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Intentional Creativity® Entrepreneur
Training for Women

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Journey for Six Weeks

April 21-May 29

Access Your Genius

Create Your 100k+ Business Plan

Design Your Irresistible Offer

Create Your Sales Page Invitation

Plan Your Launch Strategy

Build or Reset Your Business Foundation

Harness Self-Expression for Your Sacred Work

Create a project that reflects how you help people and the world in just 6 weeks through the Intentional Creativity® Method centering on business with heart.

VIP Custom Private Coaching and Sonoma Retreat Options

Do you want to design a program?
Create income from a book?
Launch an online course?
Call a circle around your work?
Reveal a product line?
Share your art online?
Amplify your coaching or consultancy?
Increase the income you are getting?
Join MUSEA University for our degree program?
What's your business idea?
Let us help you bring it to life!

All businesses have a path and a need for planning and strategy.
Yet most of all your projects need YOUR unique GLOW:
Your Genius-Love-Offering for the World

Let's work together to develop your vision and your access to prosperity!
With Love,
Shiloh Sophia + Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates + Mary MacDonald

The three of us have been rocking the known business world together since 2013 when we all first met. All of us came from a corporate background but busted out and did our own thing. We brought our years of experience with us to MUSEA and now we are going to share it with you. Let's do this! We can finance our own revolution!

Shiloh Sophia is our Founder, Sumaiyah is our Executive Director and Mary MacDonald is our Lead Coach here at MUSEA.

A wild artist with a big dream, a bad-ass tech diva with mad skills, and a business coach who is also a talk show host, walk into a bar...and well the rest is herstory. Come share space with us.


Everything you need to know about this training to make your decision is right here at the top.

Do you wonder what this is all about? Are you curious if GLOW is right for you? We are too! We have lots of amazing and delicious details - HOT! - but before you peruse the options here, let's get to the basics. Hint: We are going to teach you how to build the content for your page and a program just like what you are looking at right now for yourself. If that makes you LIGHT UP then that is the GLOW we are looking for! GLOW stands for GENIUS LOVE OFFER for the WORLD!

Do you wonder what the outcome will be? Our entire time together will have one focus project that has the potential for 100k+ and all the other work is inspired by this clear action. If you don't know what your project is, we will support you in arriving there through our incredible Intentional Creativity® Method approach. At the completion of our time together, you will Access Your Genius, Create Your 100k+ Business Plan, Design Your Irresistible Offer, Create Your Sales Page, Plan Your Launch, Build or Reset Your Business Foundation and learn to Harness Self-Expression for Your Sacred Work. This method works whether you want to create an abundance of $1k, $10k, $100k, and more.

Who is inviting you and who is it for? MUSEA University invites you to join us if you are a woman ready to bring her gifts to life with a supportive proven structure and creativity that honors your authentic voice. This experience is ideal for women who are just starting out or who are ready for a business reset. Ideal for creatives, healers, teachers, and Intuitives.

GLOW is for personal or professional purposes. Personally, you can take this training to build the foundation for your business. Professionally if you wish to teach what you learn in the training to your clients, this is an Intentional Creativity® Certification Training through MUSEA University.

Who is leading? This training is guided by Curate Shiloh Sophia, she has been in business for over 25 years and has created millions of dollars in revenue and provided jobs for over 50 women throughout the world, and represented thousands of artists. Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates, our Executive Director at the Intentional Creativity Foundation and Team MUSEA will be guiding the journey and providing support for all of you. Mary MacDonald, our Lead Coach for 11 years at MUSEA will be joining as a coach and for office hours with Shiloh Sophia.

What is the training? The GLOW Business Training for heart-centered entrepreneurs is an Online Course to Magnify your Business Vision, Create your Business Foundation, and Design your Invitation Offer for the World! We have opportunities to gather in person with Shiloh Sophia.

What is the Investment? The Investment in the GLOW Training is $2500 but the value is over $4500. Payment plans are available. To see what's included KEEP READING 👇

What is the delivery format? GLOW Training is a hybrid featuring a virtual education with in-peson options. Curriculum and connection are delivered several times per week via LiveStream high-quality experiences, video, zoom, and our private iMusea App. There are several in-person options to meet and work with Shiloh Sophia at MUSEA Center in Sonoma, California, at our campus and museum.

What are the in-person options? Come to MUSEA Center in Sonoma!

