A 9 Month Online Training to Become a Certified Intentional Creativity Teacher

Enrollment Opens mid-October for the Class of 2021 starting in March

The Color of Women Teacher Training educates and empowers women of all ages, races, and backgrounds to lead circles, workshops and guide communities. Completion of the 9-month Training awards certification as an Intentional Creativity Teacher. The entire content of the training required for Certification is available through the media-rich OnlineTraining Modules. The On-Location gatherings are encouraged, but not required. The training is a quest that moves through different terrains around an Alchemical Compass for you to explore on your path, and it all starts with your personal Legend. It's important to know that you do not have to be an experienced painter, most of our students are not. Many who were professional college trained artists say they learned more about painting from Shiloh Sophia, a rogue artist, than they did in school!

"If you feel you have a sacred assignment waiting to be brought forth, the training provides the container in which you define, articulate and communicate your soul work. We are dedicated to giving you the tools to bring creativity to life in your practice and path." ~ Shiloh Sophia

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Why You Should Join US!

Find Your Tribe

Color of Woman not only brings unreasonable self-expression and creativity into your life. You are also connected with like-hearted WISE and WILD women around the world. Do you ever wonder if there are others out there who walk to the same drum beat as you? We may just be the tribe you are longing for...

Gather in Sisterhood

Each year we intentionally plan gatherings to meet each other in person. While not required, spending time with Shiloh Sophia and fellow students adds amazing value to your overall experience. Each woman brings her unique gifts to the table, creating a beautiful circle and sisterhood.

Join our Graduates

We feel very blessed that each year graduates who have become Guild members come back to the training as staff and offer their guidance, unique curriculum and support for the next year's class. We have over 25 graduates on staff in paid support positions.


These paintings are from a 2019 Graduate of Color of Woman. Each is one of the 5 Archetypal paintings you will create with your own flavor and style during the training. Get ready for BIG strokes and BOLD color!

We are super excited to share with you the fullest and most comprehensive intuitive painting teacher training on the planet! You will create 5 major archetypal paintings as a body of work through the context of a chosen vision quest for 9 months in 2020.

We begin with the heart of your Legendary Self, which is the heart of the compass and is your internal story teller and image maker.  The story of your life informs all of her choices, so we start with HER and she begins to re-organize your universe.  

Next we move to to Muse (North), Artist (East), Alchemist (South) and Visionary (West). By the end of the training you arrive back at the heart of your story, the Center.

Color of Woman is a Quest. You are searching for YOUR own unique content. All of the work we do together is approached from within the context that you are on your own personal quest, as well as the quest to become an Intentional Creativity Teacher. 

You are encouraged to Teach during the training as soon as you feel ready and are called. Yes, you can earn while you learn!

The Guild, Certification, and Graduation

As you make your way around the Alchemical Compass, you will be given assignments in painting, written and experiential form. Yes, you will be leading Red Thread Circles, Red Thread Sessions and Painting Workshops while you are in training, which means you have the support of our team and fellow students to answer questions, share ideas and experiences.  

At the end of the Training, you will be invited to submit your works through an online format for Certification called an Initiate Book. There is a one-time $250 Certification Fee due in October which covers your entrance level Guild Membership for the first year, your Initiate Book in our library, your signed certificate mailed by Shiloh Sophia and your Intentional Creativity Teacher graphics for websites and/or business cards, as well as your listing on our Intentional Creativity Teacher Directory so people can find your services. 

About the Intentional Creativity Directory

As a collective Guild, we serve thousands of students each month, both on-location and online around the world. As the word gets out about our Teachers, women from all over are seeking to learn about and experience Intentional Creativity.

Included with your Certification, graduates are invited to be a part of our Intentional Creativity Directory where others can search for you based on location. You are able to create a personal profile of your services and offerings.

About Graduation 

Graduation from a 9 month Vision Quest is a big deal! Each year we hold graduation ceremonies both on-location and on-line with our new graduates and members of the existing Guild to celebrate and witness our journey, and to vision the future together. 

In 2019, we had graduations in California and Australia, which will continue for 2020 in a new way. In October (Australia) and November (California) we will hold an Intentional Creativity Conference & Graduation Ceremony called VIVID, to include Graduates from our signature Intentional Creativity Trainings: Color of Woman, MOTHERBOARD and Red Thread Guide. 

As a reminder, if you cannot attend in person, we will hold an online celebration and you are welcome to attend a graduation ceremony for a future year and walk with the current years class.  

Color of Woman 2018 Graduation and Guild Gathering, Maui Hawaii

Our Intentional Creativity ‘seal’

Intentional Creativity Teachers sign the back of their paintings with this seal. A gold circle surrounded by a red circle. Sue Sellars used to sign her paintings with a gold thumbprint. When we sign the Intentional Creativity Guild book at graduation for Color of Woman, we sign with this symbol.  

Why? So that in 100 years, when the community living now is returned to stardust…and others find our paintings throughout the world, they will know we were connected. Yet there is another reason – because when we paint the seal on our paintings, we KNOW we are connected and we infuse our paintings with this presence, and this love. These are not just art classes, this is a community of women who are studying the philosophy of Intentional Creativity together and choosing to gather.

About Enrollment

Applications will open in the Fall of 2020. We begin in March 2021.

We hold a Priority Enrollment Cycle, and if you apply during this window, you receive $1,000 tuition savings + priority placement for in person retreats.

There is a standard $100 application deposit, which is applied towards your tuition for the training.

Tuition for 2020 will be shared when we open enrollment this summer. We offer generous payment plans starting around $200 per month. We truly work with you if this is right for you.

We open enrollment nearly 6 months in advance to prepare you for this vision quest of a lifetime.

About the Pre-Requisite: Color of Woman students are required to take the Legend Cosmic Cowgirls Course, which will be offered this fall or early 2021. To be informed about Legend, make sure you fill out this form with interest in Color of Woman.

How do I ask a question?  Contact team member Sarah Mardell at

What Our Graduates are Saying

"Color of Woman changed and transformed my entire life. Both my Inner and Outer worlds. It also catalyzed me to bring a 17 year vision of creating a sacred space for women to remember who they are at a soul level, self-express, and connect deeply to self and each other into form. I am so blessed to be a part of this community and this worldwide movement of healing work."

- Intentional Creativity Teacher, Dina Tibbs : United States

"Color of Woman is an incredible journey to examine your heart and soul and learn how to put one foot in front of the other and MAKE YOUR DREAMS HAPPEN! This has been so meaningful for me. People who know me see the changes and see me stepping into my life courageously. I have so much gratitude for Shiloh, the many supportive teachers, and my dear sisters traveling this path alongside me. We have all encouraged and witnessed each other on the way. Such a blessing!"

- Intentional Creativity Teacher, Patty Iammatteo : United States