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TEMPLE - Starts NOW!

5-week VIRTUAL Broadcast

Medicine Painting Journey for Women

If you are called to join us, sign up today so you can get your studio ready. Our first Livestream Painting Session starts May 6th.

Shiloh Sophia filmed this short video for you about the TEMPLE experience on the coast in Sonoma, California.

Awaken your senses through creative experience and exploration.

Paint an image that embodies your awakened archetype and carries the invitation to more pleasure.

Move towards healing your relationship with your body through the practice of medicine painting.

Claim your body as a temple made from love and for love

Experience a health reset through practices that include movement, meals, and rest

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MUSEA: Center for Intentional Creativity is inviting you to


Medicine Painting Guided Journey for Women
13 Senses and 13 Steps

Paint your Awakened Archetype with your body as your Temple
working with alchemical expression. Invite aliveness in your senses!

We start right now - join us!
5 Week Course with 7 Episodes

Upon registration receive immediate access to everything you need to prepare and get ready to paint May 6th with Shiloh Sophia.

Join the Global Studio LIVE or watch recordings

3 Live Three Hour Awakened Archetype Painting Sessions
4 One Hour Zoom Calls to process what you learn

All participation can happen LIVE
or your ideal time with an on-demand option.

All the resources will be downloadable and yours to keep.

Our relationship with our body is sacred. Yet all too often the way we relate to our body and mind wellness is dictated by internal stories from the past and external stories of the present. How can we become accountable to ourselves in a new, juicy, fun way? Through self-expression!

Tuition is $977 or 5 payments of $215

Musea Intentional Creativity Museum Members
and Cosmic Cowgirl Members receive 10% savings

WHAT else do you need to know?

Must be age 21+ to participate

All skill levels are welcome, including not painting since you were a kid

Money-back guarantee

If you would like to do TEMPLE in person, we have a Sonoma Retreat in June. Go here for the Sonoma invitation.

Watch this video as Shiloh Sophia explains 4 very specific practices to relate to your entire energy system and body as a Temple. If you are considering joining us, this is a great way to know if TEMPLE is for YOU!

During TEMPLE, you are invited to gather together with women across the world to explore your innate sensuality through creative exploration.

We have more senses than sight, sound, taste, touch, feelings - so many more. Do you wonder what they might reveal? Has a part of you been sleeping and is ready to awaken?

Join SHILOH SOPHIA, Artist and MUSEA Curator to bring you an experience of aliveness to your entire body, energy field, and relationship with being in a body.

Intentional Creativity is a creative approach used by tens of thousands of people around the world to discover new worlds, reveal voices that have been silenced, claim affirmative frameworks, and invite imagery that is hidden in the internal landscape.

The Method of Art-Making

We will practice Alchemical Expressionism by turning one thing into another in our work while watching it arise.
We will work within the Intentional Creativity approach, which means to create with intention. We will work through the philosophy of healing through the metacognitive tools of observation used in Medicine Painting.


Experience the joy of working bravely and freely yet within a guided container of a journey.

Discover the power of working with symbols that arise and making them your own in your own style.

Alchemical Expressionism is a style of painting that seeks to transform one thing into another by watching what arises and collaborating with your consciousness.


Experience the transformational power of bringing your intention into your creation. You have the power to impact matter in both your body and in your energy field and in your actual painting.

Learn to amplify the impacts of what you make with how you make your art. Intentional Creativity means to make with a heart of intention and witness creation.


Experience the gifts of painting with an intent to heal the body, move energy and illuminate your consciousness.

Painting with metacognitive awareness invites the possibility of being truly collaborative with the messages the body and brain are sending you.

Learn how painting this way can be a tool for healing for years to come.

More than a painting course...

an experience, a guided journey, a health reset and an adventure....

Here at MUSEA we are devoted to working with our students from around the world in dynamic, interconnected education.

This painting experience is more than a course, but a ritual offered in the spirit of healing and personal transformation. We can't be expected to do all the work of awakening on our own, in isolation. But also we may not believe in a lot of the spiritual speak happening out in the world.

