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Private One-on-One Coaching with Shiloh Sophia

Virtual and in Sonoma, California

Your Invitation to
An Initiation Journey

Experience the Gift of a New Beginning
through Intentional Creativity Coaching

and Medicine Painting

Guided by Reverend Shiloh Sophia

for women who are ready to

Interrupt old patterns with new innovations Invent new stories that inspire you

Live a life that is connected to your dream
Co-create a custom ceremony of initiation

Practice the healing power of
Intentional Creativity

A 6 Month Program with
virtual and in-person options in Sonoma

Open to only 8 women in all of 2022

Applications due April 15th

If this is your first time here, continue reading this invitation to see if you are called

Request your Application

Are you


for a new beginning?

Dear One,

We all work really hard at creating our lives, whether we are on a personal healing journey, or a business idea, or developing our unique style of leadership. And it can be hard to make our dreams come to life, alone.

One-on-one guidance has been the thing that has made all of the difference in my own life and I want to offer it to you. This is very different than anything I have ever offered and I am excited to have you join me in Sonoma in person - for those who can make the journey.

For many of us, the dreams we have for ourselves remain elusive. Sometimes it isn't so much that we don't believe in ourselves and our gifts, but rather we don't know where to take them or what course to chart. Having someone listening and dreaming with you can be the game-changer.

It can seem like there is always something more to do to get better, be more whole, to finally make our dreams come to life. I know because I have been there too, and have spent most of my life working with women to lead them to the next place on the path.

I have realized many dreams, a thriving art business, an art movement, a real authentic community, a museum both in person and virtually, having a global team of women working with me towards our mutual dreams and most recently, Musette, our new gallery in Sonoma where I will be hosting the private daylong sessions designed just for you.

Deep seeking can at times cause discontentment. We rationalize that we are on the journey and that is enough, but it still feels like something is amiss. Things show up in our lives through health, financial or relationship crisis and they seem to keep showing us over and over what we are doing wrong. The pattern persists even though we have identified it and made a claim to change it - it is still there. What can we do?

I have so many tools available and 25 years of practice but still...I felt there was something missing. Do you know what I mean? It keeps us chasing something and we don't even know what it is. Let's gather to find out just what is needed and wanted for your next steps - and create a new beginning.

For me and the women I work with, the answers we sought were more clearly revealed the more we chose to really turn towards the places that are hidden and bring them to light. That's a given. But, more than that - identifying the energetic, physiological, mental, and emotional patterns was what needed to happen. The patterns that were informing the beliefs - but even that wasn't making the change we were seeking.

I began to wonder what could we do? I started to think we needed to create a full-scale life-altering ritual that was almost a Rites of Passage that would mark the change from the old life and self to the new life and self. A new beginning by choice. Not one initiated by crisis, but one catalyzed by personal choice. An initiation guided by an intuitive, compassionate guide.

Yes. A new beginning. A way to say goodbye to the past and let go of all the unreachable future goals we created - and land in the right now-ness. In the Right here and now we can hear our own voices in a clarified way. We can design a sanctuary experience so that you can be initiated by your own quickening.

So often we block ourselves from love, abundance, and access to who we truly are. Let's open the portals to the future by landing in the present. Let's create a major life-changing event together to mark your move to the next place on your path.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. ~ Rumi

Applying is simply the next step in the process to further explore the Quickening Initiation Journey.

If we feel it could be a match for you to reserve one of the 8 spots, we will invite you to schedule a time to speak with Shiloh Sophia. Or, we will direct you to other opportunities to deepen your self-expression and creative practice.

A New Beginning

First I did the process for myself, designing a personal Rites of Passage that was completely custom for me. Then after I had tried a few myself, I started to ask, how could I do this with and for others? I have so many friends and community members in crisis, and chaos, and when I worked with them I could not get the idea out of my head and heart - we need ceremony.

When I started to design the ceremony I might be able to offer to others I had an aha - I couldn't design it for you. You would need to design it for yourself, but I could help. A lot. I know the ingredients, I am a trained Priestess, I have done the work myself.

I feel strongly that the experience many of us are seeking is the one we design ourselves. But we don't think we are qualified to do the work. With support from someone who has lived their life in ceremony - you can be guided to create EXACTLY what you need at this time for your healing journey. Let's be healed enough.

If you are interested in working with me to design a ceremony for a new beginning - let me know by applying - we only have 8 spots. Let's journey into your inner world and see what part of you and your life is ready to be revealed. You don't have to do this alone. Things ARE different after an initiation ceremony. Let's interrupt old patterns and invite new possibilities.

