A 6 Month Online Certification Training with Optional In Person Retreats

Enrollment Opens this Summer and we begin in the Fall 2020

Reprogram Your Operating System.

Learn How to Think in New and Exciting Ways.

Make Knowledge and Stories Visible.

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Introducing our state-of-the-art curriculum designed to give you access to curating consciousness through awakening your visual knowledge. In our experiential learning community, you will discover new ways of thinking. This will empower you to work with your clients in an entirely new way. Discover your voice so that you can guide others to discover their own!

The name, 'MOTHERBOARD' is a metaphoric bridge between inner and outer awareness. This bridge acknowledges that you have your own unique information that we call your source code, which is a playful way to work with your personal story and the human experience. MOTHERBOARD is an invitation to repattern and discover new ways of re-programming our operating system. Our stories are in need of a new narrator!

Are you ready to expand your toolbox to start working fully with your left and right brain, heart, energy psychology, and intuition? This training is specifically designed for practitioners, professionals, artists, and teachers who want to uplevel their impact, offerings and results with the emergent and ancient technology of working visually. We will work together through virtual mediums including circles, masterminds, sharing our work and coaching each other. You will also be invited to work on one big painting during the entire journey as a blessing for you, and a way of truly experiencing the power of Intentional Creativity. Each aspect of the module will be something YOU can use with YOUR clients once you have gone through the process.

What We Cover

These modules will be delivered in experiential multimedia. This is a more linear overview of what we will be exploring and the content we will be diving into.


BECOMING AWARE: Identifying and breaking free of constraints and discovering how to use your voice.  

SELF AWARENESS: Who Am I? Who is doing this thinking/seeing/being? 

CONTEXTUAL AWARENESS: Where Am I? (this body, this earth, this frame, this environment)

RELATIONAL AWARENESS: What are my relationships/responsibilities?

COSMIC AWARENESS: What is my connection to the divine/universe/unknown?  


QUANTUM CREATIVITY: Discovering how to be at cause through liberating yourself and discovering how to use your mind.  

CALLING CHOICES: What is mine to do in my life and how do I do it?  

AUTHORSHIP CHOICES: How much self agency do I really have?  

MANIFESTATION CHOICES: How do I bring ideas (consciousness) into matter/form?  

CONSCIOUS CHOICES: How do I create quantumly?  


INTEGRATING SELVES: Discover the specific facets of the self that leads to a greater awareness and conscious intentional choice to integrate those facets.  

SELF DISCOVERY: Creating alignment between soul, body, self, mind and field using the imagination and Intentional Creativity to 'practice' integration. Being 'quantumly creative'.  

POWER DISCOVERY: Initiating intentional choice and getting familiar with the concept of the 'imprensiva' as a way to 'think' about your brain and senses and how they inform your experience.  

HEALING DISCOVERY: Work with affirmations specific to the many facets of the self to create a more embodied way of being. 

WHOLENESS DISCOVERY: Connecting your inner and outer selves, cosmos and earth, soul and body. The symmetry of the soul. 


PRACTICING the FIELD: Begin to explore how you can tune into the field in your work for greater cognition.  

PRACTICING BEING HUMAN: Develop the awareness of your client as a whole human being and treat them that way.  

PRACTICING INTUITION: Discover how you can bring your intuition into your coaching sessions in a truly authenic way.  

PRATICING the IC PATTERN: Look at the skills in context with the IC Coaching Pattern and how they fit into the flow you are using.  

PRACTICING INQUIRY: Begin to make a list of your own Powerful Questions and FOCUSED Inquiries that can lead your client to a breakthrough.  

METACOGITIVE DRAWING CHOICES: Explore the choices of how you will work with drawing in your sessions.  


INVOKING WONDER: A fresh view that is Muse Infused - one that can be provacative and inspiring.  

INVITING YOUR CLIENTS INTO POWERFUL INQUIRY: Asking powerful questions that are designed to catalyze access.  

COCREATING WITH YOUR OWN CONSCIOUNESS: Becoming accountable to the idea that you can be co-creative with your own consciousness. How does it work and how you can you deepen your capacity.  

AWAKENING BY CHOICE: Recognizing that consciousness is ours to embody and curate. Doing what you can to become awake by choice and invite others to the same.  

WORKING WITH YOUR WAY OF SEEING, LISTENING THINKING and BECOMING: Experiencing this through inquiry and metacognitive drawing.  

EXPLORE THE FIVE SACRED INQUIRIES FOR SELF-AWARENESS THROUGH INTENTIONAL CREATIVITY: Capacity, Structures, Coherency, Cocreation, and Authorship DEVELOP A TEACHING: You are invitated to develop a teaching that can be shared with your clients. Work from a place of invoking WONDER.  


