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Hint: Consciousness is the key.
How do you gain access to your gnosis,
your direct ways of knowing?

Do you have a deep desire to



You're in the right place.
Welcome to GOLD MIND!

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Gold Mind is a chosen state of mind. Once we cultivate this level of awareness, so deeply rooted in soul and integrity... almost nothing can take us off course. Yet we need to begin with being very, very, very clear. I will teach you to use the Gold Mind Meditation in all your business projects.

Let me guide you to clarity. I have had one business focus for 25 years, and although the facets have changed, the clear heart of my work remains consistent and builds momentum.

What I will share with you will be something you can use for the rest of your life in all of your endeavors ~ Shiloh Sophia

The foundation of a business is a business plan.
This journey isn't an ordinary business plan driven by ideas created by a system that we don't trust.

Create a Visionary Business Plan
that reflects your values, dreams
and a plan of action for your future!

The past few years have been rough for many of us whether we 'pivoted' or failed or a combination of both.

GOLD MIND IS A CHANCE TO RESET THE ENERGY of HOW and WHY you do what you do! Let's revisit the heart of what truly matters to you!

Business is not as usual.
Uncommon times call for uncommon women.
Will you redefine what business means to you?

Watch & Learn about our non-traditional
Muse-Infused approach to Business:

Whether you are just getting started or have been at this a long time, your business deserves a FRESH Creative Business Plan of Action that LIGHTS YOU UP!

Let's work together to REVISION YOUR BUSINESS YOUR WAY. Bring your creativity to the table by working visually with an updated company story, authentic messaging, and approach to your offerings in the future.

At the end of our time, you will have a full-color business plan and ways to communicate your refreshed dream to the world!

"Your business exists because you say so. No one gets to define that for you. The bottom line or how much money you have in the bank is not your business.

Your VISION is your business. Let's Revision Together!"

~Shiloh Sophia, Founder MUSEA: Intentional Creativity®

Take a listen to an audio invitation Shiloh recorded just for you!

Painting by Shiloh Sophia

What is Gold Mind you ask?

The Intentional Creativity® Approach to Business
Designed for Entrepreneurs and Visionaries
Ideal for those getting started or needing
a revisioning for their business!

WHO: Women who have a business with heart, a dance between the worlds of being true to ourselves, as well as honoring the need for sustainability. Dancing between the worlds is what many of us learn to do, drawing both from our intuitive mystical nature, as well as our analytical, structure-based, and orderly nature. Can we bring these elements together? Of course, we can - let's do it!

WHAT: We will weave within the traditional and feminine framework of a business plan to create a vision aligned with your values. Each of our guests will create a full-color 8-page Visionary Business Plan. Even if you have made one before, this one is fresh and to the point where you are in your business now.

WHEN & WHERE: The Gold Mind Curriculum will be delivered via downloadable recorded live streams and instructional videos with Shiloh Sophia enabling you to learn at your own pace.

WHY: As an entrepreneur, being equipped with the power tools to navigate the next decade is essential. You don't want to do business by others' standards, you want to do it your way. These days we need to be informed about the global context as well as learn to become savvy in the virtual marketplace.

HOW: Whether you are just starting out in your business or have been at this for a long time, revisioning your approach and strategies through play and pleasure will be fun, insightful, and powerful. You have never seen a business plan quite like this one, we can guarantee it! Our approach takes the aspects of making business personal and professional to the next level. Plus we will be giving you a tool to use over and over for your business.

Our Intentional Creativity® experience offers so many benefits!

  • Embody your Message in a refreshed way by connecting to the heart of what matters to you.
  • Access your hidden wisdom, your own consciousness that you KNOW is there waiting for you to tune in
  • Empower your company and projects with Renewed Energy so that you can feel FRESH and INSPIRED.
  • Activate the Power of the Right and Left Brain so you can SEE what needs to be seen.
  • Invite Your Muse to Show the Way by allowing your intuition and creativity to guide you.
  • Uplevel Your Business Story and Messaging and the way you approach your work.
  • Align heart, mind, and body wisdom so that ALL of you is coherent with your dreams

No matter what business you are in, your plan is your guiding light. AND HOW you approach your plan, with what kind of MIND and HEART informs every single decision.

What you will take away from the experience? 

Watch & listen to Shiloh's plan of action!

