A collection of featured images chosen by Curator, Shiloh Sophia

Little Hazel Grace with standing proud with her incredible artwork

Lineage Story - A Journey Home

painting by artist, Juniper Maneilis


Lineage Story - A Journey Home is a tribute to the women whose blood runs through my veins: my Mother, my Mothers Mother and my Fathers Mother…and all the women who came before them.  Then there’s women who have greatly influenced me…my Teacher Shiloh Sophia, my Teacher’s teacher (Sue Hoya Sellers) and her teacher (Lenore Thomas Strauss). The Red thread of connection forever linking our stories together. All these women have influenced me and are a part of me and my Lineage Story! This painting was created while participating in an Intentional Creativity Course called A Journey Home taught by Grace Steenberg. I’m grateful as I was inspired to not only connect with my foremothers, and along with the painting, I also wrote a poem called “Where I come from”, and  a tribute song to the Lineage of Intentional Creativity titled “Oh, Lenore. Here are the lyrics to the song:  

Lineage Story- Oh, Lenore

Oh Lenore, she opened the door. Many have followed through

She carved the way. Tender Stone on display. And by teaching our beloved Sue!

Lenore was Sue Hoya’s teacher…and Oh, she taught her well

The Foremother’s of this lineage story… In our hearts these women dwell

Oh, dear Sue, we’re grateful to you. An artist’s artist, it’s true

Saying “we’re all just cooling sacks of stardust”. Lenore, Sue, Shiloh, Me and you

Sue was Shiloh’s teacher, And Oh, she taught her well

They’re a part of this lineage story. In our hearts these women dwell

Oh Shiloh, wherever you go, many will follow you…

Intentional… Creativity. The legacy of everything you do

Now Shiloh is our teacher…Oh, she taught us well

We’re all a part of this lineage story…In our hearts these women dwell

Oh, Lenore you opened the door.  And Sue you followed through

Now Shiloh leads the way.  With so much more to say

Our Beloved teachers… we all Love you!


Juniper grew up in the mid-west and began exploring drawing, acting and poetry at an early age. Her mother was a Nurse, Artist, Musician, and Poet. Her father was a Doctor and fine Woodworker. It was only natural for Juniper to be drawn to creative expressions as well as being of service to others. At age seventeen, she left home and joined up with a musical gypsy rock group traveling across the country in a repurposed, hippie-style-painted school bus. During their tour of the country, Juniper began writing songs, wrote and illustrated a children’s book and discovered her talents as a vocalist. As well as opening her eyes to a whole new creative world outside of Ohio. They landed in Los Angeles and parked the bus settling into the California musician lifestyle. After several years singing with the gypsy band Romany, she began pursuing her solo career as a vocalist and rubbing shoulders with numerous music legends as she worked in the mainstream music industry and singing on many artists albums and touring nationally with musicians including Hall of famer Bobby Womack.

She also appeared in and wrote music for “FLO” a film about whales and dolphins, recorded “Lies” a solo album, had a music video featured on MTV, and was nominated for a Grammy.

After spending years in the music industry, she took a break to have her family. During this period, she became interested in sound healing and trained at the School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy in Lily Dale, New York. She became an ordained Spiritualist Minister and Metaphysician. Also, a Reiki Master, Certified Doula and Hospice Singer. Working with those entering and exiting the world. Seeing how music had a healing and calming effect. She also studied graphic design and has acted and sung in many theatrical productions.

Then, she took to the stage again with successful local music groups, singing everything from gospel, rock, blues, reggae, folk, r&b and jazz, as well as having sung on quite a few radio & tv jingles.

Junipers painting journey began as a hobby. She had always enjoyed drawing but had done little painting until 2016 when she saw Shiloh Sophia’s art and heard about using painting as a tool for personal transformation. Then learning about the “Color of Woman School of Intentional Creativity”. Juniper applied was accepted into the school and is now also a Certified Teacher of Intentional Creativity.

Currently she is exhibiting her art, writing music, poetry and is always creating new works. Often, she is inspired to combine her passion for music, sound healing and painting using Intentional Creativity for healing and transformational work. Even creating an album of songs about her Intentional Creativity journey titled: My Compass Journey

As a singer she goes by the name Juniper Bay Meadows.

