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Musea and Shiloh Sophia invite you to our 2022 yearlong virtual painting course MAVERICK - starting now - All are welcome!

Upon registration, immediately receive access to your first videos + everything you need to prepare for a WILD and FUN year of Painting. Woohoo!

Watch this video with the VOLUME UP 🔊 for a sneak peek at Shiloh Sophia's Maverick painting. GO ROGUE in 2022 and hop on board the MAVERICK train for a yearlong painting process focused on you getting free and liberating yourself from societal-imposed norms. Create your own path to self-expressed sovereignty and have FUN as you do it! Round here we like to get wild, splash paint and have dance parties with the Muse ❤️ You in? Get your big ass canvas and join us!

We Start Now - Join us!



PAINTING GONE ROGUE at the intersection

Global Virtual Happening

Create a painting that honors your disruptor,
rebel-with-a-cause, badass mystic artist archetype along with over a hundred other people around the world. All WHILE cultivating radical optimism in unreasonable times. Kaboooom! Unreasonable times call for unreasonable measures. Mavericks only need to attend!

What a way to begin the new year.
Time Commitment is so doable - 3 Hours a month of content. You paint half to full day a month or an hour or two a week. Totally up to you on your timing.

All are Welcome - Men, Women, and Gender Non-Conforming.
Only one ticket per household is required.

Some of our courses are quests, journeys, or voyages...this one is a RIDE!

Watch this video invitation to see what all the fuss is about!

"We have a lot more power to think, act, and direct our interior life than most of us are making use of. With the developments in neuroscience and somatics, we have enough information to understand how we can powerfully impact our human experience. Many things are not within our control in the 'world'. But we have an inner world in which curation is possible. We all cause things to happen with our minds and actions. What happens when we use intention to amplify causation, observe outcomes, adjust the approach and try again? Let's explore. We don't just have to let life happen to us; we can happen to life. We can create the happening." ~ Shiloh Sophia

Join us for Self Exploration and have a Great Time while you're at it!

Explore Your Inner Space with Intentional Creativity. Make the invisible visible and innovate on your beliefs, ideals, dreams, and devotions. Sacred and irreverent all smooshed up together.

Explore working directly with causal consciousness - how creating what you desire to have in your life, what you wish to heal, and what you hope to release all composted together in an abstract symbolist painting process.

Our goal? Get free. Create a pattern interrupt. Make stuff happen in your life.

Develop a consistent ritualistic creative practice that impacts the neuroplasticity of your brain.

We will use the painting process as a catalyst towards your personal vision for your life framework while learning from incredible revolutionary teachers to expand our framework of awareness and have a good time doing it.

SOUND GOOD? Let's get you registered so that you can order your materials and begin painting!


Painting for self-care, self-celebration, and for processing all that is happening in your life is therapeutic. But it is more than that, it is fun, wild, and delicious.

ADD IN SUPER DARING CONVERSATIONS between our own SHILOH SOPHIA and these maverick teachers!

Shiloh Sophia in conversation and creative exploration with these revolutionary characters!

Featuring incredible revolutionary and edgy conversations on art, story, neo-activism, and creativity from a line-up of men Shiloh
has learned from:

You may wonder, why all men? The truth is that 25 years of focusing almost 100% on women's voices found this years' lineup happening organically. Shiloh has been interviewing these men for a year or two and rarely released the footage because they didn't fit what was being taught or the container. AND this is the first year of opening up the yearlong classes to be inclusive of all. It is a step in our journey of openness to all in the Musea programming. We are also focusing this year on having gender non-conforming circles which will be open to Musea Members. Step by step.

"Sharing these men with you is my maverick edge since I focus so much on so many wild women. I am excited to share and see how it informs our process" ~ Shiloh Sophia


Victor shares on the topic of Emotional Weather through EFT and walking to the edge of sovereignty.


Mitch will join us for several conversations diving into causal mind, new thought, and the power of will.


Jonathan will share the science behind the art and approach of Intentional Creativity.


Embracing the Possibility of Other Worlds, Post Activism, and Making Sanctuary In The Cracks

The surprising qualities of failure, and finding new forms of Power, Agency, and Creativity in those places where we are the most pressed down. 

Leigh J.

Becoming Responsible for One Another + Art as a Primary Technology for Collective Transformation

Coming together to draw forth the greater play, becoming worthy servants of a greater story.


