About MUSEA Intentional Creativity®
Certification Trainings

Welcome! Are you interested in a deeper study with Intentional Creativity? Would you like to bring the practice of Intentional Creativity into your life, family, circles, teachings, and with your clients?

Our certifications are a potent initiatory journey that guides helping/healing professionals to ...

  • Bring creativity into your existing offerings
  • Create new offerings around the practice of Intentional Creativity
  • Develop and access your own content to shape it into your teachings
  • Discover language about creativity to add to your offerings
  • Strengthen your body of work and the story around your work
  • Develop 'visuals' to share with your clients and marketing

Each of our trainings also invites you to do your own creative practice during the training with paintings and processes to develop your own resiliency and self-care. You can think of these bigger painting processes as the thread that runs through each training.

If you want to study with us and receive certification, perhaps you are wondering where to begin and what training to take. You may be wondering what the difference is between the suite of certification trainings we offer. You are in the right place! On this page, we describe in detail the focus of each training and what is involved so you can make the best decision for your Intentional Creativity path. Should you want to speak with a graduate about their experience, please contact our team at support@musea.org.

MUSEA University
Intentional Creativity® Certification Trainings

MUSEA University has six Certifications; Intentional Creativity Guide, Teacher, Coach, Practitioner, Entrepreneur, and Guardian. They do not need to be taken in order, they complement one another and focus on different aspects and materials. These courses are ideal for helping healing professionals who want to add Intentional Creativity to work with their clients and groups/circles. While someone just starting out working with others can benefit, we love for our students to practice in real-time with both virtual and when possible, in-person experiences. We offer a 'badge' that indicates you are 'in training'.

All of our certification trainings apply to any healing and teaching professionals e.g., doctors, shamans, nurses, artists, coaches, therapists, counselors, school teachers, bodyworkers, energy workers (Reiki), priestesses, reverends, and counselors. AND the best perk of all - you will become a part of an intentional community you can travel with for the rest of your life, growing, and collaborating together as we move into our own future and the uncertain future of this planet.

You do not have to be an experienced painter, most of our students are not. Many who were professional college-trained artists say they learned more about painting from Shiloh Sophia (a rogue artist) than they did in school! WHA???

Each MUSEA Intentional Creativity Certification Training includes a prerequisite course that must be completed 30 days before the training starts. This allows you to experience some of the methodology and teaching styles you will receive during the training.

To learn more about our MUSEA global art movement please visit us at MUSEA.org

The differences between each training in a nutshell:

Red Thread Training is a 3-month training focused on a deeper study of The Way of the Red Thread, a book/manual created by Shiloh Sophia, about curating a culture of connection designed to empower women to become leaders and circle facilitators. The Intentional Creativity Method includes watercolor paper and acrylic paint and you also do a personal painting that will represent your circles and your beloveds.

Color of Woman is a 9-month training focused on awakened consciousness through self-expression. Create an epic portfolio of 6 archetypal paintings that embody WHO YOU ARE and what you are here to cause and create. You will learn the 13-step Intentional Creativity Painting Method as taught by Shiloh Sophia which you can then go on to teach others through your own painting courses, retreats, workshops, and more! You also learn some teachings on Red Thread Circle and a simpler Intentional Creativity process you can do in a day.

FRAMEWORKS (formerly Motherboard) is a 9-month training focused on visual technology, a revolutionary approach to the coaching process that is accessible to all professionals in search of high-impact visual methods to meet their client's needs in an entirely new way. The intentional Creativity process includes metacognitive drawing with paper and pens. You also do a personal painting to document your training experience called VOYAGER.

Prisma is a 12-month training focused on the practice of the Intentional Arts along with Science and Somatics. This is ideal for those who already have a client base or plan to within the first three months of the training. The intentional Creativity process includes journaling with watercolor, paper, and pen. You also do a yearlong personal painting to experience the 42 Teachings of Intentional Creativity called ANTHROPAS.

GLOW is a 6-week training focused on magnifying your business by harnessing your self-expression to bring your sacred work from internal musing to an external Genius Love Offering for the World. You will learn how to artistically access your unique gifts, create a $100k+ Business Plan, define an irresistible offer, and design an invitation page (a sales page) using Shiloh Sophia's signature Nine Elements of Circumstance Template. This course helps you to become familiar with what types of technology are needed and why. In only 6 weeks you will have enough information to launch your Genius Love Offering for the World.