Gather with a group of fellow creatives virtually
Your course will be delivered online in real-time, and it is yours to keep. You will be invited to join us for interactive conversations and share your work.

Gather with women creatives in person.

Shiloh Sophia has been teaching art through the Intentional Creativity approach for over 20 years.

This is a guided journey like a treasure map, yet with lots of room for your voice to reveal itself. Intuitive Painting for personal exploration is all about process and discovery. This isn't about talent or getting it right or following a formula.

In between sessions you will be invited to spend 6 weeks paying attention to your body messages through creating, dining, dreaming and moving. You will be provided with ways to practice to get the most benefit.

Shared Experiences from Students of Intentional Creativity

"I am overwhelmed with joy, excitement, tears, and love. I have treated my body so mean for so long, danced with addiction, and struggled with major body image issues for decades. There are no words to accurately describe just how much Shiloh Sophia's work has impacted my life and helped my body heal. Painting is unwinding what has been held deep within my cells. I am blown away and completely surprised by the impact this has had on my body, and on my life. It was the Great Spirit that brought me to her, to all of you. I am forever grateful and look forward to more Intentional Creativity journey together."

~ Megan Zaback 2023

TEMPLE will work with concepts of a revolutionary healing process known as Medicine Painting.

Medicine Painting is painting with an intent to heal and awaken. When our sensuality has been kept hidden and silenced, healing is ripe for transformation.

Medicine Painting is a practice woven throughout human history that we are seeing a revival in our modern times, as people are called to take healing into their own hands. Approaching painting as a healing journey can be thought of as a blooming branch of neo-shamanism (methods of seeking visions or healing) with roots that go back to healing rituals and ceremonial practices of storytelling, marking, dancing, singing, alchemy, and prayer. All of these can be considered tools for resiliency, connection, and insight during times of great change. (Painting: Constellation of Wisdom by Shiloh Sophia, Acrylic on Wood, 2020)

Medicine Painting is an intuitive journey that grants access to our internal guidance system - the inner healer. More often than not, we don't know what we know. With painting specifically, we do have a way to make what our subconscious or unconscious knows, visible. Imagination may be one of the most potent links to recovering from trauma and illness that we have available. Our hope is that our culture can begin to include this medicine painting as a valid pathway to healing, not as a fringe practice, or the domain of the gifted few, but as an integrative approach to self-healing.

Our Intentional Creativity approach to Medicine Painting is painting with an intent to heal and receive insight. Which activates an inherent life force for anyone to spark healing, not just artists, the talented, or those who feel they are creative. Creativity cannot be relegated to those with skill alone. We have been practicing this way of working in our creative lineage since the 1930s. I am thrilled to share that tens of thousands of women around the world work with our Intentional Creativity® methodology to embark on a healing journey through Medicine Painting.

Everything we do in the world of Intentional Creativity® works in tandem with the brain, body, spirit, energy, and field. Let's create communication between systems.

What does Medicine Painting look like?

The practice, process, and production of Medicine Painting is unique to every person. In this brief video, you will see some of the paintings I have worked with over the past few years that demonstrate my version of Medicine Painting, and some of the potential beneficial impacts. I have experienced these beneficial impacts personally and have had students share with me the incredible impacts they have experienced from their medicine painting journeys.

Register to Begin Your Journey Today

Together We Will


13 Senses


Your Sensuality



Women often ask me: How do I awaken the part of me that has been asleep for so long?

The thing is that while it seems that many parts of us have been dormant, they haven't left you. They are right there ready to be related with and to through sensual engagement. In a way, this isn't even that hard to do - it does take focus and practice. That is what this day is all about. Creating an experience where the healing that is ready to happen can happen.

The art studio of your own home is a great place to engage in experiencing your body as a temple. Will you take a risk and create just for yourself?

We spend a lot of time taking care of business and even practicing 'self-care'. But what about caring for the capacity to see, feel and experience life to the fullest? To truly taste food, see the moon, enjoy a kiss, wake up choosing your life again....

