Refund Policy for MUSEA: Intentional Creativity

Greetings. We are thrilled you are considering joining us for a MUSEA Experience!

When you purchase an event with us of any kind, the investment is non-refundable unless otherwise stated in the registration information. For each experience, we have a team of staff (most are graduates from our trainings) who are providing their services to bring you the curriculum, support, connection and creativity that you are investing in. Your tuition provides them with work, and we expect you to follow through on your commitment 100%.

In the seldom event you are granted a refund or credit, we do charge a 20% administrative fee to account for the time our team has spent onboarding you as a student, the transaction fees we pay, and foregone income. We are unable to process refunds after 90 days.

We understand situations may arise that may impact your ability to pay. If this occurs, please contact and we are willing to work with you. We can often change a payment due date or extend a payment plan on a temporary basis. We are very understanding if you communicate with us.

If circumstances change and you are unable to participate in what you signed up for, most of our online courses provide ongoing access to class videos for you to enjoy later. Or, you can ask for a credit to be put toward a future class or course with us (on a case-by-case basis review and approval).

Please take some time to review the course information and make sure everything works for your needs before you enroll. If you have any questions please contact for assistance. ​

Thank you for respecting this policy ❤️. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with you and bring you revolutionary education from MUSEA: Intentional Creativity.

In gratitude,

~ MUSEA Collective​