Due to unforeseen circumstances, this event is being rescheduled.

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Song of the Soul Retreat

A Shakti Durga event being held at MUSEA Sonoma

April 14.15.16, 2023.

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Embody the Cosmic Romance and Nourish Your Spirit!

Your invitation to a global daylong class with four phenomenal teachers

weaving an experience of expanded love! Offered LIVE from Sonoma and RECORDED
This is NOT a zoom, this is a high quality Livestream. You can attend live or watch later.


Intentional Creativity

The lived felt experience of the Divine transcends belief, is beyond the mind yet lives in the hearts of mystics around the world of every culture. It lives in us. Divine connection brings nourishment, comfort, peace, and hope even in the most trying circumstances.

Are you able to feel a connection with the Divine? Do you believe in the Divine, in the midst of all the challenges in our world? Do you wonder why do the polarities of good and bad exist? Why is there suffering if there is justice in the largest dimension of infinite potential? What is the spirit and how do we lose it? How can we live more soulfully?

Get ready to contemplate, illuminate and fly on wings of love into an experience of union and bliss - that you can bring back into your daily lives.

Each one of your guides for the day is inpsired by the relationship of the human intersecting with the Divine and will bring our seeking and our finding into our experience with you.

You will create an Inspired Energy Painting to map the experience of the day. No experience needed, the art part is just to support you in integrating your experiences.

Additional Information

Tuition: $147 or 3-payments of $50

  • WHAT: Embody the Cosmic Romance: Global Daylong Class with SHAKTI DURGA, Shiloh Sophia, Gary Malkin and Lynnea Brinkerhoff
  • WHEN: Due to unforeseen circumstances, this event is being rescheduled.
  • WHERE: Watch via LIVESTREAM broadcast from MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity in Sonoma, California. Can't come live? A recording is provided instantly.
  • WHO: Calling to the Spiritual Seeker, the lover of life who wants to have a fun and creative day of embodying Cosmic Romance. 
  • HOW: We will use very basic art materials including watercolor paper and watercolor or acrylic paint - as we move through each teachings in the day.
  • WHY: Let's gather for Sacred Song, Energy Work, Embodiment, and Intentional Creativity so that we can each fall in love with ourselves and our lives.

ABOUT SCHOLARSHIPS: We've priced this class modestly to encourage as many to attend as possible. All funds go toward the staff to deliver this class and the teachers who will bring you this wonderful experience. If you are in need of tuition support, you may use promo code cosmic for $50 savings.


  • Bring a pen and paper
  • Watercolor paint or any kind of paint
  • 22 x 30 piece of watercolor paper, available at any art store by you (140 lb.)
  • Cuppa tea and a candle

WE GUARANTEE OUR EXPERIENCES WILL KNOCK YOUR RED-STRIPED SOCKS OFF! We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you complete the process and do not experience it as worthwhile. You can view our refund policy here. 

A day that will move your heart and soul.

Your linear mind will thank you.

Are you ready to go beyond the veil of the apparent world and explore the world of the spirited soul? Do you have a yearning to open to that which is timeless, boundlessly creative, inspiring and whose beingness is love?

This is the journey we are inviting you to embark upon, to take the next steps on your unique and sacred spiritual path, to navigate safely the inner corridors of light and sound, and perceive the song of your soul.

This is an invitation to enter into the imaginal world of beauty and truth in our innermost hopes and dreams. By voyaging into the sacred, we come back refreshed and renewed, re-enthused and revitalised. New doorways hitherto invisible to our eyes start to appear, and life takes on a new shine. It has to be experienced to be understood. And, you are warmly invited.

Featuring the incredible Shakti Durga with gifts of song and teachings on Energy. Gary Malkin with Sacred Sound to bring us into ecstasy. Lynnea Brinkerhoff as our host for the day as well as guiding us in Ecstatic Movement. Shiloh Sophia with Intentional Creativity to pair with Shakti Durga's teaching flow so that you can embody and SEE the cosmic romance.

