Many Voices: We are an Art Movement with tens of thousands of creative members around the world working together on a common red thread of creation. The philosophy we work with is called Intentional Creativity, which means to create with consciousness. Intentional Creativity as a methodology is an integrative approach to art and healing taught by our arts Guild of over 350 certified Teachers, Coaches and Guides worldwide. We may be one of the single largest current art movements in the world. 

Many Hands: We are a Creative Lineage that honors the creative offerings of ancestors from all lands who created with intention. Specifically the concepts of inquiry, image, and language came into our lineage in the 1930's, and have been passed from hand to hand and heart to heart since that time. In 2004 our Founder, Shiloh Sophia McCloud gathered with her community to form Cosmic Cowgirls, LLC, a woman and girl owned school and publisher. Today our lineage is consciously passed within families and communities, and also taught in hospitals, prisons, clinics, prisons and social service organizations as well as taught at universities and used in therapy practices.  

Many Lands: We are a Global Museum with locations throughout the world. MUSEA, meaning museum in the plural is a gathering of artists with a vision to 'curate consciousness through creativity'. We feature juried shows and exhibits online and in-person in different locations. Our focus is first in service to our Guild Members, then our community of artists, healers, writers and educators. Our Mothership location and campus is in Northern California with primary branches in Australia, Mexico, Denmark and in the United States, and Colorado. Our Intentional Creativity Guild curates virtual and global locations including schools, galleries, retreat centers, sanctuaries, art-wine-cuisine atelier and museum shows. Our museum collection features over 50 works from our legacy viewed by appointment only until 2021. We have featured over 100 women artists in the past twenty years and that of our founder, Shiloh Sophia. Watch for our first three global online museum shows in 2020 CODEX, RED MADONNA and LEGEND.

Many Circles: We are a transformational school whose education is based in CIRCLE. We have circles all over the world virtually and in person. Our robust curriculum that has been taught by our Founder for 27 years. We offer classes in art, business, intuitive painting, circle leadership and so much more, as well as three certification programs. We offer both free and paid educational opportunities. As well as free monthly support and creativity calls, and a free online community of over 7,000 women worldwide as well as our own app for our students.  

Many Colors: Our founder Shiloh Sophia's first book was called Color of Woman, as well as her first gallery and her teacher training program. She grew up in the San Francisco Bay area in a diverse multi-cultural community through her community, spirituality and educational experience. Our community is committed to the ongoing conversations of inclusivity, conscious diversity, collaboration across borders, both visible and invisible. Raising up the voices of women working towards justice.

Who We Are: We are a living museum and community curating Intentional Creativity and conscious culture. The ethos for our work has been in existence since the first time an early human made a mark to tell a story on a cave wall. This was a communication through image that became a one-to-many story through which we learn about who we were as early humans. Archaeologically, we can also look for clues into who we are becoming.  

Our Lineage: The inspiration for our creative lineage began in the early 1900's and continues today through Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud with our Foundation, 501c3. Our Intentional Creativity® philosophy holds that all beings are inherently creative and that through creating we can gain access to greater wisdom, healing and empowerment.

"My own teachers and chosen lineage have greatly influenced the path of Intentional Creativity. My Grandmother Eden and Helen, Lenore Thomas Straus, Sue Hoya Sellars, Caron McCloud, Tonantzine Guerra-Rennick, Carmen Baraka and Alice Walker." ~ Shilloh Sophia

Our Framework: Our museum has chosen this framework for ‘viewing’ art making in development for over 27 years through research with thousands and thousands of participants about the impact of creation on our lives, past, present and future. We have occupied a physical campus for over sixteen years, and prior to that art galleries for ten years, all in all, featuring hundreds of artists. We have over 300 teachers trained in Intentional Creativity around the world, offering it to kindergarteners, veterans, people in the corporate world, the prison system, social services, foster care, hospitals, therapy, and so much more .

Intentional Creativity is an integrative approach to healing. Intentional Creativity Foundation preserves and illuminates an enduring legacy in mindful art making. We provide education, research & community building, focused on creating with intention. Our field of practice and study, Intentional Creativity, is an emergent discipline combining creativity with mindfulness. Our project is piloted by the global Intentional Creativity Guild.

Our approach to this framework of studying and creating intentional art originated in the late part of the 1930’s and continues today as a discipline in the creative arts practiced by thousands of people per month, with a reach of over ten thousand people over the past ten years through online and in-person gatherings. For the past 25 years, a focus group has been developing and studying innovative ways to bring intentional art making to life and to make it accessible to everyone – not just those who demonstrate skills in artistry. “We don’t think art is something just for those who are gifted, but is a way for all beings to access their own stories, ideas, beliefs and healing pathways.” says, Shiloh Sophia, one of the Founders of the Intentional Creativity Foundation.  

Enduring Influence + Curating Culture + Global Movement = Intentional Creativity  

The foundation, a 501c3 founded in 2015 to develop the work, is guided by the Board and the Intentional Creativity Guild consisting of over 300 teachers worldwide who are trained and certified in the Intentional Creativity Method. The method brings a focus on the philosophy, the how and why, as well as the impact and influence creating with mindfulness can, and does have, on our lives. While we believe creating is for everyone, our VISION is to make creativity accessible and to educate about the importance of creativity in the development of the human being.  

Our lineage has been passed from hand to hand, and from artist to artist, for over 80 years until it reached a quantum point with the advent of online education. While our goal is global and growing, we have three offices: our headquarters in California, USA, and offices in Australia and Denmark.    

Research With Creativity

There is so much more to painting than we may have really known in the past – or had access to. Over 500 people responded to a survey conducted by the Intentional Creativity Foundation. We thought you might like to see a few of the results in categories near and dear to many of our hearts. This information is found on our Research and Creativity page HERE.

Global Reach  

To learn more about the global reach of the Intentional Creativity Movement, you can visit our Reach page HERE.