Chor Boogie shares on the topic of Imagination and messaging in Art and especially in public places.


Learn basic color theory, mixing, perspective drawing from the designer of the 'Burning Man' base.

We will be guided in a few structured painting techniques so that we can make our paintings as interesting as possible.


Storytelling as Practice for the Re-Imagining of Ourselves and Our World

What if there are forces in the universe that will not respond to us until we put certain things down? Until we let the stories tell us? What is the difference between growth and depth?


Topic TBD

My mother Caron used to tell us kids...
"Go wild in the world!"

As we witness a world that often seems out of control, how do you feel?

When do you have a chance to get really truly wild and let off some of that built-up tension?

We are often consumed with normalizing, stabilizing, and keeping our sh*t together.

But what if something else is called for?
A something else where you can be free to be?
Where you can splash paint, get really messy, and release control. Wanna be too big and bold?
Wanna put the cart before the horse?
Wanna break some spells together in our painting pajamas?

Painting with Intentional Creativity is one of the safest, yet wildest containers many thousands of us have ever experienced.

This is your invitation to MAVERICK: Painting Gone Rogue!
Create 2022 as your year to be freer and self-expressed.
Despite how it may appear to be the opposite at times,
We may need a little practice. That's what I am here for.
To invite the practice of Intentional Creativity combined with Causal Consciousness - how you use your mind and body to make things happen, change your state, move your ideas around, create form.

I am also here as a fellow maverick to stir things up ... stir...stir...stir...
We need a big framework, therefore a big canvas.

You might have to take over the dining room or guest room and free up a wall. You may have to make a sign that says "Muse gone wild, come back later. "


Dear Wild Ones, Black Sheep, Rebels with Causes, Dissidents, and Rule-breakers

Come paint with me for a few hours per month on one big painting. Unplugged edition. You might wish to know what we will be painting? Well, I can tell you a little more about that, but honestly I won't have any idea until we paint it.

Well, I have some idea. We are going to begin with black, white, gold, and texture to represent the light coming through - then we are going to go wild with a prism of colors and contrast.

Our subject is exploring your very own consciousness, and how we think and act. Think particle, wave, and the equal sign with a giant paintbrush. We will work loosely with the themes of light, color, contrast, nature, and sacred geometry.

No traditional faces. No formula. No end in mind. Process painting.

Most likely it will be abstract with shapes, patterns, layers, glazes, collage, text, snot, stitching, unicorn stickers with glitter, some blood perhaps, mud, wine, coffee, and tears.

Layers upon layers of meaning and story we let go of and make space for what we are calling in. My hope, full bliss-balls stress reduction self-expression sessions of release and relief. Letting go. Entering another world together where we are freer to be ourselves.

No painting experience is needed. But if you have a lot - no worries - this is for you too.

You might have guessed, I am a very visual person, so maybe it will inspire both of us to take a look at some of the things I have done that are not entirely face-focused.

VOYAGER: Above is a 6-month painting process from 2019 called VOYAGE that included some nature and some organic geometry, this is partway through. We were exploring our identity and who we show up as in the world - making shapes that matched our internal energy.

IMAGINE: Below is towards the end of a yearlong process in 2017 called Imagine. You can see all the layers, shapes, textures, sizes, and the completely unplanned evolution of a super awesome story. Because the story is revealed through the painting, and it is often surprising.

The process will be largely influenced by my mood, but I have good news for you. Despite unreasonable odds, me and painting together are pure joy. I mean, I am serious and contemplative but MOST of the time people painting with me have a really good time! I want more fun...do you? More fun helps us get through the darker tunnels. I predict dancing with a paintbrush. That is what I am hoping for. My optimism is designed for unreasonable times, and I want to share it with you. Not to bypass all the hard stuff but to give us the tool for resiliency to get through it with some measure of grace.

Here are a few answers to a few common questions. Check it out!

I don't plan to dress up for once; imagine me largely un-glam and barefoot. But the Muse could change her mind. Please wear your pajamas and make extra cookies for the MUSE. But have you tried footie pajamas with a weird hat? Muse likes that.

Can you not commit to one-half day per month and watch NO MORE than three hours of video? One hour-ish will be me painting the other hour-ish will be one of our speaker conversations, and you can even paint while you listen to those! My entire life is designed around these appointments with the Muse and I want to work with people who agree to show up at LEAST once a month.

