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Soulscape ™: Tree Woman


Gather for an online experience with the sacred feminine! Create your own ‘tree woman' inspired by your relationship with yourself and your body and your place in creation. The spirit of trees have spoken to women for a long time. We have gathered in the circle of trees to share our stories and medicine. Each woman has her own inner ‘tree’ story, let’s see what emerges! 

Guided by the work of Jassy Watson Earthist 

 With Intentional Creativity Founder, Shiloh Sophia

Upon registration receive Instant Access to class videos that you can download and watch at your leisure. The class is yours to keep!

Soulscape is a process developed by the work of Jassy Watson Earthist who combines her love and connection with the land in painting with Intentional Creativity® Tree Woman is the direct application of her Earthist philosophy.

Join two women friends, lifelong artists who are working across the globe from Australia to the United States to bring their unique message and approach to creating. Jassy and Shiloh have teamed up to teach in both AUS and the US since 2013 and now are bringing together their compatible technologies in Tree Woman. Both women have painted trees since the beginning of their careers as artists. We hope you will join us for this experience in creativity and sacred painting in a circle of women.  

“When we listen to trees, natures great connectors, we learn how to inhabit the relationships that give life its source, substance and beauty.” (From the Songs of Trees by David George Haskell, 2017) 

Soulscape Jassy Watson Earthist

Through the power of image it is possible to remember and record our sacred connection to the earth. When we work with image, we are invited to stop and observe the world around us and our relationship with the land. To move the energy and language of the earth through our body and then through our hand and brush is powerful medicine. When we paint the tree, we observe the tree, we come to know the tree and the tree responds.  

A recent student of Tree Woman said : You will never look at trees the same way after you have attended Jassy's 'Tree woman's art weekend. Everyone creates a very unique piece of art which is their very own 'Tree woman'.  

Sharon R. South Australia Traveller and Aspiring Creative Tree Woman, Mansfield 2019  


 * Have a renewed sense of connection with the earth

 * Be Inspired to take action to care for the planet 

* Be free & playful

 * Be awakened to the beauty within and without

A message from Jassy Watson, Australia  

Soulscape Jassy Watson Earthist

Tree Woman is a remembering and honouring of our sacred connection to the earth in paint.  

It is also a creative call to action!

I would love to invite you to this weekend to explore the Tree woman. The tree is a powerful symbol and a common motif present in world theologies, mythologies and philosophies since ancient times. It represents the interconnectedness of all life and as a metaphor, Tree can teach us about strength, growth and wholeness and is a potent tool for self- understanding and reflection. But the Tree is so much more than just a symbol or metaphor. It is real. It is a living breathing sentient being that carries its’ own wisdom. Trees are not only vital to the health of the entire ecosystem, but to our very existence here on earth.

Now, more than ever we are being called to stand up and take action for the future health of the planet. The latest IPPC (2018 International Panel on Climate Change) reports that to avoid environmental catastrophe, what is required is “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society.” That’s big. And it’s only natural to feel a little overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem. But what can we do right now as citizens of the world to make the quickest and most vital difference to the health of the planet?  

Plant trees.  

Global reforestation projects are happening across many parts of the globe, with countries such as China and India at the forefront, with promising results in as little as 10 years with bio-diversity of life returning to areas that had previously been devastated. What if something as simple as planting a tree or ten could help the future of the planet in more ways than we could imagine?  

This painting workshop is a remembrance of the important role of trees in our everyday lives. And an invitation to connect with their messages to us and for us.  

“Trees; they are our countryside; our ancestors descended from them; they give us air to breathe.” (From the Secret Life of Trees by Colin Tudge, 2017)  

Soulscape treewoman Jassy Watson Earthist

TREE WOMAN is a wonderful experience for you, if you are:  

• Wanting to re-connect with the canvas and pure creativity • Seeking creative inspiration in connection with nature • Wanting to explore making art using mixed media • Curious about how your creative practice can be a ‘Voice for the Earth’ • Explore and honour your connection to the earth and trees • Excited to play with colorful paints and big brushes? 

A Message from Shiloh Sophia, United States

All the women in my family are artists and every single one of them has a special relationship with trees. As a child growing up we would often sit with trees outside listening and learning from the bark and the foliage and the trunk and the roots. I can remember images from each of my family members, including my grandmother, working with trees. My mom even has the family tapestry that she created; once again, trees.  

The theme of the tree of life has been woven throughout my work since my early 20's. I’ve been teaching and drawing and sharing the images of trees and the sacred feminine all of my career. Women and trees and our relationship with the earth seems like almost the starting place for waking up for women on the path, because if we don’t understand our relationship with this earth then how can we truly understand who we are in our relationship with the cosmos? The tree is the being that reaches both.  