CURATING CONSCIOUSNESS: Intentional Creativity in its purest form - providing people ways to work with themselves to be able to see what is hidden  

UNDERSTANDING WHAT IT MEANS TO BE 'AWAKE': Being self-aware to the point that your soul allows you to be at this time.  

LIVING AT THE 'QUIVERING EDGE' OF AWAKENING: Developing YOUR awareness of YOU, feeling the change in your body and energy  

BEING AT CAUSE FOR THE AWAKENING OF OTHERS: Moving from your own awakening to supporting others in seeing what they haven't been seeing  

HOLDING A COLLABORATIVE FIELD and FLOW: Empowering you to be conscious enough to be available to what arises in the moment with a client - with access to your resources or invention on the spot.  

UNVEILING INSIGHT: Working through IC to quicken or stir access to the unconscious 'unknown' parts 


SENSUAL SOMATICS: Connecting and consulting with the body and its senses in the IC coaching process  

CURATING SENSUAL ENVIRONMENTS: Designing your coaching space and sessions to honor your clients sensual nature.  

OFFERING RITUAL TO IGNITE THE SENSUAL: Creating rituals that invite your clients more deeply into their somatic sensing and intuitive body.  

INQUIRY DRAWING: Using metacognitive drawing as a coaching tool in response to your client's body language.  

INTUITIVE DRAWING: Guiding the client into feeling states and a future orientation through guided visualization and metacognitive drawing.  

I AM HERE STROKES: Inviting your client to be here NOW - experiencing themselves as fully PRESENT.


QUANTUM CONNECTION: Understanding the Red Thread as the talismanic symbol of quantum connetion.  

SENDING and RECEIVING: Understanding the consciousness and science of quantum connection and what happens when we intentionally send and receive  

METACOGNITIVE DRAWING: Working with metacognitive drawing to explore your inner intelligence and awareness of quantum connection.  

COHERENCY THROUGH INTENTION: Recognizing the way intention activates coherency in the mind/body/heart/field. 


Turning your voice, value, and vision into compelling stories that call-in clients and ignites their readiness to work with you.

THE INVITATION: Begin to shape and voice the container you will invite clients to step into.

THE OFFER: What is your vision for your clients' new results? How can they benefit from your guidance? 

THE LANGUAGE: How can you use what you have learned to craft parables that sell?

THE CONTRIBUTION: Becoming ready to fully embody and embrace the true value and possibility that you bring to your clients.


Expanding your coaching skills and capacities to effectively and efficiently guide your clients through metacognitive processes.

Enhance your gifts by learning the innovative coaching competencies that uplevel client's results, nurture you and foster new ways of being.






These will be woven throughout the training and you will get time to practice with your sisters.

Our Creative Process Will Guide You To:

  • Create and keep a Visual Journal  
  • Design a Lexicon of Visual Language Deck  
  • Create graphics for sharing your knowledge 
  • Create templates to use over and over
  • Develop your own icons/images for teaching
  • Learn to tell story in image on paper with pen 
  • Create authentic Social Media Graphics, through drawing and digital  
  • Create graphic posters for gifts, free gifts, or for pay  
  • Storytelling in image to communicate 
  • Practice coaching with image in our group in real time
  • Learn metacognitive drawing practices to use over and over
  • Discover how to intuitively 'source' information from within 
  • Paint one big ole' painting of your 'Motherboard' (no experience needed, and not required for Certification)  

About Enrollment

Applications will open in the Summer of 2020. We hold a Priority Enrollment Cycle, and if you apply during this window, you receive $1,000 tuition savings + priority placement for in person retreats.

There is a standard $100 application deposit, which is applied towards your tuition for the training.

Tuition for 2020 will be shared when we open enrollment this summer. We offer generous payment plans starting around $200 per month. We truly work with you if this is right for you.

We typically open enrollment several months in advance of the training start date to provide our students with pre-work and plenty of time to purchased materials and prepare.

About the Pre-Requisite: Motherboard students are required to take Dance of the Critic and the Muse Online Course. Learn more and register here.

How do I ask a question?  Contact team member Sarah Mardell at

What Our Graduates are Saying

"I completed my Motherboard Certification. The team did a great job putting it together. What has been created in the field changes lives and was thought-provoking. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to Shiloh Sophia and the entire Motherboard staff."

~ Karen Schweitzer

"From late 2013 to mid-2018 was a very personally difficult period in my life. My two brothers died of cancer within a year of each other, and I sustained a head injury, subsequently developing ongoing concentration issues and resigned from my 42-year nursing career. I can honestly say that I would not have been able to navigate that time in my life if I hadn’t had the compass of Intentional Creativity© and the wonderfully supportive group of like-minded women in the Intentional Creativity community. Bringing mindfulness and intention to the art process created a completely different perspective and experience for me"

~ Rosie Mac