1. Sonoma Retreat for GLOW Students: You can gather with us at the GLOW SONOMA Retreat towards the completion of our training together. This is optional and encouraged as it is a chance to connect with the Mothership of Intentional Creativity and meet and eat with our Founders, Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud, and Mary MacDonald and Sumaiyah Yates. (15 Spots) Additional $750 to attend - the choice can be made later in our process Learn about Sonoma

2. One-on-One with Shiloh Sophia You can apply for a VIP one-on-one Quickening Retreat to focus on your business and work with Shiloh to literally build your Sales Page OR create an Intentional Creativity painting at the heart of your Great Work. (5 Spots)

You can also receive virtual VIP Private Design and Tech Coaching with Team MUSEA for additional investment. (10 Spots)

VIP Investment information - Also on this page is a video from Shiloh Sophia explaining the investments as well as examples of pages we have built using our unique technology and graphics - just come on over and if you are interested - apply!

When is this happening? The curriculum begins April 21st and goes for 6 Weeks through May 29th, 2023. The Sonoma in-person retreat is May 19.20.21. VIP Offerings begin After the Glow Completes - and must be booked in advance.

READ ME: The dates of the GLOW foundational training will work with YOUR schedule since all the content is recorded and yours to keep. We encourage participating in the enlivening energy of the course LiveStreams in real-time. Access is global. Let's be unreasonable in our commitment to our sacred work, these are the steps to bring your project forward.

Why GLOW? Why Now? Shiloh Sophia: "I can't imagine a more important moment in the evolution of humanity, our ecosystem, and our economic story for women to take charge of their businesses and their finances. Women need to be a part of the organization of the future - our hearts, dreams, and consciousness are seeking another way to live this life. I have been in business since I was 24 years old and I want to share what I know with women who will use it for good. And I want to certify women to teach these ideas and this way of working to those that they serve. This way of approaching business honors the inherent self-expression of each woman and all of life... teach one woman and she will teach many people. I learned from my mothers and I have taught tens of thousands what I am here to share as my Great Work in the world."

How does it work? As a student, you can join Live and/or watch recordings in your time. Regardless of when you watch, the content has been created in REAL-TIME so the energy of the content is POTENT and immersive. We send you emails with access and we post inside the iMusea app.

How does Intentional Creativity factor into business? At MUSEA we believe that everyone has Great Work in the world - dreams that they are called to and ideas that want to be expressed through them. We get ACCESS to those signature 'downloads' through imagination - and create a way for what is inside of you to be expressed out in the world.

How is this different from other business courses? The heart of the work we are doing together is what is called a Sales Page. The Sales Page is an invitation where you make your offer. You are reading it right now. At MUSEA we call it a "Virtual Altar" so that when people come to view what you have to offer they can see what you are up to, feel what you are all about, and make it easy for them to pay you for your gifts. A Sales Page has a vibration and a signature and a life of its own - the Sales Page aka Virtual Altar is the seed idea that gives rise to the rest of the work we are doing together. You will create all of the content and design to layout for your Sales Page. If you have a good Sales Page you don't even need a website because the Sales Page serves as a stand-alone web address.

Plus it is totally different because at MUSEA everything is based within the heart, mind, body, and field and cares for you and the world. Maybe you have taken business courses before and found them dry, contrived, or lacking heart. Maybe they called people 'targets' and used language like "we are going to kill it or beat it' or they were only driven by profit and they sold to the pain of people. Not here. Here, the people you long to serve with your gift are called Guests. Imagine that your future clients and customers are guests at the feast table that you have prepared for them.

Changes... everything.

How is the Intentional Creativity Entrepreneur Curriculum experienced? The Curriculum includes written, audio and visual assignments that you document as you go and you create your GLOW PLAN Book. Your GLOW Plan Book is filled with the content you create to build the foundation for your business and launch your offering in the world. You experience the curriculum through our unique right and left brain approach - which includes the whole human being learning. Add a little magical glow and voila! Check out our VISUAL CURRICULUM HERE

How about the art part? We will work through the Intentional Creativity Method for you to create custom hand-painted graphics, and believe us, you will be able to do it with our step-by-step approach. We will also be working on an abstract painting 36x48 layer by layer. We paint in order to access genius and occupy our consciousness. So while we are using art, it isn't about art and you don't need to be an artist to participate. Everyone is creative, chances are you will blow your own mind with what you are able to bring forth!

How much time is needed? You will need 5 hours a week, spread out throughout the week for full participation if you want to take advantage of everything we have to offer. That said, the materials are yours, always and you can do them in your own time, or revisit the content.

