Weaving our Common Threads

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  • Paint your Co-Creator Archetype and engage in Conscious Evolution with the unique 'Tapestry Intentional Creativity' experience
  • Learn from Guest Teachers to rock your understanding of the ecosystem
    and our current paradigm
  • Discover a way to work with the heart, brain, gut connection that can become a lifeline practice for compassion and coherence
  • Play in the ways and times that work for you! Everything is recorded and is yours to keep.

    If you have been feeling like you are ready for a big change in how you approach your relationship to the world, your body and the way you think, and the future of the planet, this is for you.


Weaving our Common Threads

Featuring the TAPESTRY Mixed-Media Painting Experience, Conversations with WILD Revolutionaries, and Core Intentional Creativity® Teachings

Curator, Shiloh Sophia
with Guild Members and the Cosmic Cowgirls
broadcasted from
MUSEA: Center for Intentional Creativity

in Sonoma, California

Featured Guests Speakers:
Vicki Noble, Aviva Gold, Rev. Wil Gafney, Sophie Strand
Jonathan McCloud

Guild Members also offer a teaching within the painting process including Amber Samaya, Annette Wagner, Milagros Suriano-Rivera, Sumaiyah Yates, Mary Ann Matthys and Trish O'Malley


One ticket provides access to your entire household or invite a friend to join you in person and have a paint party!

No art experience is needed. The painting process Shiloh Sophia will teach you is for experienced artists and beginners alike!

During this experience, we will cultivate the joy of community, lean into the mysteries of powerful conversation, feel the spark of emergent inquiries, co-create emergent art activism actions, and access our Co-Creator Archetype through multimedia TAPESTRY Painting Process!

A Collaboration between
MUSEA & Cosmic Cowgirls

"Transform your life, find your whole self, and find a community of courageous, intelligent, and supportive women who create from Soul. Connect to the cosmic intelligence that is waiting for you to wake up."
- Jo Whitfort, VIVID 2020 participant

This is the template painting for our Co-Creator Archetype painting that is taught step by step but has plenty of room for innovation and your voice to show you what to do.

A message from Curator Shiloh Sophia

Dear Ones,

At Musea we believe that everyone IS Creative. My painting process this year is really exciting for me because it speaks to something very important to me and our community, Conscious Evolution.

I haven't taught this before, let alone teaching it live and I am really inspired about the research I have been doing to prepare for this mixed-media painting experience. And I am delighted that the GUILD, our Intentional Creativity Graduates will be in the 'house' with me and offering their processes right onto the same painting. AND that my husband Jonathan, usually behind the curtain and camera will teach us the science of Intentional Creativity and how to work with creating coherence in the heart, brain and gut! This is part of my work with evolving by choice.

Every year our community has been gathering together, in person and online for close to twenty years. Now in these times, as well as based on the global nature of our community, we are gathering in a virtual retreat designed for you!

I hope you will join us for this experience as many women said VIVID last year was one of the best experiences of their life and unlike any virtual gathering that they had ever attended.

These Keynote Conversations with powerful leaders are a joy to bring to you. I wanted to bring you voices to awaken, inspire, provoke, and bring our community together.

Holding annual gatherings of this nature takes a whole village. Your investment in time and resources all goes towards the team and the future of our work together.

I never doubt that painting on one painting for two weeks or just a weekend can be life-changing, it always, yes always is. This painting will be a visual and energetic record of your conscious evolution. And what I mean by that, is that you CHOOSE.

MUSEA is a Museum and School and we are inviting you to be a part of it!

Shiloh Sophia

"Gift this to yourself, to deepen your exploration of self as well as connect with extraordinary women from around the world. Go all in, if you enjoy surprise, discovery, expressing all of you without apology and revealing possibilities for individual, collective and global evolution." - Chatelle Jeram

Milagros Suriano-Rivera

My painting started out as the essence of my critic and muse as I was grappling to capture my Co-Creator Archetype. I painted and sprayed as I added layers and when I looked up at the form that was coming through the masking process while embodying coherence and connection with creation, I suddenly realized that a third essence had arrived from the space of the consciousness that actually formed the shape of a paint palette! I giggled to myself as I noticed this Aha! moment. But of course, that’s it!!! My palette is the access point to my co-creator archetype because she IS the voice of coherence. It is by integrating the light and the dark, with the textures of the stories I am weaving in with fabric and tule, tea bags, and Red Thread in this way that the custom colors that live within me can truly shine. These are the colors that hold my stories, my dreams, my ancestors, my soul. I am the Tapestry.