Here’s the link for listening and ordering;

*AND soon to be launched, her website: “He’ARTsongs Studio”, will include all her Offerings including Art Music, Poetry, Merchandise and Red Thread Gatherings.

Visit Juniper's My Compass Journey

In Sisterhood We Rise
Painting by artist Olivia Oso


These soulful sisters represent the 4 Nations of the world….the four elements of life and the four-chambered Heart of the Divine Feminine.

Coming from the four directions: The West represents Africa as she embodies the element of Sacred Water…… She who stands for North America, symbolizes our connection to Mother Earth and all her relations…..the sister of South America carries the eternal flame of Fire and the Eastern sister breathes in Holy Breath and looks within.

In these changing and challenging times, in the “Me Too” movement, women are finding their voices and standing up in their Truth and Rising up in Unity for the Highest Good and Healing of the planet.

Auric Field Trip
Painting by artist Lana Piercy


Dear One,

Exciting, is it not? Can you feel it? It is time, you are ready. You don’t feel ready, you still doubt, but perhaps there is a little bit of sparkle that wasn’t there before? Take that, and let it grow into something amazing. Share your gifts with your Beloveds. They are ready and waiting for you.

It is time to get out of your own way, and move forward with love in your heart. It is safe to share, it is safe to love, it is safe to be, just as you are, in this world. Peace is allowed, permission is granted for you to experience joy and abundance. It is time to dance, and co-create with the Universe, make magic and prosper. Don’t delay, there will always be a reason to put it off, to never start. But we don’t do that anymore. We are fearless warrior women, forging ahead, and showing others how it can be done!


Growing up, I had always wanted to be an artist, or a hairdresser! I was always drawing, and I would sit in my horses paddock and draw him all day. With a chaotic, unstable home life, I made it through my teenage years intact because of my passion for horses, and creating art. This was where I found my peace and solitude, some sense of calm.

Anxiety is something I have struggled with my whole life. It goes back as far as I can remember. For a long time I felt I didn’t have the right to speak up, or stand in my power, due to an overbearing, dominating mother. Through creativity I have learnt to follow my inner compass, and to speak about things close to my heart. I create to heal and work on myself. I feel extremely passionate about sharing creativity, as so many people suffer from anxiety, toxic relationships, or lack of self worth.

My journey as a creative, has guided me and taught me a few ‘core beliefs’ that inform what I do in the world and why. I have learnt my value, my self-worth (I am still working on self-love and self-acceptance—I am human!), Joy, following your heart, Intuition, and Peace.

I want to create art that heals. I want peace, ease and joy to be conveyed through my art. Connection. Art that people can relate to on a heart level. I want to show others how to do this. How to feel this. I love colour, and am drawn a lot to the colours you find in nature. Bush flowers heal. Looking at particular imagery can heal. I love a bit of quirkiness in there, it keeps my Inner Child happy, working with flowers, fairies and whimsy. I called my business EFFLORESSENCE, as we all deserve to bloom. Isn’t it blooming time?

LEGEND: The Returning of the Gifts to Be Given

Painting by artist Sherle Stevens


LEGEND: The Returning of The Gifts to be Given

She came from the Stars, and landed one morning on the top of a very high Mountain. She had been named Celestia. There was no one there but the Wind, and the Wind whispered to her:“Do not be afraid. Even though you are all alone, you are being watched over and protected. You will grow quickly because you are needed down there, down below, on the ground. Do not despair, for they do not seem like you. They do not see what you will see. In time, you will find a few who will be a companion on your path, one or two at a time.

“Until then, try to remember everything you see, everything you feel and everything you learn. All of this is important and you will need it all one day. As you grow, many events and many people will not make sense to you, and some may hurt you. It is all important. One day you will find others on the path and some will explain those experiences to you, and others will show you how to heal from them. The most important thing is that you must learn to see in the dark. And in order to do that, you will be in the dark many times.

“Tools will be provided for you and kindnesses will be shown. This is vital to open your heart to it’s gentleness so you will develop compassion for these strangers - in many ways so different from you. As the years go on, many of your gifts from lifetimes previous will be returned to you. You will again remember how to sing, how to draw, how to dance. Much joy will be yours when you are returned to your gift of sight.

