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Recorded on Saturday and Sunday, June 1 & 2, 2024

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Discover and practice the Intentional Creativity
resilience and healing tools

Join in creative community to bring the changes you are seeking

Experience how the slow-firing neurons work in collaboration with imagination in action.

Since 2017 thousands of people worldwide have experienced the phenomenon known as APOTHECARY created by Jonathan and Shiloh Sophia McCloud. This is an approach to transformation through Intentional Creativity for anyone regardless of artistic talent - really - because this has nothing to do with being a good artist and everything to do with setting yourself free...if you dare.

Watch this video with Shiloh and Jonathan to learn more about the profound impacts of creating your own APOTHECARY.

Unlock Your Intuition + Liberate Healing Gifts

The "Need to Know" Details...

  • WHO: APOTHECARY is for ALL Y'all! Women, Men, and Gender Non-Conforming people, Mermaids, and Mystics—as long as you can hold a brush, you can come!
  • WHAT: Experience potent life-changing teachings about creating change in the brain and heart connection. Create a powerful painting that represents your activated intuition and inner symbology.
  • WHEN & WHERE: Immediate access to your home studio. Recorded with a live studio audience (enrolled students) at MUSEA Center in Sonoma, CA, and virtually.
  • WHY: Invite your Inner Alchemist to step out of the box and get messy and magical.
    No expectations - only transformations.
  • HOW: The Intentional Creativity Method has been practiced for 30 years and invites you to a higher and deeper level of awareness about your creative process and how it connects to your life.
  • MATERIALS: You need only acrylic paint, canvas (24x30 or as large as you like), and brushes. A complete list of materials is provided upon registration.

Many of our students have taken APOTHECARY over and over again. The information you receive gets better and better. With the Canvas as your portal to unknown worlds, there is always new wisdom and insight to glean.

"This weekend changed my life. I quickly became addicted to art as a healing journey which led me to play 100% and become a certified Red Thread artist, guide, and connector to our tribe. In 2022, I connected through Grief to bring reconnection and reparation to our world. I hold Shiloh and Jonathan in heartfelt gratitude for all that you are and all that you do." ~ Elizabeth Ellen Apothecary 2022 Student

Join us for Apothecary 5.0


~12 hours of recorded Intentional Creativity Teachings

Go at your own pace.  

TUITION: $297 or 2 payments of $160

Virtual Registration!

SHILOH + JONATHAN Streamed this LIVE from their Studio in Sonoma, California. Any space can be turned into a mini art studio. You don't need fancy materials - just paint, canvas and a willingness to trust the brush!

You will gain access to iMUSEA App, the Shiloh Sophia Studios group, where you can connect, share photos of your process, be witnessed and supported by Graduates of Apothecary and our Certification Trainings.

Students painting at MUSEA Sonoma

Watch this video to experience co-teachers Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud as they candidly share about the inspiration for this class and why you should jump on in and join us!

What student are saying about their Apothecary Experience

"How beautiful to gaze upon the canvas, and feel deep in my bones and in my heart that each stroke of color was created with meaning, expressing the different arcs and curves of my journey! Feeling the holiness and wholeness of the transformative depth and vital importance of mark-making, telling the story across the canvas of life. Avowing I will no longer doubt or withhold my gifts or my voice from the world." ~ Krystal Dyan Apothecary 2023 Student

Stages of Krystal Dyan's Painting

"I felt so inspired, fulfilled, and enriched! Feeling much gratitude for the opportunity to participate. I am so deeply touched and honored to share my work. The images are two close-ups and my work-in-progress Apothecary paintings." ~ Krystal Dyan

Count me In!

Paint to Access Inner Knowing

Here at Musea, we paint for access to our inner world with the canvas as our portal. Often we need a pause from the outer world to tune into our inner self, which we like to call the Muse!

These past four years have left many of us wondering where we fit in with a world that has drastically changed. With all we see on social media and the news, fear can be louder than our own intuition.

Do you often feel disconnected from your own inner knowing?

Are you able to trust yourself over all the noise happening around you?

How can we reclaim our personal sanctuary and rediscover our creative flow?

The Answer: Creativity is the antidote to fear. By going deeper with the paintbrush, you unlock a new level of self-awareness to decisions that feel aligned for YOU.

This is not a "paint by number" class. What sets us apart is the Intentional Creativity Method® we've practiced with tens of thousands of students over the last 12 years. We paint for wisdom, healing, and transformation from the inside out.

Making art calms the nervous system, reminding us that it's safe to come out again. When you take a class with MUSEA, you are connected to a global circle of creatives painting along with you from their studios and living rooms around the world! These people are boldly rediscovering their purpose right alongside you.

What you create will blow you away and likely change your life (seriously). No painting experience is required, yet all levels of experience are welcome!

