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Dance of the Critic and the Muse

Metacognitive Drawing Course based on the work of Musea Co-Founder Shiloh Sophia and over 25 years of research.


Access the Voice and Vision of your Soul with Intentional Creativity

Online Metacognitive Drawing and Writing Course

Based on the work of Shiloh Sophia

A liberating journey for anyone ready to transform their relationship with how they think, feel and speak to themselves and create their lives.

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*This course qualifies as the prerequisite for MOTHERBOARD: Intentional Creativity Coach Training

Experience Seven Gates of Awakening Through Intentional Creativity®

The wilder you are with your pen, the better the results.

Ride the edge baby! The Muse likes it wild!

Visual Thinking. Intuitive Drawing. Right and Left Brain Activation. Ritual and Movement. Muse Date Dares.

Transform HOW you think and feel about YOU!

Join a Dance Party as the Critic transforms into the Muse!

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Shiloh Sophia explains the exploration you'll take when you attend Dance with the Critic and the Muse.

Would you like to change your default settings?

Do you find yourself saying, I’m on a healing journey — yet fail to cross the bridge where you can say, I’m healed enough, and can finally move on?

Or perhaps you want to change your “story” about who you are and where you’re going, but just can’t seem to budge...

If you’re nodding yes, we invite you to embark on a liberating journey through the portal of your bold, boundless imagination, to experience a rapid, magical shift in your perception of who you are.

When practiced over time, this shift can help rewire the neural pathways in your brain, changing how you see yourself — and expand your capacity to experience a healing “realignment” in your life.  

This transformative shift will prove to be a deeply liberating experience and can also be enlivening and JOYFUL every step of the way!

I am ready for a shift in perception

The truth is, we can soar past our limiting beliefs and lifestyle — and that nagging inner critic that keeps us there — to experience magical moments of suspended animation, where the greater world and our worries around it fall away, and our curious, creative, playful self, the Muse, is let loose.

Your Muse can guide you to experience the unfolding of your self-expression, where you can break free of confining expectations and joyously dance with your soul. It’s an opening into a life rich with creativity, vitality, and soul-satisfying fulfillment.

AND, no matter who you are, who you believe you are, or what you desire to do or be in the world, this heart-and-soul-powered energy can move smoothly through you to actively engage a more fully expressed you.  

Watch as Shiloh Sophia shares her story that sparked the evolution of her relationship with the critic and the muse.

Are you game to PLAY as you transform?

We believe consciousness is a choice you can make. But first you have to know how to do it! We can show you! In four weeks you will think SO differently about how you speak to yourself, most people can't believe it took them this long!

Come along… for a Dance with the Critic and the Muse!

"I experienced an opening, a blossoming...The muse has moved forward, sashaying her way to the front, playfully creating a joyful life! I would recommend this course to anyone who wishes to create with intent, inquiry and to learn the dance of the critic and the muse! Shiloh Sophia is a gifted healer and artist, and I look forward to working with her again." ~ Rhonda

"This course has changed my life! It has changed the way I talk to myself and has given me an exciting new positive perspective! I am way more confident and self-assured. I don't let the critic keep me down with fear, doubt, and shame. If you are feeling stuck in your life and looking for more creative expression, but don't know where or how to start, I highly recommend you join in!" ~ Karen

Join us for transformational experiences!

  • EXPLORE: Intentional Creativity® Teachings & Poetry
  • PRACTICE: Metacognitive Drawing & Writing
  • MOVE: Somatic Awareness & Energy Movement
  • IMAGINATION: Archetype Intuitive Imagination Process
  • EXPERIENCE: One Voice that invites the integration of the Critic and the Muse

This is an experience you have never had before, that will reveal the keys held by the hidden self.

Seems like a big promise? It is!

The course is here like a map, but you are the cosmic pilgrim and only you can reach the place of deepest insight that impacts every single relationship you have. Yes, every single relationship you have is being impacted by your capacity to see, think, feel, and act clearly.

IF who you are inside is not aligned with who you are in your life, there will be discord and incoherency. You may wonder what the Critic and the Muse have to do with this, and how they are hardwired into the neuro-pathways. But we can’t tell you all the riddles now, because you have to say yes first…. Will you come? 

Register for Dance of the Critic and the Muse!

Hosted by MUSEA: Intentional Creativity®

Taught by Curator and Artist, Shiloh Sophia with the Guild

Metacognitive Drawing and Painting Journey

Registration $297 or 3 payments of $111

Your Dance of the Critic and the Muse Experience DELIVERS!

  • One Hour - Welcome and Overview video including materials overview.
  • Seven Hour Long Intentional Creativity® Video Teachings of the Gateway - Each session includes a video teaching and guides you to discover specific skills and practices to continue on your own.
  • Fourteen PDF Transcripts of the Core Intentional Creativity® Teachings.
  • Over 30 Metacognitive Drawing Exercises and Inquiries shared throughout the Core Intentional Creativity® Teachings.
  • Between modules, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practicing new tools, and answering questions to accelerate your learning and integrate each lesson.
  • Two Hours: United Archetype class taught by Shiloh Sophia

This course is being recorded so you still have time to enroll and catch up.