You will leave this experience with a full-color creative Visionary Business Plan that lights up your heart and mind. This plan is about the essence of how your business works - and is aligned with a traditional business plan, with a twist. We change the language to make it juicy for women. Instead of financials, it is prosperity, instead of a target audience, it is beloveds. These subtle changes bring us back to the heart of the work. This course will ...

  •  Increase your clarity about your business plan
  •  Give you a plan of action to initiate immediately
  •  Increase your intuition on behalf of your projects
  •  Show you how to discover the alignment that creates optimal prosperity
  •  Strengthen your supportive structure with dedicated time spent on your biz
  •  Revision of your business from the perspective of the heart
  •  Increase your capacity to move between worlds 
  •  Invite new feminine language for old business ideas
  •  Deliver a Creative practice you can use again and again  

You can create a fresh business plan for ANY BUSINESS IDEA you can think of! This is how we do business differently. Do you see a spreadsheet or notepad with defined lines? Nope. When it comes to visioning we merry-meet the left and right brain. Color and Inquiry with Strategy and Inspired Action.

Shiloh Sophia has taught this process to hundreds of women both online and in person, as well as part of the curriculum for her Certification Trainings.

Begin Creating Your Vision Plan in Minutes

About the Gold Mind Curriculum

You In? Let's Go!

  • TUITION: $247 or 3 payments of $87
  • WHAT: GOLD MIND Journey for Women 
  • WHEN: Get Started Now - Go at your own pace
  • WHERE: Delivered via 8 downloadable recorded LIVESTREAM events with Shiloh, Guest speakers, and recorded ZOOM Calls.
  • WHO: For women who claim themselves as Visionaries or Entrepreneurs
  • HOW: We will use watercolor paper and acrylic paint. (See materials list below)
  • WHY: To Revision your business your way and redefine what business means to you

Musea Museum Members who pay for a monthly subscription of at least $10/month may use code member for 10% savings.

If you need a scholarship, you may use code gold (all lowercase) for $50 savings. We are a community that practices reciprocity

Materials List

  • 2 Pieces watercolor paper size 22x30, weight 140lb.
  • Acrylic paint or watercolor paints in a rainbow of colors + black and white
  • Paint brushes in a variety of sizes
  • hole punch
  • spray bottle
  • colored sharpies and pens 
  • Jar for paint water  
  • Paper towels (or soft cotton lint-free rags or old t-shirts work too)  

Wondering if you need a business to take this class? The answer is no. This course is intended for women who are currently in business or thinking of starting one. No matter what level of entrepreneurship you are in, this course will give you the clarity to take actionable steps forward.

Student Work and What they Say About GOLD MIND!

I am always amazed at how deep those processes go whilst being manageable and this time even playful! I have more clarity now, and it was wonderful to experience the support in the group. Yes, the sharing, the connecting with each other, is such an important part of this!
Thank you, Shiloh Sophia [Curator] ❤️ Always a pleasure, and it's getting better and better! 🙏 Nah, YOU are getting better and better, peeling away everything that might not be you, and gifting the world with so much brilliant authenticity - witnessing this is so inspiring! 🌈🌟
~ Johanna 2022 GOLD MIND Student

The teachings of Gold Mind resonate so much with me – it just feels right in body, mind and soul. It also felt so good to discover my own Gold Mind and explore it. Shiloh, your approach is a gift and it reconnects me with my own ways and rhythms. Thank you so much!

~ Nina Rubea Jäger 2022 GOLD MIND Student

I found Gold Mind to be an interesting and valuable journey. The thoughtful processes helped me to explore and solidify my vision and my why in a meaningful and action-oriented way.

~ Jenn Bissette 2022 GOLD MIND Student

The Gold Mind experience was very helpful and inspiring for me. I could understand how business works and what I need to do to launch my own business. The most important thing was I can do it my way and I loved the approach that you dear Shiloh Sophia presented to me/us through the Intentional Creativity Method and big love. THANK YOU AGAIN.