“This is why you were called to Earth again - so you could help others to see what they cannot see themselves, in order that they may heal their hearts.” So upon hearing what was was expected of her - what seemed to be fore-ordained - she became excited, and more than a little scared. But she was also honored to have been given such a marvelous assignment! To be here. Now. To help. To make a difference for someone.


What has always thrilled me is the presence in my life of creativity expressed out loud - whether I’m performing a passionate song in a cabaret - or at another’s performance in music, theatre, dance, or viewing art in a gallery, a museum or a home - I want to be startled awake with the intensity of it... even if it’s a quiet song or a pastel scene, I want it to touch me intensely. And when I am actively expressing myself in any of those ways, I am my most alive.

Because of this innate thirst in me, I was naturally affected powerfully as a child by the intensity of unusually beautiful clothes, and by the flash and brilliance of show business spotlights on faces - Oh, how I love faces!

So I had coloring books and paper dolls and I went to all the movies with the glamour and the furs and the lights and the dancing. In school I began to draw fashionable women and ballet dancers and always faces, faces. In art school I began to paint the human figure from life and grew up to become a fashion artist, even moving to New York, where I thought it would be even more intense. It was. Intense.

I spent over 40 years as an illustrator, art director, creative director, portrait painter.

Now I have begun a whole new epoch in my life as an artist. Now I am not using reference material - a photograph, a model, a real person sitting for their portrait. No. Now my expression on canvas is all coming out from within. Scary. Exciting. Demanding. Authentic.

What is my intention now for creating? It’s to find out what’s beyond the portal of the canvas - waiting to be seen, to be claimed! The sheer enormity of the concept that I am free to make any mark I want to, and another and more after that - that I can cover those marks with a different color, any color is possible - I am free to choose...this is mind-blowing. The power of any one of these choices could stop me; I’m aware of it, but I don’t let it.

So there is a big intake of breath - WHOOSH!!! A quick stroke! I love them that way because they are still quivering with life when I stop - just for a moment. I love to paint fast and loose and sometimes its slow and tight - but that’s a no-go zone. Too dangerous. The whole caper can be lost then, for good.

Who are my influences? For sheer audacity of trembling life in the brush - Franz Kline. For elegance of attitude, perfect anatomy and languid pose, John Singer Sargent. No one has ever painted hands as beautifully. And before him, the Spanish court painter, Diego Velasquez -for the passionate affection in his portraits.

I like my paintings to startle the viewer with their aliveness. I want them to feel that the essence of the person (or being) has been revealed, has come to life. I want my work to excite - as I have been excited in the making.

Tribute to Sue Hoya Sellars

paintings by Sigird van Krieken


Sue Hoya Sellars – opening creative wings so generations of women can fly…

Letter to Sue

Thank you for the wings… Giving them back to us….those who have forgotten we could fly….teaching to live life to our full creative potential….I miss you and will always keep you ahead of my path so I can follow in your liberating footsteps… I miss your sane gutsy caring voice and heart.  That down to earthness,  even though I met you just for a moment, you did transfer to me some of your vision, integrity, strength and practicality, in both art and life.

When I started on the Intentional Creativity path it was love at first sight, I grew to trust my own creative nature.  There were shining orbs of possibility appearing in my paintings and the cosmos, the stars, the ethereal fabric of the universe asking to shine through, I felt as one… which had happened when I began my journey into meditation as well.

Standing outside on a clear crisp night, children safely tucked into their beds I gazed in awe at the night sky, there was a twinkling of bells and an echo, an impression of knowing deeply that I was a part of the stars and the stars were a part of me… it was for me a divine moment of realisation.

…and then I met Sue Hoya Sellars and got it.  Her art, her voice, her life’s work had a lot of this knowledge in it – we are bags of stardust!  Although Shiloh Sophia  talks about the Red Thread Connection that represents those we know and are yet to meet and it is an integral part of our gathering.  Here it was in the very essence of Sue’s legacy and gift…haha! here it was… when the student is ready – the teacher appears, and there I found myself for a moment in her radar.