Are you called to a quickening?

In Love,

Shiloh Sophia

What We Will Explore in our interactive private custom coaching relationship.

Our relationship includes private coaching calls, medicine painting at Musette in Sonoma including an overnight stay and feast, as well as supportive follow-up calls after our day together.

Experience Healing

The experience will include work that invites you to release and reclaim

Release toxic connections

Restore field integrity

Repair through Self-Forgiveness

Establish a new body relationship

Listening to your inner landscape

Rites of Passage Design Template

Internal voice recovery

Journey to your inner world

Experience Practices

The experience will be guided with all the necessary ingredients.

Sacred Ritual

Altar Building

Food and Rest




Medicine Painting

Intuitive Drawing

The Rites of Passage experience is for those who are

  • Ready to make a big change
  • Ready to hear your internal voice in a new way
  • Willing to create a pattern interrupt
  • Have already done a lot of healing work
  • Ready to collaborate on personal ritual


The Rites of Passage Investment in time and resources. Coaching packages are open to 8 women only.

Time Investment: 3 hours per week + a daylong experience during the six months.

Tuition Investment: Package pricing begins at $7500 and goes up to $20k depending on what we design. Payment plans are available starting at $750/month.

Quickening is a 6-month journey with full-day experiences built in - that are in Sonoma but can be virtual for those who need it.

There are three packages, depending on how many days/nights you want to spend in Sonoma. Each one includes the following Quickening Curriculum and features:

  • Sonoma Retreats Minimum of two overnights with a maximum of five nights total.
  • Discovery Intake Journey Module to set your intention and chart your course and set up your personal weekly practice.
  • 2 Medicine Painting Modules Work on your own custom-designed medicine painting during our time that factors into all of our sessions.
  • Create a Medicine Painting with Shiloh Sophia at your retreat
  • Ceremonial Design Module so you can self initiate yourself to the next place on your path
  • LIVE Ceremony Initiation Experience this is at the heart of our quest
  • Infinity Coherence Meditation Module - Learn a potent tool to create internal and external coherence by working with the heart, brain, lungs, and gut. We will be using this throughout our time together.
  • Five Session Experience in Sonoma (or in your own studio)
  • Minimum of 6 Custom Coaching Calls with Shiloh Sophia pre and post Ceremony
  • Pre and Post Ceremony Calls with Musea Staff
  • Private Access to send updates on painting and process via Voxer with Shiloh Sophia during your Quickening Experience and in-person retreat.

For the retreat, lunch and lodging are included. The hotel you'll be staying at is the Ledson Hotel, which is right next door to Musette!

You do not have to do this alone. I didn't do this alone for myself, I had guides all along the way. Now I can be a guide for you, with you, yet completely focusing on your own innate gifts.

We know this way of working isn't available to everyone - and so we have lots of other ways to work with Shiloh Sophia and Intentional Creativity. Yet we know there are some of you who long for this in-person connection and attention.

Scholarships are not currently available for this level of support. We are willing to consider an extended payment plan. Please state your need by answering the last question in the application.

I would love to have time and space to focus on just you. To share my intuitive gifts designed specifically for what you are navigating.

Work with me focusing on meditation, movement, energy work and medicine painting to design and experience your own QUICKENING

Got questions? Contact

Lady Cloud by Shiloh Sophia


Shiloh Sophia is a fiercely committed warrior of the spirit. She and her work are illuminated, inspired and of the highest integrity. My work with Shiloh and the Cosmic Cowgirls has been immensely energizing, rewarding and awakening.

– SARK Author, Speaker, Mentor

Shiloh McCloud is an exquisite artist, a great teacher, and a healer. In four hours she was able to heal 40 years of emotional wounding that kept me from painting. Her process is amazing. She draws out the spirit within and guides you in expressing your innermost knowing.

Since studying with her I have painted on a regular basis and much to my surprise my work has been exhibited, purchased, understood and enjoyed by others. The time you spend with Shiloh is worth every minute of it. Do yourself a favor and pick up that paintbrush.

- Yeye Luisah Teish Author, Teacher

Shiloh Sophia is a visionary genius. Her Intentional Creativity work, paintings, poetry, writings, and creative offerings inspire women to rise up and become who they’ve always wanted to be. Her writings captivate your soul and raises it up to the sunlight. She is powerful beyond measure and her words and poems always fascinate. If you long to feel seen and understood, look no further.