~ Saskia Bartscht 2022 GOLD MIND Student

~ Emily McCollum 2022 GOLD MIND

Co-Creative, expanding experience. Courageously, inspiring journey. 💓

~ Sherri Keikilani 2022 GOLD MIND Student

Thank you, Shiloh Sophia [Curator] 💛 for offering this illuminating, sacred container to birth our projects 🧶🙏🏼🧶
Being in the heart-centered consciousness of my gold mind has become a daily ritual for me. Day to day, I notice my gold mind growing, lighting up my life, and providing nourishment for my developing healing arts academy.
Thanks to Gold Mind, I’ve been building my business from the inside out. My business plan is strengthening as I find myself daydreaming, visualizing the interior landscapes of the rooms I will occupy with my beloveds, as well as, imagining my beloveds’ beaming hearts and faces, feeling their loving, joyous energies. This practice of dwelling in my gold mind has become a coping skill for staying disciplined and creating a structure with action steps. And, using my gold mind imagination gives me encouragement and fuel to stay shining and moving when I need a boost and a self-pep talk. Gold Mind reminds me that what I seek is seeking me 🧶🙏🏼🧶🙏🏼🧶🙏🏼🧶
Brightest blessings to All 💖
Yes, this is my painting 🎨
~ Anna Louise Throm 2022 GOLD MIND Student

Flow & Form

The 16 Essential Frameworks

As taught through the Intentional Creativity Approach to Business Owners

The framework below is used to shift how we look at our business using a heart-centered approach.

As you look at each framework, there is a structure. At the top is a single WORD. This is the framework and the inquiry to ask yourself. Who are you? Who do you serve? What are you offering? etc. As you go through each area/inquiry, you engage with the right brain first for your thinking, allowing yourself to see the whole first, engaging with Flow before form.

The next word, in cursive script, is the new language we are claiming flow. Right underneath is the more business-like WORD in all caps which would normally be used in a traditional Business Plan. This is always a work in progress and has been offered to thousands of people in various forms for the past 18 years by Shiloh Sophia, the founder of Intentional Creativity.  

Through play, imagination, dreaming, visioning, and working with symbols and language you will design your own business plan right onto a deck of cards. The idea is that the deck becomes a 'practice' and that when you are working on your business you pull a card and work on that area for a minimum of 15 minutes, making it fun and moving through resistance. We wanted to share this with you so that you could get a little spark of interest considering what we are about to do...

These photos were taken when Shiloh Sophia shared this process during a 2019 International Forum of Visual Practitioners.

The Currency of Source

I was raised in a household of women entrepreneurs, working artists who chose their craft many times over security and safety, but they knew they wanted to devote their life force to something that felt worthwhile to them, to spend the majority of their days doing something they actually love and discovering the pathway of sustainability towards that.  

I know it isn't an easy path, having walked it myself and walked it with my family. There have been millions of dollars made and potentially millions of dollars lost in the journey. But what has been created by women entrepreneurs, including myself, is so much more than what we think of as the currency of money. There's so much more to the story. ~ Shiloh Sophia

Sonoma California pictured from the left, Shiloh Sophia, Janet Bollow Alleyn, Janet Seaforth, Bridget McBride, Sue Sellars, Lenore Thomas Straus, Caron McCloud, Karen Peterson, JJ Wilson, Front: Sonia Peterson

Mine Your Own Gold!

While currency, in the form of money, is important to sustain you, your family and your work, the currency of Source is equally important.

When you are connected to Source, your true passion, you naturally raise the vibration of what you have to offer, often resulting in earning more money with less effort.

Shiloh Sophia will teach you specific heartset and mindset development techniques so the projects you are creating in the world are infused with life-force that flows directly from the currency of source.

It matters that women who care and are concerned for the future of the world are able to get their work brought out and expressed, and expressed in and of themselves, regardless of what ends up happening in the marketplace or through recognition. 

We know currency ebbs and flows. The marketplace goes up and down. What matters is that you are clear on what your gifts are and that you continue showing up to bring them forward in ways that feel good and juicy to you!

Curious about what it takes to get to where you want to be with your business? Watch Shiloh's insights below!

Still curious whether Gold Mind is for you? Find out below!

A peak inside the GOLD MIND Course Intentional Creativity Exercises

Shiloh Sophia Welcomes Students

Sharing about Gold Mind

Introduction to the Day 1

Vision Plan Book introduction

Working with art supplies and creativity

Demonstration of Shape Creation

Day 2 Discovering your Symbology

Day 2 Symbol review

Day 2 Adding Words + Symbol to your panels

More shares from students!