I know there are earthly angels, in all sorts of guises from all walks of life, they do have wings – although you cannot see them with the naked eye… they are not saintly or flying down from heaven to earth and back again every evening  but still they shine and glow, especially after eating chilli!  they drink beer, they swear or not – whatever, they are irreverent, but also deeply focussed on their individual healing work in the world, they inspire us, the apprentice angels to value life, to stand up, to dare, to be present and do.  To be there when life is tough, to create beauty and protect the vulnerable.  To live authentically with respect.

Sue was Real with a big Heart and showed in her day to day life how to be accountable and enquire into the divinity that is life.  She had grace in spades and the advice and straight talk over a beer and chilli is what set me on the path toward change.  I was so absolutely fortunate to spend the time that I did… her guidance in painting and finer detail… I can’t say enough of how hungry and thirsty I was for any snippet she might cast my way!  To date, I am still on the lookout for a pair of overalls that I can splatter with paint and want to learn to ride a motor-bike, to have a space, a retreat for women that need time to heal, to paint, to trust their own voice.  I still want to paint more and more and more.  This is how she influenced me with no strings attached.

Sue gave birth to a lot of artists, Sue and Shiloh, both,  the co-conspirators… as I laughingly called them when I witnessed them sitting together and planning, I remarked on this to Carron Shiloh’s mum… she said yes… that is what they are and do!

I look for her in every painting that I embark on… I still have a small guiding sketch that she drew in my notebook… I will treasure it always, I must admit that I still have not quite finished the work I started In Healdsberg that Sunday … I keep thinking is this piece good enough? enough of a tribute?  my testament to her life’s work? … but then, when I look at myself and the many women – the angels – who are now part of this visionary path, that are up and flying about all over the place, in the world with their paintbrushes and love.   I think that she would say that We,  will do.

Sue & Shiloh

Thank you always.

Sigrid EA

Wild Reverence

Intentional Creativity painting by artist, Ally Markotich


Wild Reverence
by Ally Markotich

Here I am. Surprised?

You didn’t expect Barbie, did you?

Here I stand,

fearless warrior

jewel-toned diva

sexy sacred

critic muse

dark light

A bold declaration of 

your integrated self

I’m fully aware of

all the pieces

you’ve kept small,

tried to hide,

withered yourself 

down to 

nearly nothing

Listen, there is

No. More. Hiding.

Your pious self is quaint and lovely—

but hell, it sure isn’t all of you.

I’ve witnessed

your salty, clever,

badass, rebel self.

And, I love it.

Why be some watered down

version of yourself

showing the sweet, good girl

while hiding your wit,
your fierce power, 

your sensual self?

I’m so damn sick of sweet. 

Too much sweet rots the interior.

You must rethink holy—

isn’t light even in the darkness?

Are you afraid? Why?

You have creative sparks.

You see my access —


my liquid ears

my breezy eyes

my earthy voice 

my magic aura

my secret knowing

I am the portal

drawing you in

to the desire I hold,

the laughter I create,

the spark I emit.

I am the freedom

leading you to

sing a different song,

dance to your rhythm,

frolic with abandon.

I am the risky one

daring you to trust 

my way to take you

deeper still into

the place of revelation.

I know you have questions.

Loads of questions. But, look.

You don’t need to understand

everything about the mystery of me.

You simply need to know

I am here.

I am for you.

I am the merger.

The invitation is at your door—

A party entirely for you

to step into your full sparkle power.

Shall I grab the glitter?


Ally is passionate about kindling the creative flame that lives within each of us. She’s an artist, poet and Intentional Creativity® teacher who is trained in Spiritual Formation (Columbia Theological). Ally is the creator of Soul Kindling (LLC), a sanctuary designed to awaken participants to their inner well of wisdom. She invites participants to a table of spiritual practice where they explore their sacred story, re-member their creativity and ignite fresh vision for their lives. An advocate for Red Thread circles, Ally leads regular gatherings that uplift belonging and individual voice as imperative elements of the whole. Her art is currently on exhibit at Harrington Center (Columbia Theological, Decatur, GA) and has also been part of the Moore County Fine Arts Festival (NC/August 2019) as well as Litmus Gallery (Raleigh, NC/October 2018). Ally lives with her husband, Chris, two sons and yellow lab among the pine trees of North Carolina where a stop for ice cream is always possible. You can find her art, workshops and musings at


Painting by artist, Phyllis Taylor


A wound needs air in order to heal. We must talk about and expose those things which have hurt or harmed us in some way. Our wounds need nurturing to heal but we must first admit the wounds exist. We must carefully do what is necessary to help ourselves feel better and heal.


