Straddle the Threshold

Intentional Creativity Class with Artist & Musea Curator, Shiloh Sophia

Greetings. We are thrilled you are here and interested in experiencing Intentional Creativity! This class, which was filmed live for over 1000 people on February 19th 2021, is a wonderful way to experience what we teach at MUSEA : University & Museum.

We invite you to watch the full class which lasts approximately two hours. Even if you watch in a couple of settings, it is worth it to dive in, take a seat and let your Muse guide you!

To prepare, all you need is a quiet place, paper, pen and perhaps some chocolate to appease the Muse!

If inspired, we invite you to share your process in the Red Thread Cafe Classroom, our online community space for women creatives. Members and students can post in the iMusea App.

Should you have a question or need support, our team is available during regular business hours at

If this class inspires you to go deeper into your own creative path, you can visit our school page to view our offerings:

Blessings on your path,

~ Musea Collective with Artist Shiloh Sophia

Part One: Invitation to Quantum Cafe

Part Two: Red Thread of Connection

Part Three: Exploring the Critic & Muse

Part Four: The Circle of Your Imagination

Drawings from Straddle by Shiloh Sophia

About MUSEA : Intentional Creativity

MUSEA is a living Museum and University founded in 2000 by partners in life and business, Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud.

We are a global community of creatives who gather to awaken consciousness through Intentional Creativity - the idea that you bring intention, love and awareness to everything you create. This could be a painting, drawing, dancing or any other creative act that calls forth your unique self-expression.

We have a virtual and on-location Museum and University with our Mothership location based in Sonoma, California. As well as sister locations around the world.

With the support of the Intentional Creativity Foundation 501c3, we provide revolutionary education to thousands of people every month who long to discover or reignite their connection with their own creative Muse! This includes complimentary education, daylong and yearlong courses, and Certification Trainings to teach and coach others with Intentional Creativity.

We believe that we are one of the most well-established art movements in the world today. In May of 2020, we took a big step, founding a privately held global museum with a focus on the voices and art of creatives, educators, healers, activists, and philosophers.

Each month we invite visitors from around the world to join us for our monthly Museum Show featuring the works of women artists in our community. It is our goal and mission to bring gender equality to the art represented in museums which statistically shows 87% of the works in major museum collections are by men - cited here.

If you found your way here, we hope you will choose to connect with us in the ways that inspire you to bring forth your own self expression in ways that truly bring joy and healing to your life.

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Musea Co-Founders Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud traveling in Florence Italy, 2018

Shiloh Sophia demonstrating during Legend Mystic Painting Course from 2020. Legend is the pre-requisite to the Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher Training.

Members of the Guild gathered for Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher Training at Musea in Sonoma, California 2019

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