ORIGINS is a 6-month program focused on becoming a conscious co-creator and guardian of your identity. Students will learn to guide themselves and others in experiencing the full aliveness of being human - a multifaceted miracle. This training will provide clear maps of how we are designed so that you can gain access to your most authentic essence of self, voice, and life. It invites a path of aliveness in our relationship with all of life and our responsibility for self-actualization, self-leadership, and village/community leadership.

Continue reading for a greater explanation of each one.

“A job is survival, a career is ego development, but a calling is your soul. AND that is when your power becomes an immortal and eternal contribution to humanity. This is you sharing your light readily. " Caroline Myss

Stardust by Shiloh Sophia

Intentional Creativity Guide
Certification Graphic

Intentional Creativity® Guide Certification Training is a 3-month program designed to prepare students to design, curate, and lead their own circles and rituals of any size. It will guide you through a personal journey of self-discovery, starting with your own sense of connection and belonging, then writing your own story of where you are from and the kinds of circles and experiences you are called to hold. The training concludes with The Heroine’s journey, in which you honor your commitment to yourself by completing your certification requirements to become an Intentional Creativity Guide.

Red Thread Training Start & Finish Date: To be determined for the 2024 calendar year.

Painting Process/Practice:  Sacred Circles painting is an emergent image of a sacred circle gathering that accesses the heart of your intention for the circles you will lead and supports you in your continued emergence into circle leadership through connection within the message of your painting.

The painting process is for you, the student. In this training, you are not teaching others how to paint. Rather, you will learn a more simple Intentional Creativity process using watercolor paper and acrylic paint that you can use to create your own offerings and share with your beloveds.

Never Alone by Christy Marek

With this training, you will be able to ...

  • Transform stories of trauma into tools for empowerment
  • Illuminate and reveal the hidden self within for you and your circles
  • Teach how to look inward for your own information
  • Access to a new way of working with PTSD
  • Integrate right and left brain for maximum access to consciousness
  • Inspire action through liberating stuck energy
  • Bring movement into the body and the field of space around the body
  • Illuminate the gifts of the individual with image and language
  • Increase self-awareness and intuition
  • Create connection during times of isolation

Red Thread Training is for you if you are someone ...

  • Who wants to be of service to others by offering gatherings with rituals that bring about joy?
  • Who wants to bring your work into sacred space whether in-person or online?
  • Who wants to present a pathway for transformation in uncertain times?
  • Who values creativity as a pathway for healing and deeper access to your own truth?

Red Thread Prerequisites:

Each of our Intentional Creativity Certification Trainings requires that students take a 'primer' course that provides the basic foundation for what we teach at MUSEA. This is important so that you have a good understanding of our methodology, teaching style, and delivery format before you commit to taking long-term training with us. There are many classes that serve as prerequisites for Red Thread. Let us know when you apply whether you have taken a course with us and we will custom-design your prerequisite experience.

Red Thread Training Texts: 

  • Way of the Red Thread (Book)
  • Colorful Scars (Book)
  • Shelter of the Sacred (Book)
  • Heart of the Visionary (PDF)


Watercolor paper, acrylic and watercolor paints, red thread, drum, Medicine Basket, Canvas 30×40 min. (larger if you want), sharpies, spiral-bound mixed media journal, scissors.
A complete list is provided upon registration.

Requirements for Certification: 

  • Facilitate red thread circles with peer students and anyone outside of the course. 
  • Incorporate Intentional Creativity into your Circle processes 
  • Create blessing rituals for individuals, groups, and yourself. 
  • Create an abstract Intentional Creativity painting to hold the energy of your journey. Sacred Circles Painting
  • Design your own Self Initiation Ceremony - a rite of passage just for you. 
  • Create an 8-page Vision Plan Book/Red Thread Training Book around calling your circles through an Intentional Creativity process.  
  • Craft a call toward those you wish to gather within Circle and Ceremony.
  • Hand Paint your drum and learn basic drum songs to include in your circle.
  • Participate in twice-monthly online circle calls with Q&A and support from Intentional Creativity Guide Graduates.  

What is super hot about this training?

You will experience

Arrival: Welcoming into the Red Thread Counsel and Intentional Creativity Circle.

Intention: Claiming your part in the circle and setting the course in your direction.

Connection: Setting up your altar as a sacred space and connecting it to the quantum field of our global circle.

