Honor your relationship with your own innate gifts for one whole day!

Imagine creating a painting in one day to hang in your home or give as a gift to a loved one.

If this sounds like your dream day but you question your level of painting experience, no worries. This class comes with a step by step process for finding your own unique way of working with image and flowers.


Musea Center for Intentional Creativity®

& Curate Shiloh Sophia

WHAT are we inviting you to?

A Daylong class

with a focus on painting flowers

and intuition


Recorded Live Saturday, August 19

and ready to watch right now!

WHERE are we Gathering?

VIRTUAL Classroom on the iMusea app

HOW will this be delivered?
It is all recorded and ready for you

WHAT materials?

If you are coming to the virtual classroom, you can work with any acrylics you have - but pick several heavy body acrylics, including white, in the floral colors you want to work with. Colors of your choice including white - brushes, palette knife - canvas as big as you want, minimum 16X20 but as BIG as you can if it is for your home.

HOW can you enroll?

The Virtual ticket is $147

Count Me In VIRTUAL 




You will learn over nine beginning techniques that you will be able to use again and again!

Floating Wet on Wet Foundations, why to use them to build richness and color and how to use them.

Building layers of paint and intention one by one.

Working wet on wet and working dry and what brushes to use.

Thick 'frosting paint' floats and where to use them and how to do them with a paintbrush.

How to do a multi-colored shadow and why and where.

How to make a correction if you want to change something.

Building up layers between thin and thick paints, plus intermittent lights and popping bold colors.

How to make colors bright through working dark first.

Working with the combination of life seeing and inside seeing.

Spend a fun-filled day with Shiloh Sophia as we PAINT and CREATE our own floral delight and insight!

A message from SHILOH SOPHIA

Hello Everyone - I am excited to share this daylong class with you. We will work with heavy body acrylics to build up juicy succulent bodacious flowers, a bouquet that will never go away - just for you!

Here's the intuitive part - when you paint with Intentional Creativity you gain access to parts of your subconscious that you usually don't except in the dream state. In essence we paint flowers while we listen deeply for your own innate gifts. While you are painting you won't believe that kinds of ideas and insights that arise!

My vision for this class is to bring color and life into your home - or as a gift for someone you love. WHILE learning Intentional Creativity.

We will have so much fun and beauty exploding into our hearts and the room/s! Because it is specifically built to get the thicker effect, we will need to do layer by layer. For inspiration, you can pick any flower combination you want - including a bouquet from the store or your yard. The technique is the same for all the flowers, just the shapes are different. Join me to experience your own FLOWER POWER on canvas!

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This was from the 2022 Bold Bloom's Class.

While there are similar parts to the process, FLOWER POWER is focused on accessing your insights and intuitions.


This was from the 2022 Bold Bloom's Class

by Nicole Hiltz

by Michelle Osborne

by Katy Morse

by Iris Ztarr

by Julie Mae Pigott

by Yehudit Oron Halfon

by Milagros Suriano-Rivera

This class is broadcast live from the MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity® in Sonoma, California.

About the FLOWER POWER Experience

Awakening To Fullness

Painting by Shiloh Sophia

By taking this class you will:

  • DELIGHT in your Senses, applying layer upon layer of paint as thick as frosting
  • CONNECT with the essence of flowers via your own intuition - your flower power and how that translates into insight!
  • EXPLORE paint as a creative medium to express your felt floral experience
  • FIND your own flower flow as you move the energy from your hand unto the canvas
  • CREATE your own bouquet of colorful blooms for your home and leave with a painting!!!
  • DISCOVER a painting technique that you can use again on your own
  • EXPERIENCE a sense of connection with Intentional Creativity  

The Intentional Creativity® Approach

Intentional Creativity means to create with love and mindfulness. It is super-duper simple and very profound. We will work step by step to build our base of images. YET the deepest part is the inquiry of HOW you arrive at the images with your information and the translations. Your Muse always knows the way. Follow its nudges!

You don't need painting experience to do this kind of painting.

The more wild and free, the better!


There are two Registration areas - VIRTUAL and SONOMA.


Tuition: $147 or 2 Payments of $83

  • WHAT: Flower Power, a daylong painting class with Shiloh Sophia
  • WHEN: Registration is open for immediate access, plan for a day but you can stop as often as you like.
  • WHERE: Watch via recoding - ready now. This class will be recorded in real-time so you can go at your own pace or watch it later. Those who participate online will be invited to connect in the iMusea App.
  • WHO: ALL SKILL LEVELS ARE WELCOME! Content appropriate for 14+ years old. This class is for women.
  • HOW: We will use acrylic paint on canvas. A materials list will be provided.

Musea Museum Members who pay for a monthly subscription of at least $10/month may use code flowerpower for 10% savings.

ABOUT SCHOLARSHIPS: Those who can afford the regular price make it possible for us to offer savings to others who express a need. We are a community that practices reciprocity. If you need a scholarship, a 20% savings is available with code scholarship20.

WE GUARANTEE We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you complete the process and do not experience it as worthwhile. You can view our refund policy here. 

Materials List for VIRTUAL Classroom Experience.

  • fresh flowers of your choice from your garden or favorite market
  • 1 canvas, minimum size 16X20 but as big as you can.
  • Acrylic paint in the colors of your choice based on your flowers
  • Heavy body acrylic paint in white (and colors of your choice as well)
  • Paintbrushes in a variety of sizes + palette knife
  • Pens and paper
  • Spray bottle
  • Jar for paint water
  • Paper towels (or soft cotton lint-free rags or old t-shirts work too)

"Painting is self-therapy, rewriting my story, healing old wounds, discovering inner archetypes, keeping my sanity during these wild times, opening up to divine guidance, listening to my soul’s whispers, bathing in silence and colors, active self-love, getting into flow and more."

Sylvia Becker-Hill

"Each encounter with Shiloh Sophia is an infusion of courage that brings me one step further along the road to authentically “knowing” who I am and being willing to share that with others….."

Elizabeth Gibbons

"I was once very creative and never thought those divine doors would open for me again, then along came Shiloh Sophia, she is showing me the way back to the path as it unfolds day by day. I feel so blessed to have found her. Working with her is joyful and powerful on many levels. "

Maria Graham

Creating on a consistent basis rewires your brain chemistry. Creating consistently with intention rewires not only your brain but your heart.