MUSEA : Center for Intentional Creativity® and Cosmic Cowgirls® invites you to watch THE COMPLIMENTARY BOOK READING

The Feast Table of Love

An Intentional Creativity® Story with Co-Founder and Curator

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MUSEA and COSMIC COWGIRLS invite you watch this special Reading and Teaching from Shiloh Sophia's new book, The Feast Table of Love, (originally filmed LIVE on September 7th, 2021). You will also have a chance to purchase a copy of the book.

Experience a reading of myth based on a true story of Shiloh Sophia and her teacher, Intentional Creativity Matriarch Sue Hoya Sellars. In reality, Sue made Shiloh a table for her first gallery in Sonoma, called Color of Woman in 2000. This story is inspired by the table and the layers of meaning held within the crafting of the wood, and how an artist cares for the world. This is an Intentional Creativity Story that reveals the many layers of intention that an artist can choose to include in her creations. This is the book release party for Shiloh Sophia's newest illustrated book!

Publisher : Cosmic Cowgirls Ink, LLC

Shiloh Sophia and Sue Hoya Sellars in 2014 in Paris.

"Bringing your intention into what you make changes what you make, which then changes you. It is a path of reciprocity between you and the creation. Your energy passes from energy into form, then is returned to you in the field. Flow is happening. This is happening whether you know it or not, but if you know it, the impact is exponentially amplified. You are the curator of your experience as a creative." ~ Shiloh Sophia

If you want to learn more about the teachings and roots of our global movement, come on and join us at the table with a cuppa tea. If you have been considering studying with us through one of our MUSEA Certification Trainings, such as Color of Woman, Motherboard or Red Thread Training, this is the perfect opportunity to learn more about us and our lineage that started in the 1930's. Become a part of a movement and a lineage. Intentional Creativity is for all beings!

Learn how to infuse your work with amplified meaning and how that translates into inspired activism. Sue Hoya Sellars taught our lineage how to truly see with the eyes of the artist. And to honor the gift of being incarnate in a physical body. She taught us how we are ‘sacks of cooling stardust’ with a choice of how to use our precious energy and content. She taught us that one of the most powerful ways to come to consciousness is through the making of intentional art.