Color of Woman students admiring their collective artwork at Musea, Sonoma

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Our Physical Museum and Community Venue!

MUSEA Centre is located in Sonoma, California, and has sister locations around the world. Musea is our physical museum location where we show our art exhibits, host museum and school events, as well as art education and community gatherings.

Our centrally located venue has beauty curated inside and out, with multimedia art from our permanent collections visible throughout, flower and vegetable gardens, vineyards, redwood trees, and spaces for experiencing art and ceremony in community. We are located close to all amenities and very near downtown Sonoma.

Photos from 2022 MUSEA Events

VIVID Gathering

PRISMA Gathering

Bold Blooms Class

COLOR of WOMAN Gathering

Photos from Shiloh Sophia's Kinship with Creation Museum Show Opening in June 2021

"When I walked through the doors of Musea, I was prepared to meet a legend - and I did. When I left, I realized I had it in me to find my own too. I remember staring at Shiloh Sophia's paintings as her show was up that first day, and I started tearing up not knowing why. For a first meeting, I wanted to keep my act together... Then she said, “maybe it’s because you see yourself in them”. At that moment, the reclamation work truly began for me. Thank you for witnessing, connecting, and empowering each of our voices. So happy to be on this journey with you and the team at Musea."

~ Sophie Michaud, Intentional Creativity Graduate and Leadership for the Motherboard Coach Training

More photos of MUSEA Sonoma

She Carries Me Class, 2020

Color of Woman Artist Gathering, 2019

Red Thread Guide Gathering 2018

Creating Year of Pleasure Books in 2019

Meal prepared by Chef Jonathan

Red Thread Guide Gathering 2019

LIVE band, 3 On A Match for Shiloh Sophia's Birthday Party, 2019

She Carries Me Class with musician, Jennifer Berezan

Muse Days Class from 2019 with women and youth