Angie Delaplain

Though my muse made a brief appearance she showed me something else, it’s not about her physical form, it’s about her heart which connects to her soul where inspiration lives. And so I continue to let go of having a beautiful painting and am allowing the story of where her spark comes from… where the memory of the beginning of her being an artist lives… the story about the Astro glow orange tagboard encrypted with symbols that would be for another day-long into her future to understand. Just like the tagboard, eventually, the physical form becomes something else and disappears… but the heart of inspiration never dies… it lives on in the heart of our eternal muse. Onward we go… into the story of her heart…


WOW. We have some FUN conversations and painting process put together for VIVID! We are BEYOND THRILLED that Shiloh Sophia and members of the Intentional Creativity Guild are coming together at MUSEA to bring you our HOTTEST event of 2021!

Imagine working with a custom palette, a needle and thread, and ribbons and collage and really letting your painting be a magic carpet or a portal of rich texture.

Once you register you will be provided with a powerful teaching from one of our special guest revolutionaries, VICKI NOBLE about MATRIARCHY that we would love for you to watch before you begin painting. You get it as soon as you register so you have time.

Wanna learn about our amazing guest speakers? Continue reading this invitation...

"DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do whatever you can do to make this happen for yourself." - Jesamyn Angelica, 2020 participant


About the Offerings. Everything is recorded and you may go at your own pace. There are some additional zoom calls included to help you along with your painting process.

Tuition: The cost of this course is $299 and we appreciate it when payment is made in full. Or, you can split the balance into 3 monthly payments of $113. You can view our refund policy here. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you complete your painting and do not experience a transformation in your story.

About Scholarships: Those who can afford the regular price make it possible for us to offer tuition support to those in need. Our events involve a full staff of team and faculty members, mostly women, who are compensated through our income. We are happy to support those called to study Intentional Creativity® who have a financial need. To inquire about an extended payment plan or partial scholarship please contact

About Materials: You will need a canvas 16x20 or how about 24x36! Acrylic paint in your favorite colors, brushes, a few other basic painting materials. Big needle and embroidery thread. 8-10 empty jars for creating custom palette colors and a few other materials that we will share with you upon registration.


Watch this brief video with Shiloh Sophia as she shares about the wonderful materials for VIVID. It's a great overview and will get you excited about the process!


Upon registration, you will be provided with a powerful teaching from TWO of our special guest revolutionaries, VICKI NOBLE & SOPHIE STRAND. These women will also be interviewed LIVE during VIVID!


RSVP and Order Your Supplies!

"In this moment of the 'end of the world', we are being introduced to the possibility of other worlds."

Bayo Akomolafe


Leaving behind outdated constructs.

Gathering in a circle of belonging.

Becoming present to ourselves and one another and resting into Circle in these hurried times. Let us reimagine and weave the world together!

MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity Founder, Shiloh Sophia partners with thought leaders, artists, storytellers, scholars, authors, spiritual leaders, musicians, shamans, priestesses, professors, and poets in conversation to bring their wisdom and insights for these times to our visionary community. These incredible Keynotes are not only here to share new ideas and fresh perspectives but to present us with powerful inquiries to deepen our awareness and expand our community's consciousness.


Images from the Heart Know How to Paint Themselves!

Painting from Source by tapping into the Creative Energy that started the Universe in Motion.


The Truth about Matriarchy - It's not Patriarchy in a Dress!

Suspend your normal critical mind and relax into some really NEW old ideas. Exploring images and thoughts of our human evolution.


Myco-Eco-Mytho Storytelling and the De-Centering of Human Narratives.

From where does a story sprout? What specific land did it grow from? What ecology is it seeking to tend to, respond to, root into? How does this story “tell” me into greater intimacy with the kin outside my door?


Traditional lectionaries of the ancient church brought into the feminine language so women can see themselves in the Divine.

Exploring the roots of a lack of representation of the feminine which has impacted all of our culture and traditions.

Wil will also lead us in a 'church' service hosted by the Red Madonna this Sunday morning.


Intentional Creativity Cascade - how Intentional Creativity is a 'pattern interrupt' with your default settings

Jonathan will be exploring this topic during the painting process with Shiloh Sophia, as well as sharing about the science of Intentional Creativity.


Painting the Brain, Heart, Gut connection.

Shiloh Sophia will lead us through a powerful Intentional Creativity painting process in which she will share a deep dive into awakening compassion in the mind, heart and body.

Here are the faces of the FABULOUS Guild and Community who will be joining Shiloh Sophia to bring you this COLORFUL Experience!