Wow, does this sound amazing or what? Yes, it does. You won't find business training like this anywhere in the world. And there is a money-back guarantee if you do the work and you aren't satisfied with what we created and what you created.

YES! APPLY now to get started

NO RISK: There is no cost to apply. The questions should take less than 7 minutes to fill out. This helps our team learn about you and your business goals and dreams. Then we will be in touch with the next steps to reserve your spot based on the level of GLOW that most interests you.

Even if you just started and want to make your first 10K or you want to make 100k or 1 million - our approach is scalable. If for any reason we can see that we aren't the right fit - we will let you know.

Wow, is all of this included? Yes, it is.

  • Gather with Peers: Embark on a journey WITH women who care.
  • GLOW 5 Part Strategy: How to access, create and plan your offering.
  • Genius Access Journeys: How to gain access to your imagination and content.
  • Call and Response Connection: How to connect with the heart of those you serve.
  • Offering Design Template: How you design your irresistible offer.
  • Business Plan Template: How you create the basic strategy and foundation.
  • 9 Elements Sales Page Template: How to lay out your Sales Page Step-by-step.
  • 6 Figure Plan Playshop: What are the numbers that can get you to 100k.
  • Launch Plan Playshop: What are the steps to sharing your offering.
  • Guide to Custom Graphics: What is the self-expressed 'brand' of your offering.
  • Vision Plan Book: Create a Vision Plan book that holds the essence of your project.
  • Gold Mind Meditation: How do you access 'visionary' space in your consciousness.
  • Values-Driven Ideals: What do you stand for and why?
  • Conscious Business Template: Reparations, Land Acknowledgement, and DEIA.
  • Self-Expression Graphics: Hand-painted, on-brand images for your pages.
  • GLOW Plan Book: How you lead your business into the future and document all of your sacred assignments and next steps.
  • An Invitation from MUSEA: How to begin to live out your Great Work and care for the Soul of the Village - the people and places you serve.
  • Create an Intentional Creativity® Painting: As you are learning to gain access to your genius you integrate what we are learning as you go. We move between the right and left brain creating the Glow-Flow space. Again, No experience is required - the painting is not about talent but about self-expression. Our processes are designed to catalyze your consciousness and create interconnection.

Intentional Creativity is making what you make with love and mindfulness. How you approach what you create in your life greatly impacts what you make and how you make it and how other people experience your sacred world.

What is the structure? Weekly Virtual Events are delivered to your inbox for live or recorded participation. Here's the overview:

  • Three Weekly Events: Video or LiveStream. Zoom Office Hours with Shiloh Sophia and Mary MacDonald. Zoom Community Call with Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates and Team MUSEA. All Livestreams are recorded and available instantly. All videos are time released in sequence. All Zooms are recorded and available within 24 hours. There are also two events that fall on weekends, but everything is recorded.
  • Weekly Office Hours: During the Office Hours Call we address questions and receive coaching LIVE for your questions.
  • Weekly Group Femiminds: With Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates and Team MUSEA to explore with one another, support one another, and talk about implementation. There will be several different break-out groups in each call. We will be sharing and exploring platforms for implementation. If you already have your platforms worked out, you will be in a different focus group, same call. We will meet you where you are.
  • iMUSEA Classroom: Private group in our app to post, share, and request support. The group will stay open for 2 months after the course so you can keep working together with your peers.
  • Submissions for Certification: For those who are choosing to certify as an Intentional Creativity Entrepreneur and want to teach the GLOW Curriculum, you will be submitting your work as you go along. The majority of your work will be written and visual, as well as discussion-based - and you will be documenting as you go along.

WOW, what else? Passion and Sustainability! Shiloh Sophia is inviting the core Team MUSEA Staff to this training. She wants to show them the way she has learned to do business in a creative, heart-centered conscious way. She wants women to be empowered to make their own money, AND she wants everyone on Team MUSEA to learn how to create their own income within the company itself so we can exist for hundreds of years. Sound juicy? Feel exciting? It is!

A.I. Anyone? Like it or not, A.I. will have an impact on how many of us do business over the coming years. During GLOW, you will learn how to bring in some simple additions for using AI with your business without losing your personal touch or devaluing human wisdom

Now, are you ready to take action? Good. We are too. We made this just for you.
Shiloh Sophia teaches live on business one time a year and this is it.