"I have ultimate respect for the woman, scholar, wife, entrepreneur, singer, author and overall creatrix and now friend that Shakti Durga is. I've watched her across time and space and, under her bold and gracious guidance have been able to travel to unfathomly beautiful places in myself and in a part of the universe I didn't even know existed. I find her to be truly masterful and with a rare capacity to bring palpable blessing - all while she helps us navigate with surgeon-like precision the darkness in ourselves and the world, teaching us to alchemize all that is unlike love. I have seen her initiate many people into their effulgence and for me, she has taken this thing called 'energy work' and has made it concrete and accessible, placing me in the driver's seat of my life and able to contribute at new levels. My life is just more fun and delightful with her in it and I feel empowered and accompanied in ways I didn't know were possible" ~ Lynnea Brinkerhoff

WHO is this FOR?

Calling to the spiritual seeker, the lover of life and light and colour and sound. We call you out of your usual into the dance of creation. Life is a mystery and we are here to unravel and savour this precious gift. What lies within us and what lies beyond our current awareness are equally great, equally surprising and in the currents of creation we can gather upon and harvest the blessings of the higher vibrational road, alchemising lead into gold and playing our part in the creative play of the coming Golden Earth.

This experience will be ideal for all Spiritual Seekers ready for a nourishing energetic tune up, somatic embodiment and elevating ourselves! Our four different traditions will give you plenty of juiciness to weave your ways of partnering with the divine.

This is a call to a deepened relationship with Earthy and Cosmic Romance. We are human beings living between the cosmos and the soil - let's find a way to be in more love with how we experience our lives and what's possible.

This is for those who are seekers and finders who want to have a fun, creative nourishing day.

WHAT Inspired our Gathering?

Each one of us will be invited to discover tools to navigate our somatic sensual body and our energetic body and field through sound, movement, and creativity and energy wisdom.

This idea came together because Lynnea Brinkerhoff, a dear friend of each one of the other Guides has introduced us all together, and we fell in love with each others work. Lynnea invited us to come together for this and we wanted to bring it to our global audiences all around the world.

Imagine that the four of us will be weaving together throughout the day, forming four strands of an experience.

SHAKTI DURGA is the incredible featured teacher for this experience - yet meet your other Guides and hosts!



Shakti Durga is a much-beloved international teacher of spiritual transformation, sharing ancient wisdom and activations for enlightenment. A highly respected master healer, author and vocalist, she empowers people, with inspired transmissions and easy-to-apply tools, to experience the very best of who they are. Simply put, Shakti Durga ignites the human spirit and helps people from all walks of life tune into their higher purpose.



Shiloh Sophia lives life as a great adventure narrated by the creative fire of her Muse! She has dedicated her life to the belief that self-expression is a basic human right and shares her message with thousands around the world through her paintings, poetry, and teachings. She leads a global movement of revolutionary education focused on Intentional Creativity®. She co-founded a Studio and Center for Intentional Creativity®, MUSEA, in Sonoma, California, with her husband Jonathan.



Gary Malkin is an Emmy award winning composer, performer, teacher, and producer. He is an expert of vibrational intelligence and the science of well-being, harnessing the power of music, the universal language of humanity, to inspire awe and gratitude for the preciousness of life.



For 25 years, Lynnea has served as an Executive Coach with global leaders and their teams and as an Inter-faith Minister to honor their work and life transitions with grit
and grace.

Lynnea creates a context of radical acceptance and skillful witnessing of unique trauma patterns arising. She engages with people’s nervous system with a spirit of play and fierce tenderness that allows for them to settle, thereby restoring wholeness to themselves and the larger
ecosystem we are part of.

A survivor of debilitating accidents, she sought creative forms of relief herself, leading her to a life of somatic practices in which she invites others to join. After working on the front lines with other’s losses and the stress of
change, she noticed that her business and her healing practices were merging; leaders and artists alike are avidly
seeking more presence, power and peace and to live their authentic, embodied selves, thereby revolutionizing their
personal imprint.

In her work with you, she will draw upon her experience as a championship swimmer, Aikido practitioner, drum circle instructor for Alzheimer’s patients, professional clown and
mime artist, Eco-therapist, Disaster Chaplain for Red
Cross/FEMA, Integral Somatic Psychotherapist and Advanced Bio-structural Correction practitioner.