Reclamation: Clearing out past systems/programs to invite expansive space for self, free of pre-existing default settings.

Integration: Claiming of the Circles, Ceremonies, and Conversations you are called to lead.

Celebration: Initiation as a carrier of the Red Thread.

For more information visit www.redthreadtraining.com

The training is worth it in every sense; it gave a new value to my life, self-worth that I did not understand until I knew I belonged. I learned so much more than just how to lead a circle of ladies. I learned how to create my own boundaries while expanding my circles! I found my tribe. I believe this training saved my life and renewed my Creative Mission 💞 Forever Grateful! ~ Robin Dyer

Intentional Creativity Teacher Certification Graphic

Intentional Creativity® Certification Teacher Training is a 9-month intensive painting designed to be a Quest to the Heart of your Soul Work and Revitalization of Creative Self Expression. It is sourced from a lineage passed from hand to hand and heart to heart for hundreds of years. The coursework is rooted in the exploration of personal archetypes that move you through terrains of exploration and hidden worlds to discover your content. This training catalyzes personal transformation, activates innate creativity and self-expression, leads to empowered leadership aligned with your soul work, and calls upon you to access and unlock your sacred information, how you wish to serve, and who you wish to work with.

Color of Woman Training Start & Finish Date: November 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024

Painting Process/Practice:
6 major archetypal painting processes are acrylic on canvas and watercolor on watercolor paper. Including LEGEND and Codex.

These paintings are from a 2019 Graduate who gave herself Color of Woman as a present for her 60th birthday! Each is one of the Archetypal paintings you will create with your own flavor and style during the training. Get ready for BIG strokes and BOLD color!

With Color of Woman training, you will be able to …

  • Teach Intentional Creativity and apply this approach to your clients, circles, and any existing theme you work with e.g.,  trauma, grief, breakthrough to breakdown, this works.
  • Open internal hidden doors and offer access to consciousness, possibility, and aligned entrepreneurship to a community of creatives.
  • Access your internal wisdom to develop a body of work and know-how to share your gifts with others. 
  • Integrate whole systems practice that includes your heart, body, mind, field, and soul.
  • Be a part of a weave of circles with women who are doing their own work in the world in kinship and activism.
  • Have access to alternative teaching approaches and paradigms.
  • Assist others in restoring their sense of purpose, connecting to personal and collective power through creativity and community.

Color of Woman Training is for you if you are someone who ...

  • Is called to gather others into Circle to share your deepest knowing and gifts.
  • Wants to share a process that has been practiced by tens of thousands of women around the world to step into the calling, self-agency, and life work that you love?
  • Is looking to experience a self-initiation that will call you into the heart of your soul work.
  • Leads individuals, groups, classes, and painting-specific workshops for those seeking transformation. 
  • Is looking for creative healing practices or alternative healing practices.

Mystic Template by Shiloh Sophia
Demonstration Painting LEGEND 2020

Color of Woman Prerequisite:

LEGEND: This introductory yet life-changing painting and writing course is based on brain science, transpersonal psychology, and Intentional Creativity®.

LEGEND is designed for absolute beginners and established artists alike, to experience a journey that will influence how every woman sees herself, her body, her story, and her archetype.

Color of Woman Texts:

  • Intentional Creativity Guide 250+ pages (PDF)
  • Red Thread Circle Guild 290+ pages (PDF)
  • Tea with the Midnight Muse (Book)
  • The Feast Table of Love (Book)
  • Intentional Creativity Method™ 13 Steps (PDF)
  • Heart of the Visionary (PDF)


Acrylic on canvas, watercolor paints, watercolor paper, brushes, pen, paper, and notebook.

Requirements for Certification

  • 6 Primary Archetypal Paintings creating a body of work
  • Lead Red Thread Circles, Intentional Creativity® Sessions, and Painting Workshops in-person online. 
  • Submit your completed portfolio required assignments. You will develop this ongoing throughout the training
  • Complete a two-day workshop teaching the 13-step Intentional Creativity Method

What is super hot about this training?

It is a deep dive into your greatest soul work. This a personal quest that will shake up your default settings and significantly transform your life while inviting you to identify, clarify and create amazing offerings, based on Intentional Creativity, for your beloveds through workshops, classes, and programs. There are no rules or limits in terms of the income and abundance you can create for yourself and others. 

