MUSEA is home to an inter-generational and multicultural collective of emerging and experienced creatives, healers, and leaders. Our matriarchal art lineage beginning in the 1930s is the framework for practice in intentional arts of every medium.

Our great work, Intentional Creativity® is rooted in storytelling, education, and imagining social justice through self-expression as a method of chosen transformation. It is the cornerstone to an interdisciplinary practice weaving creative arts, sciences, somatics, transpersonal psychology, and archeomythology.


What is Intentional Creativity?

Intentional Creativity® is a philosophy of infusing what we make with intention, through mindfulness and embodiment. This approach to making our art can be applied to any medium and any thematic topic. Think about the last time you were presented food and the difference between smears and disorder on the plate, or a presentation curated with love. It is not a mystery that human beings by and large, prefer something curated with mindfulness from the maker. Everything we make and bring into form has a level of intention. Our work specifically, is to make this approach a conscious practice through our art forms and the ways we live.

Working with this level of awareness can cause awakening at an exponential level, as well as catalyze healing and move stuck energy. The frequency of Intentional Creativity with the power of love is having an incredible impact in our communities - many claim it has been lifesaving.

When we make something, we infuse it with our energy. As it becomes infused, it takes a charge and becomes a resonator. This charge of energy is returned back to us, based on what we put into it. This is reciprocity at the quantum level.

If we choose to, we can also send this same feeling energy out to others, and yes, it travels there instantly. This is quantum connection. Even after we are done with what we make, years later it can still carry the 'charge' from our intention in the molecules. This is measurable science, intention in action. And we hope, love in motion.

We are delighted to enroll you in MUSEA University!
Celebrate with us and explore!

CIRCA 2000

MUSEA University offers educational classes, certifications, and a degree in the field of Intentional Creativity®. You can take our courses for personal or professional purposes. We are a private university centering on the healing arts and visual arts.

The degree we offer is called a Curate and centers on caring for the Soul of the Village in whatever area of focus you are called to. We have an emphasis on cuating consciousness by choice and stewarding our relationship with creation.

Whether you want to join us for a degree, or just begin to experience our approach to self-expression, identity development or a path of practice, we have educational experiences and sacred practices for you. No previous experience required!

MUSEA Uni works closely with the iMUSEA Museum, our 501c3 foundation to provide quality events, experiences and exhibits centering on women's art and stories.

Our creative root system begins over 90 years ago

In the 1930ies a philosophy for creating art with mindfulness was nurtured through the creation of books, sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking woodwork, clay, fiber and fashion design. The approach was passed from hand to hand until it reached our co-founder, Shiloh Sophia McCloud.

For more than two decades Shiloh Sophia has nurtured an Intentional Creativity cultural framework rooted in the teachings of a matriarchal art lineage of storytelling and imagery. With her husband Jonathan McCloud they have stewarded Intentional Creativity is an inter-disciplinary practice weaving creative arts, healing arts somatic sciences, transpersonal psychology and archeomythology.


CURATE Shiloh Sophia

We are in collaboration with our museum, Intentional Creativity Foundation, 501(c)3, our gallery Musette Atelier and the Intentional Creativity Guild of Creatives to bring you, Intentional Creativity.®

MUSEA is home to an inter-generational and multicultural collective of emerging and experienced creatives, healers, and leaders.

The MUSEA community is a global art movement dedicated to self-expression as a method for consciousness and compassion through the arts.

We are one of the world's largest art movements engaging with over 100,000 people by 2005 and today serving tens of thousands of women per month.

Are you ready to begin exploring?

The four year university curriculum begins with taking a single class and building your body of work from there. Yet you don't have to be a university student in order to join us.

Are you an artist who wants to become an educator?
Are you an educator who wants to become an artist?
Are you a healer who wants to become a leader?
Are you a leader who wants to practice healing gifts?
Are you a worker bee who is ready to be called to use your gifts?
Do you feel your life experience leads to a great work?
Do you have courses, classes and curriculum to share?

Consider starting your new career path by becoming a Curate!

A Curate is a person who cares for the soul of the village.

You decide what "village"; the village is a metaphor for what you care about in the world and in your own life.

If you are just looking to take a class in self-expression or seeking a community of creatives - There are lots of ways to engage and create!