What else? Oh yeah. Two emails per month. No homework. No big reading or texts. No additional staff teachers. No regularly scheduled zoom calls but some pop-up salons. No bullshit. Introverts welcome. Just me and you and a few hundred other people painting a half a day a month. I promise to try not to be overwhelming or underwhelming. I can only be myself in front of the canvas because everybody else is already taken.

Oh yes, materials? Big canvas. An array of acrylic paint. Gold, copper, or silver leaf. Housepaint size brushes. Squeezy tubes. Spray bottle. A place to make a mess. Pajamas you can get paint all over.

We will have a private circle in the iMusea app and you will witness one another. But this course is all about you just being you with the canvas. It isn't as easy as it sounds, but we will get there.

These yearlong courses are ROOTED from the ENERGY of the GROUP itself. When we turn on the camera, I tune into the COLLABORATIVE FIELD and deliver up as much cathartic goodness as I can. The thing that will be different in this one than perhaps other ones is that I am keeping my personal story OUT of it and focusing entirely on your process for you. I alternate a bit with my approach, but if I could paint this entire course without you even seeing me, that would be best. This is about you.

$997 with payment plans available. Need a partial scholarship? Contact

There is no pre-set curriculum or rules or readings to follow per se - I know right? That is crazy for me because the curriculum is my jam. BUT this has to be free. Muse says bold and free, silly, quirky, and strange. Ya, really strange. Because we need to get some spaciousness in these bodies and brains. We need to dance with our canvas and act like fools, not tools.

This is a brave space

What else do you want to know? Are you coming?

Money back guaranteed, but you have to actually do the painting and then say you hated it. Unlikely.

Let us cultivate hopeful expectancy together!

“The common denominator in all placebo experiments is the presence of hopeful expectancy. Whether this arrives through moral support, credible encouragement, education, religious belief, the anticipation of reward, or a combination, the arousal of expectancy is the catalyzing event. Belief is the fee of actualization.” Mitch Horowitz









Maverick is real-time full-on self-expression for those who feel ready to break free.

A Maverick is a person who is a non-conformist rule-breaker rebel type who loves novelty and doing things their way. You get to be yourself in other words, and since everyone else is already taken, let's get funky.




YAHOO!! You are right on time! Upon registration, receive instant access to your first videos + everything you need to prepare for this yearlong adventure. January is a month of painting and orientation, so you'll have plenty of spaciousness to prepare.

About the Schedule. You can participate as much as you like. Everything will be recorded to go at your own pace and watch when it works for you. There will be some additional zoom calls that pop up and those dates will be shared with you as we go along. If you've been in our community before, you know we leave some details to the mystery and whim of the Muse to spice things up, keep it FUN and a little WILD! ❤️

Tuition: The cost of this course is $997 and we appreciate it when payment can be made in full. You can split the balance into 12 monthly payments of $96. You can view our refund policy here. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you complete your painting and do not experience a transformation in your story.

Musea Members can use code member for $100 savings

Active Guild Members can use code guild for $200 savings

About Scholarships: Those who can afford the regular price make it possible for us to offer tuition support to those in need. We are happy to support those called to study Intentional Creativity® who have a financial need to make it happen. To inquire about an extended payment plan or partial scholarship please contact support@musea.org

About Materials: Big ass canvas larger than 24x36 - as big as will fit in your truck. 4 feet would be awesome. Don't have space - try the back of a door or closet doors. Acrylic paint in your favorite colors, brushes, spray bottle, black sumi ink, 8-10 empty jars for creating custom palette colors, and a few other materials that we will share with you upon registration.

For the Navigator Art Journaling Module with Jenafer Joy you'll need a journal with thick paper (ie Canson XL Mix Media Pads 9×12), a few watercolor pencils (we love the Inktense brand), a thick waterproof pen (ie Sharpies or Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens) plus magazine glue, scissors.

MAKE 2022 the year of your own freedom no matter what else is happening around you. Your oxygen mask goes on first because we need you.
This is a way to take care of yourself and tend your soul.

All Right, all right, I will tell you more about why tending your soul matters.

Here's the dealio...
We are under pressure. Often stressed. Holding too much.
We are Concerned Curious Creatives.