I could not be more delighted to bring my sister-friend colleague Jassy Watson back to the United States to share her gift of Soulscape with the particular theme of tree woman. Jassy and I have taught together over many years with a strong connection since 2014. We have been dreaming about her sharing the tree woman teachings in addition to her certification program, which will be specifically for Intentional Creativity teachers, for several years. Jassy is somebody who has truly understood the power of Intentional Creativity. Already a painter, she brought our teachings into her work and now has taught hundreds.  

She works with all ages and I’m particularly impressed on the work she does with young girls. I love bringing this powerful woman to our Bay Area community.  

Jassy has combined Intentional Creativity® and Soulscape™ to bring us this offering. We look forward to being surrounded together by 17 redwood trees in Sonoma for the gathering of Tree Woman. We chose to also film this event online as we know how powerful the process is and wanted those who cannot come in person to join us in the virtual realm. We will be sharing our process in our private online classroom so you can be connected to women painting all over the world. 

I hope you will join us for this unique and sacred experience of connection with trees and nature... 

Many blessings,

Registration Includes:

Treewoman Virtual Workshop: Receive instant access to class videos upon registration. You can download them to take this class at your leisure, as it works best for you!

  • Connect with creative sisters in our online private Classroom where you will receive painting support from Intentional Creativity Teachers.
  • Be guided to create a gorgeous mixed media and acrylic Tree Woman Painting using the Soulscape ™ painting method in collaboration with Intentional Creativity® 
  • Develop a basic understanding of the principles and elements of art; covering color & composition
  • Experience the unique Soulscape process for painting that creates incredible results. 

  • Use a variety of techniques and materials such as loosening up drawing exercises, finger and found object painting, collage, stenciling, positive/negative painting, and glazing using medium. 
  • Translate inner and outer landscapes on canvas with meaningful mark making inspired by nature 
  • Remember and honor your connection to trees in paint, listening for their messages for you  
  •  Allow our online circle to support you in accessing your own wisdom and material from your inner soulscape
  • Tuition includes instruction + video teachings to keep and watch at your leisure. 
Pay in Full - $295 USD
Or 5 payments of $65 USD

Questions? Contact

Materials list:

  • Canvas 60x90cm or (24x36In) suggested but can be done on any size.  
  • Glazing medium (Atelier, Liquitex, Golden) - link will be provided.  
  • Collage material • Baby wipes  
  • 2- 3 stencils

  • Upon Registration a full materials list will be provided

Jassy has taken many through this powerful process to create their own Tree Woman

A group in Queensland, Australia working on their Tree woman painting

 From those who have worked with Jassy

Soulscape ™ is a freeing exercise of play through each layer of the process that enables those with or without experience to produce both a beautiful and meaningful piece. Jassy's style of teaching has brought me to many of her painting classes and inspired me to become an IC teacher. Thank you Jassy!!  

Suzette Murray, Victoria AUS Artist, Owner of Ochre Earth & Intentional Creativity® Teacher Tree Woman, Mansfield 2019  

Soulscape treewoman Jassy Watson Earthist

I am blown away by my experience, both insights, and the growth! as well as how beautiful my painting looks. The steps are so clear and you can't mess up the process. How rich a process for Jassy to share with us.  

Dr. Semerit Strachan

Intentional Creativity Teacher USA  

I absolutely enjoyed the process! It left me feeling enlivened and emboldened and very inspired. Jassy is fun and gentle in her approach and incredibly knowledgable in technical aspects of artmaking and presents them in an accessible way.  

Tammra Harrison

Intentional Creativity Teacher USA  


Tree Woman a very profound experience bringing me closer to nature, grounding and myself. Her process of painting “Tree Women” became an inspiration for me to carry on painting , showing me - I Can Paint..... I Can Use Colour....... My Painting Does Not Need To Be Perfect....I can Relax And Let The Inner Me out.......... Janette Morton Aspiring Creative, Bargara AUS Tree Woman, Creative Regions 2018  

Soulscape teacher Jassy Watson Earthist

Not only was I able to create my magnificent tree woman with the wonderful guidance of Jassy's step by step instructions and her warm passionate approach, I was able to remove layers of unnecessary fears I held within myself. If you get the chance, I highly recommend Jassy's Tree Woman class to get in touch with the creative beauty you have within. 