This website, features the work of our University, Sanctuary, and Atelier.

For our Guild, Museum and the Intentional Creativity Foundation 501 (c)3 please visit

About Us

Since 2000 we have become one the world’s largest art movements centering on women’s creativity with a local presence in Sonoma, California. We are global and diverse - welcoming everyone called to this the power of creativity  - with a presence around the world. MUSEA Center encompasses colorful facets of our community vision including a Museum, University, Sanctuary, Ecosystems, Guild, Foundation, 501(c)3, and gallery on the Sonoma Plaza~ Musette Atelier. Intentional Creativity is an interdisciplinary practice weaving creative arts, sciences, somatics, transpersonal psychology, and archeo-mythology. Our core premise is that creativity is a basic human right that enables every person to know how they think, feel, and, therefore, act. Together we offer gatherings, courses, certifications, exhibits, art calls, experiences, circles, feasts, seasonal ceremonies, and membership that uplift the soul of humanity and honor our relationship with earth and stars through the wheel of the year.

The MUSEA community and their founders, Shiloh and Jonathan McCloud, extend an invitation to all beings to live with intention by choosing to bring love and awareness into everything we create and to our relationship with the universe. Together we can remember the past, live in the present with intention and create the future. Creating with intention is a sacred act and a celebration! Talent may be for the few. Creativity is for everyone! Our mission is to empower access to the innate creative life within each person by honoring the legacy of Intentional Creativity.

"We see ourselves as participants in ensuring that the revolution is beautiful and that evolution is consciously chosen. As often as possible we choose to celebrate our process, and our progress!”

 ~ Curate Shiloh Sophia

In addition to being a university, we are also a museum and foundation centering on the art and stories of women. We offer monthly circles in our Sonomna location and virtually and a private app for gathering with creatives throughout the world.

Musea is where story, art, somatic science, and activism intersect.

Our physical campus and gallery has been in Northern California since 2000. We offer virtual education across the globe. Welcome to one of the world's most well established art movements, you are invited!

Experience what we do at Musea!

We welcome you and invite you to consider joining us
Each one of us can gain access to self expression
May love be at the center of all of our choices!

Our Gallery is Musette Atelier and is located in Sonoma, California

Stay informed with Musette and Events IN PERSON in Sonoma, California 

MUSETTE ATELIER on the Sonoma Plaza is our storefront gallery space. Come by for a visit and bask in the beautiful art originals and prints by Sonoma raised Artist, Shiloh Sophia. Also featuring tea, chocolate, and apothecary items from Jonathan McCloud.

Events open for registration can always be found at


492 1st Street East Sonoma, CA 95476


Intentional Creativity Educator Locations

Here is an Overview of our Global Reach and Impact


Certified LEADERS EDUCATED in Intentional Creativity


COMMUNITY Subscribers & Members in 8 countries


Between 500 to 15,000 STUDENTS SERVED PER MONTH with Intentional Creativity


Scholarships given to students in per year


JOBS brought annually to our Guild with a focus on women working from home


COLLECTIVE Reach of our Intentional Creativity Guild Educators


Outreach per month in communicating and educating about Intentional Creativity.

500 yrs

We have a 500-year legacy plan for Musea and we are 17 years in. 


Members in our free online community supporting connection


Hundreds of Red Thread Circles happening in person and online each year. 


Gradutes of our progams become or are entrepreneurs and work with us at Musea


Community Calls and Red Thread Letters over the past 25 years

There are currently over 600 Intentional Creativity Teachers worldwide. We see this map as lighting up the world, empowering more people to claim their self-expression and live a life more aligned with who they are through the power of Intentional Creativity.

The reach of our work is far beyond our knowing and we believe will be carried into the millennia with teachers, both present and future. They will bring Intentional Creativity into their homes, schools, wellness and mental health centers, and prison systems. Our methodology can be used any place awakening consciousness through creativity is possible to lift up others and bring healing to our planet.

MUSEA is by artists for artists. So often the museums and schools that we have grown up admiring offer very little access to the content and curriculum to those outside the 'inner circle'.

At Musea our collaborative organizations are created by artists for artists, and if that lights up the colors in your spectrum, join us. Together we can remember the past, live in the present with intention and create the future.