"Creativity should not be relegated to talent. Creativity does not belong to the realm of talent. Creativity is the birthright of every single human being, without it, we are half asleep. Creativity makes the interior, move to the exterior, and that in return shapes the interior again, it is a cycle of learning one’s self. Everyone is using it all the time, but if you don’t know you are, then it doesn’t work the same. And if you know you are, you can bring intention. And if you bring intention, you change, the art changes and all of us are changed." - Shiloh Sophia

On-Demand Daylong Painting Classes

You can do any of these in a weekend!

Introduction to Drawing 
Light Your Muse Fuse!
 Create Oracle Deck
Paint Flowers
Paint Your Connection

Complimentary Classes

Fun and exploratory ways to learn what we teach

Dance Between Worlds
Shift Your Worldview
Explore the Science of Art
Intuitive Drawing
Illustrative Woman
Intuitive Drawing Class
Quantum Connection Red Thread
Seminar and Storytelling
Design Your Path