My husband Jonathan talks about the idea of being able to 'discharge' energy when it has been trapped and has been mapped to PTSD.

SO, the canvas is a place you can RELEASE the build-up and let it goooooooooooooooooo for just half a day a month. We can do that right?

I just know we will feel better if we let some of this out. And it isn't safe to do it on others, or even internally. Letting go can be downright scary.

PAINTING with Intentional Creativity in abstract patterns and designs and colors will be FUN and CATHARTIC.

AND we will play with causal consciousness which in our terms means to be able to LET GO of something and CALL SOMETHING else in. Not law of attraction stuff, but our own unique blend of how things are amplified with Intentional Creativity.

Are you ready to go BIG in your painting?

Join us for this fun and cathartic year-long journey.

Learn About Our Maverick Guests


Victor Lee Lewis, MA, is the Founder and Director of the Radical Resilience Institute, and Radical Resilience Coaching and Consulting. He is a progressive life coach, trainer, speaker, and social justice educator. His work supports transformative change agents in improving and maximizing their emotional resilience, mental flexibility, and personal performance and effectiveness. Victor brings a unique socially progressive vision to the work of personal growth, personal empowerment, and emotional health. This is the fruit of his 30+ year search for personal healing and social justice, and nearly as many years of innovating practice in using liberatory educational approaches to bring healing and justice to others.


Mitch Horowitz is a historian of alternative spirituality and one of today’s most literate voices of esoterica, mysticism, and the occult.

Mitch illuminates outsider history, explains its relevance to contemporary life, and reveals the longstanding quest to bring empowerment and agency to the human condition.

Washington Post: “Treats esoteric ideas and movements with an even-handed intellectual studiousness that is too often lost in today’s raised-voice discussions.”


Jonathan McCloud, Musea's resident scholar, and Chef is a poet and artist at heart.

He met Shiloh Sophia in 2012 and the two of them struck up a quantum conversation resulting in a lifelong partnership and working together in business with Intentional Creativity through various technology platforms. He now brings his savvy to her world as the man behind the curtain'. Described by his colleagues as an alchemist, Mr. McCloud co-founded their not-for-profit, the Intentional Creativity Foundation, prepares cuisine for participants around the world with his culinary genius, and creates supper clubs for eccentrics. He serves as the CFO of the organization.


Dr. Bayo Akomolafe is a convener of the concepts of ‘postactivism’, ‘transraciality’ and ‘ontofugitivity’, Bayo is a widely celebrated international speaker, teacher, public intellectual, essayist, and author of two books, These Wilds Beyond our Fences: Letters to My Daughter on Humanity’s Search for Home (North Atlantic Books) and We Will Tell our Own Story: The Lions of Africa Speak.

He is also the Executive Director and Chief Curator for The Emergence Network and host of the online 'postactivist' course, ‘We Will dance with Mountains’.

Leigh J. McCloskey

Leigh J McCloskey is a modern Renaissance man; he is an artist, author, well-known actor, and visual philosopher. His highly creative life has been devoted to exploring the symbolical, archetypal, and hidden aspects of the psyche and inner self through his art, scholarship, books, and experiences as a professional actor for many years. He has hosted weekly discussion groups in his home, Olander, for over 39 years. His deep knowledge ranges from arcane wisdom, religion, depth psychology, and quantum physics to the mythic imagination and the creation of art.


Chor Boogie, a.k.a. Joaquin Lamar Hailey, is a critically acclaimed spray paint artist. He was recently honored by Société Perrier as being number three among the Top Ten U.S. Street Artists. His visionary murals and art exhibitions have appeared all over the globe. Chor Boogie is recognized for having achieved a groundbreaking level of technical and emotional virtuosity in the medium of spray paint. He approaches his use of color as a form of therapy and visual medicine, and has been dubbed “the color shaman” by comrades and fans. Through his dynamic range of artistic styles, Chor addresses issues of race, class, gender, neo-imperialism, corporate corruption, substance abuse, health care, drug policy reform, and the rights of indigenous peoples.


Andrew Johnstone is an artist, muralist, 3D computer designer, and enthusiastic geomapper. He was the creator of the first 3D fly-through simulation of Black Rock City (originally using Microsoft Flight Simulator software), and he crafts the 3D models of the Man and Man base found on the Burning Man website. He has been the Project Lead of the Burning Man Earth Project since its inception in 2005.