For more information visit www.colorofwoman.com

I improved my focus and flow through Color of Woman. I noticed my heart expanding and the desire to teach kindling within me. I'd encourage anyone interested in the training to jump in! This is my painting the Artist Talisman who sits in the East. She is the stellar aspect. There is also a sister painting that represents the terrestrial aspect of the same energy. ~ Gina Rivers

Intentional Creativity Coach Certification Graphic

Intentional Creativity® Coach Certification Training is a 12-month program rooted in the basics of neuroscience, visual language, design thinking, energy psychology, storytelling, metacognitive drawing/process, and the intelligence of the heart. This work identifies, catalyzes, and organizes your ‘FRAMEWORK.’ Framework refers to the set of conditions, beliefs, concepts, and values that inform your identity and how you live in the world. Through this course, you will gain the knowledge to develop a powerful, unique, and integrated metacognitive consciousness toolkit that you can use with coaching clients.  You will develop visual language skills like symbols and metaphors and expand your repertoire of illustrative communication of powerful ideas in a coaching setting.  

Framework Training Start & Finish Date: To be determined for the 2024 calendar year.

Painting Process/Practice:

Voyager - A Voyage of Awakening Consciousness by Choice. Designed to empower you, so that you can empower others!

Voyager Painting
8 Degrees of Freedom by Shiloh Sophia

With Framework training, you will be able to …

  • Incorporate creative modalities into your coaching protocols and practice.
  • Transform stuck stories into stories of possibility / from stories of trauma into tools for empowerment. 
  • Show clients how to access that which is hidden (subconscious) and ready to be revealed.
  • Develop or rework existing coaching programs to include intentional Creativity.
  • Amplifying the impact of your spoken and written words using analog and/or digital means to draw with color as you lead a coaching process.
  • Work with images as we grow our clients' capacity to see and gain access to what may have been out of reach before. 
  • Equip yourself and your clients with a set of reusable tools to gain greater self-knowledge, creativity, agency, and resilience.

Framework Training is for you if you are someone who …

  • Wants to up-level their impact, offerings, and results using the emergent and ancient technology of working visually.
  • Imagines taking those you serve on an empowering creative voyage to amplify, illuminate, and manifest an extraordinary future.
  • Spends your life energy growing your own self-awareness and that of others.  
  • Resonates with the soul-level experience of another’s breakthrough.  
  • Sees the world HEALED through raising the consciousness of the planet.
  • Is looking for more impactful, unique, and fun while simultaneously deepening your client’s ability to access their truth and step fully into their beingness.

Dance of the Critic and The Muse

Framework Prerequisite:

Dance of the Critic and the Muse is a 4-week intuitive drawing Intentional Creativity course where students experience Seven Gates of Awakening. This course will transform the most critical force in your life for good

Framework Course Texts: 

  • Five Sacred Inquiries for Self-Awareness through Intentional Creativity (PDF)
  • Intentional Creativity® The Art of Coaching Skills and Tools (PDF)
  • 10-Minute Process for Clearly Stuck Feelings (PDF)
  • The Beautiful Bowl (PDF)
  • VisualThinking101 (Katherine Torrini PDF)
  • Designing Your Prosperous Offer (Julie Steelman PDF)
  • Prosperity Postures to Support You In Creating Your Financial Destiny (Julie Steelman PDF)
  • Customizable Closes That Convert (Julie Steelman PDF)


  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Pastels
  • Markers
  • Big canvas
  • Acrylic paints
  • Spray bottle
  • Paintbrushes

A complete supply list is provided upon enrolling.

Requirements for Certification:

  • View all ten modules and complete the accompanying practices
  • Watch the Sacred Scribe Stream and complete one graphic recording board
  • Complete four Intentional Creativity Coaching Sessions using the IC Coaching Pattern for approx 1 hour each session.
  • 6 total coaching practice sessions minimum
  • Watch ‘IC Coaching’ sample team videos
  • Complete the Intentional Creativity Coach Exam demonstrating your awareness of core teachings from the course modules.
  • Come to Bountiful or Watch the Stream and complete the process.
  • Submit a Framework Book of your materials in the form of an uploaded PDF
  • Complete your Voyager painting process - no painting experience required Intentional Creativity is about the process, not your level of artistic talent.

What is super hot about this training?

