A Message for Our Students


from our Co-Founder SHILOH SOPHIA

For all of us who have been told No too many times.

No seat at the table?

Women are making the table itself.

There is a seat with your name on it.

No representation at the gallery or museum?

We are founding our own museum owned and run by artists for artists.

No resources to take education to the next level?

We have micro-loans, scholarships and gifted programming.

No community that has space for you to be your wildest you?

We are a community that is radically inclusive of self-expressed women.

No space to share your voice of wisdom and uncanny insight?

We are willing to witness you as you discover your voice.

No access through that proverbial glass ceiling or wall?

We have moved into another building entirely and left hold structures to die. (BOOM)

No idea how to get more conscious about emergent ideas of diversity and equity?

We are inviting you to conversations that challenge, empower, educate and integrate.

Not enough progress on healing your trauma with resiliency?

We will share teachings with you that when practiced, support next level healing.

Nowhere do you see your face and body-type shared with respect?

We will show you what we see, and invite you to include yourself in your own image-making.

Nowhere to tell your story?

Join us to share your story in the company of caring listeners.

No idea how to move from complacency and overwhelm into active compassion?

Our emergent community of creatives leans into quantum levels of loving.

This is a place where we are YES!

Are you called?

Come to Musea, a colorful emergent landscape of many muses around the world.

Paint yourself into the picture. Create a future that includes what matters to you.

Here at Musea – you are invited to include yourself as part of our living installation.

To discover and be responsible to your piece of red thread.

Here you learn to witness others and awaken yourself by choice.

We are an emergent community of Intentional Creatives, crafting a culture of connection through voices from many muses, lands, making art with many hands.

Find yourself here by taking your seat at the council. We have been waiting for you. This isn’t an ordinary museum with archives hailing the past accomplishments of artist’s gone by. This is Musea a living museum.

If you are an artist or know that you are in your bones, you have found the right place!

MUSEA is A Living Museum founded by Artist for Artists rooted in LOVE.

Become a member to experience Intentional Creativity, or sign up for a class!

Consider this your invitation. You don’t have to wait to be invited. Include yourself. Paint yourself into the picture.

Painting by Sue Hoya Sellars

Why Your Art Matters

What Artifact Will You Leave For the Future to Find?

In hundreds of years when archeologists and philosophers find our paintings, sculptures, textiles, songs, stories, and recipes, who will they say we are? When they explore the symbols, codes and colors within what they find, what kind of values will they deduce that we as a society embodied? Will our individual objects d’art represent only our personal view or will they include a transpersonal perspective?

You may feel this is placing too much responsibility on artists to tell their culture’s story, but in actual fact the majority human history has been pieced together through the discovery of art, tools, objects and markings and their subsequent interpretations. Unfortunately those who tell the stories of humanity based on their findings do so at the cost of truth. A story is often told through the perspective of those who are in power, and tell the story to serve their own purposes, often destroying or hiding objects or stories that would threaten their invented hierarchies.  And let me be very clear, hierarchy and the meaning it holds for humans, is always invented. So who is the inventor? The storyteller?

To complicate matters further, artists have often been paid by the establishment of the day to tell glorify and canonize the stories of those in power. And so it goes throughout history - stories are being told by those in power. The stories of those who have enslaved human beings, harmed earth and established codes of inequality that have persisted for thousands of years. 

 For example, there is archaeological evidence of feminine artifacts which point to women as valuable, powerful and even worshipped. We might have continued to believe that power-over, patriarchal structures were just the norm for human beings without these findings. But what these art pieces show us is that an alternate story did exist but it was written out. To put things in context, unless your Grandmothers lived in a culture that was unbroken or in a culture that honored the feminine, they would not have known there was another choice for the God, other than the masculine. We can easily see how this enforces inequality if there is only one gender of deity, or if there were masculine and feminine together, one is seen as secondary to the other.

So if you doubt your power as an artist and storyteller, I invite you a new framework.

What if the future depends on the story you are telling and the images you are making right now? What would be different if you considered yourself as THAT RELEVANT and essential? As if what you make with your life and your love actually matters to such a degree that the future will be different without your contribution.

I believe, with all of my being that the just, equitable and joyful potential future is a chosen design. The question is - who will be the designer? If not you, then who? But not just you, you in collaboration with a diversity of voices, will shape a present and a future we can live into as well as shine truth on our obscured histories. 

Life is art. The question is if you are living it as art. And. What artifacts you choose to create, destroy or discover.

How does each one of our unique threads work alongside other threads, to weave a common vision without diluting our personal sovereignty?

The context for the Vision of Intentional Creativity is a Living Museum and installation curated by Artists. While our museum does have a permanent collection, and a lineage of art makers, our focus is what is alive for us now, what matters to us right now, and how artists are often the relevant voices giving rise to the revolution. 

Museums have been notoriously curated and funded by the powerful and affluent, but framed as ‘for the people’. This means the people will see what the museum curators value. But who are the curators, the investors, the founders? Are they people we would have to tea? Discuss God or politics with? Do they share an ideal with the artists, or do they dominate the story? And for how long will it be okay not to represent the marginalized voices and images of women and people of color?

Museum culture is at the forefront of change, and we are seeing an emergent shift toward truly and integrally representing the human experience - one that includes women and people of color in a broader way, outside the limited scope of white male artists’ worldview.

We are a living museum for art, artist run, with shows curated by artists. Our focus is women in the arts, with an emphasis on intentional and intuitive creations.

“Diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion in all aspects of museum structure and programming are vital to the future viability, relevance, and sustainability of museums”. American Alliance of Museums


Our Vision is seen through the chosen framework of our community of creatives who are at cause for intentionally creating a future with access to justice, freedom and self expression. 

We hold an ideal, based on experience that access to self expression, education and a supportive community empowers the possibility of becoming creativity consciousness and coherency.

We believe, and indeed have experienced, that when someone becomes more conscious, they begin to care about themselves in such a way that caring for others is integral to their own well being.

We understand that there are systems in place which distort our relationship with ourselves, one another and earth. These paradigmatic frameworks can keep us from seeing who we are, and where we are living and how change is possible.

We choose the philosophy of Intentional Creativity as the approach to accessing our own healing, and then the hope of being at cause for collective transformation.


We are a community of creatives including educators, healers, activists and entrepreneurs that share an empowered vision for a shared future of equality, justice, joy and peace.

We envision and work towards a culture where self-expression is understood as a basic human right, that leads towards consciousness, connection and therefore informed collaboration!

"Whatever tool, energy, clue, missing piece of story or insight that you think you don’t have access to - that you think you need in order to heal - Name it, claim it and paint it in for yourself. You have the authority💓 You have access to the excavation in real time as you make and observe. You do. It’s enough, You are Enough"

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