Dr. Martin Shaw has introduced thousands of people to mythology and how it penetrates modern life. For twenty years Shaw has been a wilderness rite of passage guide, working with at-risk youth, the sick, returning veterans, and many women and men seeking a deeper life. Shaw has devised and led the Oral Tradition course at Stanford University in the US and is the author of the Mythteller Trilogy: A Branch From The Lightning Tree, Snowy Tower, and Scatterlings. For the last 14 years, he has led the small hedge school, the Westcountry School of Myth, in the Celtic fringe of Britain.


Award winning Chef Carlo Cavallo has over 30 years of restaurant & catering experience in Europe and North America. Chef Carlo was the former Corporate Executive Chef for Giorgio Armani and currently still caters events on the west coast for Louis Vuitton & Moet Hennessy. He is 1 of 16 Chefs nationally selected by the Culinary Institute of America to take part in their Culinary Innovators Program and has appeared on several Food Network shows.

Watch Artifacts of the Future
Museum Show

Continue reading for shares from students who have taken our Intentional Creativity painting courses.

Taking Artifact allowed me to dive deep into my inner knowing, bringing forth a painting I never imagined I could create.

Ösi Anya - Ancient Mother
By Tina Llewellyn

This was an incredible journey that had me laughing and crying, reeling and, yes, swearing! What most surprised me was the release of unjustified guilt and the recognition that, if one of my ancestors had made one different choice, even the bad ones, there’s a good chance I wouldn’t be here! I’m a miracle and need to treat myself like one!

Eve’s Journey or..."You're an F’n Miracle!”
By Virginia Masson

I was so surprised by how often I cried during this process. Layers of grief were released as I cried for myself, my children, all creatures and Mother Earth. All through this painting light wanted to shine and keep shining, a reminder to me to shine my light!

New Earth Rising
By Lesley DuBroy

Artifact was a profound experience of new expression for me and brought in some new language. This has been the truest expression of my integrated being thus far! It brought to completion some old story remnants and crystalized in the physical, the beginning of the new. It also helped me solidify how I will deliver my Intentional Creativity teachings. What an adventure!

Return to Original Passion
By Joanna Lynn

The Intentional Creativity process gave me the space to work with my feeling of emptiness. It connected me to over a hundred other women, some of whom were also struggling, we deeply supported each other, witnessed each other, and held space for each other. These women are some of the most sensitive, respectful, and inspirational I’ve ever met. Your process is trusted here, you are trusted and loved exactly where you are.

Inné a tháinig sí
By Emma Manchester

I am amazed by the depth of insight and clarity this process brought in a relatively short time. Artifact brought form to the mystical pool in my heart which connects to the Holy- something I had wanted to paint for years but couldn't make it work. Do the work... you will be so glad that you did.

Spirit Dancer
By Sharon Handy

She Who is Made of Stardust by Juniper Mainelis

What is the message of this painting…what is her medicine?

A woman is immersed within her own amniotic fluids of Codex-Codes inside an egg/womb. Illuminated with Light language coding. She is boldly breaking out of her confinement while wearing her top-hat and walking/balancing on a red thread tightrope that is on fire. She becomes connected to the fire while also wearing a veil of flames as she is self-illuminating.

Within her body, her star codes reveal her essence. The patterns of her DNA, potential, soul work and life lessons are all there. And her lineage is strongly represented. Reaching her right arm up to receive the creative flow, the paintbrush in her hand is like a sacred antenna-wand she uses to direct the current, to illustrate with clarity of vision, using her artist's hands. Her body is a conduit for the flow to form frequency. In her left hand, she holds a ribbon streaming tambourine as she is reaching down to anchor in the rhythm of her heartbeat, and the energy of the earth. She moves to the beat of her own rhythms…and the clarity of what she is here to cause and create into form.

The Full Moon is beaming support while reminding her of her Intentions and lighting her path. The Watcher is looking within to observe a deeper perspective.

Yet undefined Orbs of Possibilities and karmic agreements are in her field and awaiting activation. The fire tightrope she is balancing on is immersed in and below the river of Flow, where Hydra lit the flare for her to find her way after she has rebirthed herself. And this is her Medicine!

I am allowing myself to be seen who I am, for the first time in my life, out of the closet spiritually. What a wondrous gift this process has been for my female spirit.