No Drawing Experience or Talent Required
Paper and Colored Pens Only
Optional Painting Process
The more rogue, the better your results!

  • The videos and materials are all yours to keep. EVERYTHING is recorded.
  • If you plan to apply for MOTHERBOARD, our Intentional Creativity Coach Certification Training, you will have fulfilled your pre-requisite and be empowered to teach and coach using ANY of the practices within the course.
  • If you are a COLOR of WOMAN: Intentional Creativity® Teacher you will be able to teach ANY of the practices within the course - no additional certification fee required.

Tuition: The cost of this course is $297 and we appreciate it when payment is made in full. We are also excited to offer payment plans as needed. You can split the balance into 3 monthly payments of $111.

*Musea Members can use code member for 20% tuition savings.

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you do the course and do not experience a transformation in your relationship with your critic and your muse.

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You can view our refund policy here.

About Scholarships: Those who can afford the regular price make it possible for us to offer tuition support to those in need. Our events involve a full staff of team and faculty members, mostly women, who are compensated through the income we receive. We are happy to support those called to study Intentional Creativity® who have a financial need. To inquire about an extended payment plan or partial scholarship please contact

Course Delivery: This course flows with your schedule and is designed for all time zones. The core curriculum is delivered via downloadable video. For support and interaction with fellow students, you are invited to share your process in the iMusea app. To stay on pace with the course, we invite you to book a few hours per week that works for your schedule.

Materials: Colored pens, a big pad of paper + optional painting. A full list is provided upon registration.

Our Technology and Community Circle Support

To provide a more interactive and intimate experience, we use Zoom Technology for our calls. You can join us via video or phone. Here is a photo from our Red Thread Guide program. It is so cool to SEE each other in our own environments!

  • Online Community Classroom 
  • Graduate Support Team through our iMUSEA app
  • Regular tending and engagement in the app

Included: United Archetype Class with Shiloh Sophia

An initiatory journey between creativity and the brain designed to establish heart and body coherence.

Recover your soul's true voice through liberation from the voice of the critic.

When the critic and the muse dance, your genius is catalyzed through love and you can heal the separations.

Invite a UNITED ARCHETYPE to synthesize the fragmentation that happens to the self over a lifetime.

Here is a sneak peek of three film stills from the United Archetype Painting livestream

Say YES Here!

Thousands of Shiloh Sophia’s students claim that Intentional Creativity® is the one thing that has made the MOST difference in their healing journey. After years of therapy and trying every modality available, this one thing made the biggest change. 

Reflections from past students who have taken the Critic and Muse Adventure!

This course is fascinating! Shiloh is brilliant in the way she integrates the left and right brain, the logical rational brain with the soulful, emotional, intuitive mind and heart... and the inner life with the outer life. By the simple act of pondering an idea or intent, a deep shift can happen in a short amount of time!
~ Stacye from the United States

I have been struggling with my inner critic for a long time. Despite all my efforts to make a shift happen, it wasn't giving the result I was yearning for. This course brought me a practice I can lean on to deepen a connection within myself that I thought was irreconcilable. It brought me more inner peace, the joy of uncovering the muse within me, and a relief to know that I can go back to these practices over and over. I am so grateful.
~ Gabrielle from the United States

This course was exactly what I needed to more fully ground the joy and the love and the healing I've gradually been realizing in my life!
~ Meg from New Zealand

This course helped me to realize how important it is to take time for my own growth and inner communication. This brought me strength and determination in expressing myself in front of others to restructure my time and be able to take care of my own needs.
~ Antonia from Belgium

This course has revolutionized my way of thinking about myself. I befriended my inner child and learned how to love myself. She made me realize creativity is inherent in all of us and shows you how to get in touch with the part of yourself that was either inhibited by teachers or the voice of our critic. She brings her passion, dedication, and FUN to the class.
~ Mary Ann from the United States

I adventured through this course last year and it was instantly life-changing. Wild and beautiful wisdom. A 1000 degree Magic to the bare bone. I am forever and ever grateful to you Shiloh
~ K.H.

Dance of the Critic and the Muse was my first course with Shiloh Sophie and permanently changed my brain. It correlated the left and right into the fierce wisdom they are meant to be. So beautiful and an incredible opening to soar.

