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A Matriarchal Lineage and the Threads
of our Story Giving Rise to the Hummingbird & Raven Fund

Our legacy of passing on our love of the arts is passionate and has been consistently shared year after year, heart to heart. Ours is a story of a global movement, Intentional Creativity, starting over 100 years ago. We are rooted in philanthropic generosity continuing to flow through our community today, facilitated by a powerful group of teachers and leaders in the Intentional Creativity Guild.

The elders in our lineage, now our Ancestors, spoke of what challenges may come in the future. That future is indeed here. Grandmother Eden, Sue Hoya Sellars and Mary Gibbons-Landor had a common red thread in their message - resiliency for women in the arts is the way forward!

Elizabeth Gibbons, a long time Intentional Creativity Guild Member, is the inspiration and the primary initial donor for the Hummingbird & Raven fund. She created the incredible Raven and Hummingbird painting in honor of our ancestors within the movement. Our inspiration is her mother, Mary Gibbons-Landor who had a connection with the hummingbird, and Sue Hoya Sellars, who had a connection with the Raven.

Mary Gibbons - Landor
In another braid of our lineage, Mary Gibbons-Landor, an artist and art historian, studied art history with an emphasis on women in the arts. She graduated from Vassar College in 1951 and passed her love of the arts on to her daughter Elizabeth, who then passed it to her three children, who all became artists. Elizabeth is one of the first members of the Intentional Creativity movement, joining in 1999 and continuing her work as an artist up to the present day.
As well, Elizabeth gave Shiloh Sophia the very first ball of sparkly red thread that has now become a legend and legacy practiced within the Intentional Creativity movement globally!

"Here is Mary Gibbons-Landor gazing in wonder at the red thread and keys exhibit at the Venice Biennale. She traveled to visit her great loves, art and her grandchildren and children up until the very end of her life. Once she became too weak to travel, she continued painting and participated in her first group exhibition of women’s art at ARISE Gallery in SF, 3 weeks before she shapeshifted and was launched in her spaceship into the great cosmic beyond."
~ Elizabeth Gibbons

Mary was called a " Female Authority in Word and Image" by the Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies due to her work on the International Christine de Pizan Society. "A recurring theme in Mary Weitzel Gibbons Landor’s scholarship was the integration of word and image, which led her to a deep appreciation of the need to coordinate medieval literary studies with the research of the art historian specializing in medieval illuminations. In addition, her scholarship frequently explored how Christine de Pizan established authority in an intellectual and artistic environment largely dominated by men. In an article on the Fountain of the Muses in the Chemin de Long Estude, she analyzed how the illumination of the naked Muses “literally embodies authority in the female nude”, thus converting the traditional erotic association of the nude into a source of female intellectual empowerment"

To our pleasure, Mary taught at the Cosmic Cowgirls Conference, as well as at her Church in San Francisco.

A Passion for art and women!

Here is our founder, Shiloh Sophia, with the Red Keys of Venice!

Following in the footsteps of leaders and artists like Mary Gibbons-Landor and Sue Hoya Sellars, Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud provide another view of Art History and travel the world sharing about women in the arts alongisde the Intentional Creativity Guild.

Annually on our trip to the United Nations, we bring Intentional Creativity to the women who serve women.

"Being raised with a focus on women in the arts has influenced every choice I make. To found a Museum and School is passing on the work that women like Mary, our hummingbird, and Sue, our raven, began." ~ Shiloh Sophia

"The Intentional Creativity Guild artists are soulpreneurs, creative catalysts, energy healers, badass mystics, cutting edge pioneers of consciousness and visionary leaders. We know that Intentional Creativity helps shift energy, heals trauma and empowers women and girls. Every dollar donated to support these working women artists will help them continue this work and continue to serve their communities. Every dollar you give MATTERS. I thank you profoundly for every donation."
~ Elizabeth Gibbons

A Community Founded in Mother Daughter Relationships and Friendships

A friendship spanning twenty years focused in creativity between Elizabeth and Shiloh Sophia represents the goodness that can happen when women choose to work together in the arts. In 1999, when Elizabeth Gibbons brought her children to study art with Shiloh Sophia, a lifelong connection began. It was not uncommon for the entire family to paint along with Elizabeth and Shiloh during classes they would lead together. Elizabeth also studied with Sue and Caron.