The truth is, business is easy and hard. Easy because we want to give our gifts and that feels good. Hard because there are lots of steps to take. Glow is the foundation that takes the mystery out of the process and invites the imagination to lead the way.

Are you ready for this action-packed, playful, prowess?

Are you HOT to Overcome what is holding you back from sharing your offerings?

You are going to experience SIX WEEKS of Connection, Strategy, Visioning, Planning, Self-Expression, and Design through the lens of a Visionary Entrepreneur!

If you are a healer, coach, mystic, educator, or have a business with heart you will thrive in learning about entrepreneurship from an Intentional Creativity® Framework. Call forward your juicy intuitive prowess and GLOW!

Those are the basics but there is SO MUCH more... Get a cuppa tea and check out the value of this offering for yourself!

This isn't a course ABOUT BUSINESS, this is
DOING and DESIGNING BUSINESS in real-time with many other women to bring your offering to life with expert guidance.

We will focus on one brilliant project from start to finish so you can SHARE and GLOW the gifts that are most needed and desired by those you long to serve. This course is designed for content development and strategy and does not require technical experience - our work is written and visual and can be plugged into a software platform of choice.

Are you IN? We can't wait to receive your Application!


has been offering Intentional Creativity® Certifications since 2010. That means you will be able to pass on what you are learning if you are someone who leads others in areas of business or coaching.

Intentional Creativity® Entrepreneur Certification is totally optional and requires written and visual work submission. There is an additional Certification Fee of $250 upon completion of submissions. You can decide if you are certifying part-way through the experience. Graduates have the opportunity to join the IC Guild.

This is a 4-5 Unit Training. Those who certify will participate in an additional training experience and Q and A with Shiloh Sophia to discern how you will use the materials. The custom templates are yours to work with and customize for working with your guests and leading workshops. This is not a train-the-trainer in a classic sense - you will be a participant with everyone else in GLOW.


Explore GLOW VIP Packages

You have choices! All of us will experience GLOW!

All of us in GLOW will: Learn the 5 Part Strategy that we have used to create millions of dollars in revenue and stay in business for over 25 years. Shiloh has never taught this outside of the MUSEA Graduate community - but she is ready to share. She has been able to provide millions of dollars of meaningful work for women by using this approach.

You will have an inspiring group of women to gather with! Imagine being a part of this once-in-a-lifetime exclusive experience - and you get to join in! What?! Right! We are glowing over here!

Want MORE? - We're including 2 VIP Packages called the AfterGlow (because they take place once you complete your work).

10 Women in Glow will: Receive PRIVATE and CUSTOM Coaching and Design from one of our Team MUSEA coaches to create your Sales Page.
VIPs may choose either Done For You (we do the tech) or Done With You (we do the tech with you) - this is your opportunity. This coaching takes place once the GLOW Training is complete.

5 Women in Glow will: Experience a Private Quickening Retreat with Shiloh Sophia one on one at MUSEA Sonoma. VIPs guest will have Shiloh's full attention on your vision, your business, and how to start making money right away. This is your chance!



Dear Amazing Hearted Y O U!

You can't even imagine how excited I am about this experience. I have been teaching business since my early thirties, once I realized the need. I taught at two universities and they weren't providing ANY know-how whatsoever to people who had paid them TONS of money to learn a field. I was LIT ON FIRE!! I had to help. I knew the basics.

I developed a plan right then and there and taught it the very next day and have been teaching it ever since. Of course, I learned a lot along the way and I continue to modify and adapt.

Once you have made 6 figures (100,000 dollars), things change. I made my first 6 figures in 2000. And many times since then and by 40 I had created a million dollars of sales for ART! YEP! Unlikely since I didn't have a rep or training in business, and I wasn't a trained artist. But I did it. And I sold and marketed hundreds of other artists too.

The chances of women making 100k aren't as good as you might think. It doesn't have to be so random. There is a pattern, and I am going to show you one of the patterns in GLOW.

One of the biggest challenges I noticed in working with women in business for over 20 years is that we often make it challenging for people to give us money!

Whether that's the ability to book a call, simply ask a question, or sign up for a high ticket item. One of the things I like to do is work with others to ensure that it is easy for people to give them money on a regular basis. This is a standard for the entrepreneur AND we can have fun learning to design, plan and make that income happen for YOU! Prosperity is a heartset and a mindset - so let's dream together. The key is HOW you access your intuition. We will show you how it works. That's what we do here!

See you in class!
I can't wait!

