A Warm Welcome From Our Founder, Shiloh Sophia

Dear One,

I am so glad you are here. I wish we could have a cup of tea and talk story for a while. Maybe make some art and explore what we are experiencing. There is a ton to see and explore on this site so get a cuppa, take your time and come see the beauty of Intentional Creativity,


Our Intentional Creativity Movement has Roots Going Back Close to 100 Years.

Are you an artist, healer, poet, or mystic seeking a community of creatives? Or are you looking for a dedicated art practice with powerful consistent teachings designed to call your own voice forward? If so, you may have found a home with us here at Musea!

We are the Intentional Creativity Movement and Teachers of the Methodology. You are invited to join us for experiences in self-expression designed to awaken consciousness and enhance joy. Our integrative approach of 'making with mindfulness’ means that whatever we make, we make with intention and love. Together, we work to heal the world by healing ourselves.

We offer our teachings and experiences through our global community of creatives. We host in-person and online courses, curate art exhibits, offer Certifications in the Intentional Creativity Methodology, and host circles to connect women across the globe. We currently have over 360 Intentional Creativity Teachers and Coaches practicing worldwide and have an online community over the years of up to 50,000 creative subscribers.

We invite everyone to connect with their innate power to create! All of this sacred work is brought forth through time with the Muse in your own creative practice. You will have to experience Intentional Creativity for yourself...come play with us!


  • We hold true that the arts provide an essential feature in the curation of culture, consciousness, and community
  • We hold true that the voices and visions of artists provide a rich heritage integral to all features of society
  • We hold true that every single person has a basic human right to be self-expressed
  • We offer transformational education to those who are in service to others with their body of work, spiritual gifts, and creative offerings

Human history is rich in medicine painting, painting to heal, transform, journey and tell stories. The Methodology of Intentional Creativity is deeply rooted in the awareness of creating with intention and a return to the humanity that this approach provides."In this painting, Cosmic Reach, the Artist and most instrumental member of the movement, Sue Hoya Sellars is indicating the benevolent nature of the Divine Mother, reaching to us from the Milky Way - that we are not alone but supported. This was painted at our Sonoma Gallery called Color of Woman in 2000. And that is my hand. She gifted me with the work and this is perhaps the first piece in the collection.

Women compose less than 2% of those featured in museums and our mission is to change that in our lifetime. We are a living Museum with a virtual gallery and physical galleries that celebrate female artists. Our focus is art made with intention, contemporary symbolism, and storytelling.

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