What students are saying about Apothecary

"I loved this process. It was very healing and transformative, but it was also really fun! I ended up with a painting that really speaks to me and is a beautiful reminder of the truth of my story. I feel that this truly shifted something for me that had been stuck in my energy field since my early childhood, and I am grateful that it has been transformed through this alchemical process." ~ Myrna 2021

"What a wild ride this has been. It was such a great experience on so many levels and I would do it all over again! I just loved every single bit of it! Truly transformational." ~ Anja Kersten 2021

"Apothecary helped me to see that I had settled into a path that was not fulfilling on a spiritual and emotional level for me and the direction I need to be moving in" ~ Jennifer Whirlow 2021

"PTSD is so real and people do not want to confront it, nor deal with it. This course brings it to the forefront in a pleasant, releasing way. Thank you!" ~ Gina "Aussie" Milinovich 2021

"I wanted to try to express my deepest gratitude for this community. The individual and collective power that is held and witnessed is beyond description. The magic, the quantum mycelium of the red thread. Growing and swelling with love, hope, and joy. I am grateful to the hearts of the stars and back for each of you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!" ~ Drew 2022

Labrys in my Tea Pot, 2018 Apothecary Painting by Shiloh Sophia

APOTHECARY works with what we call MEDICINE PAINTING because we create with intent for Illumination and Transformation

Medicine Painting can be a choice for anyone to spark healing, not just artists, the talented, or those who feel they are creative. Creativity cannot be relegated to those with skill alone. Creativity activates inherent life force and can be put into practice as a powerful tool to summon the inner healer.

Approaching painting as a healing journey can be thought of as a blooming branch of neo-shamanism with roots that go back to our ancestral healing practices. Storytelling, ritual, embodiment, ceremony, intention, marking, and prayer was often a part of the healing practices from the past. Painting with an intent to heal, deliver remedies, tell stories, and warn those in the future of potential dangers, can be identified in many ancient civilizations. The art that remains in our human archives, provides visual evidence.

Watch this video as Shiloh Sophia explains Medicine Painting

Challenging times require extraordinary measures. How can processing stuck energy and fear actually be fun, put you in the flow state, and provide some relief? We will show you. You don't have to be an artist to experience the benefits of this, you simply have to show up with a big brush, a bold hand, and be open to self-discovery.

Is this for you? Of course! Intentional Creativity is for everyone. If you have wanted to know what Intentional Creativity is really all about, this is it. If you are a seasoned creative working with Intentional Creativity or an artist, this will be new territory but with a familiar affirmation of what you have been experiencing with the expanded language codex of Medicine Painting. And if you haven't picked up a paintbrush in years, this is for you too!

Little colorful bottles with elixirs with mysterious labels, hidden doors, ancient library books in a cosmic apothecary of your own making....curves, and lines... colors and shapes... textures and collages.  

What magic will be revealed?

Apothecary Dream: Painting by Graduate and Artist Juniper Mainelis

8 Step Painting Process + Visual Journaling + Poetry Writing

An Introduction to Apothecary from Shiloh Sophia & Jonathan McCloud

What if you could hear your intuition and voice in a clear new way?

Demo paintings from Apothecary 2.0 with Shiloh Sophia & Jonathan McCloud

Apothecary Student Paintings

Renee Major 2021

"I’ve gotten more out of the past 3 weeks than I have in years of therapy!!"

Annie Sylling 2021

"I have been in search of my purpose on this planet, watching in horror at the chaos unfolding, wishing I could somehow make a difference. I have found my purpose. An excerpt from one of my writings during Apothecary: "I am a vessel that flows love and light into the dark places. I am a vessel of abundant love, light, and healing energy, filled with hope and happiness, with joy in abundance. I am a vessel intentionally and lovingly made, created for the greater good of the collective. I am a vessel of service, of creativity, of love and life- to radiate light and love into the world."

Phoebe Miller 2021

"The name of my Apothecary is Serenity. My vessels are Infusion, Perseverance, and Love; to me, it's a beautiful reflection of my values, growth, character building, and the love that I have not only received but choose to share with the world around me."

Robyn Fell 2021

"The Apothecary journey has been life-changing for me, even from across the world, working remotely, I felt held and a real sense of belonging within that community. The content was stunningly delivered in just the right sized pieces and the ongoing support was deeply encouraging, congruent, and, well, supportive!"

Linda Allen 2021

"If you are ready to stop playing victim, this is the tool to be accountable for your own medicine, your own healing, your own path to writing new stories."

Kate Elliott 2021

"I love the process of exploration and revelation, and really taking the time to move through it at my own pace. My painting sat for a month with the bottles in outline until I was ready to listen deeper. It had a lot to say!"