P.S. We actually built this page you are looking at right now - using the 9 Elements of Circumstance. Your two leaders, me, and Sumaiyah created this with help from Team MUSEA.

P.P.S. I added the two photos of myself so you could see the two sides of me, the Diva and the Nature Girl, around here we call women like me Cosmic Cowgirls because we are women between worlds. We are in the Glitter and the Grit of all of it! We don't mind getting our hands and feet dirty and we love to party and play too!

Learn the GLOW Five-Part Strategy to Bring Your Ideas to Market!

Our Intentional Creativity® proven marketing approach has served tens of thousands of clients. Whether you are a coach, a speaker, an artist, or a teacher - you need to be able to communicate what you have for sale in a way that your potential clients can see it, feel it, know it, and say yes to it.

Who is this for?

This experience is designed for women in business who are just starting out or reinventing. If you are between zero and $100k, this is for you. If you hover around 100k and you want to go BIGGER, this is for you. We have to start somewhere, so let's start together - the planning you create over this time will guide your business for years to come!


You have a gift to share.

A product to sell.

An invitation to extend.

A course to deliver.

But you are unsure HOW to get the message across.

In your heart, You know you have something extraordinary to share.

But find it's not translating onto the landing pages or emails in a way that invites people to say YES!




Four LIVESTREAM Virtual Gatherings: $1500

$100K Business Plan Template: $500

Design Your Offer Template: $500

Design a Sales Page with the Nine Elements of Circumstance Teaching: $1000

Launch Plan Outline: $500

10+ Virtual Gatherings with Shiloh Sophia and TEAM MUSEA: $500+++++

Total Value: $4500+ Way over!

Finally, Getting it All Done the Creative Way!!!!


But you’re not paying that amount!

Because we like to make our offerings approachable yet in alignment with the value of our exclusive method of teaching creatives like you to be successful in your business.

Your Investment: $2,500

Payment Plans start at $625, a 45% savings

Explore GLOW VIP Packages to make the most of this experience and get a done-for-you sales page with the MUSEA Team or in person with Shiloh Sophia! Start selling ASAP to make an ROI on your investment and have a template you can use for every single invitation you create.

Or, choose to enroll in the GLOW Course standalone, which includes everything listed below. We give you the structure to implement on your own in the technology of your choice

Explore GLOW VIP Packages - Watch a VIDEO Explaining 


$2,500 OR 4 PAY of $625 (interest-free) Or extend to a 6 PAY of $450

Most programs of this nature, when direct marketing technology is being shared, cost into the many thousands - this investment will provide a return if you put what we teach you into practice.


WHO: MUSEA University

WHAT: 6-Week Business Intensive designed to provide you with the tools you need to create a program, design an offer, and plan your future!

WHEN: April 21st - May 29th, 2023

WHERE: Broadcast Live from MUSEA SONOMA right into your home, office, or studio. Watch LIVE or recordings later. Additional Video releases and materials are yours to keep. Zoom Gatherings too!

WHY: Every single business owner needs a few essential ingredients. We want to share with you how to gain access to your innate and authentic ways of knowing and glowing!

HOW: This is a virtual course held over six weeks consisting of:

  • Livestreams with Shiloh Sophia (recorded & available for download)
  • Video Releases
  • Weekly Office Hours with Shiloh Sophia and Mary
  • Weekly Zooms with Sumaiyah Wisdom Yates
  • Student participation in virtual private iMUSEA App Classroom (accessible on both desktop and mobile devices)
  • Sonoma Retreat for GLOW (limited to 15)* $750
  • PDF Hand-outs of the Templates and Plans

GLOW curriculum is content and experienced based. You can use any platform you want to bring the content you create into action - WordPress, Leadpages, and Shopify. We are giving you the materials to bring into a simple technology like a hosted page or events on social media or Eventbrite or WordPress.

100% Moneyback Guarantee if you demonstrate completion of the course assignments and are not satisfied with what you received and what you created - your investment will be refunded.

Do the technology details feel daunting? Check out our Done-For-You VIP Packages.

MATERIALS: Big pad of paper and pens, watercolor paper, acrylic paint, sharpies, canvas, and brushes.
A detailed list will be provided for those who register

Students at MUSEA Sonoma creating their Visionary Business Plans

May 19. 20. 21, 2023
With Shiloh Sophia, Mary MacDonald and Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates

Come to a Sonoma Weekend Retreat in person at MUSEA Center. This retreat comes towards the completion of the training and part of it will be streamed live for the rest of our students. The focus of this retreat is your Plan of Action for how you are going to bring everything we are learning into action.