Amber Samaya Gould

Milagros Suriano-Rivera

Annette Wagner

Sumaiyah Yates

Anasuya Isaacs

Mary Ann Matthys

trish o'malley

Elizabeth Gibbons

Semerit Strachan

Guild Members at Musea for Vivid

"Jump on board if you are seeking a place of sharing and caring and open learning by women, for women." - Gwen Umphrey 2020 participant


She is an artist and writer. He is a chef and sommelier. Together they are business owners and operators across a spectrum of interests. The pair joined their creative forces in 2013 with events in the Bay Area and around the world, now serving tens of thousands of clients with a philosophy and lifestyle concept they call Intentional Creativity®. The brand that serves all these interests is named “Musea”, Latin for multiple museums. We think of ourselves as many muses, from many lands, with many voices and many hands!

During the Intentional Creativity Process they will guide you through the science, spirit and somatics of creating a coherent communication system connection with the heart, brain and gut. This process has not been taught before and has been created for the first time just for our participants. You will have access to a teaching where Shiloh Sophia and the Guild will guide you through different parts of the process of adding thread, fabric, ribbon and collage to your painting!

"I’m just blown away. in awe. in excitement. in love with all of you and all of it. ... mmmm there's some magic going on here. ... a whole lot of magic." - Annee Hall

During our Gathering of Creatives
you will experience:

Revolutionary speakers in conversation with Curator, Shiloh Sophia, bringing their wisdom and insights for these times to our visionary community and presenting us with powerful inquiries to deepen our awareness and expand our community's consciousness.

True communion and time to belong together in the community through intimate group sessions and zoom calls with a chance to meet with friends old and new! You will also be invited to post your painting process in the iMusea App, our global community group where you can be witnessed and supported.

Intentional Creativity multimedia Tapestry painting process, which includes weaving with thread, incorporating fabric, collage, seeds, and sacred items to create a tapestry that activates your Co-Creator Archetype

Art-based activism actions developed emergently in the community that will inspire you to bring your experience of awakening through Intentional Creativity beyond the walls of Musea and into your family and communities.

Daily Circle to share quantum connection and enjoy salon-style sharing, philosophizing, and show and tell of our paintings, journal writings, poetry and more!

8+ hours of BONUS content featuring conversations and highlights from our Intentional Creativity Art Ancestors, supporting a deepening of connection to MUSEA's Lineage story - the common threads woven through our community.

And we gazed upon our beautiful mother,

and she said: Thousands of years from now,

when people say, How beautiful your children are!

tell them to teach the children to speak

as I have spoken. Teach the children to say:

Stop, and look upon one another!

For long have we gazed upon Beauty.”

Caron McCloud

Caron McCloud is a poet, designer, teacher and tapestry maker. Caron believed that creativity is a way to get to know yourself and to be in relationship with Creator. She encouraged our entire community to remember, that we matter. Featured behind Caron is one of her many tapestries, as well as a dress she made. She is featured here with her daugther, Shiloh Sophia in December of 2020.

Read Caron's obituary here to learn more about this incredible woman who greatly informed, Shiloh Sophia and the entire community.

More shares from last years VIVID Participants

"As a participant at last year's "conference" (anything but!) I can tell you your mind will be stretched, your heart will grow and your soul will soar two sizes!" - Natalie Moyes

"VIVID is not for the faint-hearted, it’s a deeply transformative initiatory process... in painting. It’s a fantastic painting course, yes, but it is so much more than that!!! It’s an All Shaking, Old ways Dismantling, Deep Healing, Authentically Empowering, Life Restoring journey." - Anna Corsini

"Here is a place you can completely immerse yourself in the business of finding your own congruence. If you are longing to be more true to your true self and/or on your true path, this is a wonderful diving board for jumping in fully to the pursuit of your own answers." - Dena McKitrick

"VIVID was a deep experience of giving ourselves permission to claim our rightful space in the world!" - Annalene

“Where is your ecological niche? Where is the sore spot in your landscape that needs the shape of your body? The press of your tender foot? Where can you place yourself like an acupuncture needle in the mountain, the clear-cut forest, the web of relations that you, yourself, are woven from? Place me where I can melt into medicine. Place me on the tongue of the one who needs my taste.”

~ Sophie Strand

A call to gather and our big WHY

Our community is founded on relationships. Our big WHY is each other! So many of us long for deeply felt communion that is experienced when we consciously choose to gather in Circle, share in creativity, and spend unhurried time enjoying ourselves and reimagining our world together. From our many years of experience hosting gatherings through MUSEA Intentional Creativity, we have witnessed the emergent properties of creation, catalyzation, activism, brain rewiring, and healing results when the community joins together.

We gather together to create the sacred and celebratory space necessary for the WEAVING OF OUR COMMON THREADS. And in the words of facilitator and activist Adrienne Maree Brown, we gather together to 'hold change'.