Kristin Aardema Faigh 2021

"I feel I have come/am coming home."



Create a Medicine Painting 

An Apothecary is a place, receptacle, or a vessel where things are literally put or stored. Your canvas will be the physical place this happens. Explore core stories in your personal mythos that are ready to be alchemized. Bring form to the feelings and change how it lives in your body and your field. We will use layers of glaze, color, symbols, equations, codes, and ideas. You will experience expanded space...and play with paint!

Healing is at your fingertips!

Ritual Marking to Move Energy

The stored/trapped/stuck energy lives in our field.
What if you could move it and liberate space for you to expand, breathe, explore? We will reduce the size the tragedies take up and make and mark remedies. Little colored bottles, secret books, handwritten labels collage. Experience release...  

Visual Journaling with Jenafer Joy will offer integration of the entire experience!

Alchemizing New Pathways

This is an intuitive alchemical painting process that you can't get wrong. We will be working with the apothecary metaphor and actually make little drawers and bottles and medicines for what ails you and literally crafting your own remedy with your own creativity! No painting experience is needed. Experience something new... yet with ancient mystical roots.

Ancient Cosmic Cowgirls?

Prehistoric cave paintings from 12,000 years ago in Ennedi Plateau, Tschad in the Sahara Desert invite us to ponder who we are, and what stories we tell. Through exploring the art of ancient and not so ancient art, and how they are used to tell stories through symbol, we will 'narrate' through image, part of our healing journey as text onto our bottles, books in our apothecary. Pictographs show us how to distill important information into condensed symbols...

Shift your current worldview 

We often see the world through the eyes of the tragedies and hardships we have experienced. What if it was possible to view it from an expanded framework? Where you are informed by, but not hindered by, who you have been so far. Self Discovering invites something truly fresh...Experience new access....The way we work with story is future-forward instead of visiting the traumas of the past.


Intentional Creativity is potent, practical, and powerful for shifting energy and stories. And for reducing and catalyzing suffering, and transforming it into something truly useful. Yes, we have the power to do that! Oh YA Whoop! However, trauma often lives in image-based story. Trying to change the story and how it lives within us, without working with image, often isn't getting the results we need. This is exactly what the process opens: taking the inside thought/idea and bringing it into the form-based domain to make the experience visual. We think it. We create it. We witness it and are changed by it in our brains. It is so elemental and basic, yet understanding how it works, giving process and language to it, changes HOW we can access it and work with it.  

Our beautiful brains process how we ‘see’ and experience life. We will work directly with what we know about how the brain processes and how to shift these patterns. If you wonder why the same stories keep showing up even after years of mental processing in your life and therapy, then perhaps it is time to try a new modality. The issues live in the field of energy and movie-story-memories in your mind and your tissues. We know this can be shifted and we know that you are your own healer and you are the only one that can shift them. We have tools to take you down that alchemical road to healing. You will experience new insights, innovation, and fresh mojo. Let's just how our thoughts impact our reality, with a paintbrush.  

Even if you have already done a lot of story work, this will be unlike any experience you have ever had. If you DO the class and you don't feel it was worth it, you get your money back (you must do the class however). 

Jonathan McCloud will be teaching alongside Shiloh Sophia & sharing about PTSD and how his stories are translated into gifts and skills. The idea for APOTHECARY came from his own story following his 7 years in the military as a pararescueman and how he works to transform 'tragedies into remedies' through Intentional Creativity. A soldier. A chef. Poet. Musician. And muse of Shiloh Sophia. 

Here Jonathan McCloud is teaching during the New Orleans Apothecary Workshop.

Apothecary 2018 in New Orleans

Three Bonuses


You will receive access to three special guest video dialogues sessions.

  • Personal medicine with Dr. Lissa Rankin.
  • Energy medicine with Desda Zuckerman, founder of Your Sacred Anatomy.
  • Exploring energy with Lou Reed, founder of Energy Medicine Institute.

Experiences with Men

While many of our courses are intended for women, Apothecary, in particular, has proven to be a beautiful experience for women and men alike. Here is Jonathan McCloud doing his process in 2019 along with Shiloh Sophia. 

In 2018, Intentional Creativity Teacher, Trish O'Malley did Apothecary with her husband Yohan and said... 

“Painting and working Intentional Creativity together is one of the deepest joys of my marriage and allows Yohan to truly value my work and support me fully. His apothecary painting is the center focal point of our home and we both treasure what he journeyed into in the process. Take this one y'all and bring your beloved along.”  

Meet your Cosmic Guides

Founders of MUSEA : Intentional Creativity Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud 

She is an artist and writer. He is a chef and sommelier. Together they are a husband and wife team, business owners and operators across a spectrum of interests. The pair joined their creative forces in 2013 with events in the Bay Area and around the world, now serving tens of thousands of clients with a philosophy and lifestyle concept they call Intentional Creativity® (creating with intention). The brand that serves all these interests is named “Musea”, Latin for multiple museums.  



