guides a dynamic introductory class
to explore Drawing.


Intuitive Drawing Class
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Upon registration!

Age 8 and above.
One ticket per family.
All are welcome.

Special Guest Jonathan McCloud for storytelling on

the MUSEA Co-Founders Love Story.


Watch from the comfort of your studio or kitchen table!


Tickets are $47 or use code scholarship for 50% savings as needed

Have you always wanted to learn to draw from within?
Have you told yourself you can 'only draw stick figures'?

Or some such person 'got all the talent in the family'?


Our Called by Love class will empower you with the awareness and tools to draw in a brand new way that you can never get wrong!
Yes, that's for real, and it's FUN!

"Everybody is creative. Everybody can draw. Creativity isn't just for talented people, it is for everyone. Our intuitive drawing approach will provide a 'way' to consistently access the ideas and information often hidden in our minds and hearts" ~ Shiloh Sophia

You CAN draw.
You might not be able to draw what you see, just the way you see it, but you can draw what you feel and

discover insight into what gets revealed.
You will be surprised,
and we hope, delighted!

Here at MUSEA, we believe drawing should be accessible to everyone. It shouldn't be based on talent. Jonathan says:
"We are here to rescue creativity from the tyranny of the talented!"

If you are a person who secretly has always wanted to draw, this day is going to give you a way to access that desire. You will leave with the tools to draw intuitively to reveal hidden information, and feel good while you are creating.

Called by Love is a fun and informative 3-hour class that will introduce you to intuitive drawing.

This class is designed to invite you to feel that drawing IS for you, is possible, and that you can begin to both see in the external world and interpret, as well as draw from your inner world.


You will...

Have an experience of creativity and watch your images come to life!


You will...

Come away from our experience with introductory skills and tools to bring drawing into your life.


You will...

Discover a way to discern intuitive insight from your drawing practice. You will be amazed at how well it works.

"My entire experience with creativity came through drawing. I will show you the VERY first Intuitive Drawing I have ever done - and HOW it led to a global movement with tens of thousands of people creating. This dynamic experience will give you access to your hidden world. " ~ Shiloh Sophia

MUSEA looks forward to introducing you to this special way of working with drawing to gain insight, perspective, and yes a little bit of skill.


  • WHAT: CALLED BY LOVE Intuitive Drawing Class with Shiloh Sophia and Special Guest, Jonathan McCloud
  • WHEN: Whenever you're ready! Plan an afternoon and commit art!
  • WHERE: Watch via Video at your leisure. Access provided upon registration.
  • WHO: FUN for the WHOLE FAMILY starting with age 8 - younger can come but might not have their interest held for all three hours. ALL SKILL LEVELS ARE WELCOME!
  • WHY: Become empowered with the awareness and tools to draw in a brand new way that you can never get wrong! Gain intuitive access to your unique internal language!
Access for $47 or 2 payments of $25

ABOUT SCHOLARSHIPS: If you need a scholarship to help this course be possible, use code scholarship for 50% savings. You can also choose the payment plan option. Those who can afford the regular price make it possible for us to offer savings to others who express a need. We are a community that practices reciprocity. Thank you so much!

WE GUARANTEE OUR EXPERIENCES WILL KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF! We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you complete your drawings and do not experience a transformation in your story. You can view our refund policy here.

"The ability to draw and communicate visually can no longer be seen as optional." 

~ Bette Fetter, author of Being Visual: Raising a Generation of Innovative Thinkers.

See yourself here:

"Called by Love" Student Creations

Getting ready to rock the call to love! - Uma Mulnick's desk

"Letting Love In" by Shauna Prince

"We are infinite possibilities" by Shauna Prince

"I hear you" by Shiila Safer

"Turn up your love light" by Rowan Varvais

"Love Flowing In" by Sue Boardman

"Listen to me" by Shauna Prince

"Held" by Shiila Safer

"VAST" by Chris Mullins

Share from Sophie Michaud and her daughter Eve

"My daughter Ève and I were called by love to attend Shiloh’s offering together. We interpreted it as an invitation to make time to be with each other in creative space and play - something that our busy lives don’t easily allow, and it was a beautiful gift to exchange. We set the computer by our tiny table covered in our favorite materials so we could invite Shiloh into our circle and follow along with her teachings. New to livestream classes but familiar with Netflix, my 8-year old soon dissolved any technological boundaries and started connecting with Shiloh as if she was in the room. When we heard Shiloh say “I am with you where you are”, Evie stopped drawing and stared at the screen, watching intently, receiving Shiloh’s love openly. She felt into the proximity so easily, it was amazing to witness the connection she was sensing. After that as she drew, questions naturally arose and she’d just ask Shiloh point blank, convinced that Shiloh was listening and that she’d be heard. When I told her that Shiloh could not answer her right this moment, Shiloh would in fact say something that directly addressed Evie’s question and I instantly stood corrected. My little one looked at me as if to say “don’t you see the magic here? The thread is real mom!”. And so she kept drawing in satisfaction with the moment, experiencing the class from a place of possibility, opening herself to her own creativity. It was truly special to witness. Thank you Shiloh for this beautiful moment of creatively loving togetherness!"

About Musea Co-Founder, Shiloh Sophia

Shiloh Sophia lives life as a great adventure narrated by the creative fire of her Muse! She has dedicated her life to the belief that self-expression is a basic human right and shares her message with tens of thousands around the world through her paintings, poetry, and teachings. She has been leading a global movement of revolutionary education and art for the past 25 years focused in healing and transformation called Intentional Creativity®.

The legacy of her body of work gave rise to an innovative Museum which features shows for women virtually and on location, as well as education through Classes and Trainings for Intentional Creativity Teachers and Coaches. Shiloh Sophia is the Curator and Co-founder of MUSEA : Center for Intentional Creativity®, with locations in Sonoma and around the world. “I believe making art with intention combines the best of healing and recovery through science, embodiment and mindfulness. Most mornings, she can be found having tea with her Muse, pouring over quantum physics, philosophy, and sacred texts in the Red Thread Cafe with her husband Jonathan.

About Musea Co-Founder and Guest Speaker
Jonathan McCloud

Jonathan McCloud, is a Chef, poet, and artist at heart. He was born in a small West Virginia town and was built for adventure. He spent two tours jumping out of airplanes for the US Air Force and retired from service from injuries. He found himself swept into the glamor and gastronomy of the food world and worked for top chefs around the world serving fine cuisine. He owned several restaurants as well as earned two advanced degrees with honors in business.

He met Shiloh Sophia in 2012 and the two of them struck up a quantum conversation resulting in a lifelong partnership and working together in business with Intentional Creativity through various technology platforms. He now brings his savvy to her world as the 'man behind the curtain'. Described by his colleagues as an alchemist, Mr. McCloud co-founded their not-for-profit, the Intentional Creativity Foundation, prepares cuisine for participants around the world with his culinary genius, and creates supper clubs for eccentrics. He serves as the CFO of the organization.

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