Creation Materials

  • Canvas (24X36 Minimum)
  • Set of Acrylic Paints (colors of the rainbow)
  • Journal or Paper & Pens
  • Some basic painting materials like brushes and a spray bottle
  • Sacred Medicine book by Lissa Rankin (the text for this course)
  • A scarf that your MUSE chooses for you

A full materials list will be provided upon registration

When women gather to heal + experience pleasure, laughter can be heard throughout the land.

When women gather to see in new ways, to feel in ways they haven't been feeling, joy is here with us.

About the TEMPLE Painting Process

The Temple painting process is designed to facilitate a deepening of your connection with your body as sacred. When we think of our body as a temple or sanctuary, it changes our orientation. Yet many of us need to have healing because we have been so disconnected and fragmented.

How can it become a good day to be in a body?

We will be working with the senses that are known and many that may be a surprise! I have been teaching the Temple of Senses curriculum for over ten years, yet this is the first painting class totally devoted to it. I will be offering a guided journey yet you will plan to spend creative time on your own in between sessions.

The painting will be somewhat abstract, yet include aspects of the body that you choose. We work in lots of wet layered color prisms with symbols and patterns. There is nothing you can do wrong. We will work to transform suffering into a potential for pleasure.

The 'Awakened Archetype' is almost like a cosmic self-portrait of the essence of the sacred work you are doing. It isn't about what you look like or what the painting looks like - but about how you choose to feel as you swirl the brush and move the energy.

During the 3 days you will also be invited to work with sleeping, eating, walking, dancing, and bathing to develop a sensual awareness at a new level.

Uncoiling Diva X Class 2018

Photo from Diva X workshop taught by Intentional Creativity Teacher Dina Tibbs

Drawing of the body with watercolor paper

Photo from the original Diva X class taught in 2015 with Shiloh Sophia, Dominique Peters and Dr. Mary McCrystal

During TEMPLE, I will teach you a really cool process of painting WET on wet! You'll need this little spray bottle and a willingness to trust and see where the paint goes ...


  • WHAT: TEMPLE: Intentional Creativity® Medicine Painting Journey with Shiloh Sophia
  • WHERE: Broadcast LIVE from the Sonoma Plaza, Musette Atelier. You can participate via Livestream or watch the recordings.
  • WHEN: Starts Now through June 10th. 5 Week Course with 7 Episodes. Click here for dates.
  • WHO: Must be a woman age 21+ to participate.
  • HOW: 24X36 (or larger) canvas, acrylic paint, and basic painting materials.
  • WHY: To paint an image that embodies awakening your sensuality to heal your relationship with your body and invite more pleasure!

WE GUARANTEE THIS EXPERIENCE WILL KNOCK YOUR RED-STRIPED SOCKS OFF! We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you complete your painting and do not experience a shift in your relationship with your body and senses.

Musea Members - who are a part of our monthly paid membership program, and Cosmic Cowgirl Members/Owners may use code member for 10% savings.

ABOUT SCHOLARSHIPS: If you need a scholarship to help this course be possible, use code scholarship for 15% savings. You can also select the payment plan option.

Those who can afford the regular price make it possible for us to offer savings to others who express a need. We are a community that practices reciprocity. Thank you so much! If you need a greater scholarship please email support@musea.org for consideration.

You can view our refund policy here.

Students will be invited to share photos of their process inside our community classroom, the iMusea App (this is optional). Graduates will be available for support, witnessing, and encouragement.

Upon registration, receive immediate access to your materials list and TEMPLE MUSE, an enlightening Intentional Creativity teaching with Shiloh Sophia!

TEMPLE Schedule of Events

The "LIVE Teachings" with Shiloh Sophia are Livestreamed from Musette in Sonoma, CA. These will provide the core curriculum teachings for Temple. You can follow along in real-time or watch on-demand.

The "Process Circles" take place on Zoom in between the LIVE Teachings. They are guided by members of the Intentional Creativity Guild and are intended to provide support, witnessing and processing. No new content, just chances to share. We created the calls in different time zones to accommodate as many as possible.