Dawn Karolides Apothecary 2020

Dawn Karolides - Apothecary 2020

"Honestly, witnessing Shiloh and Jonathan in the brief opportunities through their shares and in Apothecary has done much to help me heal."

Selma Egberts Apothecary 2020

Selma Egberts - Apothecary 2020

“My first course with Intentional Creativity was Apothecary in 2020. And I found it an amazing, beautiful way of Medicine Painting. It gave me a new perspective on how to deal with my body and brain after my traffic accident in 2014 and to use my creativity conscious and intuitive.

I learned to be more aware of my capabilities and to find a balance between my inner and outer worlds. I’m still grateful that I.C. came on my path.”

Gisela Pineiro - Apothecary 2020

"Apothecary this one was literally life-changing... the Catalyst for big change"

Bonnie Jasik - Apothecary 2021

"I have been so blessed by the Apothecary course. The self-paced structure was perfect- giving me the time I needed to delve deeply into the recesses of my subconscious, uncovering forgotten emotions that yearned for healing so that joy could more fully flow through my biofield. As I painted my very own space for healing and empowerment, it became more and more “real,” as though I could just walk right in any time I needed self-care. The course has also led me to realize that art truly has the power to change the world- quantum physics teaches us that when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. Art helps us change the way we look at ourselves and the world. I have grown so much as an artist and a human being. Bravo to MUSEA!!"

Brittany Eifler - Apothecary 2021

"This was such an enjoyable process! Each step of the process is built perfectly off the last and it really helps you "trust the process." I feel like I've learned things from this course that will show up in my future paintings. I loved this course and will definitely be taking more!"

Moana Whatu Apothecary 2020

Moana Whatu - Apothecary 2020

"I have had the privilege of doing this twice now, just loved it! one of my favorites! I really looked deeply into my own medicine, which keeps me strong healthy, vibrant, and juicy!! making informed intentional choices about our remedies!! ♥️♥️♥️"

Carol Fairbanks - Apothecary 2021

My Apothecary experience is not just one isolated opportunity for healing through creativity, but rather it is one stepping stone in the path of my personal growth toward self-actualization. With every piece of art I complete, I see myself cycling through common themes of my life that are asking for attention, but with each painting focusing on a higher level. The 8 paintings I have created since my first Legend experience in January 2020 are a visual record of my journey toward wholeness, and collectively, they continue to "teach" me the very wisdom I seek!”

Sharon Handy Apothecary 2020

Sharon Hardy - Apothecary 2020

"This class is powerful.... you get out of it what you put into it...My eyes were really opened.... especially about boundaries."

Sherry Banaka, 2019 course

Student Tamera Boyd Hays: Bringing Medicine Forward, 2019 New Orleans class

Student Kara Young: Good Medicine, 2018 course

Shiloh Sophia, 2019 course

Leisl Bryant, 2018 course

Crystal Easton, 2019 course

Emily Grieves Apothecary 2018

Artists, Founders, Innovators who have worked with Shiloh Sophia

A wild rebel, edge walker, and poet with a paintbrush, Shiloh Sophia has built a movement of Intentional Creativity around the premise that women sourcing an image of the divine feminine within is some of the most radical work that can be done. Her teachings bring women to the canvas to alchemize, potentize, and create the legends they want to live. Hers is a world that embraces contradiction. It is about living wide-awake with an open heart, steers away from demonizing and into designing- as in, intentional design. ~ Shannon Thompson, Founder, Shakti Rising  

Shiloh McCloud is an exquisite artist, a great teacher, and a healer. In four hours she was able to heal 40 years of emotional wounding that kept me from painting. Her process is amazing. She draws out the spirit within and guides you in expressing your innermost knowing. Since studying with her I have painted on a regular basis and much to my surprise my work has been exhibited purchased, understood, and enjoyed by others. The time you spend with Shiloh is worth every minute of it. Do yourself a favor and pick up that paintbrush. ~ Chief Luisah Teish, Author and Artist  

I can tell you that as someone who once studied art more formally, more academically, I learned more from you in a shorter period of time than I did in 5 years of college. I sometimes stand back and wonder whether I did Color of Woman training so I could teach or so I could paint, and I’m still not sure, still torn, still questioning, but I do know Color of Woman training and my work with you allowed my own style to deepen and change dramatically, in a way that is perceivable to the people who have been looking at my work all these years. ~ Emily K. Grieves

Let's curate our own consciousness, if we don't, who will?  

What stories will we tell about our lives and journeys?  

What will future generations find about the stories we tell with our art?