This is great medicine for our time.



As a part of VIVD, we will be inviting community care practices that arise from the acknowledgment and weaving of our common threads, inviting each one of us to become even more 'wired for love'!

These are practices of love in action that can create connection, strengthen our community solidarity and safety, and deepen each person's sense of belonging. This is weaving the world we want to live in! These are part of our core Intentional Creativity Teachings!







During VIVID you will be invited to create your own custom color palette! Bring your TAPESTRY painting forward with 4 (or more) unique colors that complement one another and are created, and even named by YOU!

In this video, Shiloh Sophia shows palettes she has made recently, including color names like Purple Rain, Fairy Sap, Hot to Trot, Midnight Ride and Summer Love ❤️

The Tapestry Process will be built layer by layer with acrylic paint

Together throughout our time together we will explore teachings, ideas, ritual and conversation and bring it layer by layer into our painting. Think of your painting as a place for reflection and revolution. Each day has live painting process built into it. No experience needed and available to all levels of skill.

Materials preparation requires a few things to get ready.

  • Canvas - bigger than 16X20 - how about 24X36
  • Acrylic paint in a rainbow of colors and brushes
  • Spray bottle and water jar and pallette
  • Need and thread - bigger Needle that fits embroidery thread.
  • Old tee-shirts and wet wipes
  • Ribbons, old earrings, 'stuff' that could go into a painting
  • Collage materials or papers
  • glue or varnish
  • 8-10 Jars for custom palette colors
  • A full materials list will be provided to registrants.

Time to raid your scarf or fabric drawer and bring your grandma's scissors!

We want to work with fabric in our tapestry experience.
Choose one of your scarves to be a pallette of color that you are drawn to. But that you are also willing to cut up and include in your painting! Stitching, glueing, collaging - imagine ribbons hanging off the bottom with messages wrapped in fabric. It wil be so fun.

“The business of stories is not enchantment. The business of stories is not escape. The business of stories is waking up.”

Martin Shaw

Women have been weaving the world together since the beginning of time. What colorful thread will you weave with your own hands? Voice? Paintbrush? Story?

Awesome, I'm In!

Enroll and watch the videos at your convenience. You will receive email access along with bonus downloads. We know your life is busy, and that we are all in different time zones. We designed this program to work and support you in creating time.


Vicki Noble Author

Author Vicki Noble is a feminist, healer, scholar, teacher, and co-creator (with Karen Vogel) of the original round Motherpeace deck that has found its way into over two hundred thousand homes around the world. She is the author of Shakti Woman, Motherpeace: A Way to the Goddess, Motherpeace Tarot Playbook (with Jonathan Tenney), The Double Goddess, and The Triple Goddess Tarot. She lives in the mountains near Santa Cruz, California.

Sophie Strand Author and Poet

Sophie Strand is a poet, historical-fiction writer, and essayist based in the Hudson Valley with a focus on the intersection of spirituality and ecology. She has three chapbooks: Love Song to a Blue God (Oread Press) and Those Other Flowers to Come (Dancing Girl Press) and The Approach (The Swan).

Rev. Wil Gafney, Ph.D. and Author

Rev. Wil Gafney, Ph.D. is the Right Rev. Samuel B. Hulsey Professor of Hebrew Bible at Brite Divinity School in Fort Worth, Texas. She is the author of Womanist Midrash: A Reintroduction to Women of the Torah and of the Throne, a commentary on Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah in the Wisdom series; Daughters of Miriam: Women Prophets in Ancient Israel; and co-editor of The Peoples’ Bible and The Peoples’ Companion to the Bible. She is the author of a Women’s Lectionary for the Whole Church and translator of its biblical selections. She is an Episcopal priest canonically resident in the Diocese of Pennsylvania and licensed in the Diocese of North Texas, and a former Army chaplain and congregational pastor in the AME Zion Church. A former member of the Dorshei Derekh Reconstructionist Minyan of the Germantown Jewish Center in Philadelphia, she has co-taught courses with and for the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Seminary in Wyncote.

Aviva Gold MFA, MPS, CSW, ATR-BC, REAT, and Art Medicine Woman

Aviva Gold discovered the enchanted bliss and healing in nature and art as a lonely child. Thus began a lifetime of guidance from the muses found in art and nature. Aviva graduated from Syracuse University with a BFA in Art Education and Painting in 1962, taught art to children in Brooklyn and Spanish Harlem, New York City, received a Masters in Painting from Pratt Institute, was Mom to three sons, wife to a young doctor, and a natural childbirth and lactation coach, and she painted, exhibited and taught drawing and art history at New Mexico State University… all in what she sees as her “first” life.