What steps do you need to take? What platforms? Who do you need to reach out to?
And there will be feasts prepared by Jonathan, wine-tastings, visit to the creek, visit to Musette Atelier and shenanigans to be sure! Come to beautiful wine country and MAKE REAL LIFE CONNECTIONS with the GLOW Leaders!

You do not need to choose if your are coming to Sonoma YET. Tuition to add the in person gathering is an additional $750.

MUSEA: Center for Intentional Creativity

Musette Atelier

MUSEA: Center for Intentional Creativity

Students at MUSEA Campus

Get to Know Your GLOW Training Guides

Shiloh Sophia McCloud
MUSEA Curate and Futurist

Shiloh Sophia lives life as a great adventure narrated by the creative fire of her Muse! She has dedicated her life to the belief that self-expression is a basic human right and shares her message with thousands around the world through her paintings, poetry, books and teachings.

She guides one of the world's largest global movements for revolutionary education focused in Intentional Creativity® - which means to make what you make with intention and love. She comes from a long lineage of creatives and entreprneuers.

She co-founded MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity® in Sonoma, California, with her husband Jonathan. They have a ranch with vineyards and orchards and a gallery on the Sonoma Plaza.

MUSEA stands for Museum, University, Sanctuary, Ecosystem and Atelier.

See Shiloh Sophia's BIG CV here

Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates
MUSEA Executive Director and Artist

Known as the “Tech DIVA,” Sumaiyah is Divinely Inspired by the Vision of her Ancestors. She teaches Creatives how to implement technology in their business in a heart-centered manner. Having over 30 years of experience in the field of information technology and more than 10 years teaching and sharing Intentional Creativity, Sumaiyah has mastered a method of merging technology and creativity without losing the creative vision of the business.

Sumaiyah offers this mastery of technology for Creatives to those choosing to keep creativity in focus while being supported by their tech systems, rather than becoming chained to them.

Mary MacDonald

Lead Coach at MUSEA University

Mary MacDonald aka StellaMac believes in the power of women’s voices and offerings as a way to heal the world. It’s a time for each of us to become visible and 'Be a rebel with a cause'.

As a marketing, branding, and business strategist in the corporate, not-for-profit, and education world for over 35 years, StellaMac has worked with organizations and individuals in fundraising, public relations, marketing, training and development, and product development to increase revenues, create brand awareness, build sustainable relationships and to make a difference in the world.

She has spent close to 20 years working with Shiloh to create a business that is based on feminine principles while supporting women from around the world to honor their own voice, creativity, and gifts where they then bring the world of Intentional Creativity to the people they are passionate about supporting.

StellaMac has been our Lead Coach for 11 years where she leads from the heart and helps you see the myriad of possibilities available to you and how to bring them to fruition. In our community, she is known as the Queen of Questions where she leads you into accessing your own wisdom and answers. She is passionate about the Feminine Paradigm being the foundation of your business.
















I'm Shiloh Sophia and I would love to share with you what I know about creating juicy invitations that reflect your heart, your style, and your "WOW" factor!

I want to share with you the very things I have done to work with thousands of people, develop a worldwide movement and impact the lives of women and their families.

AND yes it's true the in-house Team MUSEA will be along for the ride...


Every single business owner needs a few essential ingredients. We want to share with you how to gain access to your own innate and authentic ways of knowing, and glowing so you can create a Business Foundation.

Our GLOW 5-Part Strategy:



ACCESS YOUR GENIUS and DESIGN YOUR OFFER/SALES PAGE - a page that reflects your invitation to your clients and guests. We have a proven strategy called the Nine Elements of Circumstance that takes you through a step-by-step journey to discover your intuitive wisdom hidden within.



Create your $100k six-figure outline. What is your offering, and how many people will it take to reach your goal? Let's do the math and plan the pathway to success. Success rarely just lands on us, we have to land it ourselves.



Create your AUTHENTIC MARKETING voice - you don't need to become someone else or an expert to speak about your gifts and offerings. We will show you the most potent way possible to gain access to HOW to speak to your guests and clients in a truthful honoring way. Hint: Our clients are not 'targets', they are guests at the feast table we are offering. AND Build out your LAUNCH PLAN.