Times are in Pacific Standard Time

Episode One: LIVE Teaching, Friday, May 6, 10 AM - 1 PM

Episode Two: Process Circle with Shiloh Sophia, Thursday, May 12, 4 PM

Episode Three: LIVE Teaching, Friday, May 13, 10 AM - 1 PM

Episode Four: Process Circle with Guild, Thursday, May 19, 10 AM

Episode Five: LIVE Teaching, Friday, May 20, 10 AM - 1 PM

Episode Six: Process Circle with Guild Thursday, May 26, 12 PM

Episode Seven: Completing Circle with Shiloh Sophia Friday, June 10, 12 PM

The doors to the world of the wild Self are few but precious. If you have a deep scar, that is a door, if you have an old, old story, that is a door. If you love the sky and the water so much you almost cannot bear it, that is a door. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door.

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

TEMPLE Virtual Opening Day May 6, 2022 at Musette Atelier in Sonoma CA

TEMPLE will be broadcast LIVE from Musette Atelier, our new studio and gallery located on the Sonoma Plaza.

This artistically designed space provides a beautiful ambiance and energy for TEMPLE. We can't wait to share this event space with you!

Getting ready to broadcast from Musette!

A peek inside!

As part of our TEMPLE experience, we recommend reading Sacred Medicine by Lissa Rankin.

Upon registration, a link to purchase the Sacred Medicine will be provided, along with a recording of the Sacred Medicine Pilgrimage event where you can watch Dr. Lissa Rankin for an experiential healing journey honoring her new book, Sacred Medicine. With featured guests, Internal Family Systems Founder, Dr. Richard Schwartz, Eden Energy Medicine Founder, Donna Eden, and Intentional Creativity Founder, Shiloh Sophia

"I have been friends with Lissa for the ten years she has been working on this book, Sacred Medicine.

We have had many intimate conversations about our views on energy and healing and spiritual bypassing and so much more! Further, Intentional Creativity is featured in the book. I am excited to share this book and the teachings with our community." ~ Shiloh Sophia

Lissa filming a session for Prisma at MUSEA in Sonoma, CA

About Shiloh Sophia
Co Founder & Curator of Intentional Creativity

Shiloh Sophia lives life as a great adventure narrated by the creative fire of her Muse! For the past 25 years, she has dedicated her life to self-expression as a basic human right. She shares her message with tens of thousands around the world through revolutionary education focused on art as a pathway to transformation called Intentional Creativity®. She is the Curator and Co-founder of MUSEA: Center for Intentional Creativity®, with locations in Sonoma and around the world. “I believe making art with intention combines the best of healing and recovery through science, embodiment and mindfulness​"​. Most mornings she can be found having tea with her Muse, pouring over quantum physics​ and sacred texts in the Red Thread Cafe with her husband Jonathan.

Witness paintings from our students

This video is called Artifacts of the Future and is an exhibit from our Musea Museum, featuring paintings from students who took our 2019 Medicine Painting Course called ARTIFACT. Continue reading for more paintings and personal shares from our students.

Taking Artifact allowed me to dive deep into my inner knowing, bringing forth a painting I never imagined I could create.

Ösi Anya - Ancient Mother
By Tina Llewellyn

This was an incredible journey that had me laughing and crying, reeling and, yes, swearing! What most surprised me was the release of unjustified guilt and the recognition that, if one of my ancestors had made one different choice, even the bad ones, there’s a good chance I wouldn’t be here! I’m a miracle and need to treat myself like one!

Eve’s Journey or..."You're an F’n Miracle!” By Virginia Masson

I was so surprised by how often I cried during this process. Layers of grief were released as I cried for myself, my children, all creatures and Mother Earth. All through this painting light wanted to shine and keep shining, a reminder to me to shine my light!

New Earth Rising By Lesley DuBroy

Artifact was a profound experience of new expression for me and brought in some new language. This has been the truest expression of my integrated being thus far! It brought to completion some old story remnants and crystalized in the physical, the beginning of the new. It also helped me solidify how I will deliver my Intentional Creativity teachings. What an adventure!