"This class has been so inspirational for me. I have been able to totally embrace a new way of imaging my business. I keep checking in with the various information centers within my body and holding little mini-conferences with them, i.e., "heart, so what do you think about what gut is suggesting?" I keep taking bigger and bigger steps towards a business model that is way out there for me. I'm not quite ready to share or even language it yet but it is indeed emerging in a most wondrous way. Thank you all for your love, support and just being my community right now. I know I wouldn't even be thinking these thoughts if it wasn't for this class/group, never mind actually considering taking action on them!"
~ Yarrow Summers

"Shiloh Sophia is a visionary for the divine feminine way in business igniting the potential in others to rise up and take their rightful place at the plentiful table of the Goddess. As an innovator, imaginator, and creatrix, she dares to color outside the lines of possibilities with big broad strokes in order to transcend mainstream thinking. An invigorating breath of fresh air in business! Thank Goddess!"

~ Diane Merpaw  

"Got so much clarity on a BIG long-term project, with things to drip in before. Can’t wait to complete my plan and do a live video for my beloveds. And share ideas with my publisher. The Muse is a happy mermaid after some weeks on hiatus." ~ DT

"Refocused. Reenergized. Rewarded. Remembering. Recognizing. Remarkable!" ~ NM

"Very insightful and many inspiring thoughts and action steps I need to take. I am not good with "deadlines" but I am going to challenge myself to 90 days to start getting my stuff out there. I will use this method for many projects to come." ~ LK

"If you want to create a heart-centered business, access information you don’t have access to at the moment that has the potential to unlock new levels of potential for your business, change your perspective on finances and how to bring it in, Shiloh’s coaching, guidance, intuition, and creativity are a powerhouse! You can’t unknow what is revealed to you during the coaching sessions… so be ready for intense movement forward with your business if you say YES! "

~ Evelyne Verret

Oh my gosh, I will, I am slowly going through everything, and will absolutely share soon!!! So far it has been incredible, opening me up to healing so many layers of old programming around a business that has held me back! Loving you @Shiloh Sophia [Curator] for your love and support and all that you offer our beautiful community, my wings are budding, getting ready to grow, and soon I will fly in gratitude to you!!! xxx❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕⭕

~ Lisa Rose 2022 GOLD MIND Student


~ SaleenaKi aka SongBird 2022 GOLD MIND Student

More About the Business Plan

Watch this short sneak peek of the business plan process.

CONTEXT: We are creating our own revolution in language, energy, and action. Most business language is constructed in reference to sports and war. We are reclaiming that language to reflect the ideas, ideals, and energy of the heart-based entrepreneur.  

CONCEPT: The concept is to IDENTIFY the essential elements of a business plan since most of us don't think about it or see it as a whole. Then we inquire, 'thinking,' 'seeing,' and 'feeling' each area with new eyes, and expand awareness of the values and features of each category. This way you can inform your business with the greatest heart and consciousness you have!  

AWAKENING: Become conscious of each area of your business and the new language you are bringing to each area. Looking at the inquiry at the top, then the flow and form in language.  

AFFIRMATION: Once you review each area, you will go back through it a second time and create an affirmation, an 'I AM' statement of some kind that affirms your stand for that part of your business (and write it in your book). For example - WHO: the Beloved/Client I am calling in...  

ACTIONS: Once you create the affirmation you can go back through again and add actions or more details for that area as inspired by looking at the Informing Drivers. At this point, you can add more writing in the book or bring it to the computer. Finally, if you choose, bring the ideas into a traditional business plan.  

Is it time to REVISION Your Business?


Shiloh Sophia has taught her 'Gold Mind' Curriculum to hundreds of women worldwide. Shiloh is a unique Visionary mind who has broken all the rules in her business, finding her own way of working. 

About Shiloh Sophia: Shiloh Sophia lives life as a great adventure narrated by the creative fire of her Muse! She has dedicated her life to the belief that self-expression is a basic human right and shares her message with thousands around the world through her paintings, poetry, and teachings. She leads a global movement of revolutionary education focused in Intentional Creativity®, as offered in the Color of Woman Teacher Training. She co-founded MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity® in Sonoma, California, with her husband Jonathan. Most mornings, she can be found having tea with her Muse, pouring over quantum physics, philosophy, and sacred texts in the Red Thread Cafe.

YOU are the FUTURE by Shiloh Sophia

For my Fellow Entrepreneurs in times of Great Change.

