November 4. 5. 6. 2022 Annual Intentional Creativity Virtual Gathering With Shiloh Sophia, the Intentional Creativity Guild + Cosmic Cowgirls

VIVID 2022 is almost here! Watch a "Last Call" Invitation with Shiloh Sophia

YES, I'm coming! 

VIVID 2022
Dancing Each Other Home

A Journey to Dance, Paint and Sing, in Ceremony

with our Global

Intentional Creativity® Community
Guided by
The Guild + Cosmic Cowgirls!
November 4. 5. 6. 2022

Participate from the comfort of your own home studio.

Join live or recorded sessions.
Explore at your own pace.

Livestream Broadcast + Zoom Circles from
MUSEA: Center for Intentional Creativity®

in Sonoma, California

with 15+ of our global team members!

*VIVID Qualifies as a Prerequisite for Red Thread Certification Training starting February 2023.

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RSVP TICKETS $299 or $113 Month Payment Plan

VIVID 2021, Intentional Creativity, Guild, MUSEA Museum

Guild gathered for VIVID 2021 at MUSEA in Sonoma having a great time dancing!


MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity®, Curator Shiloh Sophia with the Guild and Cosmic Cowgirls!

WHAT are we inviting you to?

A virtual weekend immersion in Community, Ceremony, and Intentional Creativity® Painting with a focus on joyful connection, emergent Intentional Creativity painting process, a sense of coming HOME to yourself and community, plus live music and dancing YOUR way!

WHEN are we gathering?

Friday-Sunday November 4, 5, 6.
Opening Circle is November 4 at 12 pm PT! Everyting is recorded!

HOW & WHERE will this be delivered?

This is a Virtual experience for our entire global Intentional Creativity Community. We will broadcast Livestream from MUSEA in Sonoma with in-studio Guild Members & Cosmic Cowgirls to the community members watching online + Gather in Red Thread Circle via Zoom

WHAT materials are required?

Work with any acrylics and brushes you have on hand at home and a canvas, at least 16x20 and larger if you can, spraybottle, charcoal or drawing tool, at least one liner brush or round for fine work. As an eco option, you could repurpose a painting you haven't completed yet! Glitter is always optional!

HOW can you join?

Virtual tickets are $299 or 3 payments of $113. If in need of a scholarship, a $50 savings is available at your discretion using code: vivid (all lowercase)

We desire that no one be prevented from participating due to having less access to finances. Contact to explore greater scholarship options if needed!

Let's Paint, Laugh, Express, Release
and Dance together!


No experience needed. Come one and all!

Plan ahead, get your studio ready and curate a painting and connection retreat in the comfort of your home!


If you, like many in our community, have been navigating major personal shifts, overwhelm, grief for our world, and fast, radical change in your life causing you to seek regeneration, supportive ritual, joyful creativity, and circle connection, this event is for you! Truly, we designed it with you in mind and heart.

This is an invitation to gather for quantum connection, to dance furiously, to create art that is full of meaning and, to find our way HOME together to ourselves, to each other, and to our sacred place of belonging in Circle!

Art Ancestors, Carmen Baraka and Caron McCloud dancing in the cosmos

Dedicating VIVID 2022 to Art Ancestor,
Carmen Baraka

Carmen Baraka, Spirit Warrior, MUSEA, Guild Member, Lineage, Intentional Creativity

This year's VIVID is Dedicated to Spirit Warrior Carmen Baraka, who has influenced our 2022 yearlong MUSEA membership journey exploring the theme of We Are All Related, inspired by Carmen's teachings on Quantum Love and Circle Way! Carmen believed in the transformative power of Circle to heal, to access the sacred, and to experience the awareness of being connected to that which is not fleeting but enduring!

Our VIVID 2022 gathering is an opportunity to join together to celebrate and deepen our Sacred Red Thread Sisterhood, and the Intentional Creativity Culture we have been cocreating together.

Together we are establishing a MUSEA Collective cultural framework that centers love, compassionate witness, devotional creative practice, the power of storytelling, sacred ritual as a part of daily life, reclaiming our personal and collective sovereignty (time, attention, energy, beliefs), and choosing to live in deepening reciprocity and interconnection with one another, the natural world, the earth, and the future generations! We hold a vision towards stewarding Life and tending to the continuation of beauty for many generations into the future, trusting our enduring legacy of circle, collaboration, and sisterhood to take us there!

