Intentional Creativity® Certified Trainings

As your desire to delve into your creativity becomes stronger and you wish to study as a student of Intentional Creativity, we have certifications and trainings available to support you in your creative and personal development. 

Whether you would like to learn to teach painting workshops, use the powerful breakthrough technique of metacognitive drawing with your clients, or lead Red Thread Circles in your community, our private University has something for everyone, whether you have picked up a paintbrush before or not!

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Course Duration: 9 Months

Receive your Intentional Creativity Coaching certification through our state-of-the-art FRAMEWORKS curriculum designed to give you access to curating consciousness through awakening your visual knowledge. Discover your voice so that you can guide others to discover their own!

Prerequisite: Dance of the Critic and the Muse

Course Duration: 9 Months

We support women in becoming certified in our Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher Training, a quest into the heart of your Soul work where you will paint your own archetypes and connect with your vision and purpose!

Prerequisite: Cosmic Cowgirls Legend

Course Duration: 3 Months

Are you called to gather others into circle? Consider our Red Thread Training Online Certificate Program. In this program, you will experience CIRCLE, CONVERSATION and CEREMONY, and will learn to lead your own Red Thread Circles!

Prerequisite: Apothecary

Course Duration: 12 Months

Prisma is an
exploration of Intentional Arts and the intersection of sciences, somatics, and energy in collaboration with Intentional Creativity that will catalyze a new level of engagement for healing practitioners and your clients.

Prerequisite: Symbol of Healing

Course Duration: 6 Weeks

This course is a heart-centered and creative approach to magnify your business and offerings. It is designed to leverage the creative brain to access and harness self-expression for your sacred work, build or reset your business foundation, create a 100k+ business plan, and become familiar with the technology to design an irresistible sales page for your business to grow and scale.

Prerequisite: TBD

Course Duration: 6 Months

ORIGINS is a quest to unite with our body of wisdom about healing the disconnection of the Spirit and the body through the framework of the Soul. The intent is to become Guardians of Sacred Teachings combined with our Innate Wisdom so that we are no longer subject, in the same way, to power-over structures or to a fate outlined for us by others.

Prerequisite: Cosmic Cowgirl LEGEND Archeo_Futura

Course Duration: 5 Months

ANIMYSTICA is for those seeking a spiritual path as an Ancient-Futurist Lineage leader and village healer. It is a call to consciously curated culture that honors all of life as
living and sacred and sharing responsibility with being in co-creation. Those of us called to a life that includes the elemental ceremony, ritual, and quantum healing feel the desire to repair and invent a future we believe in. Through the collaboration with the intelligence and the living presence of creation from the mycelium to the cosmos and everything in between, we become collaborators.

Prerequisite: Apothecary

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"She listens to the Ancient Mother" by Intentional Creativity Teacher Moana Whatu

Moana Whatu

Intentional Creativity Teacher

I graduated last year in the Colour of Women Teacher training and this year certified as a Red Thread Guide. It has been one of the best soul journeys I've done. Intentional Creativity, the Red Thread and Musea community is a gift that I treasure. In this community, I am home within myself and I have had the privilege of connecting with amazing creative soul sisters. My connection to myself as a divine being and to my Muse in all facets of her glory leads me and keeps me there daily. I am deeply and eternally grateful. I've just submitted a photo for the first art call in Musea because I want to be part of making history/herstory. I wanted to share with you how bloody blessed I feel to be in this life with you all! Thank you Shiloh and Jonathan. Love to you for your practice and love. Your actions uplift others' essences.

Arohanui mo to wairuatanga, arohatanga me nga manaakitanga i nga wa katoa

"The Infinite Self: Voyager" painting by Motherboard Graduate, Kami Pollvogt

Kami Pollvogt

Intentional Creativity Coach

"Much of what I have learned during the Motherboard Intentional Creativity® Coach Training has been methods to drawing out (pun intended) what is inside, outside, and in-between! I have grown in my understanding of my truth, meaning-making, and a great deal on relational context to the way I coach with the multiple facets of human beings.

I am excited to continue to use my imagination in conjunction with my research to provide women the insights into how they are showing up for themselves and in the world. My Voyager experience has mirrored life. I have struggled. I have been delighted and challenged to go deep in a way that I have not done before. There is something about the reflection of what appears as you create that really opens a part of you that is quite interesting and imaginative.

"Sisters of the Thread" painting by Intentional Creativity Teacher and Guide Ally Markotich

Ally Markotich

Intentional Creativity Teacher and Guide

The tool of the Red Thread Circle has changed my life. As I sit in Circle with women (men & children) and witness them as they are, as they come, with their perspective, I see common threads over and over. The separation dissolves (I'm “in”, you're “out”), humanity is revealed and our piece is spoken. What endures is a celebration for one another!

I've sat in other circles in my life. Circles where talking sticks are passed, stones are passed, balls are thrown. All of these circles are good. However, the kinesthetic piece of the red thread has my heart. The legends about the thread, the passing from person to person, the winding around the wrist, the full circle connection as I sit with people who may not be my usual “tribe”, the voice that proclaims a powerful declaration and the final tying of another's thread is potent for me.

I envision a Red Thread Community where, one day, when I head to my local grocery store, I see a stranger and we both have Red Threads and we can instantly claim our connection with a broad smile!