Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. ~ Margaret Mead

We are proud of our progress over the years in our vision to serve others through intuitive creativity and revolutionary self-expression. Two women teachers in the 1930's passed their wisdom to two women teachers in the 1950's who passed their wisdom to one woman teacher in the 1990's who passed her wisdom to twenty women teachers in 2000 who passed their wisdom onto tens of thousands and beyond. 

We also work together with collaborators to write and fund grants in the arts. We collaborate with educators throughout the world to bring fresh ideas, teachings, and conversations to the table. We also present a museum exhibit every month at our Museum of Intentional Creativity. Museum shows are open to anyone, come and join us! Our hope of nurturing the soul through art and education is what inspires our vision.

Color of Woman Graduation and Guild Gathering 2019

Our Virtual Red Thread Circles via Zoom reach thousands of women a month, forging connections around the world!

We believe that when women are in conversation, healing happens. This idea, along with the desire to bring women together around the world for connection, creation, and story, birthed our Red Thread Connect Online Community in 2018, currently at over 1200 members and growing.

Each month we gather using Zoom Technology to create a container with Red Thread connecting us from across the miles. 

Musea Members are invited to join the Intentional Creativity community for this series of free monthly calls designed to support women right where they are on their path. Bring your stories, your ideas, your challenges, your prayer requests, your love for yourself and others in need and let’s gather ourselves together. Each conversation includes poetry, red thread circle and creative process. 

In addition to our Red Thread Connect Community is our Online Red Thread Cafe Classroom. Serving nearly 7,000 women creatives through providing a private container where we are all free to share our creative works in progress, ask for witnessing and lift each other up. This is another benefit you receive as part of your MUSEA membership.

Our Online Classroom is supported each Wednesday by an Intentional Creativity Teacher. We call these days 'WIP' or Works in Progress day and our community is invited to share what they are working on in a more focused way, though you are invited to share any time! 

Here is our 2020 Map of Intentional Creativity Teachers across the globe. Currently over 300 strong, and serving their own communities of women, children and men. We see this map as lighting up the world, empowering more people to claim their self expression and live a life more aligned with who they are through the power of Intentional Creativity. The reach of our work is far beyond our knowing and we believe will be carried into millennia with teachers, both present and future, bringing the work of Intentional Creativity to their homes, schools, wellness and mental health centers, prisons systems and any place awakening consciousness through creativity is possible to lift up others and bring healing to our planet.

Is Intentional Creativity one of the largest and well established Art Movements on the planet as of 2020? We think so. While other groups create art together, our community works with the same philosophy of Intentional Creativity®! We are proud of our community work as we have been focused on women's education and jobs since our Founder was a little girl! 

Intentional Creativity Teachers sign the back of their paintings with this seal. A gold circle surrounded by a red circle. Shiloh Sophia's mentor, Sue Hoya Sellars, used to sign her paintings with a gold thumbprint. When we sign the Intentional Creativity Guild book at graduation for Color of Woman, we sign with this symbol. 

Why? So that in 100 years, when the community living now is returned to stardust…and others find our paintings throughout the world, they will know we were connected. Yes, we are thinking that far into the future. Yet there is another reason – because when we paint the seal on our paintings, we KNOW we are connected, and we contribute our awareness of that connection through the quantum field. When we add the seal, we feel it. We infuse our paintings with this presence and this love. These are not just art classes, this is a community of women who are studying the philosophy of Intentional Creativity together and choosing to gather.  

Here is an overview of our global reach and impact through serving women with Intentional Creativity®

Specialized Focus Areas of Reach within the Intentional Creativity Community


Our work has been shared with youth since day one of Intentional Creativity! Much of our curriculum is shared inter-generationally within the family or the classroom. Many of our Intentional Creativity teachers work with children. We hope to have Intentional Creativity program for the 'littles' in 2021 as well as our Legendary curriculum for teens, with teen teachers. 

Shiloh Sophia teaching with youth girls during Muse Days Painting Class at MUSEA Center for Intention Creativity


Since the beginning, our work has been woven with women of color. The leadership in our community is focusing on experiences and dialogues to weave Intentional Creativity teachings specifically for women who identify as women of color. We are dedicated to lifting and gifting women of color so that they can lift and gift all of us. Our culture of diversity and inclusivity is a work in progress with a conscious direction.

Shiloh Sophia and Mandisa Amber, Color of Woman graduate and teacher


Our educational work has focused on those who identify as women. We are open to emergent conversations and see this as an important feature of the work going forward. If you are interested in development or leadership related to gender and creativity we are excited to discuss programming with you. Any work we have done in this area is private on request, but you are welcome to reach out with questions. 


Our focus has been women's work. This is not to the exclusion of men, rather it is an invitation for men to learn with women and those men connected with the women in our community. Our Musea co-founder, Jonathan McCloud, has shaped every single part of our work with his wife and co-founder, Shiloh Sophia McCloud. We have several courses open to all genders, as well as guided by men and gender-fluid leaders. Let us know if you want to learn more about MUSEA men. 

Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud teaching together for the Apothecary : Medicine Painting Course