We invite you to listen to a reading of Carmen's reflection on Quantum Love and Circle, from Shiloh Sophia set to music by Amber Samaya, as a way to feel into the energy that we are calling in for VIVID - Dancing Each Other Home. Can you FEEL it?!

Our VIVID 2022
Guild Presenters and Hosts

Take a peek at the faces of the FABULOUS, COLORFUL and HEART-CENTERED Guild Sisters who will be joining Shiloh Sophia to bring you this incredible experience!

"When we are together there is POTENT magic and such beautiful healing that seems to emerge for all of us, and for those tuning in online. It's incredible what happens when we choose each other, when we choose to be in circle, ceremony, and creative energy - it just opens up a portal - a special place that is rare to find - and we all come out changed!"

- Amber Samaya Gould, VIVID Organizer, reflecting on her VIVID 2021 Experience

"Transform your life, find your whole self, and find a community of courageous, intelligent, and supportive women who create from Soul. Connect to the cosmic intelligence that is waiting for you to wake up."
- Jo Whitfort, VIVID 2020 participant

An Invitation to Liberation

Guided by Shiloh Sophia

with Collaboration from the
Intentional Creativity Guild who are 'in the house'!
LIVE music from Amber Samaya and
Drumsong with Lavender Grace

"We paint this year for personal freedom, yet held within the community. We have designed a process that invites liberation internally and externally from the stories and experiences that keep us trapped. The energy for THIS painting process has been being built for a few years in my own spirit and in my conversations with Amber Samaya.

I cannot wait to share this with you along with our incredible community of leaders who will be here with me, side by side guiding this process.

We will broadcast right from the 'Mothership and the Mountain of Musea', visiting you where you are no matter where you are in the world. Let's break free!" ~ Shiloh Sophia

This VIVID painting process is a call to liberation, coming home to ourselves and coming home to community. This experience invites us to create a painting that marks what sisterhood, red thread circle, and what community look like and feel like in a work of art.

This image will be deeply intentional, layered with meaning and ceremony, and is meant to become something each artist can place on our altars or somewhere in our homes to reMind us daily of our place of 'home' and belonging in sacred Red Thread sisterhood!

Together we will paint our Intentional Creativity community culture of inclusion, variety, colorfulness, individuality, sovereignty, beauty, and belonging. What does THAT even look like? We shall find out together!

Each painting will be unique to each person's experience yet they will all weave the common thread of the culture of Intentional Creativity. We have something very unique - an enduring circle of connection - let's bring that into our images and our art.

This painting will be FOR YOU and INCLUDE YOU in it. This will be a painting that can be a touchstone for years to come that represents sisterhood for you. We have never had a class like this before where there could be MANY women in one image in a circle, women dancing, or women circling the globe.

You will be guided step-by-step through a potent, fun, and ritual-infused painting process that provides grounding structure, yet is full of spaciousness and room for your Muse to make her DANCE MOVES!

Layer by layer our entire body, mind, spirit, heart and field come into coherence and invite liberation. No matter how many times you have painted or done the work - something new emerges right? We can count on it and it is a glorious way to practice in community and do our own sacred work.

"Painting with Intentional Creativity is a chosen path of practice, a way of being in the world, and an approach to life itself that gives us a way to make the invisible visible, to heal old wounds, to open new stories and liberate our experiences." ~ Shiloh Sophia

Imagine something like this...

Foundation Image + Energy

Shiloh Sophia will guide you to lay the intentional foundation called the 'underpainting'.

She will demonstrate ways to create women/people dancing together - lots of choice here to design the way you want the painting to be for you.

This step is about FEELING and KNOWING the reality and continuity of community in your life. She will include movement as a part of the process.

Ceremonial Moves in Paint

Step into collaborative potent ceremony insprired by Carmen Baraka where each one of us can 'release', 'finish', 'lay down', 'let go' or purge structures, energies and beliefs that no longer serve us. This happens in dance and movement - to mark the threshold of change.

