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There's a river
of birds
in migration
A nation of
Women With wings


May 19, 2020
Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Curator and Co-Founder
MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity®
Northern California Campus
75 Fremont Drive, Sonoma CA 95476 


Dear Patron and Supporter of Intentional Creativity,

Greetings from my visionary heart to yours. I am so grateful for the future that we are dreaming into being! I hope this message finds you well and closely connected with those who matter to you in such curious times as these!

Given your connection with our community of working artists and people who know the power of Intentional Creativity, I want to share with you a groundbreaking project the community is working on to give wings to the dreams of our women artists and entrepreneurs - the Hummingbird & Raven Fund - Support for Women Working Artists.

A healthy culture requires a constant infusion of art, as well as the ability to resource and focus on working women artists. This matters because women are historically underrepresented in the art world, which means our voices continue to be silenced. Women need and want to be the ones to give voice and image to our own media, symbolism and representation within culture, We want to tell a different story than that which is told within the dominant culture, which often misrepresents, diminishes or excludes women, children and the earth. Instead of waiting for women to be granted equity and equality in the art world and museum circuits, we are choosing to CREATE the museum education and audience, directed by and for us.

In the work of Intentional Creativity, we are changing the dynamic of women artists in real-time by providing revolutionary education and experiences to thousands of women every month. In May of 2020 alone, we provided free creative education to over 4,000 women.

You may know that I am passionate and committed to philanthropy and advocacy for working women artists. I come from a lineage of women who practiced many creative modalities, including painting, sculpting, writing, printing and sewing. I also know from personal experience how critical it is for women artists to access the funds and economic resources they need to spread their wings and get off the ground. All the women in my family - yes every single one - is a working artist, entrepreneur or educator. This provides a very strong pull to offer our greater community access to the resources we have needed and now strive to provide to those we serve.

Consistent with our ongoing vision to serve, the Hummingbird & Raven Fund has been launched today with a specific intent to provide microloans to women artist entrepreneurs who teach Intentional Creativity® globally. Through the fund, our community leaders can apply for microloans with generous long term repayment plans and low interest rates. Applications open June 1.

The creation of the fund enables us to advance an alternate economy - to harness the resources of our community in a way that results in returns for all. The fund was seeded by teachers in the community and will evolve over time, as our global story continues to unfold and change.

This vision for the Hummingbird & Raven Fund started with Elizabeth Gibbons, an artist, writer, educator and mother with three children who are all aritsts. Her vision was to see us as a community of women artists come up with a creative and intentional way to address the unprecedented time of change and challenge we are facing in 2020. Elizabeth has been an active part of the Intentional Creativity Movement since 1999. We gratefully wish to thank Elizabeth, her children and her mother, Mary Gibbons-Landor for their generosity towards Intentional Creativity and sparking this beautiful fund to further the museum, education and artists within our community.

It is so exciting to be creating an alternate economy for women! We believe we may be one of the largest well-established art movements created by women for women in the world. Our philanthropic lineage goes back 100 years, offering gifts of the spirit through generosity, resources and passing on teachings.

We invite you to participate by making a tax-deductible donation online or by mailing us a check.

Thank you in advance for your support as we vision together for an equitable future for all - one in which women's voices are heard and we are the creators and curators of our own media!

With a Red Thread and Vision of Creating a world we love together,

Hummingbird & Raven Fund
Giving Dreams Wings

Donate online and join us in providing inspiration and support for women artist entrepreneurs.

Donations can also be made by mailing checks payable to:
The Intentional Creativity Foundation
75 Fremont Drive, Sonoma CA 95476
Note: A donation receipt will be mailed.

At this time all funds being received by the Intentional Creativity Foundation are earmarked for the Hummingbird & Raven Fund.

ICF Tax ID: 81-0932844 The Intentional Creativity Foundation, Inc. is a Federally (USA) and State (California) recognized 501(c)3 organization.

Suggested Donations
to join your wings with ours for women artists.

$25 to $100  ~ Hummingbird 

$101 to $500 ~ Dove  

$1000 to $4999 ~ Raven

$5,000 to $10,000 ~ Heron

Raven Donations of $1000 or more receive a video salon this summer with Co-Founders Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud, as well as Elizabeth Gibbons to explore the future of the museum and our members.

Those who make a donation to the fund will be asked to share with us the project they would like their funds to be directed to, such as furthering women artist's work in museums, mounting virtual shows, creating an online teaching platform, working with their communities during COVID-19 through teaching resiliency, making books and purchasing supplies.

We wish to give special thanks to those who are the original sponsors and donors for the Hummingbird & Raven Fund, Elizabeth Gibbons, Trish O'Malley, Mary MacDonald, Carmen Baraka, Denise Wreden, Shannon Thompson, Shannon McCloud, Caron McCloud, Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud.

We wish to give thanks for the donations from the Ancestors, especially The Estate of Mary Gibbons-Landor and The Estate of Sue Hoya Sellars, Lenore Thomas Straus, Eden McCloud and Mary Schilder.

Questions about the project, michelle.dench@musea.org
For Donations of more than $25K please reach out to Jonathan@musea.org

Learn More about the Context  of the herstory of the fund with pictures here

Did you know?

Women make up 50% of artists.

Yet in the global market, women represent only 2%.

MUSEA Intentional Creativity is a part of changing that statistic in our lifetime. 

A revolution of women in the arts is at hand...

The Enduring Influence of a Matriarchal Lineage Sparks a Global Art Movement, AND YOU can be a part of it!