~ Kristin A

About the Course Curriculum

Seven Gates to the Voice and Vision of Your Soul through a United Archetype - One Voice Philosophy

The 7 Gateways of our transformational journey

Gate Zero

Orientation to the One Voice

Gate One

Encounter the Gatekeeper

Gate Two

Integrate Your Inner & Outer Worlds

Gate Three

Transform the Critic Into Fierce Wisdom

Gate Four

Embody a new story of wholeness

Gate Five

Catalyze your Archetype

Gate Six

Claim Your Voice and Vision

Gate Seven

Reclamation and Belonging

In-between each gate, you are ‘dared’ to go on dates with your Muse, like going to dinner with your Muse and Going to a second-hand store on a shopping spree! It is going to get a little wild... This is so you can experience in your life the effects of expanded creative flow and cognition can have.

During this exciting, 7-part exploration of authentic self-expression, you’ll take a deep dive into uncharted territory where you will learn how to ...

  • Discover the United Archetype where ALL the voices come together
  • Catalyze your transformation with 30+ powerful drawing practices
  • Discover how your brain holds outdated ways of being in place, and how you can start to rewire your neural pathways to expand your creativity — and your life
  • Invite right-brain access in first, when considering your ideas, and how this gives you access to your genius
  • Use the powerful tool of Intentional Creativity® as a healing and resiliency practice
  • Access your hidden inner world more successfully than you have with other approaches to healing and self-expression
  • Look at how our ancestors used creativity, and how the overculture is influencing us without us even knowing it
  • and much more!

This is no ordinary creativity class. Get same-day (same hour) results. With the knowledge and skills taught in this course, you will be able to ...

  • Achieve flow state through drawing intuitively which some experience as a rush or bliss (really!)
  • Transform the most critical force in your life for good
  • Utilize Metacognitive Drawing to improve cognition and gain deeper self-awareness
  • Notice insights into your own genius within minutes
  • Access your hidden world at a whole new level
  • Discover creative practices that activate insight — almost on demand — that you can easily use every day to make important life choices
  • Welcome clarity, passion, and pleasure in your life with the Muse
  • Move the stored energies of trauma as you work creatively
  • Become powerful in using Intentional Creativity® in your life
  • FREE your VOICE and GAIN your VISION - from now on!
  • Have fun with your MUSE over a cup of tea!

"Shiloh Sophia is an inspirational and compassionate teacher who helps the student unravel their own limiting beliefs about their creativity and self-expression. She uses hands-on drawing techniques to illustrate and express the content of her ideas, which is fun and powerful" ~ Claudia

“When we find freedom from the trauma of our stories,
we can re-invent our own legends and do the sacred work of organizing our consciousness.” ~Shiloh Sophia  

My Story about this course and why it is important to me

A message from Shiloh Sophia

Dear One,

Will you pull up a chair and have a cuppa' tea with me? The Muse is requesting your presence.

She wants to know...

What are YOU on the planet to bring? What longs to come forth from within you?

If you aren't sure or if you already know but you haven't been able to bring it into form. This course is pure magic. You have never seen anything like this before.

How can I say that?

Because YOU are the one making the magic - and you haven't made it like this. It's a fresh and real-time transformation.

My calling or gift is to bring about self-awakening and celebration through creativity. Creativity is the fastest, coolest, and least dogmatic approach to direct knowing that myself and many of our students have ever experienced. I have taught our approach called Intentional Creativity, to tens of thousands worldwide. But until this class, I had never taught it without painting.

When the Shift Network invited me to teach a class in January 2019 I was delighted - but there was one caveat. Their community wasn't ready for painting. ARGHHH! What could I bring them when my gift was catalyzed through painting?

So, I taught a course, unlike anything I had ever offered in my teaching career, with only pen and paper. It’s called metacognitive drawing. This kind of drawing is not about skill - this is about the experience of what happens WHEN you are drawing.

The experience ROCKED, some of our events were viewed by over 5,000, and over 300 people came to the class - men and women. AND What happened for me was powerful and life-changing. It and gave rise to a new project. I taught my body of work in 7 Gateways with pen and paper. Then I used what I learned there to create the coaching program called Motherboard.

This is the third time we have offered Dance of the Critic and the Muse. This time we are adding an optional painting part because there are so many painters in the MUSEA community but also, I have something fresh to teach around the United Archetype - One Voice Philosophy. I hope you will come along...

To make the right choices for our lives we have to be able to think.

To know how to think you have to know how to work with your brain.

To work with the intelligence of the brain you need access to the heart.

The Muse, aka the Soul's voice, lives in the domain of love.

We know where she hides the keys.

Visit to learn more about Shiloh Sophia and to view her work.

The Dance of the Critic and the Muse unleashed a whole new way of seeing myself and my role in my life. When it was first presented by the Shift Network it set me on the path of being at cause for the evolution of my own consciousness. Thank you Shiloh Sophia for opening the door for me to uncover the magic sleeping within me." ~ Elica Johnson 

 Open to the joy of authentic self-expression,
and invite your Muse to dance with you!

Give yourself the gift of creativity to become more empowered and confident to live from the voice and wisdom of the Muse!

If you have always wanted to be more self-expressed and were concerned that you weren't talented or creative enough - say goodbye to that old story. See ya'!