IMAGINATION is the KEY you have been looking for!

You know there is more to you, and this life than meets the eye. Enter your inner world.

Begin to see differently and expand your consciousness.

No secrets, no dogma, no guru, no gimmicks, just you and your self-expression amplified.


Experience Abstract Expressionist Symbolic Painting 

Here are examples of the way that Shiloh works in abstract layers.

Layer by Layer

Using the Imagination

Becoming Self-Expressed

Take a Journey Through a Revolutionary Creative Process Like No Other

Shiloh Welcoming the Class

Shiloh demonstrating

Demonstrating a layer of the process

The painting process begins

Introduction to the framework

Shiloh sharing her insights

Shiloh sharing the effect of the process.

Shiloh sharing her process

Shiloh demonstrating a technique

Rock your inner world and impact the world around you with Intentional Creativity ancient and futuristic tools

Access to what you think, feel, and know! Sense how it invites you to hear your inner voice, direct your choices, and be free of dominant era b.s. that keeps you stuck.


Imagine .:. Activate .:. Innovate .:. Create


Create an abstract painting using the Intentional Creativity® method to explore your interior being-ness


Create a lasting connection with your inner world and inner self so you can receive insight at any time.


Watch the recording now - take your time - it's 5 hours.


Working with energy-to-matter principles will facilitate a whole new way to interact with yourself in a way you will love!


Gather with our global circle of creatives to join in the creation of a quantum field of awakening together.


Graduates of our program will be points of contact for you throughout your experience to support your journey


Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere. ~ Carl Sagan

Share your painting process in the iMusea app - our private virtual space with our creative community.

LUCID Intentional Creativity® Intro
Class is for you if...

  • You have been looking for a creative practice that is non-dogmatic, that can be a go-to in times of trouble this is for you.
  • You KNOW in your bones that there HAS to be a better way to access how you feel and what you know within.
  • You have been looking for a way to work with the power of your imagination that is powerfully surprising and revelatory.
  • You are seeking an ancient futuristic tool for awakening yourself and others that aren't rooted in a pre-existing spiritual tradition that you have to adhere to.
  • You are seeking an embodied practice that includes the WHOLE human being and enables you to navigate your own consciousness.
  • This is perfect for absolute beginners to dive into the technology of Intentional Creativity® and also great for those who have worked with Intentional Creativity® all of your life.

Ready to create a work of art that represents YOUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS? You don't need to know what that means, you will, and it will be fun!

For a long time, things like "spiritual practice" have been linked to a set pattern and specific energies within traditions e.g., If you do not adhere to the guidelines, "there are no cookies for you".

Indeed, it is time for each of us to experience ourselves as creative spiritual beings with a direct connection to our hearts and consciousness.

But you can't just 'think' into being, the whole human needs to be engaged for awakening. Creativity, specifically art made with intention, is a powerful access to previously hidden information.


Learn a better way to access how you feel and what you know within!



$149 or 2 payments of $84

This class was recorded in real-time so you can watch whenever you're ready!

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  • WHAT: LUCID: Intentional Creativity® Class
  • WHEN: Now
  • WHERE: Watch recorded Livestream video via class dashboard
  • WHO: You don't need any experience to attend, only a curiosity about your consciousness and what could be possible.
  • HOW: We will use acrylic paint on canvas. A materials list will be provided upon registration.
  • WHY: We know that you have the power you are looking for within you and that we can be a part of guiding you toward consistent access through self-expression.

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WE GUARANTEE OUR EXPERIENCES WILL KNOCK YOUR RED-STRIPED SOCKS OFF! We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you complete the process and do not experience it as worthwhile. You can view our refund policy here. 

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Register, Get Your Materials Ready, and
Set Up Your Studio. This is Going to Be a Transformational Experience You Won't Want to Miss!

What will we be doing?

We are going to paint mostly abstract shapes, colors, patterns while we activate our internal observer. Our painting will be the record of our work together - but it isn't really about the painting looking good, but about the experience. You will need an array of acrylic paints and a canvas larger than 16X20 and a sharpie and a spray bottle.

What skill level and who is invited?

You don't need any experience to attend, only a curiosity about your consciousness and what could be possible. Anyone can attend, sign up for one household and invite everyone to participate that wants to.

What is this about?

We know that you have the power you are looking for within you and that we can be a part of guiding you towards consistent access through self-expression.

What results can I anticipate?

We anticipate that the process will guide you to access yourself and your cognition in a new way that you likely haven't tried yet, of if you have you are ready to deepen your practice. You will leave with a cool painting that is a record of your revelations for the day.

A word from CURATE Shiloh Sophia

Dear One,

Each one of us has a capacity to awaken. Yet awakening is challenging when there are so many layers of beliefs, archetypes, and tradition literally woven into the fabric of our being.

Intentional Creativity® as a creative l practice can work for anyone at any time to grant consistent access to a deeper way of seeing, thinking, and being. You are the author of your consciousness and there is nothing you need to do to earn or deserve access to curating your own identity. We will share the tool used by early humans to access the internal temple of image and language.

Will consider joining us?

 Yes, I want to join

Dear Ones,

In 2017, my imagination dramatically changed after I experienced a surprising trauma based on shock. I worked with this change in my faculty until 2022, and now I am sharing it with you in LUCID.

In some ways, I lost control over large parts of my inner world. By control, I mean conscious collaboration with the way my imagination works. Images would play without notice, revealing themselves like movies within my visionary screen. But I hadn't invited them in, and the content didn't appear familiar. What was going on?