This training empowers you to help in a truly astonishing and revolutionary way: imagination is the key to freedom of self-expression! To be among the healers of the world innovating right on the edge of the paradox, passion, and possibility! With a wonderful balance of structure and freedom, form and flow into our collaborative voyage. This is an exciting time in an emergent field where science, creativity, and spirit are dancing together​ in co-creation.​ 

For more information visit www.motherboardtraining.com

URL will be changing soon.

Here's what a Graduate of our Framework Training had to say ...

Everything about this Framework Intentional Creativity Coaching work is exciting to me. As I take the next steps, I take them without fear as I now have a coaching pattern to work with in order to guide people toward both self-expression and in living the life that they most deeply desire to live and to do so in abundant and transformational ways. I am excited about sharing my gifts of witnessing others, about doing the creative and intentional tools that I have to share, and about being a part of this amazing community of women! I claim my life, my freedom from social and cultural constraints, the whole and complete love of myself, the curation of my consciousness, and the ability to love and relate with others again from an aligned inner and outer self. I AM GRATEFUL and I FEEL GOOD! Thank all goodness!!! ~ Annie Maria Melzer

Intentional Creativity Practitioner Certification Graphic

Intentional Creativity® Practitioner Training is a 12-month exploration of the intersection of sciences, somatics, and energy in collaboration with Intentional Creativity that will catalyze a new level of engagement for you and your clients.

Prisma Training Start & Finish Date: To be determined for 2024.

Painting Process/Practice:

ANTHROPAS a yearlong Rite of Passage in Paint for soul and body to come together for a creative spiritual voyage.

In your painting, you are going to be invited to explore your own soul space. The place your light body and your physical body come together. Your 'sack of stardust' knowings and your way of integrating the two. 

Through metacognitive consciousness, we will be stepping out of pre-existing paradigmatic default experiences. You will be painting your own SELF as the invisible becomes visible at the end of your brush. 

Your painting will be intuitive, daring, dangerous to your current understanding, and a proper blast! 

Anthropas: Yearlong Painting Course with Shiloh Sophia

With this training you will be able to …

  • Increase cognition, reduce stress, induce flow, initiate healing, inspire self-regulation, soothe systems, and create patterns of resiliency.
  • Amplify your clients healing by knowing and seeing how the basic science of the body and the field influences the healing experience. 
  • Create conditions where your clients can do their own connection with consciousness and healing work.
  • Work with your clients to create an emergent form of aliveness, working on/within the realm of dreams and manifestation. 
  • Curate your own unique approach to healing through the arts and design a potent framework for quantum possibilities.
  • Lead simple yet profound ceremonies for life transitions rooted in the natural elements (air, water, fire, earth).
  • Incorporate medicine painting with watercolors, watercolor paper, and natural earth pigments including Sumi-e into your practice.
  • Creating a living business plan where you explore how to create a return on investment in real-time based on your client work.

Prisma Training is for you if you are someone …

  • Wanting to amplify healing offerings through the sciences, somatics, and self-expression during the practice of intentional arts. 
  • Looking to leverage creativity as a modality for healing.
  • Looking to gain access to your own solutions and sensations so they can navigate your own consciousness, energy, body, and heart.
  • Wishing to discover and deepen how to improve your own healing methods, practices, and coursework and how it weaves with your deepest sense of innate creativity.
  • Longing for freedom from 'doing all the work' and getting only minimal results and recovery from the 'guru-syndrome' effect of needing to provide the magic pill or bullet.
  • Desiring consultation to create a step-by-step plan to language, image, price, and reveal marketing materials that showcase your new skillset and invite new and existing clients to experience your work.

Prisma Prerequisites:

Here are some examples as these are subject to change each year:

Prisma Course Texts: 

  • The Feast Table of Love (BOOK)
  • Somatics Science and The 42 Teachings of Intentional Creativity (PDF)


Watercolor, watercolor paper, colored pencils, natural earth pigments 

Requirements for Certification:

  • Working directly with their clients using the Intentional Creativity processes they learn during the training. 
  • Working in the community with 'lab' days to practice
  • Attendance of calls or watching recordings
  • Completion of Course Painting
  • Practice guiding others in the process on paper, in group process, meditation.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how the science of IC works in the eleven modules
  • Completion of the 12 Modules
  • Submit a Portfolio of completed works

What is super hot about this training?

This is our first training in which MUSEA Co-founders, Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud will teach together in a big way, focusing on the study of Intentional Healing Arts with Science and Somatics.

