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Discover a new approach

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Complimentary 12-Part Miniseries Drawing Class

The Benefits from Metacognitive Drawing apply to EVERYONE from Professional Artists to First Time Drawers.


Teaching Topics Include

  • Illustrative Prayer
  • Navigating Bad News
  • Creating Heart Coherence
  • The Voice in Your Head
  • Destress and Bless
  • Rhythmic Breathing

Student Shares about Metacognitive Drawing

"I'm using metacognitive drawing as the foundation for a mindfulness workshop for girls that I am creating.

It helps them calm their minds and focus their thoughts enough to make absorbing the rest of the workshop easier.

I also use it myself as a way to help me make decisions and relax during times of stress and confusion.

I recommend always having a small notebook with you wherever you go so it is available for metacognitive drawing and doodling whenever the need arises. It's a great tool to keep children occupied and calm during road trips or long waits for the doctor or dentist."

Mom and Artist.

~ Audrey Hopeful Heart

"Creative Catalyst here! As a Color of Woman Teacher, Red Thread Guide, and Artist I use metacognitive drawing at the start of most of my paintings as a way to open the portal to the unseen. This is like an invitation for my Muse to come though!

Sometimes it is done in red paint as a mark of intention while I gently hold the inquiry, "What will come through today?" or "What wants to be revealed or released?"

When guiding community circles or sharing a process, I use it as an invitation for participants to invite a beginner's mind regarding a topic or theme. In this way, they are consciously choosing to listen for insights, follow the pen, and embody their inner witness to the transformation they are creating for themselves.

This is so fulfilling because metacognitive drawing helps me to move into a part of myself that I usually struggle to get to on my own. But while I am using it to guide others, that small part of me expands."

~ Milagros Suriano-Rivera
Uni Student

“The power of Metacognitive Drawing by the act of simply listening for what the Voice of my Soul is saying to me is the fastest and most profound method of communing with the LOVE DIVINE that I have ever experienced.

I am profoundly grateful to Shiloh for giving me this incredible gift that I will now be able to share with so many others. The gift of a direct & sacred connection to The Singularity flowing from the tip of one single pen.”

Cosmic Cowgirl Stardust Unicorn
Certified IC Guide, Guild Journeywoman, & Teacher in Training, ~ Ashley Merritt

About Artist Shiloh Sophia

For 30 years, Curate Shiloh Sophia McCloud has been devoted to nurturing the emergence of conscious community through self-expression. She has published 8 books, taught her curriculum at 3 universities, spoken at the United Nations for 8 years, financed over 7 galleries centering on women’s art and has provided millions of dollars of jobs for women around the world in the arts. While McCloud is an artist, storyteller and teacher, she is also a futurist who has founded one of the world’s largest global art movements, serving tens of thousands of students per month called Musea Center for Intentional Creativity®. She teaches a ‘path of practice’ in the arts, and offers ceremonies throughout the wheel of the year for people to repair their relationship with creativity, the earth and themselves. McCloud is a prolific painter with many sold out shows. She still paints weekly for both her own exploration and on camera for her global audience. 

Curate Shiloh Sophia McCloud