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Intentional Creativity Museum

"Artifacts of the Future"

Wednesday, December 16

10am HT | 12pm PT | 3pm ET | 9pm CET | Next day 7am AEDT | 9am NZDT

Gather with our community of women creatives to view the works and honor the Artists from the ARTIFACT 2020 Medicine Painting Course! Gather with Musea Curator Shiloh Sophia and our community of women creatives!

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Receive monthly Salons with Founders Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud LIVE on Zoom, as well as audio discussions. Bring your morning cafe or evening vino as we talk about

  • quantum mechanics and neuroscience
  • healing as it relates to Intentional Creativity
  • including practices for repatterning neuropathways that you can bring into your life
  • Plus a splash of color theory and art history

December's Salon Topic is The Cortical Homunculus. Shiloh and Jonathan discuss exploring the Imprensiva in relationship to the sense of communing.

Jonathan and Shiloh in New York at the Hilma Af Klint exhibit at the Guggenheim in 2019

Plus receive all that is included in the Museum Membership

  • Private iMusea App a safe space off FB to share your projects
  • Invitations to EXHIBITS with special member benefits
  • Curator's Communications about artists, shows and upcoming events
  • Features Opportunities to participate in virtual and on-location shows
  • Weekly Witnessing on Creative projects
  • Monthly Red Thread Connect Calls
  • Member Dashboard
  • Access to the Cosmic Library
  • Savings on Classes and Courses
  • Letters from the Red Thread Cafe
Imprensiva Society

*For Guild Members, this level is $12. Upon checkout please enter savings code 'guild'

Experience Red Thread Cafe Time with Shiloh and Jonathan. Here is a clip from our first Imprensiva Society Salon.

Imprensiva and the Mind, as it relates to the expression of art. Looking at the legendary thinker of David Bowie as inspiration for our Salon together.

Here are some shares from Imprensiva students after they attended their first Salon with Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan.

"That was fantastic!! You have no idea how exciting and wild it was to see Foucault's concept of biopower be talked about here in IC! My threads are weaving together from a few domains (studied it in grad school). I loved learning about the Mother of Muses being Memory as well. Thank you so much for being you and offering your gifts in helping us to become more self expressed. My heart is overflowing with joy, love & gratitude. ~ S.J.

This was an absolute delight this morning! My mind is still expanding... ~ U.M.

The first Imprensiva Cafe was wonderful. Thank you Shiloh and Jonathan! ~ D.P.

Loving all this expansion and growth of new ideas and offerings! ~M.M.

What a treat!!! And a whole head full of new connections ~ S.B.

Regarding membership commitment: As is standard with membership offerings of this nature, we ask that you commit to a 3-month minimum when choosing to join us for either level. The income received goes towards our Guild staff to deliver the value of your membership. If after the 3 months you have a need to cancel, we require 30 days notice.

A Red Thread Cafe Subscriber - Complimentary

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Examples of our monthly Zoom Circles. Red Thread, Color and Creativity are key ingredients!

MEMBERSHIPS are possible through the generosity of our Founders and our Community

All MUSEA memberships are made possible through the Intentional Creativity® Foundation, the Guild and the generosity of our Founders, Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud.

Musea provides thousands of women every year with complimentary education, scholarships, work and philanthropic co-creation.

By choosing a paid membership option, you help make possible the advancement of virtual museum craft, furthering of women's representation in the arts, and the preservation of the legacy of Intentional Creativity.

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Revolutionary independent media channels, events, interviews

Over 100 hours of complimentary programming for our students

Monthly calls with thousands of women around the world

Elevation of education and leadership for women in the arts

Mending racialized trauma through education and connection.

Providing jobs for women who work from home, Mama and Grandmas

All ages and levels of education coming together for intergenerational healing

Supporting our initiatives on our annual trip to the United Nations

Working together on common causes that we care about

Bringing awareness to what matters to us as women artists

Micro-Funding for women graduates

Tens of thousands of scholarship a year


Thank you for this Red Thread letter - they are like massages for the brain and the consciousness. When you take us along on your thought trains I follow along and it lightens my own thinking. I trust you, and as I read, I see and experience things - maybe not what you and your Muse see or feel - but things like the frogs singing in the night - the stars and how the night air is a little chilly and makes your skin your hope for the world's awakening is heightened. And with the medicine of coffee and the breaking of this new day I feel again something that was asleep... thank you ~ Red Thread Community member, Frances Malone