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Painting: Shekinah's Glory by Caron McCloud

. 7 women . 7 feet . 7 easels .
. 7 hours . 7 colors .
. 7 sensual inquiries + sipping.

Painting: Shekinah's Glory by Caron McCloud

7 women
7 feet
7 easels
7 hours
7 colors
7 sensual inquiries + sipping


Wine + Paint Soirées

THE "S7" Society is committed to rigorous social distancing guidelines,
while inviting an embodied experience in creativity through small gatherings with themes of PLEASURE> PASSION> POSSIBILITY>
in the Fall of 2020!

Saturdays 12-7pm

"S7" Society
Creativity Gatherings
in the Redwoods
with Wine & Picnic


Let's Git our
Guidelines in Gear

In honor of 'social distancing' guidelines for Sonoma County, we will observe not only 6, but 7 feet. You will bring your own lunch and all of your own materials except your easel which will be sanitized for your convenience. The only potential interaction, which will be managed with white gloves, will be our staff placing the bottle of rosé at your easel. Bring your own glass of choice and picnic.

Read Below for more specifics. Let's Create!
Gentle re-entry with guidelines is being practiced in many places in California. Not into it? Then don't come, but do your best not to judge who does. No photos will be taken.

The S7 Society is a private Soirée! Preference given to those who have attended Muse Days in Sonoma or Rosé and Roses in Tiburon.

Seats will fill up!

An adventure in wine country may be far away for many, but for those of you in the Bay Area who have been in isolation for more than two months, this will be a welcome outing.

There is hope, promise and rainbows in the sky of togetherness. Join us in wine country for a wine and paint party

Bring your minimum rainbow of paint, brushes, jar with lid, brushes, spray bottle, dropcloth, and canvas to create.

The process will be organic, abstract expressionist with layers and inquiries with different themes.

MUSEA is our Northern California Campus in Sonoma County about 45 minutes from San Francisco.

We have a spacious outdoor area that will allow for you to have your own zone. Note that, since we are in a very trafficked part of the road, it is not serenity central, but more like, let's dance, play music and jump around and paint energy!


The theme of our soirée will be around pleasure, passion and possibility. The way we are working mirrors the place we are in, separate yet together, by offering some group structure and context, while providing absolute space for your own intuitive Musings.

  • Body-based painting - for tuning into feelings, sensations, emotions and symbols through abstract markings and layers
  • Guided and Intuitive process, not a step by step - do your own thing as you choose - go rogue if you wanna or get support if you wanna
  • Make art with a common inquiry shared by the S7 Society for the day. Topics will focus around pleasure, passion, possibility and play with the MUSE
  • Work on a painting that reflects how you are, while moving into flow states by being outdoors with wine, paint, music and good women (sometimes a man helps with the wine)
  • Be sovereign and together and share stories as we complete our day
  • Receive potent inquiries from Shiloh Sophia and other Intentional Creativity Teachers
  • A Materials list will be available with items you can purchase, but you can use what you have on hand.
  • For the first session bring a blank canvas of at least 16x20, though we suggest a 24x36. You can also use the same one each time if you come more than once. Special savings if you come to all.
  • Enjoy the sip and paint experience!


How to reserve your spot...

The max we can host is 7 women per class. When we are full, we are full.


Cost is $197 or 2 payments of $99. If you add more than one class, the cost will adjust accordingly.

Purchase your Ticket

Guild and Motherboard Graduates may use code 'paint' to receive your savings.

What to bring: Materials - canvas at least 16x20, though we suggest a 24x36, paint, brushes, spray bottle. Your own picnic lunch and wine glass.

Address: 75 Fremont Drive, Sonoma 95476

Cancellation Policy: Due to the planning involved in this event, tickets are non-refundable. We understand things happen sometimes and can apply a credit towards a future class or online experience.

Photos from our September S7 Soirée

Thrilled to once again be painting outside!

Musea Co-Founder, Jonathan McCloud, will be providing support during the S7 event. Jonathan has supported and helped curate a number of events at Musea.

It will be a delight to have him available to us for the day!

Dear One,

We are weighing the risks and the benefits. We are wondering when the right time is and how to acclimate to change, slowly. This is the way we are offering our Bay Area friends of Musea and Musette to come together to begin gradually finding our way to re-entry. I know some advise to just stay home. I know others say how important it is, even immune wise to begin to try things. We have thought about this a lot, have been very faithful every step of the way, and as a professional facility with experience in events, we feel we can create a container that works, outside under the shelter of our 17 redwood trees.

With our neighboring county of Napa beginning slowly - we too are starting slowly at a private space with a small group. Add wine if you choose.

You will know if this feels right for you by just tuning into your body - follow that wisdom. Musea has been closed to guests, and we will be outside... but there is always risk involved.

I look forward to smiling at you from across the courtyard. I will be in a hat and sunglasses with a glass of Musette's new Rose'. For members only - join the S7Society by coming to one event.

I don't know about you, but having a good time even in times of great change, or maybe especially in times of great change, is a priority. This is something I can do for us, and so, I am.

You may have to lift your mask to sip your wine.

As time goes on we may shift things accordingly and will welcome feedback for improvement during and after each gathering.


Shiloh Sophia

Co-Founder of MUSEA
Center for Intentional Creativity and the "S7" Society

Additional Guidelines

We have sanitizer wipes and a process for the bathroom that each one of us can follow. OR even better, we will erect a sheet tent in the redwoods so we can squat. So byotp (bring your own tp).

Bring a mask if you choose - yet we will be 7 feet away and have zero reason to violate that. Energy air hugs in a big circle will be included. Don't attend if you have been sick or around people that have been sick or you are really afraid of getting sick.

There will be no more than three staff on-site, all of who have been following isolating guidelines for 2 months and we will respect your spaciousness so no more than ten people at any time with 7 of you.

There are only two doorknobs to touch if you choose to go to the restroom inside.

Bring all your stuff. Leave with all your stuff. Bring a hat and sunscreen and sunglasses. Did someone say flip-flops?

Chairs, easels and wine will be provided.

Waivers will be signed online before arrival to ensure the safety and agreed compliance of all.

We recommend no more consumption of wine after 5:30 to give you plenty of time to get ready to drive. Whatever you don't drink you can bring home with you. If you don't drink alcohol, bring a beverage of choice.

We will gather like this, only further apart and outside!

Have a question? Contact

MUSEA: Center for Intentional Creativity