Your business exists,
even if your bottom line has changed.

Your business exists because it is not made of numbers,
codes, indexes, markets, surges, stats and regular math.

Your business is not binary or a spreadsheet,
your business is part of the circle of life itself.

Your business exists because it lives inside of your DREAM,
and your VISION for making a contribution to the planet.

If you feel underwater, and if I know anything about our kind,
you will learn to breathe here. We are learning new things.

Even if you have too much debt,
and can't imagine how it will ever be otherwise.

Even if you don't have any money, right now. And you don't know
when more is coming. Even then. Your business exists.

Even if you can't give your customers or investors
the answers or refunds they want.

You may be magic,
but you aren't required to tell the future.

You are the future.
But that doesn't mean you need to know what it looks like.

Those who want answers now, and become insta' as*holes,
cut em' lose. They didn't get it anyway.

More often than not, those with a corporate headset, customers
or companies, have no idea what entrepreneurs actually do.

Just try to tell them!? And you will see. We speak
a different language here, and our math is sacred.

Our math says that no one will suffer for profit.
Our values say that humans and creation are the true value

Your business exists because you say so.
As long as you say it does. No one can choose for you.

Do not let your reputation define you,
define it for yourself, by claiming a visioning cycle.

You are going to say so, aren't you?
You are made for times like these.

Your business is woven with hope for humanity
and therefore cannot die - evolve, yes - die, no.

Your business exists, if you choose
to put up a 'gone fishin' sign in the physical or virtual window.

Your business reflects your heart-centered values and care
for those you serve, now or in the past or the future.

Dear precious visionaries, we need YOU to exist.
Do not close your doors too soon or admit defeat! Stay!

Keep energy flowing, even gently with your awareness, make
a simple altar with your business card and hold your reality firm.

Being in integrity does not mean telling every single facet
of your business, it means curating the appropriate context.

You are the one who narrates the story of your business.
What part of the story are you in today? You choose.

You are defining a new bottom line that became a circle.
You have never likely been about profit over process or progress.

You continually re-invested in the dream, that's why you
don't have more reserves. There is no shame in giving all you got!

Don't let the accountants tell you your worth. Period.
Your worth is from sources no one but you knows about.

Your business is not just you, it is colleagues, clients, coaches,
Consultants. Your business represents more than your fear.

You don't need to feel ashamed about continuing to charge
for services you can still deliver on. Design a relevant plan

Those who believe in your work, will continue to support you.
They will be patient with the flow of your evolving form.

Your hard won eccentric, diverse, futuristic, edgy, risky, esoteric,
innovative, disruptor ideals are essential to the unfolding!

Listen, you have been financing your own revolution,
almost since you were a kid. Your business is a story, not a brand.

Entrepreneurs are weaving a new fabric right now and we need
your colorful threads as a part of the new design. Don't go!

Your business exists because you say so.
Are you listening? Please! Pause with me, here.

Let your heart speak the truth now,
truth is all we have, as rare as it may be.

Your real business is not something that can be owned.
And you are not your business. You gave birth to it.

Your real business is the invisible, becoming visible.
You make something out of nothing, and you know it!

All of us who have spent our lives creating an alternate
possibility for the marketplace, stand with you. I do.

If you survive this, you will have the wisdom we need!
Don't forget! Dreamer! The fire in your bones remembers!

This old paradigm IS shuttering to a halt - it won't be able to
keep going, it wasn't designed to last. But you were.

You didn't make your business plan with an exit strategy,
you wove your plan with pure love, to exist as love.

Listen changemaker, innovator, rebel with a cause -
something new is happening, and your voice is requested!

There is a seat at the table with your name on it.
If you don't show up, no one else can take your place.

This is a giant permission slip to exist.
Finally, we are in this together, all of us.

You are the future!

" It matters that women who care and are concerned for the future of the world are able to get their work brought out and expressed."


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Even though this is optional for GOLD MIND Students this is a great opportunity to enhance and extend what you gain during this training. When you join you will get to ...

  • Connect with GOLD MIND Founder Shiloh Sophia and other female entrepreneurs via access to a private app and monthly LIVE calls
  • Practice Meditations and Gold Mind Framework
  • Experience Intentional Creativity® teachings for business
  • Enjoy special invitations from Musea University and Museum
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