As an Intentional Creativity ® teacher, Phyllis A. Taylor offers individual creativity coaching and facilitates workshops to encourage women and those who support them to focus on acknowledging, accepting, and activating their imagination and insight to fully express their Fierce, Fabulous & Divinely Feminine selves!

Her “Divine Feminine” portrait series shows women reflecting on the lives they are presently living or have lived thus far.

There is a feeling of freedom and wholeness in being able to see images that reflect women as they see themselves and not how others see them. Phyllis guides others in creating their own images and choose to heal any wounds that may occur around body image, emotional or physical pain through visual art.

By using painting as an alternative method to express their feelings women may re-imagine their lives by transforming their pain into purpose through image. Sometimes there are no words to express what one has experienced and even if there were, one is often unable to articulate their feelings because of grief, pain, or shame. By using painting as medicine Intentional Creativity ® can be a powerful healing process which has a way of energizing, nurturing, teaching and mirroring our true selves.

Intentional Creativity® allows Phyllis to share her healing journey with others by showing women the coping methods used to help move her through and to the other side of pain. Phyllis shows women how to visually release hurts using image to change their own stories. This act of creation is empowering and changes the creator in remarkable ways.

Phyllis A. Taylor believes when creativity occurs in broken places transformation happens and Intentional Creativity® is a beautiful catalyst for this transformation.

Then and Now (part of series)

by artist, Jassy Watson


Then & Now, 2019, Ink, Acrylic & Oil on canvas, 120x150cm, framed in contemporary natural oak

'Then and Now', is inspired by the view to a place in the region I live, on the sub-tropical coast of Queensland Australia, referred to as 'The Hummock'. It is the only hill for miles and miles and it offers great views to this glorious place, from the inland fields of cane and mountains way off in the distance to the rocky reef coastline on the East.

This place is the ancient site of an extinct volcano that erupted approximately 3 million years ago and it also holds an important place in local indigenous history. The 'Taribelang' Aboriginal people were the first humans to inhabit this area and it is said to have been called 'burning mountain'. Only a few centuries ago the view would have been to thick bushland of rose mahogany and maleleuca, now the view is a patchwork of farms; cane, macadamia and small crops.

This painting shows a remnant of bushland arising from the bottom left, reflecting the past moving to an interpretation of the current view with housing and farming developments, the local church off in the distance, houses and television towers dot the hill itself, reflected against a golden dusk is a depiciton of then and now.


Jassy is a Contemporary Australian artist living on the glorious sub-tropical Queensland coast. You will find her working full-time from her garden studio and beachside gallery set among the sugar cane fields, red dirt and coral coastline of the Bundaberg region. While formally trained in the arts in her early years, it has been a life of experimenting and exploring coupled with a willingness to push boundaries and break the rules that has led Jassy to develop a unique way of working with image that feels genuine. She works primarily in acrylics and mixed media but has more recently returned to oils as her preferred medium. Her use of materials is bold and assertive, especially evident in her use of heavy black inky lines, and a palette as vibrant as nature itself. Jassy's paintings are largely inspired by scenes of the everyday that she records as part of her daily drawing practice. From the lounge to the ever-changing landscape of her region to tropical Bali and even her own backyard her larger than life paintings are captivating, at times sentimental, while contrastingly quirky in perspective. With an intentional, intuitive and confident approach Jassy's deep connection to land and place truly shines through in these unique interpretations of the world around her.