Then you add the experience to your painting. This step is about liberation from the ways we hold ourselves back.

Culture Layers of Connection

Shiloh Sophia and the Guild invite you to the next layers of your painting through meaningful ritual.

Each new layer representing aspects of our Red Thread Connection and sisterhood.

Experience ritual, poetry, incantations from the heart of our shared Intentional Creativity framework.

If our community was able to be represented in an image - what would that look like?

Sovereignty and Adornment

How do you want to represent yourself, specifically in the painting?

What story are you telling and how does that show up in image? Here the Guild will guide ritual work around sovereign identity in uncertain times, and finding our home within and inside the circle!

Story, Song and


What is the story of community you are working with now? Is there a song or poem that wants to be included that perhaps gets included in the title?

How is your sense of belonging shifting and being informed by the painting?

Witnessing and Honoring

As a part of our journey as a community we gather together to witness one another right where we are.

Bring your self and your painting in process to be honored.

This gives you an idea...subject to some change from the Muse!

A Message from Curator, Shiloh Sophia, about the ritual painting experience

Dear Ones,

Here in our community, for close to thirty years there have been practices, teachings, inquiry and an approach to art making that have informed the culture of the community of Intentional Creativity. The understanding of the artist as both visionary, activist and storyteller has been running through our lineage since the fifties. We have been curating a space for artists to gather and practice together that is rooted in love for decades!

Over the years the culture has formed organically through the practice and impact of circle itself, as well as through claiming certain ways of approaching life and lifestyle, art and artist and how we will be TOGETHER. If you have been studying with us for a while you may already be embodying and living out many aspects of our co-created lifeways. You may feel a sense of coming home to yourself, inhabiting your identity, claiming your story, honoring the earth and elements, acknowledging and honoring where you live including earth and water, exploring incarnation, claiming your mother tongue, finding your hidden poetry, being causative in energy becoming matter, visiting the Muse for tea. While all of these themes are colorful threads woven through the fabric of our work - we have truly developed a body of work that is transferable to anyone who wishes to practice.

For our VIVID annual Intentional Creativity gathering we work with themes that are arising in the community and our relationship to our world at large. This year, our featured painting process will be guided by myself, Shiloh Sophia, with live music offerings from Amber Samaya and Lavender Grace, as well as creative collaboration from our Guild who will be painting alongside me in person. The painting process is all about Liberation and I am so excited to share it with you!

I had a revelation just this past few days that truly felt like it changed my psychic architecture. I write a lot about making friends with the unknown, falling in love with the mystery, embracing uncertainty - all in an attempt to provide encouragement for these awe-inspiring and heartbreaking times we are experiencing. Well as I was writing my last one, I had a lightening level revelation.

This circle, the one that I have been guiding, has been going for twenty years at least consciously, and since I was a child, if I go into my root system, I was raised in circle. This IS the circle without end and it is real and present and true and is designed to last for generations. Cosmic Cowgirls, our woman and girl-owned company has always been designed to live longer than I do and continue into the future. That is what we are working on right now. How can we create the culture of community, of circle, in such a way that we continue to gather for generations?

I have been working with Amber on the Dancing Each Other Home theme and my own Legend painting and so of course those wove into what was revealed. We were looking for a theme image for VIVID this year and I sorted through HUNDREDS of image of women - looking for the dancers, and I found soooo many images of women dancing lol going back 25 years. Yet I didn't find just the right one because it hasn't been created yet! We need to create it together.

Our hope is the full orientation to YOU BEING WHERE You are - and us being in this together, yet each in our own way. That is a big concept in MUSEA - that we are one, and we are many and we are around the world sovereign and yet together.

You will leave the experience with a painting that is layered with meaning - a painting FOR YOU that is connected with all of us.

We will mark our canvas with our community symbol. We will mark on a big map where each of us was painting and you can print it out and put it on the back of your painting. While we haven’t taught the process yet, we are delighted to enter into this sacred space with you.