- Amy Ahlers, Women's Leadership Expert and Master Coach

Every time I am exposed to what Shiloh teaches, I discover a well of depth, creativity, and intimacy I didn’t know existed. The Divine Feminine mysteries that have been so suppressed for thousands of years burn steadfastly in her very DNA. To be in her presence, to awaken to the muse, and to receive her love, knowledge, wisdom, and Shakti is no less than a priestess’s transmission that will leave you on fire with love.

Co-teaching with Shiloh is an ecstatic pleasure words cannot adequately express. Her Divine Feminine essence, her mastery of the content she teaches, her wild sense of humor and hearty laugh, her authenticity, the depth of her wisdom, her willingness to challenge and face uncomfortable confrontations, her wide open heart, and her love of both teaching and those she teaches shines through with such radiance that anyone teaching with her gets an energy healing just being in her presence. I’m not exaggerating. After I finish teaching with Shiloh, not only are the students glowing; I am on fire too.

– Lissa Rankin, MD, Author, Speaker

A wild rebel, edge walker and poet with a paintbrush, Artist Shiloh Sophia has built a movement of Intentional Creativity around the premise that women sourcing an image of the divine feminine within is some of the most radical work that can be done. Her teachings bring women to the canvas to alchemize, potentize and create the legends they want to live. Hers is a world that embraces contradiction, is about living wide awake with an open heart, steers away from demonizing and into designing- as in, intentional design.

An activist, a woman of faith, and a serial Creatrix, Shiloh contributes beauty, inquiry and the powerful invitation to pick up your brush and enter a portal that you will exit as a slightly different person, if you are willing to risk a little.

– Shannon Thompson, Founder of Shakti Rising

Shiloh Sophia is a true visionary who practices what she teaches. She IS the embodiment of Intentional Creativity. Her desire to share her teachings and wisdom are truly an act of Love. From the moment Shiloh asked me “What are you here to cause and create?" Something inside me knew I would never be the same. It was trust. When I work with Shiloh I know that I am seen. I'm seen in a way that encourages my curiosity and my willingness to explore possibilities, probabilities, and potentials that I would not have dared to explore before. Working with Shiloh Sophia has truly been and continues to be one of the most transformative experiences of my life. ~ Milagros Suriano Rivera

- Milagros Suriano Rivera Mixed-Media Artist, Certified Intentional Creativity Teacher


We would love to host you at Musette Atelier, our beautiful, artistic studio space centrally located on the Sonoma Plaza!

Musette is the new gallery, workshop, film studio, and event venue curated by Sonoma artists Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud. They are pleased to open their latest retail storefront on the Sonoma Plaza at 492 1st Street East. Musette is a space for local and global art exhibits, art classes, calls for art, unique gifts, and much more. 

Musette is a working studio where MUSEA’s robust online education program will be broadcast live, or filmed and produced. Musette will be a welcome space for the school and gallery’s menu of speakers, book talks, workshops, classes, and more that bring visitors from all over the US as well as over 70 countries where students are based worldwide.

Photos from past in person experiences guided by Shiloh Sophia

Photos from our soft opening at Musette during Equinox Weekend!

There are three options available to receive this custom level of support with Shiloh Sophia depending on your needs. More information will be provided to those who apply. The first step is to submit your application.

Virtual Sanctuary

Join completely online

Virtual Sanctuary with in person

Join online with an in person option that works with your schedule. Lodging and meals will be provided.

In Person Only

Come in person to work with Shiloh Sophia in Sonoma. Lodging and meals will be provided.

RSVP for the Quickening


When are Applications Due?

Applications are due by April 15th, 2022. If you are called to join us, apply now as there are only 8 spots available.

When does Quickening Start?

The start date is individual to each of the 8 women who enroll. It will be discussed during the application process. Your Initiation Journey will last six months.

What happens once I apply?

Applying is simply the next step in the process of further exploring the Quickening Initiation Journey. If we feel it could be a match for you to reserve one of the 8 spots, we will invite you to schedule a time to speak with Shiloh Sophia. Or, we will direct you to other opportunities to deepen your self-expression and creative practice.

How much does this cost?

The investment starts at $7500 with payment plans starting at $750 per month. We know this level of investment isn't available to everyone - and so we have lots of other ways to work with Shiloh Sophia and Intentional Creativity.

What if I have more questions?

You are welcome to contact Musea Communications Director, Sarah Mardell, at

Designing a personal rites of passage is itself a rites of passage that each one of us can experience. We have a lot of choices available to increase our capacity to be embodied, feel whole and create new beginnings. But it can be hard to do it alone. We aren't raised in a culture that makes this kind of work accessible. Until now.