"Jassy's unique compositions broadens the typical view of a landscape. Her bold use of ink with strokes that appear fluid and intuitive with drips of paint add to the wonderfully organic mood of her work, reinforcing the artists's contemporary skillset." (Editor Art/Edit Magazine)

Her work hangs in private and public collections and has been selected and exhibited in numerous solo, group and award shows at leading galleries, with her most recent solo The Sacred and Mundane; Scenes of the Everyday exhibited by Hervey Bay Regional Art Gallery. Further, her paintings have also featured in a number of international online and in-text publications including journals, blogs, university text books, published books and other texts, most recently appearing in the Summer edition of Australia's National Art/Edit magazine. While most of her work is done at the canvas, Jassy is also very passionate about sharing her artistic skill and wisdom with others. As a certified Intentional Creativity® teacher she has been teaching from her home studio and travelling the globe offering educational programs and retreats for the past 8 years.

Jassy has and continues to be involved in local and global arts initiatives having hosted and curated group exhibits as part of national Earth Arts programs, selected for local creative projects including government funded public art installations and more recently completing an Arts Mentorship with Queensland Regional Arts Services Network. Future projects include continuing to develop her painting series 'Land Line', participating as a seIected artist for the upcoming exhibition 'Here & Now II' with Bundaberg Regional Gallery, contributing to FOUND! Studio Dog Art Trail and continuing to work on educational programs with the global Intentional Creativity® arts foundation, Musea.


by artist, Emily Grieves


The Curandera image was created as part of the first Apothecary class that Shiloh offered in 2018. In addition to being a profoundly deep trauma healing process, turning tragedies into remedies, it allowed me to look at my relationship with the Divine Mother in a new way. My conversation with the Divine Mother happens mainly through her aspect of the Virgin of Guadalupe, and in the case of the Apothecary process, I realized that I turn to her in my times of greatest need to ask for healing, and I receive it. She comes with her medicine basket of remedies to soothe my soul, pulling the necessary magical potions from my own collection of distilled powers. The symbolic references are to my multidimensional life here in my home in Teotihuacan, Mexico, as well as to concepts about existence I've been working with for many years. The Divine Mother appears to me as Curandera, the Healer, She Who Heals, as if I am looking into the mirror and knowing myself to be an integral part of the miracle of Life. I hold the tools/remedies with which to navigate this miracle I see in the mirror. The Apothecary offers a powerful awakening and making this image offered me an extraordinary integration of that expanded awareness.


I approach my art making as an opportunity to embark on a journey, to open doorways and to walk along that fine line that separates the visible and invisible worlds, attempting to build bridges of connection between the two. This is a pilgrim’s path, at times treacherous, at times ecstatic, but I am always aware of the symbolic signposts along the way that direct us with specific intention toward the sacred. Something is sacred when it reminds us of our connection to the Divine, when it opens our hearts, when we remember a sense of union with Life. The path I walk with my art is intended to lead both me and my viewers toward a deeper communion with Divine Source.

Much of my work is inspired by my environment around my home in central Mexico near the 2000 year old pyramids of Teotihuacan. Teotihuacan was a city created by masters who reminded themselves of their innate connection to the Divine and all life by adorning everything with symbols of it, from the most mundane tiny bowl to the most massive temple walls. To this day, the world left over here on the fringes of one of the world’s most important archeological zones dances constantly along the borderlines of duality. It is a world of cheap cinderblock houses built within hollering distance of ancient majestic structures, with mangy stray dogs chasing past temples, with people poor, jealous, guarded, and conflicted walking in the shadows of their ancestors who were known masters at overcoming precisely those ever-historic human conditions. I look for meaning in symbols that are millennia old, trying to glean glimpses into lives past and into perspectives of reality that the modern world can’t even begin to understand.

The making of art is an act of navigation, maneuvering through the waves of life with a paint brush as an oar, observing the environment, the direction of the current, the rotating display of coded stars overhead, and the pull of an inner voice telling me which way to go.  While painting is a fine balance between analysis and intuition, it always points toward a destination of visionary surprise, of revelation, of unexpected heart-thumping recognition of something much greater than my tiny human self.  I believe that art makes living in the world more tolerable. Art illumines the unbearable beauty and the unbearable cruelty of the human experience. We wrestle daily with trying to connect to something big in spite of our smallness. While we live in a world of duality, I also believe that duality constantly seeks union within itself, and my artwork is an inquiry into and an expression of this ongoing quest.  I look for connections in my work between heaven and earth, between ancient and new, between life, death, and rebirth. My palette often reflects my inquiry into duality as I place complimentary colors side by side to allow them to vibrate as the images reveal differences and commonalities in new ways.

