Member Vision

Our Vision for our Musea Members isn't a traditional relationship. Our hope is that there will be awakening, kinship and a deepening of relationship orientation as a whole. Our pathway to achieve our vision is Intentional Creativity. Our members are not passive participants viewing art on occasion, they are actually participating in making the art through their membership.

Auric Field Trip by Lana Piercy

AWAKENING Through Self Expression

We hope that being engaged with Intentional Creativity will cause an awakening within our members!

One of the themes that runs through our community is 'curating consciousness' - that we can have a lot more involvement than we think in how we actually function as human beings.

As our members explore themselves through the powerful tools yielded through self-expression, they will find the part of themselves they may have been missing.

We have a vision that our members are conscious, caring people.

Painting by Leslie Nolan

Red Thread

Circle up with us

Study with us

Make art with us

Step more fully into the archetype of Artist

Become a Teacher or Coach

Join our Leadership in the Musea Collective

Teach classes and Co-Lead

Become a part of the Curator's Circle

Show your work, share your stories

Curate a show near and dear to your heart

Your voice, your membership, matters!

Tree of Knowledge by Sue Hoya Sellars

Context of a Creative Lineage

Musea Membership with us is just the beginning of a potentially lifelong relationship and beyond. We have our sights set far into the future for our community.

Building something that will exist long after we are gone - to serve future generations.
Can we imagine a physical museum and a virtual museum that will last hundreds of years? Our members and their descendants will carry it forward.

Those who carry the Lineage of Intentional Creativity will bring this passion forward and claim this as their own.

A Living Museum Guided by the Participation of Our Members

Gather the Tribes by Shiloh Sophia

Founded in Love - We are inviting our Members to be a part of Musea

MUSEA as a living museum is the ultimate installation founded in LOVE.

We are painting ourselves into the picture.
Making the table at which we take our seat.
We are building the museum to house our art.

We are Musea - many muses, many hands, many lands, many voices designed to serve our membership.

We are living life as art, and art as love in action.

Our installation is happening any place our Musea members are making art with intention and awareness of their participation in the bigger picture. We are making the picture together. 

We acknowledge the seen and unseen as a part of the quantum weave that makes Musea local and non-local. We together are making the quantum space for art-making.

The people within Musea are the muses, we are the artists, storytellers, designers, activists, curators, researchers, scientists, musicians, prophets and futurists.  

Our lives as lived, are the stories we tell, are the images we make, forming a new narrative that is both individual and collective. 

The art we make is our offering onto the altar of creation.  By placing it here we assert our own relevancy and connection to one another and to earth. We belong here. We belong to each other. We stand for justice, liberty and frameworks that offer access to those who wish to speak their images and stories.

The community we tend is the relevant practicum of our soul work both personally and collectively. We seek to serve and are served in return. This is the regenerative nature of creation itself. Through collaborative curation we are living the museum. 

Our curriculum is what we learn by making and awakening, that we pass from hand to hand, heart to heart. We shape structures of wholeness to identify the parts that make up the big picture.

 This just in, “On exhibit now - humanity awakening through the voices of artists around the world.”

 You can find us in the Virtual Museas or in the physical Musea Centers or Art Studios around the world having tea with our muses. Join us in your own studio now...

You could just begin to make art and find yourself here. Tug on the red thread and become part of the Living Museum in real-time. New here? Hold on, we will take your hand, give you red thread to weave and share our gifts with you as you share yours with us.

We are changing the barriers to entry. Not waiting for an invitation to the table or the gallery wall or the wing where our art can fly. We are artist-owned, artist-funded, artist-run and we feature our member’s art and teachings. Our members are not passive witnesses of a bygone era or the approved elite curations of the art world’s darlings.

We will break the model of less than 2% of women in museums, women of all colors and cultures will be invited to the land of many voices, many hands, many lands.  

This is the future of museum-craft, not just an archive to view in the past in isolation. Rather, the present as we are experiencing it now, becoming the new historical document and artifact. Only from this perspective of our own relevancy can we look back, and create a context of a history largely told by power-over systems, and then curate a conscious future together. 

Power-within is here, it is a living museum of thousands of women and those who love us, worldwide. This is Musea. This is love in action through Intentional Creativity.

We are curating our own consciousness. To curate means to care, to have concern, to a means of healing. A Curate or Curator may be a spiritual guide or leader who cares for those in their charge, from Medieval Latin curatus "one responsible for the care (of souls)," from Latin curatus, past participle of curare "to take care of". Additionally, "be in charge of, manage" a museum, gallery, art exhibit.

“We must move into the future, creating it as we go” ~ Sue Hoya Sellars

A Museum Curated by the Voices of our Membership

MUSEA MEMBERSHIP is available!

MUSEA : Intentional Creativity Coache Graduates of Motherboard 2019