A 4 Month Online Certification Training with Optional In Person Gatherings

Enrollment for 2020 is complete and will re-open in January 2021

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The Women are Gathering...

it is our time to circle up, share stories, heal and curate the future generations.

As our elders have told us, the time for each of us to be leaders has come. Those who are able, must rise! Many of us have been called to call circles, begin conversations and initiate ceremonies. We feel this call in our bones and a quickening of the fire in our hearts. Yet many of us weren't raised in circles. Nor have we experienced rites of passage in such a way that we feel empowered to lead ceremony for others. We know it is needed and we feel that it is time to gather!

The Red Thread is a symbol used in many lands with many legends. Most are rooted in relationships woven with connection, protection, destiny, resiliency, love and sacred responsibility. We are calling women into an experience designed to discover the mystery held by the legendary red thread. Come join us from anywhere in the world...

You Will Learn Tools To:

Lead Circles and Workshops

Offer Ceremony and Rituals

Guide Sacred Conversation by Holding Space + Energy

Work in Alchemical Story

Create experiences of transformation.

Learn the power of drum and song


What is the the Red Thread? 

At the most basic, it is simply a red thread used in an intentional connection. A Red Thread is a symbolic and literal tool for transformation.  With an eye toward quantum ways of connecting across the globe, it is working with virtual circles in a sacred manner.  A Red Thread can be an insight into the understanding of our sacred responsibility. Leading experiences with a Red Thread includes circles, conversations, and ceremonies to create a powerful feeling of connection and belonging for you and your guests. To be at cause for creating this kind of experience for someone is something many of us long for. We want to make a contribution, but how?

 The Way Of The Thread

The primary curriculum for this program is rooted in the Way of the Red Thread: A body of work including worldwide legends and teachings gathered by Maestra Shiloh Sophia. It is a manual of over 140 pages of wisdom and resources. This Guide includes ideas for different circles, developing your voice, deepening your content and message, and designing your circles. Also covered are who, what, where, when and what to charge, should you choose to make circles a part of your professional offerings. 

Program Outline

Our Certificate Program offers a media-rich curriculum, developed and practiced for over 15 years with thousands of participants worldwide. 

The Red Thread Guide Certificate Program can be taken from anywhere in the world since it is designed to be 100% online. We think of this as working in the quantum field and practicing 'connection' through the spaces between us. We also offer an option to attend an in-person gathering. At this event, we will experience a Red Thread Circle together, hand paint drums, and learn basic rhythms to use in your circles. AND we will celebrate the graduates who choose to Certify. 

You will be able to start leading your own circles during this program. There are many tools, templates, and resources to empower you to make that happen, supported by the Intentional Creativity Guild - women who are very experienced in using the Red Thread as a tool.

Some resources that are included in the training are extensive video curriculum modules about leading Red Thread Circles, nine online circle calls from Red thread graduates, and office hours. We look forward to diving into this journey with you where you will be designing your own self-initiation ceremony - a rite of passage just for you, discovering a personal practice of alter building and everyday ritual, shedding connections to old systems and weaving new ones by choice, working with the cycles of the moon in your work, and so much more! 

Sample Schedule:

This course can be done at your own pace, yet there is a certification schedule over 4 months. The materials are yours. You can choose  how much or how little, and when you participate and engage with the online circle. Here's an idea of the flow. 

Preparation before program: Purchase basic materials and book your schedule.

Month One - Doors Open: Orientation - Introduction to the material. Experience Red Thread Circle virtually. 

Month Two: Creation - Design Your Circles and your own sacred work, experience and plan ceremony and explore the infinite number of circles you can have. 

Month Three: Implementation - Call your Own Circle and learn the Legends of the Red Thread, begin to share with your community.

Month Four: Online Community Support - work with our online cohort to complete your coursework and plan your circles. 

Submit your Certification requirements and be added to the Intentional Creativity Directory of Teachers and Guides.

Not all who join will choose to Certify. It is not required. 

About Enrollment

Applications will open in January 2021

Tuition will be shared when enrollment opens. We offer generous payment plans starting around $150 per month. We truly work with you if this is right for you.

About the Pre-Requisite: Red Thread Guide students are required to take a FREE Intentional Creativity Class: Called to Awaken. Go here to do the class, and then it will be complete by the time you apply for Red Thread Guide.

Another way to know whether you are called to take this training is to watch Shiloh Sophia's teaching about Quantum Connection.

How do I ask a question?  Contact team member Sarah Mardell at

What Our Graduates are Saying

"I enjoyed the immersion and focus... which in reality was a lovely, guided journey. In the privacy of my home, and then through actual shared practice, I gained wonderful insight and courage to share new skills. I am very grateful to have answered the call and found my way into the circle of the Red Thread. It is wonderful to know that new breath is continuing the tradition of weaving women, story and teachings in a celebration that offers depth and grace. You glow as you share!"

-Monika Reis

"I have been a classroom teacher for over 17 years. I can say without hesitation that my Red Thread Guide training was the most powerful, well designed, interactive, resource filled training I have ever done. Not only were all the guides and teachers experts deeply grounded and wise, their compassion and their being available during the course was outstanding."

~ Lexanne Leonard

"I felt a deep heart calling to this training even before I had many ideas of what it involved. It was such a sweet and yet powerful speaking of how to call and what to call, in an empowered way of reaching out to others and connecting in the sacred container space that was being created. This work gave me the impetus as well as the practical guidelines to call circles of beings, for me that will be mostly women, to create a kind of connection that I believe is healing for not only we as individuals but the whole of humanity, one being at a time. Shiloh, Mary, and Jonathan were teachers of great depth and heart. I loved you all."

-Feather Redfox