Finally my artwork is about craving union, a core theme at the center of all humanity. We optimistically, idealistically, steadfastly and faithfully plough toward a sense of union even when all the physical evidence appears to suggest a reality that is otherwise.  Art is the only way to wonder at the great beyond and bring enough of its mystery into our experience to fuel our dream of breaking down the sense of separation that seems to define every aspect of our everyday lives.  Even if we are living in the midst of total chaos, conflict and tragedy, we humans dream of love and being loved. We dream of comfort and mercy. We dream of belonging. My intention with my work is to prod the dream along a bit, to tend this particular corner of the collective dream and offer up a vision that we can change our perspective by moving beyond mere belief and questing tirelessly into a pure experience of Life. 


by artist, Marie Aguilera


I have been a student of Intentional Creativity since, I believe, 2012-2013 to the present time. I have sold some of my work to friends. However, I chose to remain invisible, because I did not believe my art was “good enough” or beautiful enough” to share with others. I was constantly enrolling in different art forums to better myself as an artist until early 2019. I felt a slow transformation, and it began with our two year journey with “Wisdom Table”. The moment I blessed and wrote my prayer of intention on my canvas, the lady in the green dress appeared, and I painted her face with my non-dominant hand (I am left handed). I stepped away from the canvas, and I cried, because she touched the most innermost part of my soul. I felt her wounded soul, trapped in darkness, feeling so unloved and unworthy. I saw myself as a young woman. I didn’t know who I was—I was neither Marie, daughter, sister, cousin, niece or friend. She was lost and wrapped in a cloak of invisibility and darkness.

The young woman in green was a wounded image on the canvas—a face and a mere dress. I sat and stared at the canvas and spoke to her. What is it you want to share with me? I immediately saw the nautilus shell and the embryo, and I understood her longing. Her passion for creativity, which was there as a child. However, she felt mute and didn’t know how to express her longings or the images in her head, and the embryo appeared as a symbol of rebirthing—so she is in a pregnant state—ready to be seen and heard. The butterfly appeared as symbol of transformation and it appears on her dress by her heart. I was guided to paint her dress green, because it represents nature, growth and fertility.

When I painted this young woman, I felt the presence of Mother Mary (in the center), and she appeared next. Mother Mary presented herself as a young woman embracing my inner child in a protective and loving manner. She was the mother this child yearned for. The child represents innocence and vulnerability. And, Mother Mary has remained present in my life. She has come to me while I paint and in my dreams. I was guided to paint the dress red, because, to me, the color red represents passion and courage. These were the attributes the young woman lacked. Her dress is embellished with a bee and the beehive and flowers—symbols of sweetness and love. There is a hummingbird by the child—they are always coming to me. I see them as symbols of love, swiftness, courage, wisdom and hope.

The swan, hare and rabbit came to me in dreams—they were bearers of gifts. I flew with the swan and it provided me the vision to see my life and its inner beauty. I chose to represent the hare and the rabbit playing in water (which is my subconscious mind).

My ancestors are also represented, and I wish to honor my Mexican heritage and all those who shed light on my journey: my mother and my aunts who saw the real me. I was very close to my Aunt Hope and she saw my wounded soul, and she tried to help me.

I have rejoined this community of supportive women by enrolling in “Psalms for Creation”. A few weeks before the Psalms for Creation videos came out, I had to change my password at work--I chose "rebirth"--so I am on my journey to continue my rebirthing--the burdens of the past are a memory and I am happy that I experienced the bitterness of life, because I can now enjoy the sweetness and beauty of the life that I am creating.

I wish to express my gratitude to Shiloh Sophia and the community of the Red Madonnas. When I joined this community I lacked the vision, courage to speak, write or paint. During my time here, I have learned to love myself, to believe in my abilities of expression in form and writing, and I am so blessed to be in the presence of many woman who have supported my journey with love and compassion.

