Watch a dynamic teaching with the husband and wife team that founded an emergent global museum and community with over 10,000 members.

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  • Can we reduce our stress response in the moment?
  • How much authorship do we really have in how we feel?
  • How does intention impact our state when creating?
  • What IS the science of art anyway?

Come away from the experience with some actual answers, and practices for you to try out. PLUS we will engage in metacognitive drawing practice and a coherence meditation. You don't want to miss this, these two are always up to something wild!

Shiloh and Jonathan are both deeply passionate about the path of healing through creativity and how it (literally)works in the body and energy system. She is an artist and educator who has been studying healing for over 25 years through the framework of creativity. He is a poet, chef, and Veteran who teaches on recovery and PTSD. Their mutual love of science and the arts led them to found MUSEA, a global center for Intentional Creativity.

In this class, she asks him questions and he asks her questions with no script or outline to follow. Fresh, exciting, and potentially revealing! Their topic, the science of art - How it works, why it matters, and what we can do about it.

MUSEA - Center for Intentional Creativity® is a living Art Museum and School. MUSEA is home to an inter-generational and multicultural collective of emerging and experienced creatives, healers, and leaders. The MUSEA community is a global art movement dedicated to self-expression as a method for consciousness and compassion through the arts. The Intentional Creativity Arts Guild of MUSEA-Certified educators and curators offer engaging arts programming across the world co-curating art exhibits and online classes and in-person experiences.

For more than two decades MUSEA has nurtured an Intentional Creativity cultural framework rooted in the teachings of a matriarchal art lineage of storytelling and images. Intentional Creativity is an inter-disciplinary practice weaving creative arts, sciences, somatics, transpersonal psychology and archeo-mythology. A core premise is that creativity is a basic human right that enables every person to know how they think, feel, and therefore act. 

MUSEA extends an invitation to all beings to live with connection and intention by choosing to bring love and awareness into everything we create and our relationship with the universe. Together we can remember the past, live in the present with intention and dream the future. 

Jonathan McCloud and Shiloh Sophia during the Science of Art Class.

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