“We are not our bodies. We are however, given the temporary and solemn duty of tending our unique temple, our perfectly imperfect vessel of expression that we have been given and to fully inhabit it before we leave it." ~ Lynnea Brinkerhoff

You will gain awareness of how you can move beyond the shadows of life, from dullness to radiance, from illusion to truth, from doubt to trust and from despair to hope

The Invitation and Experience

This is an invitation to enter into the imaginal world of beauty and truth known by our innermost hopes and dreams. By voyaging into the sacred, we come back refreshed and renewed, re-enthused and revitalized. New doorways hitherto invisible to our eyes start to appear, and life takes on a new shine. It has to be experienced to be understood. And, you are warmly invited.

This experience is designed to awaken your heart and imagining to the more sacred and empowering realities that flow from the source. We aim to put structure and form into that which is previously only held within as a distantly remembered dream. This is an invitation to drink from the well of bliss and prepare for a more spirited and soulful life, lived on all levels in the most profoundly meaningful, abundantly fecund and beautiful way.

More about Shakti Durga's work

This work is derived from the Ancient wisdom carefully handed down through both the Eastern and Western mysteries. Shakti Durga is unusual in that she began her career as a trial attorney and practiced law for nearly 20 years. From her early 30’s she has studied deeply the healing arts, the Vedas, Tantras, Upanishads, Western Alchemy, Christ consciousness, Kabbalah, Tarot, Astrology, sacred sound, mantras of diverse traditions, indigenous wisdom, and more. She sees the universal truth in all these diverse paths and honors people of all traditions, belief systems, and spiritual pathways. She has been blessed by sacred masters in Bali, Philippines, India, and Australia, and has developed clairvoyance and clairaudience, clairsentience and clear knowing, none of which she believed in when she was a ‘sensible left-brained lawyer’. She runs an international mystery school and school of energy healing and has charities in Australia and USA dedicated to well-being and spiritual education for all. As well as an extensive awareness of the Ancient Wisdom, Shakti Durga tunes into the heart and soul of those present and reaches deep to bring forth unique gatherings arising from the collective consciousness of those involved. People often remark that they thought the seminar was “just for me!”. Author of 5 books and numerous meditation and mantra CDs Shakti Durga is hilarious and brings a lightness of heart and the beauty of sound and nature into everything she does.

More about Gary Malkin's work
Recognizing that hearing is the first to arrive (in utero) and the last to go before we die suggests that music and stories could awaken our essential primordial nature, manifesting as heightened and more integrated states of being and communicating. When sharing the impact that these experiential resources can offer in our virtual communal gatherings, we can engage our hearts, bodies, and souls in alignment with our minds, evoking a more heart-centered and coherent experience of the “now”. This enables us to feel the fullness of our humanity, resulting in greater aliveness, meaning, and compassion, especially as we deepen our capacities to convene, communicate, collaborate, and co-create together during these heart-wrenching times. Join Gary Malkin in an experiential “keynote performance” that explores the destiny music and transformative media can play in unifying us around the fire of life itself.

About the Art Process: No experience necessary - honest. This isn't about making art but about experiencing teachings of flow brought into form.

  • Bring a pen and paper
  • Watercolor paint or any kind of paint
  • 22 x 30 piece of watercolor paper, available at any art store by you (140 lb.)
  • Cuppa tea and a candle

This is going to be Intuitive Painting. As we have all been experiencing such uncertain times, moving through layers of grief and change, it can be challenging to discover a place to nourish our experience.

So many people have moved in and out of different spiritual traditions, so today we are bringing you a hybrid with different traditions of creativity and song and energy movement to quite literally nourish and quench those who are thirsty for a true interconnection with the Sacred.

Message from Shiloh Sophia:

We could not be happier to have Shakti Durga here from Austrailia to work with us at MUSEA. I have had the gift of experiencing her work in person and virtually and I think you will be delighted by the spirit she bring to her work and that she is called to share with all of us!

Raising Our Frequency, Remembering Who We Are

This textural arts-infused journey is designed to radically nourish your soul by providing creative gateways to reclaim all of who you are, the intimate and the infinite. Experience upliftment of your spirit, nourishment, and creativity. Your body will feel cared for, your energy will feel fluffed. Your creative spirit will feel attended to, and you will sing and move with us.