Musette is the new gallery, workshop, film studio, and event venue curated by Sonoma artists Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud.
(They are the dynamic team behind MUSEA – an art museum and school with a global following.)

Musette Atelier is the latest project and collaboration of Musea's school and museum. The museum has been relocated to Musette, located in downtown at the the Sonoma Plaza - 492 1st Street East, and continues to feature permanent collections while offering virtual exhibit events, guided exhibit tours, rotating gallery shows, and a museum store. Musette is also an event venue, has a heritage book collection, and offers some basic art supplies. Small Intentional Creativity classes are offered within the walls of this unique creative space, while larger classes are held at 75 Fremont Drive in the Carneros of Sonoma. You are invited to drop by Musette to sample a chocolate, draw a picture with our art supplies, and have a cup of tea while reading poetry. Or perhaps ask the artists on site to tell you a story about the paintings here or the Feast Table of Love. You never know what you might find in this delectably surprising space.

We are located at 492 1st Street East Sonoma Plaza, California.

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“The name Musette for our Sonoma Plaza store is inspired by a concept we apply in our Intentional Creativity classes – the Muse. The Muse is a reminder of the beauty, self-expression, and love in all of us. Musette is a space to honor that,” says Shiloh Sophia, owner, artist, and gallery curator.

Musette is a working studio where MUSEA’s robust online education program will be broadcast live, or filmed and produced. Musette will be a welcome space for the school and gallery’s menu of speakers, book talks, workshops, classes, and more that bring visitors from all over the US as well as over 70 countries where students are based worldwide.

Musette is the new gallery, workshop, film studio, and event venue curated by Sonoma artists Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud. They are the dynamic team behind MUSEA - an art museum and school with a global following. The two have created together - in business and life - for over ten years. They are pleased to open their latest retail storefront on the Sonoma Plaza at 492 1st Street East. (Right next door to Ledson Hotel.) Musette will be a space for local and global art exhibits, art classes, calls for art, unique gifts, and much more. 

Jonathan, a chef, restauranteur, winemaker, farmer, and chocolatier works side by side with Shiloh and will be offering an apothecary line of products in the store including tea, chocolate, olive oil, and other culinary offerings. Jonathan is also the filmmaker and producer of their global education. The couple hosts supper clubs in person and plans for catered events and virtual wine education. Musette is not a wine bar, however, they closed their wine bar by the same name in Tiburon during the pandemic. As a part of the museum they run a monthly salon called Imprensiva Society for those who are museum members – membership is open to all at

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~ Proprietors~ Shiloh Sophia McCloud Jonathan McCloud

 We are telling stories through curated exhibitions of art, cuisine and experiences. Musette is the Atelier (workshop) for our museum and school which is both virtual and on-location.

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Photos from MUSETTE on Sonoma Plaza. The cozy ambiance awaits your senses!

So now with Musette Atelier, the McClouds wish to offer the community a space that nurtures an experience where people can freely engage in the feeling of art and the artist’s lifestyle. A working studio where anyone can view themselves as an artist. “Our philosophy is that everyone is creative. Given the tools and space to express ourselves, we all have something to say through self-expression.”  They plan to let the family story continue to organically unfold while letting the space evolve and become what it wants over many years.

Join us for dreaming into the future of this uniquely creative space. 


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Musette Jonathan & Shiloh Sophia McCloud 492 1st Street East Sonoma CA 95476 707-318-8189 Direct Office: Musea @ 75 Fremont Dr. Sonoma CA 95476   


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