Return to Original Passion
By Joanna Lynn

The Intentional Creativity process gave me the space to work with my feeling of emptiness. It connected me to over a hundred other women, some of whom were also struggling, we deeply supported each other, witnessed each other, and held space for each other. These women are some of the most sensitive, respectful, and inspirational I’ve ever met. Your process is trusted here, you are trusted and loved exactly where you are.

Inné a tháinig sí By Emma Manchester

I am amazed by the depth of insight and clarity this process brought in a relatively short time. Artifact brought form to the mystical pool in my heart which connects to the Holy- something I had wanted to paint for years but couldn't make it work. Do the work... you will be so glad that you did.

Spirit Dancer By Sharon Handy

What is the message of this painting…what is her medicine?

A woman is immersed within her own amniotic fluids of Codex-Codes inside an egg/womb. Illuminated with Light language coding. She is boldly breaking out of her confinement while wearing her top-hat and walking/balancing on a red thread tightrope that is on fire. She becomes connected to the fire while also wearing a veil of flames as she is self-illuminating.

Within her body, her star codes reveal her essence. The patterns of her DNA, potential, soul work and life lessons are all there. And her lineage is strongly represented. Reaching her right arm up to receive the creative flow, the paintbrush in her hand is like a sacred antenna-wand she uses to direct the current, to illustrate with clarity of vision, using her artist's hands. Her body is a conduit for the flow to form frequency. In her left hand, she holds a ribbon streaming tambourine as she is reaching down to anchor in the rhythm of her heartbeat, and the energy of the earth. She moves to the beat of her own rhythms…and the clarity of what she is here to cause and create into form.

The Full Moon is beaming support while reminding her of her Intentions and lighting her path. The Watcher is looking within to observe a deeper perspective.

Yet undefined Orbs of Possibilities and karmic agreements are in her field and awaiting activation. The fire tightrope she is balancing on is immersed in and below the river of Flow, where Hydra lit the flare for her to find her way after she has rebirthed herself. And this is her Medicine!

She Who is Made of Stardust by Juniper Mainelis

I am allowing myself to be seen who I am, for the first time in my life, out of the closet spiritually. What a wondrous gift this process has been for my female spirit.

Who is she that cometh forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army in battle array?

By Leslie

There has been settling in my bones, an affirming acceptance of who I am, a more enthusiastic embrace of not knowing, and a stronger connection to that inner voice of wisdom. I found the need to encode things that happened in my life during the course into the painting in an even more intentional way than I had done before and it now holds powerful magic for me. I look at it and see who I am and my connection to all that is. And yes, it also still contains mysteries that I have no doubt will unfold in the coming years. Such an amazing, potent, and life-affirming course.

Fireweed Wisdom: Arianwen's Message By Becky Mackeonis

Through the twists and turns, figuratively and literally, came a deeper understanding in the importance of continuing to create spaces within myself and everyday life to dream and make things that matter to me. From life to life, hand to hand, maker to maker, the wisdom is alive and living. I would recommend anyone who is longing for a deeper understanding of themselves and the world they exist in to undertake the adventure of Artifact!

Dreamweaver: Creating Spaces to Dream By Maree Pilling

This process has given me a rhythm of life, a sense of purpose, excitement, and at times despair because the learning was intense at times, the result has been overwhelming. I feel fulfilled in ways I could not have imagined. My heartfelt thanks to you Shiloh and your team. I wholeheartedly recommend this evolutionary teaching.

Cosmic Whispers By Monica Wade

I continued the path taken in another Intentional Creativity experience. Throughout Artifact, I continued exploring inherited family trauma particularly that of my mother, and her mother before her... It was a deep deep dive down into the murky muddy depths, but amidst the muck, I found such gems there and a deeper understanding of where I am in all of this, the effect of it on me, and my own children. This has been an essential part of my healing process.

Ajna: She Who Sees By Heather Baker

What surprised me most was the revealing nature of the shadows! Such an incredible way to bring form onto the canvas. I loved the experience of painting energy in this way! Much love to Shiloh Sophia for sharing this gift with us!

Contemplating Star Dust
By Julie Lynn Ridenour

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