However, the greatest gratitude I wish to express is to the Divine who has blessed me with the gift of vision and listening. I wish to endeavor to be the conduit for his/her messages to share with everyone.

Muchas gracias from an old woman (I am now 76 years young) who came from the barrios of East Los Angeles.


The three women:

Lady in blue dress represents the guardian angel—she is the guide and protector.

The feather in the angel’s ear: Angels make themselves known to me by finding a feather, and listening to their message.

Lady in red represents the Mother Mary

Her gown also has symbols:

The color red: represents passion, fire, energy;

The bee represents personal power, sun, Goddess;

Bee hive represents wealth, wisdom;

Flower represents beauty.

Lady in green represents the young artist:

a. The color of her dress is green, which represents ability to express unconditional love, fertility.

The young artist had a yearning for creativity, and in her youth, she did not know how to express it in her life, and now she expresses the possibilities of transformation by the appearance of the embryo.

b. The nautilus shell represents the following:

(i) It represents inner beauty of nature and life

(ii) Chambers of nautilus represent stages each individual passes through life

(iii) Spiral of the nautilus represent creation, movement evolution

c. The rabbit (came to me in a dream) as a symbol of creativity, intuition, artistic ability and sensitivity.

d. The hare (also came to me in the same dream with the rabbit) is considered a sacred symbol, it helps humans by bringing fire and light, and it is believed that the great Hare taught sacred rituals to the holy men among the Native.

e. I chose to paint the rabbit and the hare as playing and the smoky blue color represents my subconscious mind.

f. The swan (came to me in a dream) and I held on to its neck and we flew viewing the landscape of my life.

Child: represents the inner child who embraced the Mother Mary as her real mother and protector. She represents purity, innocence and trust.

The women in the background represents my ancestors--my mother and aunts who were my teachers who helped me, and I also chose to cut the lineage of ancestral superstitions and abuse.

The celestial stars and the blue sky represent my spirituality.

She Who Knows

by artist, Tekla Utterström


Aho! She is here now ”She who knows”. She comes with clarity, empowerment, grounded spirit, playful fox medicine, strong energy full spectrum of colors, no holding back, enjoying life..


I am an artist, a creative and sensitive being, I am an Intentional creativity teacher, a mother, a lover of authenticity, rainbow colors and being out in nature. I am a believer in the transformative power of creativity and in the magic that is found in the unseen within each and everyone of us. 

I love vulnerable and brave people allowing themselves to be present to whatever meets them in life. This is something I see happen in the creative process over and over again and that is one of the reasons what I do is so important to me. I believe that creativity is a doorway for transformation, healing and empowerment, and that we are all creators, art is not only for the “talented”.

I paint with acrylic paints. Often I paint on BIG canvases, with strong colors, women, elemental beings and dreamy landscapes.

“When we bring our love to something, we are changed, the item that we are working with is changed, and whoever interact with this is changed” - Shiloh Sophia

One of my best art reviews was from my first solo exhibition in Stockholm, the gallerist called me and told me about this woman who came in to the gallery and got stuck in front of one of my paintings; she cried for 30 minutes, her tears just released and she didn't know why. It wasn't sad tears, she was just so touched by that painting. The gallerist had never experienced something like this and he was also very touched. 

Art making for me is a place where I am able to BE, allow, feel, relax, dive deep, transform, and this is also what I am bringing to people in my work, in my paintings, and as a guide in the creative process. 

When I am not making art, I love to be out in nature and here I get a lot of inspiration. I also love to dance ecstatic dance and meet friends beneath the surface. I don't like chitchat, I love the REALness, of meeting, for example in a sharing circle.

Our Lady of Guadelupe

by artist, Carmen Baraka


Our lady of Guadalupe, painted near the pyramids of Teotihuacan Mexico. She came through in a sacred manner - her roots run deep in the land where she is most honored and revered...Aho!

Hine Ahi

by artist, Moana Whatu


One of my favourites is my wise woman muse who came forward to bring me medicine and to remind me of who I am. The songs of the whale, the pohutakawa flowers and the peacock feathers all symbols of her medicine. The purification of the fire came to me in the form of winnowing - it was time she said to leave the limiting beliefs behind and embrace being an Artist, you belong here!