Trudy, Victoria AUS Aspiring Creative Tree Woman, Mansfield 2019  

Soulscape tree woman Jassy Watson Earthist

 From those who have worked with Shiloh

"Thank you! I am SO grateful for this process. The painting that I am working on is the first painting I have done (for over twenty years). I am in awe of the depth that I moved into, the awareness that so much is going on simultaneously in my life and that this is just what I need to be doing for a whole variety of reasons. Thank you Shiloh! Thank you Jonathan! Thank you team that has worked tirelessly in the background. "~Meghan  

"I am just amazed! I have the most beautiful painting, but more importantly my painting tells me a story. My story. This process has healed my heart and I will continue to use the process long after the weekend. Thank you so much." ~ Sabrina  

"The heartfelt acceptance and nurturing and connection to the work, the experience and the community was just beautiful. I applaud all of you for your amazing efforts. I experienced a huge shift in my spiritual, emotional and physical areas in my life and I am a real fan of Shiloh & Jonathan’s work." ~Karina 

"I'm a newbie to painting and Intentional Creativity, and this course definitely "hooked" me. There was so much information shared in this course from Jonathan and Shiloh. I can't say that I absorbed it all, but it was all very mind-expanding. I'm pretty sure there was smoke coming out of my head a few times as I tried to process things or from being blown away by it all. Fantastic! "~Patty Iammatteo 

We hope you will join us for the Virtual Workshop!

Pay in Full - $295 USD

Are you ready to create your own Tree Woman? 

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About Jassy:

Jassy is the owner and operator of Earth Circle Studios & Gallery in Queensland, Australia. She is a full-time contemporary Artist and Intentional Creativity Teacher having taught nationally and internationally in Greece, Bali and the Unites States. Her work as an artist spans decades and often explores ancestral and ecological themes has shown in numerous exhibitions and is currently displayed and owned in private and commercial collections. More recently, her paintings have been selected in the finalist categories for various Australian Art awards.  

Jassy’s classes are taught out of her home garden studio on the Sunny Queensland coast, which has also been a space to host recognized guests such as Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Kevin James Carroll, Max Dashu & Glenys Livingstone. Her studio is also

Jassy Watson Soulscape

a recognised training location for the Color of Woman School and Intentional Creativity Teacher training. A selection of classes and events are also held in the Musea gallery storefront located in the township of Bundaberg. It is here that you can view a selection of her works alongside other contemporary women artists.  

As an advocate for the advancement of the role and participation of women in the arts and for the environment, Jassy has been involved in community arts initiatives such as founding Wide Bay Women’s Healing Arts Guild, a not-for –profit organization supporting and providing alternative resources for women artists in her region. She has coordinated nationwide Earth Arts programs for the Australian Earth Laws Alliance and local public art projects, including the annual curation of ‘Voices for the Earth’ art exhibition. Continued connection with the Intentional Creativity Foundation has been fundamental to Jassy’s success as an artist, teacher, curator and creative woman in business.  

About Shiloh Sophia:

Shiloh Sophia lives life as a great adventure narrated by the creative fire of her Muse! She has been painting, writing poetry, publishing books, and teaching at universities, the United Nations, and in her own programs around the world for over twenty years. Her soul work is inspired by the idea that self-expression is a basic human ability and that each person has a right to know how they think and feel, and the freedom to express themselves in the world. Her research and development around this idea has focused on serving women and girls through giving them access to methods of transformational art-making through stories, symbols, and inquiry. 

She is the co-curator and founder of the Intentional Creativity Foundation (ICF) and Cosmic Cowgirls, a woman and girl owned organization, that serves between 500 and 5000 women a month. ICF and Cosmic Cowgirls provide revolutionary education, made available both online and on-location. The school, inn, and museum are located in Sonoma County, California and is called MUSEA Sophia. Shiloh Sophia also founded a Teacher Training, Color of Woman, which certifies women to teach Intentional Creativity worldwide. Currently there are close to 200 teachers in the lineage who are part of the Intentional Creativity Guild.  

Shiloh has taught her work at Universities in global PhD and Masters programs, bringing the technology of Intentional Creativity into academia. She has also presented her work and research at the United Nations four years in a row at UNCSW.

Shiloh has published many books on creativity, including coloring books and journals, and has illustrated books and decks including the Mother Mary Oracle with Alana Fairchild and Hard Times Require Furious Dancing for Alice Walker. Her most recent book, Tea with the Midnight Muse, features twenty years of poetry as invocation, along with inquiries to spark your Muse fuse!

Shiloh lives in the vineyard-lined hills with her husband, Jonathan, who is also a poet and artist. Their Muses can be found most mornings having tea and discussing quantum physics, philosophy, and sacred texts in the Red Thread Cafe. 

Questions? Contact us at

Soulscape™ is presented by Musea in partnership with Shiloh Sophia and Jassy Watson  

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