Create a one-page BUSINESS PLAN with a template we have used to make millions of dollars of revenue. Design a plan you and your team and clients can get behind - your vision needs to be clear and resonant in order to be magnified and shared. AND share it with us to get feedback.



GLOW stands for GENIUS LOVE OFFERING in the WORLD. Bring your work to life! You are infusing all of your work in this course with your unique energy signature - what makes you the bad-ass mystic healer teacher - what makes you YOU!

I'm ready to make some $$

IS this for YOU?

This experience is ideal for you if:

  • You are just starting out and are ready to make your first big offer or you have made many offers in the past and want to refresh your approach with an intuitive framework.
  • OR if you have been in business for a while and you are ready for a fresh approach to accessing your copy, content, and context.

We will work together over 6-weeks to develop the core components of making the offer, pricing the offer, putting the offer in the context of the business framework, and amazingly demonstrating how to create custom images that light up your invitations. You don't need a website, you just need a webpage. A webpage where an offer is made is sometimes called a Sales Page. The sales page is the virtual altar where you make your heartfelt invitation.

GLOW course provides students with the opportunity to ...

  • Create a life-changing business plan outline and offer invitations from your heart to those you long to serve.
  • Gather with global Creativepreneurs in a mastermind setting we call "femimind" to learn and gain support from one another to magnify your offers.
  • Design your creative offers that bring your ideas into reality through image, color, texture, and language.
  • Tune into the energy of your authentic voice and draw on your intuitive creative heart to write irresistible copy and design custom graphics.
  • Reconnect with your hidden gifts bringing them out from the darkness into the light!
  • Cultivate your wild, quirky, often hidden sense of intuition in service to your ideas.
  • Experience rituals that turn up the FLOW-GLOW factor.
  • Deepen your Intuitive access to lead your work from a space of heartful access.
  • Learn how Intentional Creativity can shift and advance your relationship with marketing and sharing your work.
  • Paint a super cool abstract painting that is a record of your work.
  • Hear the stories of women entrepreneurs who ROCK the creative marketplace and have developed teacher training that guides other women to lead others in self-expression.
  • Bring in some simple additions for using AI with your business without losing your personal touch or devaluing human wisdom

GLOW course demonstrates that being a Creativepreneur can ...

  • Be a transformational, spiritual, and personal growth journey.
  • Bring MORE love and healing and kindness and integrity into the world.
  • Empower you to be MORE not less of who you really are.
  • Be tremendously empowering for you but also for all the women (and men) whose lives you touch.
  • Be a collaborative endeavor, bringing you into consistent contact with fabulous women
  • Deepen your trust in your intuition, your purpose, your vision, and also in the life force itself!
  • Be FUN and deliciously wildly creative!

No experience needed, come ready to get wild and open up and GLOW! NEW

If you are new here, don't be scared. I will tell you why.

If you have been here a while, I already know you are excited about what is to come!

Painting for us here at MUSEA is the way we integrate what we are learning because it opens our consciousness. We will be layering step by step all of the GLOW Curriculum right on the canvas! WHAT!? I told you there isn't a business course like this out there.

Here we KNOW that your innate GLOW comes from your self-expression and bringing out what is inside of you...

We will show you the way. Truly. It is brave and crazy fun too!

~ Shiloh Sophia


The Art of the Invitation is all about the intention and the energy you put into it.

The Intentional Creativity Approach is what we use in our community when working on a painting AND when developing a business or business offer. By approaching creativity from the right brain, the left brain and the heart we give ourselves fuller access to what we truly know, feel and desire to create.

Shiloh Sophia shares her proprietary Intentional Creativity Method to making an invitation called the Nine Elements of Circumstance and walks you through writing up your offer step-by-step. And you will have the template to keep and continue to use it.

Experience a New Method

A Creative Approach to Business Development and Sharing Your Work

Shiloh Sophia Shares Business
as a Series of Projects Methodology

Shiloh Sophia shares the
16 Essential Frameworks for Business

Shiloh Sophia teaches
about Expressing Your Gifts

Shiloh Sophia demonstrating
Business Vision Plan Book

Apply Today to Join us!

What Creativepreneurs are Saying About Working with Shiloh Sophia

"I am always amazed at how deep those processes go whilst being manageable and this time even playful! I have more clarity now, and it was wonderful to experience the support in the group. Yes, the sharing, the connecting with each other, is such an important part of this! Thank you, Shiloh Sophia, Always a pleasure, and it's getting better and better!"

