Complimentary Virtual Seminars for Women in Business

The value of this information is priceless. That said as a class it is: $145. And for you it is complimentary. Come on over and view these teachings. They were recorded during the LIVE sessions.

Topics for Spark include:

  • What are the three things to create optimal alignment for receiving?
  • Experience a prosperous heart ritual to release scarcity and welcome generosity 
  • Come away from the experience with two game-changing sentences to include in your marketing 
  • Explore the power of your imagination on behalf of your prosperity   
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SPARK: Intuitive Business for New Beginnings
Seminars Guided by Curate Shiloh Sophia

Three 1.5 hour Virtual Seminars

Originally recorded LIVE on March 2023

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Hello there! I'm Shiloh Sophia, an artist and the founder of a world-wide community centering on art and story. While my focus has been art and how it weaves with intention and healing - I have also been in business since I was 24 years old! At that young age, I left the corporate world to enter a world of art and study.

Two years later I mounted my first art show. I sold everything in that show! Getting that first 'cash in' for my work lit the SPARK and off I went into the brave badlands called Entrepreneurship.

After all these years I have something to say that I want to share with you. If you are interested in how creativity and intuition can bring life into your new business, or you are looking for a new beginning in your existing work - join me. These gatherings are part lecture, part ritual, part creative access journey. I promise, it won't be like any other business event you have attended, it will be fun, and you will get almost instant results. ~ Shiloh Sophia