Are you ready for a new model and revolution in healing? In our Practitioner Certification Training, we teach you to be in a co-creative relationship with your clients where they can learn to self-regulate, guiding them to access their own transformation rather than expecting you to have all the answers.

We teach you to develop your own experience of direct 'gnosis' through the teachings of clairconsciousness available through the alignment of internal and external systems of your identity, energy, and framework. Then you will learn to teach your clients to do the same.

For more information visit www.prismatraining.com

Graduate shares will be added as we collect them.

Intentional Creativity Entrepreneur Certification Graphic

Intentional Creativity® Entrepreneur Training is a 6-week course focused on magnifying business visions, plans, and offerings with a heart-centered and creative approach. The Core Curriculum components are designed to offer a method of approach to develop new business offerings.

GLOW Training Start & Finish Date: To be determined for 2024.

Painting Process/Practice:

GLOW's painting practice uses the Intentional Creativity approach of connecting to your heart center and creative mind.

In intentional Creativity, the experience for the painting process is both a visioning – accessing your minds-eye to craft an offering and composting - working with the felt energy to deconstruct/decompose the richness of what wants to be sensed organically about the offering.

The painting process is for students, as a method for accessing and harnessing the details of your project offering. It is not learning how to paint or how to teach painting in your offer. Rather, you will learn a simple Intentional Creativity process using canvas and acrylic paint as an exploration of your offering that you can use in your marketing materials.

GLOW painting by Shiloh Sophia 2023

With GLOW training you will be able to …

  • Create the basic business strategy and foundation.
  • Access 'visionary' space in your consciousness through GOLDMIND Meditation.
  • Define your value-driven principles – what do you stand for and why?
  • Build a conscious business with a connection to concepts like reparations, land acknowledgment, and Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, & Accessibility(DEIA).
  • Create an Intentional Creativity® Painting designed to catalyze your consciousness and create interconnection.
  • Access to your imagination and content and ways to connect with the heart of those you serve.
  • Create a Vision Plan book that holds the essence of your offering/project then create your offering which includes

- Designing your irresistible offer with a step-by-step 9 Elements Sales Page Template

- Create a custom self-expressed 'brand' with handpainted on-brand images.

- Get clear about your business numbers and ways to get to 100k.

- Steps and technology needed to launch your offering.

  • Lead your business into the future with a documented GLOW plan book with all your sacred assignments and next steps.
  • Understand what it takes to live out your Great Work and care for the Soul of the Village (the people and places you serve).

GLOW Training is for you if you are someone …

  • Wanting to prosper and make their mark in the world as a creative heart-centered entrepreneur – coach, creative, healer, teacher, intuitive, etc
  • Ready to bring your gifts to life with a supportive proven structure and creativity that honors your authentic voice
  • Looking to bring your business offering ideas to market
  • Needing help with communicating what you have for sale in a way that gets potential clients to see it, feel it, know it, and say yes to it?
  • Wanting to earn $100k or hovering ~$100k and want to go BIGGER

GLOW Prerequisites: TBD

GLOW Course Texts:

  • Aligning Your Life and Your Bizness with Your Values Handout
  • Nine Elements of Circumstance Template
  • Technology Overview
  • GLOW 5-Part Strategy
  • GOLDMIND Meditation Practice
  • Sales page Header Samples (Hero Section)


  • Journal - Canson XL Mix Media Pads 9×12
  • Markers
  • Stretched Canvas 24X36 or 36X48
  • Acrylic paint in a rainbow of colors + white + gold
  • Paint brushes in a variety of sizes
  • Spray bottle - fine mist best
  • 2 Pcs. Watercolor paper 140lb. 22X30 size
    Black Sharpie
  • Jar for paint water
  • Paper towels (or soft cotton lint-free rags or old t-shirts work too)
  • Painting smock or clothing that you can get paint on.
  • Computer with a strong internet connection + phone
  • Programs - Word or Google Docs for your digital content

Requirements for Certification:

A portfolio submission of the GLOW experience that includes:

  • Answers to inquiries
  • Vision plan book
  • Answers to the Nine Elements of Circumstance template,
  • Custom graphics
  • GLOW plan book
  • Share the Experience
  • Biography and Photo

What is super hot about this training?

As creative entrepreneurs, the painting process is a refreshingly unique approach to building your business foundation and designing offers.

 For more information visit musea.org/invitation-to-glow

Graduate shares will be added as we collect them.