Johanna Ringe

"Shiloh Sophia is a visionary for the divine feminine way in business igniting the potential in others to rise up and take their rightful place at the plentiful table of the Goddess. As an innovator, imaginator, and creatrix, she dares to color outside the lines of possibilities with big broad strokes in order to transcend mainstream thinking. An invigorating breath of fresh air in business! Thank Goddess!"

Diane Merpaw  

"I have been able to totally embrace a new way of imaging my business. I keep checking in with the various information centers within my body and holding little mini-conferences with them, i.e., "heart, so what do you think about what gut is suggesting?" I keep taking bigger and bigger steps toward a business model that is way out there for me. Thank you all for your love, and support and for just being my community right now. I know I wouldn't even be thinking these thoughts if it wasn't for this class/group, never mind actually considering taking action on them!"

Yarrow Summers

"If you want to create a heart-centered business, access information you don’t have access to at the moment that has the potential to unlock new levels of potential for your business, change your perspective on finances and how to bring it in, Shiloh’s coaching, guidance, intuition, and creativity are a powerhouse! You can’t unknow what is revealed to you during the coaching sessions… so be ready for intense movement forward with your business if you say YES! "

Evelyne Verret

"The course experience was very helpful and inspiring for me. I could understand how business works and what I need to do to launch my own business. The most important thing was I can do it my way and I loved the approach that you dear Shiloh Sophia presented to me/us through the Intentional Creativity Method and big love. THANK YOU AGAIN."

Saskia Bartscht

 “I know women who sell online programs aimed at women entrepreneurs, but I don't agree with what most of them teach, which can be sketchy in the ethics department- big bang on their bank accounts and draining of yours. So I don't promote those entrepreneur's programs. But one of the best business women I know- Shiloh Sophia, who is a long time friend, trusted advisor, and one of the people I masterminded with, Shiloh Sophia- is about to launch a business program for creatives, specifically for people who have a $100,000 idea and need help getting it off the ground. If only I had a program like this back when I had just left the hospital and had big dreams but zero experience in entrepreneurship! Instead, I made the mistake of liquidating my retirement account and winding up $200,000 in debt because I didn't know how to monetize my creative idea, the way Shiloh teaches people to do. It took a six figure book deal for me to start to get out of the hole, and even then, I left a lot of money on the table because I was just too scared and felt too worthless to actually charge what I was worth. I just trust that she'll be delivering something valuable, especially if you're a creative with a gift that's still the world's best kept secret.”

Dr. Lisa Rankin


The truth is I love to teach about business. It gives me great joy as you will see when you study with me. If it was appropriate for me to jump up and down - then I might do it. I get so excited and motivated and it matters so much to me that we can be more at cause for creating our income.  

By being able to create copy for your invitation that is right from your heart - your offering will reflect the true value you choose to bring.

I have had a lot of success and a lot of failures. Each time I have gotten up again has taught me even more about how to be stronger during the changing terrain of business. You will be amazed at what you are able to bring forth in just 6 weeks. No matter how many times you have tried this before - this material is at the heart of your business.


Can you see yourself in a circle of others on the path?

Imagine being able to work side-by-side with peer entrepreneurs to access your own innate knowing.

Can you see yourself serving others with your gifts?

Imagine making your investment back many times over in your life. Perhaps even enrolling paying clients while participating in the GLOW training.

Can you see yourself easily and enthusiastically creating offers?

Imagine creating offers in your home studio right along with us broadcasting live in the Sonoma studio. Then repeating the process honing your signature style for your unique offers.


We have outlined the Business foundations we are offering here as clearly as we can. And we want you to know what GLOW is not. We are not building the technology for you - unless you participate in a VIP experience with Team MUSEA or Shiloh Sophia. This is not a social media and marketing training. We are providing you with the tools to implement your ideas. You can implement them how and where you choose on your own time.

Photo taken during a workshop at our onsite Museum and School, MUSEA, in Sonoma California

The World Needs Your Gifts!

The world needs more and more good-hearted soulful people to bring their special GLOW to the marketplace. We won't be able to continue with extractive capitalism (a form of capitalism that is based on the extraction of profit from humankind and nature as opposed to the modernist idea of productivity and mass consumption)

The world needs businesses and leaders with care and compassion guiding them. Imagine thinking of your webpage like a virtual altar instead of a 'webpage'. It has vibration, energy, and life. Your guests will be able to feel you through the page.

We know you have lots of ways you can spend your time and resources. This experience will be something you will be able to use for the rest of your business life.