An Intuitive Painting and Multimedia Creative Journey to
Honor and Celebrate the Constellation of YOU!

Guided by
Milagros Suriano-Rivera
Intentional Creativity Guild Member and
Intentional Creativity Foundation VP of Programming

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Do you desire to access the power and potency of who you are and your unique and valuable place in the cosmos, right here and now?

MUSEA Intentional Creativity Museum invites you to join us for the Starcatcher Paint Party Class - a Cosmic Journey of Creative Play and Self Healing. Come as you are. Prepare the art studio, and let your Creative Muse out to play, because it's time to shine!

This multimedia painting experience is guided by Intentional Creativity Teacher, Milagros Suriano-Rivera, who will take you on a fun, inspiring and empowering journey to reclaim your cosmic address through paint, visioning, journaling, and crafting your very own talisman - a Constellation of Healing Hanging Art Piece!

This is a chance for you to claim your cosmic address - that unique place in the universe that only YOU can inhabit!

In the Starcatcher Workshop, we will be reaching for the stars not just metaphorically, but by accessing the cosmic part of us that is made from the stars, capable of co-creating our healing and embracing our brilliance!

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The Starcatcher Experience includes...

  • Supportive Video Painting Demonstration
  • Metacognitive Drawing to connect the left and right brain
  • Guided Visioning to access your brilliant shining gifts
  • Intuitive Journaling and 'Oracle-izing' process to connect with your Inner Wisdom
  • A chance to let your Muse out to play in the design process
  • Creation of a unique and brilliant Constellation of Healing woven into a beautiful hanging art piece

This is a wonderful opportunity for creative play, self expression, and inspiration to sustain you in your journey of self discovery and personal healing. Let yourself shine as bright as you truly are!


"Participating in Starcatcher was eye opening for me! Not because I’d never created a dream/Starcatcher before - I have - but because listening and watching Milagros, Amber and Sumaiyah present the material and navigate Zoom “wowed” me! Yes I taught a class on Zoom before, was terrified and not much went the way I’d planned as I did it alone. These three showed me how well collaboration can work and encouraged me (yes me!) to ask for help. I’ve asked my daughter, who is a coach/trainer to work with me in presenting my next workshop (Sacred Scars)! The way Milagros laid out Starcatcher, how Amber directed the participants and Sumaiyah’s music kept the 3 hour workshop so moving and interesting you didn’t have time to get bored! You wanted more! My daughter knows Zoom, will do the journaling part and will choose the playlist leaving me to focus on teaching the creative process! Win/Win for all! Look for it in April!"

~Phyllis Anne Taylor

"I totally enjoyed the Starcatcher paint party! One of the greatest gifts from it was after the cosmos meditation I started singing catch a falling star and put it in my basket and then realized that I was talking about my beloved‘s that are sacks of stars waiting to be gathered. Thank you and please feel free to use any of that. I hope that’s what you were talking about and again thank you I loved it."


About Milagros Suriano-Rivera

Milagros Suriano-Rivera is a mixed media artist, Color of Woman Intentional Creativity® Teacher, Musea Co-curator, and the Vice President of Programing for the Intentional Creativity Foundation, the not-for-profit which funds the Intentional Creativity Musuem. She has become a beloved presence and ambassador for Intentional Creativity as Host of the #CreativeConversations series.

A multimedia artist for most of her life, Milagros creates in paint, mixed-media, paper clay, and paper jewelry. Realizing that her corporate job was not serving her or the dream of becoming a working artist, Milagros made the conscious choice to join Musea Museum for Intentional Creativity as a consultant. Since then, she has been showing up in true authenticity, holding space, witnessing, leading community circles, supporting our student body, as well as being a voice of inspiration for our BIWOC community.

Milagros is a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, and a creative catalyst for healing. She embraces the Intentional Creativity® methodology and integrates it's teachings into her everyday life has by using her hands to move brush, create imaginary screens and portals that she co-creating with the Universe…to bring the life that she's dared to imagine into form.

This way of BE-ing allows her to authentically hold space with and for the community while healing her personal story around her identity as a woman of color.

She loves collaborating with the universe and creating medicine through creative acts. Whether she is painting, sculpting, rolling paper beads, leading circles, or witnessing our beautiful community, she knows these are all acts of Love! Creativity literally fed her and her family and she came to truly understand the meaning of “a slack hand causes poverty meant, but the hand of the diligent makes rich." Proverbs 10:4.