Intentional Creativity Guardian Certification Graphic

Intentional Creativity® Guardian Certification Training is a 6-month program focused on a body of wisdom about healing the disconnection of the Spirit and the body through the framework of the Soul. The intent is to become Guardians of Earth's Sacred Teachings combined with our Innate Wisdom so that we are no longer subject in the same way to power-over structures or to a fate outlined for us by others. We will consciously collaborate with our self-actualization of how our unique identity weaves with the story of the world and all beings.

ORIGINS Training Start & Finish Date: To be determined for 2024.

Painting Process/Practice:


With ORIGINS training you will be able to …

  • Learn to live from your Soul's Purpose in this incarnation - so that there is joy on the journey of participating in the beauty of creation.
  • Connect with your sacred work and sacred teachings and catalyze your to create your offering to your community.
  • Experience and repair relationships through the Powers of the Human Being.
  • Wake the innate faculties of your Soul that invites the Soma to experience more joy, pleasure, and connection, with a sense of purpose and place in co-creation with nature.
  • Guide Others in Conscious Evolution an education for all genders, ages, and stages.
  • Access to MORE of the fullness of who you are.
  • Gain an innate sense of knowing and direction.
  • No longer be taken in or under by the pressures of people around you.
  • Obtain a level of peace and joy you haven't felt before.
  • Guide and support others in their healing journey.
  • Live on purpose, living into your great work!

ORIGINS Training is for you if you are someone …

  • That is a healer, teacher, parent, therapist, artist, guide, energy worker, or shaman concerned for our planet, children, and all of life with a strong call to gather their gifts on behalf of humanity.
  • Sees the power of every human being to heal and become self-expressed.
    desire to guide others in Circle, ceremony, and process.
  • Who has the vision to become co-creative stewards of nature and creation.
  • That carries a huge amount of personal medicine and experience, and want to translate that into Great Work to be shared in the villages of humanity.

ORIGINS Prerequisites:

LEGEND: Archeo_Futura

ORIGINS Course Texts: TBD

Materials: TBD

  • Journal - Canson XL Mix Media Pads 9×12
  • Markers
  • Stretched Canvas 24X36 or 36X48
  • Acrylic paint in a rainbow of colors + white + gold
  • Paint brushes in a variety of sizes
  • Spray bottle - fine mist best
  • 2 Pcs. Watercolor paper 140lb. 22X30 size
    Black Sharpie
  • Jar for paint water
  • Paper towels (or soft cotton lint-free rags or old t-shirts work too)
  • Painting smock or clothing that you can get paint on.
  • Computer with a strong internet connection + phone
  • Programs - Word or Google Docs for your digital content

Requirements for Certification:

A portfolio submission of the GLOW experience that includes:

  • Answers to inquiries
  • Vision plan book
  • Answers to the Nine Elements of Circumstance template,
  • Custom graphics
  • GLOW plan book
  • Share the Experience
  • Biography and Photo

What is super hot about this training?

As creative entrepreneurs, the painting process is a refreshingly unique approach to building your business foundation and designing offers.

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ORIGINS Training kicks off for the first time in Sept 2023.
Graduate shares will be added as we collect them.

About Graduating with Your Certification

Would you like to be a part of a legacy of women paving the way for others to heal through creativity while prospering and thriving by living their soul work? 

Imagine joining us for an annual Guild gathering at MUSEA: Center for Intentional Creativity in Sonoma, California. Musea is surrounded by 17 redwood trees, and vineyards and is close to downtown Sonoma. We are a museum, university, atelier, and guild focused on the philosophy of Intentional Creativity.

VIVID Gathering 2021


ARTIST Gathering 2019

One of the greatest gifts of being part of our Intentional Creativity Trainings and completing your certification is to be invited to continue the connection with fellow graduates from your class year and those who have come before you through the Intentional Creativity® Guild. 

Our Guild is over 500 strong with women educated in Intentional Creativity® who have a common vision to serve their communities, school system, hospitals, prisons, mental health and social services, and institutions that need our work. Our Guild has worked collaboratively to bring Intentional Creativity® to workshops, classes, retreats, cruise ships, and luxury destinations, as well as teaching online. We are all about women creating their own content and bringing their work into the world.

Due to the growth of our global MUSEA membership Guild community, In 2021 we created region-based groups called Regional Guild Constellations. These groups provide our graduates another layer of opportunity for connection, collaboration, structure, and support for localized Intentional Creativity® offerings and events.