Who is she that cometh forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army in battle array?
By Leslie

There has been settling in my bones, an affirming acceptance of who I am, a more enthusiastic embrace of not knowing, and a stronger connection to that inner voice of wisdom. I found the need to encode things that happened in my life during the course into the painting in an even more intentional way than I had done before and it now holds powerful magic for me. I look at it and see who I am and my connection to all that is. And yes, it also still contains mysteries that I have no doubt will unfold in the coming years. Such an amazing, potent, and life-affirming course.

Fireweed Wisdom: Arianwen's Message
By Becky

Through the twists and turns, figuratively and literally, came a deeper understanding in the importance of continuing to create spaces within myself and everyday life to dream and make things that matter to me. From life to life, hand to hand, maker to maker, the wisdom is alive and living. I would recommend anyone who is longing for a deeper understanding of themselves and the world they exist in to undertake the adventure of Artifact!

Dreamweaver: Creating Spaces to Dream
By Maree Pilling

The Artifact Journey was an incredible experience for me. I found myself digging deep for my own buried treasure and was totally surprised with what showed up along the way. It was both challenging and magical at the same time, and I have no hesitation whatsoever in highly recommending this class to anyone considering taking it!

Embodied Soul
By Rosie Mac

I am thankful beyond words for this wonderful and deeply healing experience! My hope was to find a place of dignity and self-worth. The painting process wasn’t easy as all my demons came up wanted me to stop and hide. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guiding, nurturing, and protecting presence and teachings, Shiloh Sophia! And thank you to all the wonderful women of this community!

By Kat Bianchin

Artifact allowed me to be held in a safe container while I opened up to the shifts that came from learning to paint with intentional creativity. I began to trust myself more, on the canvas, and in the world. I felt I became stronger, able to better hold boundaries for myself, and tuned into many areas I have ignored, repressed, and hidden from for many years. Thank you, Shiloh!

Voyage to the Real Me
By Haley Watson

The Anthropas experience has been better than therapy for me. It was an exceptional adventure, a deep journey inside of me, with an amazing beautiful outcome. I'm grateful to be part of it.

Love & Light
Maëlle André

Anthropas has been a calling to listen deeply within my own wisdom. A calling to follow that shooting star across the heavens. A calling to remember all of whom I am.

The Calling
By Katy Morse

In Anthropas I shifted my way to paint. If it wasn't for Anthropas I would never have done a painting like this. What most surprised me was all of the messages She told me through the painting. If someone is considering taking this course I say: DO IT! Lucky You that have this interesting journey in front of you.

The Messenger of Anthropas
Ulla-Karin Lundgren

This process has given me a rhythm of life, a sense of purpose, excitement, and at times despair because the learning was intense at times, the result has been overwhelming. I feel fulfilled in ways I could not have imagined. My heartfelt thanks to you Shiloh and your team. I wholeheartedly recommend this evolutionary teaching.

Cosmic Whispers
By Monica Wade

I continued the path taken in another Intentional Creativity experience. Throughout Artifact, I continued exploring inherited family trauma particularly that of my mother, and her mother before her... It was a deep deep dive down into the murky muddy depths, but amidst the muck, I found such gems there and a deeper understanding of where I am in all of this, the effect of it on me, and my own children. This has been an essential part of my healing process.

Ajna: She Who Sees
By Heather Baker

What surprised me most was the revealing nature of the shadows! Such an incredible way to bring form onto the canvas. I loved the experience of painting energy in this way! Much love to Shiloh Sophia for sharing this gift with us!

Contemplating Star Dust
By Julie Lynn Ridenour

About Shiloh Sophia

Shiloh Sophia lives life as a great adventure narrated by the creative fire of her Muse! For the past 25 years, she has dedicated her life to the belief that self-expression is a basic human right and shares her message with tens of thousands around the world through her revolutionary education focused on art as a pathway to healing and transformation called Intentional Creativity®. She is the Curator and Co-founder of MUSEA: Center for Intentional Creativity®, with locations in Sonoma and around the world. “I believe making art with intention combines the best of healing and recovery through science, embodiment, and mindfulness​"​. Most mornings she can be found having tea with her Muse, pouring over quantum physics​ and sacred texts in the Red Thread Cafe with her husband Jonathan.