“In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions: 'When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop being comforted by the sweet territory of silence?'” - Gabrielle Roth

About the VIVID 2022 Experience

During this event you will:

  • Connect in Red Thread Circle in the quantum and experience a true sense of belonging and Intentional Creativity Culture
  • Paint your Rhythm painting on a large canvas guided by Shiloh Sophia + Guild
  • Experience intentional ritual from our on-site Guild members to imbue your painting with meaning and sacred intentions
  • Dance, sing and drum along with live drumsong from Lavender Grace and emergent song offerings from Amber Samaya
  • Open up your senses and soma to the experience of healing sound, the benefits of flow state, and the regenerative power of group creativity!
  • Enjoy *BONUS* recorded conversations and live events to inspire you, keep you dancing, and support integration of your Painting Process!

Here is a 'sneak' peek at our VIVID 2022 Schedule of Events to get your Muse excited!



About the Offerings: Everything is recorded and you may go at your own pace. There are some additional Circle Events in the week following VIVID to provide us a chance to witness, check in, integrate, and celebrate our VIVID journey!

Tuition: The cost of this course is $299 and we appreciate it when payment is made in full. Or, you can split the balance into 3 monthly payments of $113. You can view our refund policy here. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you complete your painting and do not experience a transformation in your story.

If you have less access to finances at this time, you can use code vivid for a $50 savings, no questions asked! 💜 If you require a further reduction in registration cost, please reach out to We are a community that practices generosity and reciprocity and we wish for everyone who desires to join us for VIVID to be able to attend!

About Scholarships: Those who can afford the regular price make it possible for us to offer tuition support to those in need. Our events involve a full staff of team and faculty members, mostly women, who are compensated through our income. We are happy to support those called to study Intentional Creativity® who have a financial need. To inquire about an extended payment plan or partial scholarship please contact

About Materials: You will need a sheet of watercolor paper that is 16x20 or how about 24x36! Acrylic paint in your favorite colors, brushes, a few other basic painting materials. Big needle and embroidery thread. 8-10 empty jars for creating custom palette colors and a few other materials that we will share with you upon registration.

*NEW* Sponsor a Sister!
If you would like to sponsor someone to attend VIVID, directly or anonymously, you can add additional tickets by selecting more than one ticket in the ticket amount box on the pay screen. Our team will automatically earmark this for scholarships that will be offered directly to women who have less access to finances at this time to ensure they can join us in circle!


VIVID qualifies as a prerequisite course for those who desire to enroll in Red Thread Training 2023, to become a Certified Intentional Creativity Guide. Applications open soon!


More shares from past VIVID Participants

"As a participant at last year's "conference" (anything but!) I can tell you your mind will be stretched, your heart will grow and your soul will soar two sizes!" - Natalie Moyes

"VIVID is not for the faint-hearted, it’s a deeply transformative initiatory process... in painting. It’s a fantastic painting course, yes, but it is so much more than that!!! It’s an All Shaking, Old ways Dismantling, Deep Healing, Authentically Empowering, Life Restoring journey." - Anna Corsini

"Here is a place you can completely immerse yourself in the business of finding your own congruence. If you are longing to be more true to your true self and/or on your true path, this is a wonderful diving board for jumping in fully to the pursuit of your own answers." - Dena McKitrick

"VIVID was a deep experience of giving ourselves permission to claim our rightful space in the world!" - Annalene

"Dancing Her Prayers" by Shiloh Sophia

A call to gather and our big WHY

Our community is founded on relationships. Our big WHY is each other! So many of us long for deeply felt communion that is experienced when we consciously choose to gather in Circle, share in creativity, and spend unhurried time enjoying ourselves and reimagining our world together. From our many years of experience hosting gatherings through MUSEA Intentional Creativity, we have witnessed the emergent properties of creation, catalyzation, activism, brain rewiring, and healing results when the community joins together.

We gather together to create the sacred and celebratory space necessary for collective regeneration, resilience, and healing to happen. We gathering to cocreate the circle without end! This is great medicine for our time.

Women have gathered in circle since the beginning of time. What colorful mark will you make with your own hands? Voice? Paintbrush? Story? Dance?

There is a place in the Circle for you!

"Hard times require
furious dancing."

-Alice Walker

VIVID is a Collaboration between
MUSEA & Cosmic Cowgirls