Musea is One of the Largest and Most
Well Established Art Movements on the Planet. 

We are the curators of consciousness, using a methodology called Intentional Creativity which is making with mindfulness in any medium. Painting. Music. Language. Cuisine. Culture. Poetry. Theater. Pottery. Drawing. Sculpting. Dance. All mediums, when made with sacred intent, tell a story. 

Our Intentional Creativity Movement has roots going back close to 100 years and invites participants to step into the role of Artist. We do this through hosting in-person and online courses, curating artists and exhibits, offering certifications in our Intentional Creativity methodology, and hosting circles to help connect and unite women across the globe.

There are currently over 500 Intentional Creativity Teachers worldwide. We see this map as lighting up the world, empowering more people to claim their self-expression and live a life more aligned with who they are through the power of Intentional Creativity.

The reach of our work is far beyond our knowing and we believe it will be carried into the millennia with teachers, both present and future. They will bring Intentional Creativity into their homes, schools, wellness and mental health centers, and prison systems. Our methodology can be used any place awakening consciousness through creativity is possible to lift up others and bring healing to our planet.

MUSEA: Intentional Creativity  

Many Voices. Many Hands. Many Lands.  

Crafting Culture and Curating Consciousness

Living Museum. Mythic Media. Global Movement. Mystery School. Intentional Creativity.

Musea is a philanthropic organization designed for the benefit of our members.

Our members are students exploring self-expression as well as educators and healers.

Our focus is the methodology of Intentional Creativity - 'making with mindfulness’.

We invite everyone to connect with their innate power to create!

We believe in gathering in Circle with creatives to experience a quantum connection.

We believe in curating personal consciousness and gaining access to our hidden worlds through creativity as a powerful tool for awakening!  

We are empowering and educating leaders to bring Intentional Creativity to their communities.

This sacred work is brought forth through time with the Muse in your own creative practice!

You will have to experience Intentional Creativity for yourself! Come play with us!


Seeing a world where all beings are self-expressed, awakened, and acting for good on behalf of all and earth.

Musea is the plural for Museum. Hence the idea of many voices. Many lands. Many hands.

Examples of Intentional Creativity Explored