Each Constellation has co-guides who work with members to create a container that serves that regional group best. Within these containers, our Constellations are providing training, mentorship, brainstorming, and collaboration. We consider our Constellations clusters of shining stars that revolve around a center-point (The Greater Guild) and, together tell a story all their own.

Note: Constellation membership is for active Guild members.

Each Intentional Creativity Certification Training has a required $250 certification fee due at the end of the course, which covers the following:

  • Intentional Creativity Guide, Teacher, Coach or Practitioner Certificate
  • Branded Certification Badge/Logo for use on your websites, business cards, email signatures, business materials, etc.
  • Personal Profile added to our Intentional Creativity Educator Directory. 
  • Invitation to join the MUSEA Guild Membership - a circle for our graduate community and co-curators.

Color of Woman 2018 Graduation and Guild Gathering, Maui Hawaii

"Kind friends all gathered 'round, there's something I would say: That what brings us together here has blessed us all today. Love has made a circle that holds us all inside. Where strangers are as family, loneliness can't hide. You must give yourself to love if love is what you're after; Open up your hearts to the tears and laughter and give yourself to love, give yourself to love."
~ Kate Wolf

The Future of MUSEA University Keeps Getting Better and Brighter! 

We have well over 500 people already certified to offer Intentional Creativity as a tool of transformation, consciousness curation, healing trauma, and guiding circles of connection both virtual and in-person globally.

Our next step is to innovate education on what we feel is the most relevant and most needed to steward the future together as conscious humans who tend to one another, the earth, all beings, and cultures of love. We are inviting women to a new and ancient culture, calling, and profession, a Curate. To become a Curate is to answer the Call to Cause and Create that which you long for in this lifetime.

What is a Curate? A Curate is a new archetypal pathway for women combining the gifts of being philosophers, storytellers, healers, medicine painters, chaplains, and curators of art, culture, ecology, and history. A Curate is an archaic idea coming from ancient 14th-century Latin meaning to cure, to care, to be a spiritual guide, to provide pastoral care, and the one responsible for the care of souls in their village or area of practice. As well as the second meaning, is to be in charge of a museum, exhibit, or gallery. You could almost think of this role as a Priestess, Sage, Guide, or Creative Midwife carrying Intentional Creativity as one of their primary tools. As a collective body, part of our shared project is to elevate women's voices and images through museum craft.

We are creating a new linguistic archetypal potential with the initiation of the word, Curate. If you pause and tune into this potential - you can likely feel what we are moving towards. To become the medicine we are seeking, and those around us are looking for. Further, many of us who do not have innate gifts of healing or intuition, or clairvoyance still seek to offer ourselves to the service of the community in a more formalized art-based offering. We bring a medicine basket full of modalities from our community.

Intentional Creativity prepares a soul to co-curate the often hidden identity of a person into a lived experience. Most women who truly study and practice Intentional Creativity goes through a complete shift in their experience of themselves, their gifts, their capacity to act, sacred activism, their relationship with the earth and their family, and their consciousness. This is a path to wake up, wake others, and call them into Red Thread Circle.

We all know how much women of wisdom are in need worldwide and in our systems, villages, and homes in this era. We all know how many call themselves healers or shamans yet may benefit from initiation, practice, boundaries, practicum, entrepreneurship, and time in the community to be raised up in the context of care and consciousness.

Becoming a "Curate" isn't something people are 'hiring' for in a classic sense. Yet it may be the deepest need we have as a species and a planet right now. Awake women who know what to do in times of crisis, times of deep practice, and times of celebration. A Curate is a modern-day celebrant who is independent of a religious system, yet holds all life as sacred.

We are proceeding with being our own certifying body as we continue to work towards various pathways of accreditation. We will be adjusting year by year. 

Courses may be taken in any order at this time. Our Counseling team can work with you to forge a path if you are just starting. Your previous Intentional Creativity coursework will be applied to your collective units. Applications, requirements, and other facets will come in time. For now, consider yourself a part of this movement! We are one of the largest art movements in the world, and that is because of you.

We know you will have lots of questions as time goes on. And we have answers. Pages and pages of answers and ideas to work with you on - because we will create this TOGETHER. This work is the turning of the soil and inviting you to witness this next brave move for our entire team and community.

Below is an overview of some of our courses of study, subject to change and adjustment.

With love,

Shiloh Sophia