I am very familiar with the parts of my consciousness I have access to; I grew up with two moms who taught me how to 'live in here' when I was young.

I will be honest: it was rough, but through it, of course, alchemy happened! Enough changed through practice that I can share it with you now. I needed to practice the teachings of LUCID for a full year for myself and with our Intentional Creativity student body before I shared it with more people.

I call this process LUCID. The funny thing is, I wrote the page for this course one year ago, but I wasn't ready to teach it yet. What I want to share with you is magical, but the approach is much more scientific - I want to show you the HOW. Of course, that involves painting to rewire how the brain and heart work together with the eyes and hands. Because that is just how we do it here at MUSEA!

Yes, we can do the sacred work of reclaiming our consciousness.
Imagination is the key to how We gain access to the inner world.
Creativity is the practice that makes it possible.
Living it in real life makes it actionable.

Before I started practicing, there was a lot of fear and desire to overcome and integrate what I saw. I talked to therapists, doctors, shamans, and sages. Really. I needed insight. I searched the web. Nothing I found was quite what I was experiencing. Yet when I talked to individuals, they knew what I was talking about, even if they had never talked about it.

I felt like I had found a portal and wanted to dive in, but I was afraid. Genuinely. To see images you do not summon without your permission, in your mind, can be scary. But what is scarier is NOT KNOWING it is happening and believing what you see is your own OR not being able to make distinctions between inner world and outer world seeing.

While looking for a solution, I felt a sense of deep compassion for everyone going through something similar. I hung around on the 'edges' of my consciousness long enough to learn something new to share with others. I like to say that I went to where the world bends, where the colors we can't see with our naked eye live.

While there is always more work to do to heal and grow, I dove so deeply into the realm of my imagination that I found new ways to work with it that I had never experienced before. I went to the edges where the colors rippled.

I will tell my story of healing and inhabiting my imagination and invite you to join me. You may have heard me tell this story before, but it is the first time I am teaching specifically what I learned and how you can work with your imagination to practice mending and dream into new possibilities.

I hesitate to say it is 'trauma-informed' because I want to honor the field of trauma work, which is truly making great strides right now. I would rather say this:

Lucid is a journey to inhabit your imagination, see into your invisible world, and influence your physical world. I think imagination is one of the least explored gifts of being human. We all have and use it, and if we don't use it consciously, it doesn't work in the way it could for us. That said, enter at your own risk. Our courses come with a warning label. We go to places people haven't gone before and can't ensure everyone has a similar experience. So come if you feel called and well enough to hang out in your imagination for the day...

The combination of playing and doing healing work is wonderful - so join us!

Your inner world holds the keys. No art experience is needed. Really.

Curate Shiloh Sophia
MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity

What our students say about working with
Shiloh Sophia and Intentional Creativity

"Painting is self-therapy, rewriting my story, healing old wounds, discovering inner archetypes, keeping my sanity during these wild times, opening up to divine guidance, listening to my soul’s whispers, bathing in silence and colors, active self-love, getting into flow and more."

Sylvia Becker-Hill

"Each encounter with Shiloh Sophia is an infusion of courage that brings me one step further along the road to authentically “knowing” who I am and being willing to share that with others….."

Elizabeth Gibbons

"I was once very creative and never thought those divine doors would open for me again, then along came Shiloh Sophia, she is showing me the way back to the path as it unfolds day by day. I feel so blessed to have found her. Working with her is joyful and powerful on many levels. "

Maria Graham

Take a Peek Inside the Student Experience

Loving each part of the #LUCID 2023 journey. Thank you for the privilege, Shiloh✨💗🕊️

~ Cynthia Domingo

Ooph - that Pattern Interrupt is transformative! I feel like I got 2 doses; once when Shiloh Sophia [Curator] did it and then once when I did! So grateful for this #Lucid class - on this day - and with these teachings💜 🦋 🎉 #Glow #Blessings

~ Anne LaBrie

Pattern interrupted! Dancing! Filled up my cup! Thank you!! 😘

~ Liz Chamberlain

She has spoken and she is complete now….. Guardian Dragon with her treasures….where she begins and where she lets off is entirely up to your imagination…..
I rarely do abstracts, but I think I may stay here and play for a while in this new (to me) style of art...

~ Grace Solman

Thank you everyone for an imaginatively gorgeous day!!🙏💕
This magical Lucid love affair is going to go into a painted infinity through the wee hours of creative intimacy…….🌙✨🌝🌛
Can’t wait to see your ongoing creations here!✨💜✨
Rest easy and have a beautiful dream infused evening! ☺️✨💚✨🌈🌟

~ Krystal Dyan

Where I was at the end of yesterday, enjoyed class, just what I needed.

~ Cheryl Gallagher

Thank you, Shiloh, for a wonderful teaching! It was a pleasure visualizing and painting with you all in community today! 😃
I am reclaiming my Imagination in a New and Powerful way! I am creating from the future! Stretching my edges and noticing my body somatic as my brain curates leaping towards the future, the unknown, and not from survival-based information past! I believe a system interrupt has occurred!! Weeeeee!!! 🤸🤸🤸💫

~ Denise Wollfolk

Thank you @Shiloh Sophia [Curator] and the support team! I’m always amazed to see what happens when letting go and surrendering to the flow! I love this process!
Late here in Belgium, so will continue tomorrow ✨💖

~ Nona McKinney

Enjoy a day of Intentional Creativity® with an Intentional Community