera, the Mermaid, were all helpers guiding me to my Legend experience with my ally, Eartha, the Benevolent Bear, and my oracle, Oracle of the Cherished Heart. These paintings tell of the preparation I experienced before going through the veil with my bear ally to meet my oracle. The essence of my Legend story was the healing of my heart and transformation of my family clan wounding. I continue to be awed and very grateful for this wonderful creative experience, both the painting and the writing..... especially the writing.

Painting: The Cherished Brave Heart

Grace Vashti Solman

What surprised me most was how many shifts I actually experienced. I have been on a personal quest for most of my life and I have done a huge amount of work on many aspects of both inner and outer self-care. The Legend process opened me up to embrace allowing myself to speak and be heard..... and breaching an invisibility cloak which I was not willing to part with before. Although I will admit that being invisible is convenient sometimes, being overlooked and devalued is not!  

Painting: Cosmic Moon Mother 

Gunhild Lorenzen

In Legend I shifted from hiding to being seen.

Painting: I Am the Universe

Trish O'Malley

This Legend experience (my fourth) actually spoke to me about how I take for granted my luxuries and comforts. By acknowledging that part and even accepting it, I can feel greater gratitude and freedom. I had no idea why I would see a camel, an animal I have no history with, and do not think about, but by the end, I feel a deep connection to. Spits the camel and this clear-seeing woman. Legend is such a rich experience and not a luxury for me. It is essential nutrition and water for my soul.

Painting: Water is Sacred Here: Taureg Woman and Spits the Camel

Kirsty Halligan

Painting: Remember

Gina Rivers

Painting: Lady of Transformation

Nadya Vestella King

It was a blessing to witness my SiStars' paintings and process unfolding, as I painted my third Legend. Some elements were familiar, with new insights and information coming through. This is a wonderful journey for self discovery and claiming one's path.

Painting: Raven's Beauty

Rhea Ruth Aitken

The Legend journey was the best gift I have ever given myself and has been one of the most profound creative experiences of my recent years. Combining all the treasured elements of my life, writing, creativity and divine feminine spirituality into one sacred container from which I have emerged joyous, renewed and reawakened. I am filled with gratitude for this course and recommend it highly.

Painting: The Mystic Creatress

Agia Priya Kaur

Legend urged me to let go of control. I discovered feelings that I didn't know existed in me. I allowed myself to be. And I am still in the process of letting...

Painting: Bride of Love

Thelia Foster

Legend was wonderful and well-timed. I delved into the past, received visions of the future and recorded it in the present. I'm eager to explore deeper and create more. Every woman should have this experience of developing a visual voice. It's not about your skills, those can be developed. It's about opening up to the voices of your higher selves in all their incarnations.

Painting: Earth Immortal

Shares from our Codex students...

Heather Baker

When I look back and see the different stages on my canvas over the 13 moons, and see how I have grown, I feel so inspired! What a transformation within and without. If I had to choose one word to describe this experience, it would be ‘freeing’. Not only have I learnt to trust my intuition and LISTEN, I am painting more freely... Codex Painting: On the strength of silk and the wisdom of pearls...

Gisela Pineiro

Re-entry Re-writing Re-wiring Re-igniting Re-wilding Re-orienting Rediscovery Re-animating Re-energising Re-organising 

Coming back to the origins, clearing the societal goggles and seeing fresh from within. Accessing all areas. Like a futuristic archaeological dig into the cosmos of yourself! Loved the ride and the new perspective it’s given me! Codex Painting: Revolutionary evolutionary spark  

Donna Papenhausen

Be prepared to be changed, surprised, opened up, healed and transformed! This is wonderfully dangerous work is likely to create a new way of seeing, being and serving love in the world!

Codex Painting: To See What God Intends

Susan Hubacker

Codex was a lifeline during the last year of working before my retirement. But the joy of seeing the moon sailing and steadfast knowing again and again that I’m in the amazing web of cyber cosmic connection. I gently weep in gratitude.

Codex Painting: Lady of The Mystery

Karen Maunder

My Codex experience was a magnificent adventure into pure consciousness and embodiment. My gifts and what I've come to cause and create in the world were revealed. Shiloh and Jena have put together a brilliant class filled with laughter, tears, color, and community, all connected in the quantum field. I learned more about the essential wisdom I carry and how to make a positive impact on others.

Codex Painting: Pure Consciousness  

Anna Corsini 

Codex was a life changing experience, gracefully led and supported by True Souls. The shift happens gradually but steadily, and deep roots guarantee it will live on. I feel deep gratitude for all the amazing staff behind and inside Codex. As in the noblest tradition, this journey takes us Home and yet to a completely renewed, miraculous “place”. Infinite Thank You.

Codex Painting: RIPPLES

Juniper Mainelis

I was amazed at how this Codex process revealed a new way to understand the components of what I am about. To find a symbol language that defines my life journey, my gifts and my tools of self-expression. I am so grateful to Shiloh, Jena and the awesome support team! Codex Painting: The Clockmaker’s Daughter  

Hazel Carlsen

Thank you for the journey. Codex Painting: Star Seed

Cassielle Bull 

CODEX has been teacher, companion, guest, best friend and a gift throughout this past year of transition - Shiloh's face, voice and passion reliably reigniting my own until I was rising in color and movement with the reminder of collaboration, support, relationship, alignment, truth and love at the center of this mystery we call being alive. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Codex Painting: Oh! Marvelous Error

Katie Rooney McLane

My Imagine painting spoke to me as soon as I finished, so I grabbed my journal and here is what she said... * Imagine the possibilities * Honor the sacred space * Herald in the new * Allow the energy to rise * Seek and you will find It read like a book to me from left to right each set of images revealing it's message..... What an incredible journey. Thank you one and all from the bottom of my heart. Imagine Painting Course  

I graduated in 2014 and totally reinvigorated my self-expression and creativity, released deep grief, made very special connections and lifelong friendships, learned to live a bigger creative and intentional life, discovered my voice and a method to bundle with other healing arts modalities for teaching and supporting the betterment of humankind (yes, it’s that powerful)! ~ Jennifer Bowers : United States