The roots of our movement and methodology began in the 1930s when Lenore Thomas Straus took in the young artist Sue Hoya Sellars to train her in the arts. And when Eden McCloud passed her teachings onto Caron McCloud. In turn, the teachings were passed on to Shiloh Sophia McCloud, who has passed it to tens of thousands globally. A family of women creatives gave the enduring lineage a depth of creativity and education through Shannon McCloud, Janet Seaforth, Bridget and Maia McBride.

During such mysterious and challengings times...our heart reveals what matters. What matters to our community has always been women, girls and the furtherance of art and education.


Our work is to preserve the future of humanity by honoring those who have advanced Intentional Creativity Arts throughout history and in our times and our future. We strive to advance museum craft, interactivity, relevancy and intentionality in art-making.

We are focused on museum craft and advancing women in the arts. We have a line up of virtual shows spanning two years that involves thousands of women worldwide and is focused on art created by our community and our families.

Our projects include

  • Supporting creative development in our artist circles by teaching art, technique and philosophy.
  • Inviting new talent to join in awakening consciousness through Intentional Creativity®
  • Featuring intuitive and alternative Artists with paintings, music, stories, videos, articles, interviews and media from the community.
  • Showcasing Graduate Work, Voices & Centers to feature mature and emergent voices within our Intentional Creativity Guild

    Anyone who is a part of Intentional Creativity, who studies and makes it their own, can become a part of the lineage. This isn't a lineage of blood, although many families are involved together. Our lineage is chosen community rooted in a philosophy of bringing love to our art, our communities and honoring the self-expression of all beings.


Annually our combined organizations contribute upwards of 50k in scholarships per year and provide over 100k in jobs back to the community.

The Intentional Creativity Foundation is a part of MUSEA, founded for the benefit of our members in 2016. Members consist of a Global Community of over 20,000. There are over 5,000 Students enrolled in programs most months, and a Guild of graduates of our programs with over 400 members in 2020.

The Intentional Creativity Guild, the intended recipients of this fund, are located all over the world offering their art and education. Once they graduate from Color of Woman: Intentional Creativity Teacher Training or Motherboard: Intentional Creativity Coaching, they are invited to become a part of the ongoing conversation as leaders through joining the Guild. Membership is complimentary to graduates, and we provide ongoing jobs, support, leadership opportunities, community and our iMusea app.

Our Intentional Creativity Guild serves the women and men in their community with their teaching around the world both virtually, in their studios and in person, including at Musea Centers.

Left, Gathering at Musea featuring the work of Phyllis Taylor, right above, Red Thread Guide zoom, below right, Apothecary in Australia with Energy Medicine Institute, below left, Color of Woman Graduation 2020 in Santa Cruz


  • Nearly half (45.8%) of visual artists in the United States are women; on average, they earn 74¢ for every dollar made by male artists. (National Endowment for the Arts
  • Women working across arts professions make almost $20,000 less per year than men. (Artsy)
  • As women artists age, they earn progressively less than their male artist counterparts. Women artists aged 55–64 earn only 66¢ for each $1 earned by men. (National Endowment for the Arts)
  • Just 11% of all acquisitions and 14% of exhibitions at 26 prominent U.S. museums over the past decade were of work by female artists. (artnet News)
  • The annual Freelands Foundation report found that at London’s major arts institutions, only 22% of solo shows were by women artists—an 8% decrease from 2016 data. (Freelands Foundation)
  • A 2015 special issue of ARTnews on “Women in the Art World” featured a report by curator Maura Reilly revealing a huge gender disparity in solo exhibitions, with few major institutions even reaching 30%. In the top 20 most popular exhibitions around the world in 2018, only one was headlined by a woman artist. Learn More
  • According to an article in Smithsonian "Museums aren’t the only art world bastions struggling to achieve gender equality... women represent just 2 percent of the global art market, accounting for $4 billion of the more than $196.6 billion spent at art auctions between 2008 and May 2019."
    Learn More

The Hummingbird & Raven Fund for Women
is part of our larger project for the Museum in 2020 and beyond !

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The Intentional Creativity® Foundation is a 501c3 founded in 2015 to develop the work and reach of Intentional Creativity®, by Shiloh and Jonathan McCloud. The couple works together with the Intentional Creativity Guild, our graduates, to guide our mission. Our mission includes revolutionary education and opportunities to our creative membership worldwide.

Our Guild is woven of over 400 teachers who are trained and certified in the Intentional Creativity Method. The approach brings a focus on the methodology and research that creating with mindfulness has on our lives.