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Complimentary Creativity Class with Artist, Shiloh Sophia.

Whether or not you've studied the moon phases or earth cycles before, you will experience a DYNAMIC WAY of how these phases can powerfully impact your life and business using Shiloh Sophia's INTENTIONAL CREATIVITY® methodology practiced by over one hundred thousand women worldwide for over 25 years.

As we begin a new year, let's learn to use the seasons, cycles, moons, and ancient markers of space and time to create rhythm in your life and productivity with more harmony and flow. Sound juicy? It is!

Join Shiloh Sophia for a powerful and potent Intentional Creativity process using paper and pen. No art experience needed.

Have you ever wondered why there are 12 months but 13 moons?

What about celestial times of the year that both NASA and the most ancient ancestors revealed?

During this event, you will learn the power and wellness that can come through tuning into the natural cycles and seasons.

Leave this class with fresh insight and clarity about your journey ahead that can positively impact every day of your life.

Participants will receive Shiloh's printable full-color version of The Wheel of The Year including the new/full moons, solstices, equinoxes and eight cross-quarter days, as well as an explanation of what each one means.

What students say about their work Shiloh Sophia

  • "This process has healed my heart..."
  • "I experienced a huge shift in my spiritual, emotional, and physical areas in my life!"
  • "Intentional Creativity helped me reconnect to and be able to listen to my body"
  • "I am allowing myself to be seen as who I am, for the first time in my life"
  • "This process has given me a rhythm of life, a sense of purpose and excitement!"

So... are you in?

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I'm Artist Shiloh Sophia, and I am a Curate at MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity®. We are a global university and museum centering on the work of women's art and stories.

I hold true that every single being is a creative being, having nothing to do with talent and that we all thrive through self-expression.

I am the creator of 8 books on self-expression, a prolific painter, and gallery owner living in Sonoma, California with my husband Jonathan.